Why Would a Pressure Washer Pump Not Build High Pressure?

There is a series of plastic valves in many types of these pumps. When one valve fails, the pump won,t pressure up. Most of these I repaired, the replacement valve set was around 220 dollars us. A new pump was around 260 dollars. You would need to have a shop check your machine for an accurate diagnosis and pricing

1. How much r134a does my blazer 1996 4 cylinder take?

the low side should be some where between 25-30 psi (also is the temp of Freon ) the high side appox 100psi above ambient temp when charging 134-a loses its oil charge when it leaks you need to put a can of oil charge in be careful if you are not trained in a/c you can hurt yourself I suggest that you take your garden hose with a spray nozzle and wash the condenser in front of the radiator out they get plugged with debris and do not transfer heat properly this will bring the head pressures down and make your a/c cold ( do not wash with high pressure like at the car wash you can bend the fins and ruin the condenser ) vent on the low pressure side slowly

2. High pressure tactics souring a business deal... help with dealing w/pushy sellers?

Hard to get the facts from your posting. From your own wording it sounds like you already bought the business and now changed your mind. On the other hand you state there is no agreement on the purchase price and payment conditions. Without that it is unlikely you have an agreement. Be carefull here and get legal counsel, and get the facts clear and documented for your lawyer. You do not always need a signed contract to have a deal. If you agreed to buy the business and confirmed that orally or by e-mail you may be bound by contract. Very few sellers in a weak financial position bully a prospective buyer. A seller who closed the deal is much more likely to chase and bully the buyer to get their payment. Do not worry about an upset seller, do worry about the possible legal consequences. Also there is no such thing as the price the business is worth, there is a wide range that will cover any business' fair valuation. Good Luck!

3. if you only had one bullet to shoot a helicopter where would you shoot it?

Tail stem at its smallest point just before it gets to the tail rotor. Why, the tail stem is full of hydraulic hoses that control steering and some tail rotors are just hydraulic motors. Those hoses are under high pressure, you cut one and the hydraulic oil will drain the main tank and then he has no steering, and he will have to land or die. D58

4. weed eater starts fine at first; but when it stops its next to impossible to restart. What is the solution??

These are horrible for air cleaners. Take air cleaner off soak it in brake cleaner then blow it dry , both sides with compressed air. You need high pressure. after check and clean plug and carb. You did not say what make. If its a cheapy throw it out and get an echo, easier to maintain

5. Can Oxygen explode if mixed with atmospheric air under 200 kg/PSI (per squire inch) pressure in a compressure?

Combustion of nitrogen with oxygen is possible at very high temperatures only (nitrogen is noted for being highly inert). I know of no pressure-induced reaction. Under high pressure, peroxides will form which are highly unstable and explosive. If your compressor explodes, unstable peroxides will be the most likely cause.

6. how aluminum high pressure cylinder is more suitable for filling medical oxygen than other traditional cylinde

It would seem that you have answered your own question, and I agree with your conclusions

7. How can i tell if compressed air for paintball is a good tank?

Co2 is measured in oz. HPA is measured in PSI There are 3000PSI tanks and 4500PSI tanks. This is simply their maximum fill pressure. They are also rated by CI (cubic inches) which is the capacity of the tank. The amount of shots you get can be calculated by this: 10 shots per CI at 3000PSI 15 shots per CI at 4500PSI 50 shots per oz of Co2 on a 75* day. You will most likely need a HPA tank with a high pressure output. A high pressure output means the pressure the regulator is putting to the gun. High pressure (what most guns need) about 850PSI. Low pressure (what only a few guns use but its still better to use a high pressure output tank) about 400PSI. Co2 is not that hard to fill. Co2 tanks are more commonly filled since HPA fill stations are significantly more expensive being usually $7000 for simple fill station vs Co2 at $100 for a fill station. If filling up is a pain, unless you have a huge HPA tank (costly), you will be filling you tanks a lot more than Co2 tanks.

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