Why Was There War in Heaven?

Why was there war in heaven?There wasnt, hasnt and isnt. There is a spurious book called the Ohaspe Bible that claims this, but its the result of low level ignorant spirits communicating. Something approaching war has happened in the Astral Plane, but that is not heaven. It occurred when very large numbers of dark entities attempted to extend their territory.What happened with Lucifer never ever approached war. When they got locked up, at Pentecost, it was like they suddenly had zero power, and just simply got taken straight to prison.

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What was the first RNA that led to life?

Can't have rna without DNA and you can't have DNA without rna, chicken and egg problem.Both are made up of proteins and DNA has the instructions to make and fold the proteins that make up both and rna makes and folds those proteins into genetic machinery.See the issues?Edit.:Got my wires crossed the RNA and DNA are made up of nucleotides not proteins but code for proteins (face palm moment)Thanks to Christopher for kicking me in the butt and getting my answer corrected. But the main point remains you can't have one without the other.That's why science is now changing it story


Do LED lights get gradually dimmer as they age or just suddenly fail?

Which part?I have clock LEDs that keep on going, now 40 years later.If you are referring to the recent LED light bulbs for 120V or 240V power for the home, then they will eventually do one of two things.Blow up the electronic converter board, orMAke the LED segments themselves decrease in intensity, as they expire from heat.

So, the actual chips may start to fail, but the lamp will keep lit, because they are in parallel. The intensity will decrease.or-depending on how built, the cheaper ones will just extinguish themselves.But there is no way to tell from the outside.


What were the factors that led to the fall of the Portuguese empire given that it is one of the longest-lasting (600 years) in the history of mankind?

The succession crisis after the death of Dom Sebastio that lead to the annexation of Portugal by the Spanish (which allowed the enemies of the Spanish Empire to attack the Portuguese colonies), the earthquake of 1755 and the Napoleonic invasion.But ultimately, one of the greatest contributors to the fall of the Portuguese Empire was its biggest ally: Great Britain.

Taking advantage of Portugal's need of military help for retaking the country from the French, the British sacked it and later took advantage of its debilitated power to carry out the most outrageous and infamous action against its older ally, known as "The British Ultimatum".


What is the best 60 inch LED monitor/TV for a conference room?

Always look for the products in the commercial grade section instead of consumer level TV's, which gives you more warranty and some handful features.Samsung TV's are some of the best smart TV's available in the market. I havent personally used any of them, but these are some of my recommendations :Samsung LED J6300 Series Smart TV - 60"- 65", $ 2,199.

99You can even bump up the picture quality to 4k if you shell out some extra dollars, though 4k is not necessarily better than 1080p.4K SUHD JS7000 Series Smart TV - 60" - $2,599.99Also if you could mention your budget, I can add more choices because budget matters.


Which group was more influential, Nirvana or Led Zeppelin?

I would say Nirvana was more influential than Led Zeppelin by a wide margin. Nirvanas music was so origin, so full of life, and so contrary to what was going on in popular music at the time. When they hit the scene, many well-established bands instantly ceased being relevant. Many of them went away. Heck, whole genres of music went away. People can love them or hate them, but those people cannot deny Nirvanas impact.Led Zeppelins music is amazing and original, and thats bands members were incredibly talented. On these points there is no debate. They just didnt influence culture, history, and music to the massive degree that Nirvana did.


What are those incidents that led Putin and Poroshenko to hate Yanukovych so much?

II don't think both of them hate Yanukovich.Disgust, is more suitable word.Yanukovich is intellectually lacking, grown in semi-criminal environment and generally far from meeting general requirements for presidency. He was just a Kremlin puppet to keep Ukraine at Russian field of influence.

Donbass is the region that suffered famishing the most. Lack of population lead to lack of coal mining. This region was repopulated by criminals and unwanted elements from all over Soviet Union and Yanukovich is a 3rd generation.

In most cases capital city equals capital of criminality. In case of Ukraine Donbass was capital of criminality. Yanukovich is abomination born in that cauldron of all kinds of socially unacceptable layers of population.


Since WW1 led to an end of white colonialism, and WW2 led America to be the number 1 country in the world with more gender equality and technology, what are some possible good outcomes of WW3?

In WW3 possible outcomes are1) A permanent end of Middle East problem2) Solution of Israel Philistine problem3) End of unipolar world I.e. decrease in power of America and emergence of new centres of power in Asia like India and China4) As WW3 will be seen as a failure of United Nations so demand of a much powerful international organization will come in existence with India as a permanent member.5) WW3 will destroy humanity to a large scale .

So a need of world government for all countries will be felt .6) Human will learn from his mistakes so cut in use of nukes, weapons, chemicals and other environment degrading materials


What are your 5 favorite songs by Led Zeppelin?

I cannot pick only 5 so I will give 2 per album. Keep in mind, I like more than two per album as well.LZI: You Shook Me and Dazed And ConfusedLZII: Ramble On and Bring It On HomeLZIII: Celebration Day and Gallows PoleLZIV: Battle Of Evermore and Four SticksHouses of the Holy: The Rain Song and The OceanPhysical Graffiti (1 from each side, 4 total): In My Time Of Dying, Trampled Under Foot, In The Light, and Sick AgainPresence: Achilles Last Stand and Nobodys Fault But MineIn Through The Out Door: In The Evening and CarouselambraCoda: Were Gonna Groove and Ozone Baby.


I'm a 19 year old guy and reading all the stories of pseudo feminists has led me to hating girls and now I talk very rudely to any stranger girl. What should I do?

You are 19 and you have to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. If you are reading stuff that impels you to be rude to strangers .then you need to stop reading that. You cant blame the pseudo feminists for your bad behavior.

Also, not everything you read on the internet is true. Many things on the internet are designed to make you outraged. Dont be a Pavlovian dog, master your responses! Least you become as pathetic as those college kids who whine and complain because this or that is triggering them. Dont let anyone else make you drool! You master yourself!


Who would win in a war between the Mongols, led by Genghis Khan, and the European army, led by Ramsey Bolton?

In a war? with Ramsay commanding hundreds of thousands of men? I think Ramsay would send his best hunters to find out more about this threat, and order, knowing hes got the greater numbers by a factor of hundreds of thousands, to meet genghis openly to show europe ramsay is to be feared as their supreme king.like genghis, ramsay needs his enemies and allies alike to fear him. but mongols play that game better. they wont use open combat on him, and instead piss him off with hit and run tactics. he will make a mistake, and then die.


What will happen when a 9V battery is connected to a 2V LED?

What happens when 1 liter water bottle is tried to fill with water of quantity 2 liter or more than just 1 liter. As bottle cannot take more water than its rated quantity it spills out, simillar are LEDs they are rated at a specified voltage if the rated voltage applied across them is greater than specified then led start overheat due to high flow of current than it can withstand which leads to permanent damage.nAs an led is generally specified to run at voltage around 2.

3 v to 2.

7 approx then when 9 v is applied across them they start to smoke. I would suggest you to try to apply 9V across an led and see what happens .What will happen when 9V battery connected to 2V LED?.


Why coalition is a better choice than Narendra Modi led BJP?

Mr. Modi is a dictator. I succumbed to argument of disgrunted people that he should be removed for sake of Democracy IN India. Though i have lost nothing because of demonitazation or GST , rather i have gained satisfaction as an Indian, i support call for election of a non-Dictator.However, i have failed in finding a truly Democratically elected leader of a political party who would attempt real democracy for the country. The parties i was looking within are CONGRESS, SAMAJWADI PARTY, TMC, DMK, TELEGU DESAM, DMK, BIJU JANATA DA, SHIV SENA, AND MAYAWATIS PARTY.Please advice


A question for long-term seekers: What did you realize that led to you losing all interest in 'spirituality' and finally let go of the desire to reach enlightenment?

This question makes a lot of assumptions.I am no longer a seeker. I dont know if I ever was in the usual sense but I suppose I must have been. It seems a foreign idea now.I dont remember having a desire to reach enlightenment either!I just was interested and liked meditation and spiritual practice and spirituality seemed to be a natural thing somehow. Suffering also was an impetuous to be Present rather than lost in the mind and to do any necessary inner work.

I had some Awakenings and gradually the seperate me self dissolved. The seperate me self didn't realise anything. It just disappeared out of the picture and my mind became very quiet. Consciousness woke up to Itself.


Why is the voltage value lower with an LED?

The logic can only supply or sink (you don't say how you have it hooked up or what the intended current level is) so much current and then the logic voltage swing starts to go down.Likely you are overloading the device. There's a whole bunch of specs on the device data sheets that tells you how much current it is designed to supply or sink.Some logic devices have high current outputs or buffer outputs designed for driving higher loads. You might use those for driving LEDs. Or, get higher efficiency LEDs, many of those currently available touted as high brightness can easily be driven to quite bright levels by 5 milliamps


What are some songs like Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin?

This is almost a proto-grunge tune with its soft-loud-soft-loud dynamic. Raymond Zammit has mentioned some other Zeppelin tunes, to which I would add "Over the Hills and Far Away", which most closely resembles this one. It's a very original song without a lot of close clones, but here's a few non-LZ tunes from the Classic Rock era that come to mind as being in the same vein:The Beatles, "I Want You/She's So Heavy" - shares the dynamic, a cool stomping rock part interleaved with a bluesy lament: nEmerson, Lake, and Palmer, "From the Beginning" - among the best tunes ELP ever did, shares the spacey vibe and instrumental interplay:nnRobin Trower, "Bridge of Sighs" - slow, atmospheric blues-rock: n.


How do I get over a guy that led me on?

You get over it the same way you would a breakup. You give yourself time to be sad and then set about deliberately moving on. Don't allow yourself to mull over what happened and what should have happened. Distract yourself when those thoughts pop up. And you work to do things that make you feel good about yourself (hobbies, exercise, etc.) and spend time with positive people. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people. (It has happened to me.

) So, I can tell you with certainty that you will be OK in time. Just keep working toward that goal. Best wishes!


How was Led Zeppelin influenced by the blues?

The obvious:I Cant Quit You - Led Zeppelin I - - Willie Dixon, Recorded 1956 by Otis Rush.You Shook Me All Night Long - Led Zeppelin I - Composer J. B. Lenoir/Willie Dixon - Recorded by Muddy WatersHow Many More Times - Led Zeppelin 1 - See Howlin Wolfs How Many More Years and Albert Kings The HunterWhole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin II - Willie DixonThe Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin II - Howlin Wolf with Robert Johnson referencesBring It On Home Led Zeppelin II - Willie Dixon, Recorded by Sonny Boy Williamson III believe Pages playing was influenced by Otis Rush as much as Stevie Ray Vaughn was influence by Hubert Sumlins work with Howlin Wolf.

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