Why Is the Song "Black Dog" One of the Best Known Led Zeppelin Songs?

I have an a2a, but agree with several others here - Black Dog is on Led Zeppelin 4. Its a great rock song, is very accessible to a wide audience, has a very strong blues-influenced request and response dynamic, and just happens to open Zeppelins most popular album. Zeppelins best stuff to me and you dont matter so much as whats got the most popular reach, and that really is the bulk of Zeppelin 4 for the most part.

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What went through your mind when you heard that Judge T.S. Ellis III said Paul Manafort "has led an otherwise blameless life" and gave him such a light sentence?

Judge Ellis seemed to have his own belittling version regarding the Paul Manafort case. He had earlier said the prosecutors were out to get Trump. IMO, Ellis might be one of those closed-minded individals who believe the rich and super rich deserver far better treatment. than the average person without wealth of means. At any rate, I find Judge Ellis to be an oddball type of judge with an eccentric way of judging. and in future, if one wanted results that resembled justice, Ellis should be avoided at all costs.


Is there a difference between enlightenment and spiritual enlightenment?

What is the difference between enlightenment and spiritual enlightenment?In Truth, there is no difference. It is the same thing.And then again, if you believe it to be differentthen for you it will be (and your perception will reflect that).Spiritual Life itself is non-physical (or non-material). This makes all of Life spiritual.

Enlightenment Any insights (or understandings) regarding Life would therefore be Spiritual insights (or understandings).You are already enlightened. You just simply need to develop your awareness of it


Who were the kings that supported Kauravas and Pandavas in the Kurukshetra War?

The Pandavas had a large force of seven divisions. Many kingdoms of ancient India such as Dwaraka, Kasi, Kekaya, Magadha,Chedi, Matsya, Pandya, and the Yadus of Mathura were allied with the Pandavas. The Kauravas managed to raise an even larger army of eleven divisions. the allies of the Kauravas comprised the kings of Pragjyotisha, Kalinga, Anga, Kekaya, Sindhudesa, Avanti in Madhyadesa, Gandharas, Bahlikas, Mahishmati,Kambojas (with the Yavanas, Sakas, Trilinga, Tusharas) and many others.There were neutral parties too.

The kingdom of Vidarbha, with its King Rukmi, Vidura, the ex-prime minister of Hastinapur and younger brother to Dhritarashtra, and Balarama were the only neutrals in this war. Kurukshetra War


How has Mister Mxyzptlk been tricked into saying his name backwards?

Countless ways.Despite his power and intelligence, Mxyzptlk can be a bit dim at times. The difference between Intelligence and Wisdom I suspect.My personal favorite is when he showed up at the Daily Planet and started to Harass Clark Kent. Clark told him hed be with Mxyzptlk as soon as he was done editing a story he was preparing.Mxyzptlk, in his impatience, insisted on doing it himself, he grabbed the paper, instantly slashed out all the spelling errors, and promptly disappeared.Clark had written the spelling errors into place so that by indicating them, Mxyzptlk had written his own name backwards.


Was Andrew Jackson the Hitler of America?

Read history. He saved the west with his fantastic win against the mighty Brittish at New Orleans! Yes he had been an Indian fighter before. Such were the times! Where would be now if all the Indians kept their lands you fool. Where? The great Midwest would be theirs as the buffalo roam. You would have no bread, corn and beef. Where would all have gone? He was a hitler; what a joke! He tried to stave off the cival war! He was the first president to send troops against a revolt! He sent such to the south!


In Game Of Thrones, what's the strongest bannerman of House Stark in order before the events in the second book?

When Robb Stark summoned his banners to Winterfell after the false arrest of Eddard Stark, all of them responded. But, it was the Boltons who brought the most number of men approximately 3000. Not all loyal folks but the Boltons do make up for the the second strongest house in the North.

Not saying House Manderly is weak. They are the richest House in the North boasting of White Harbor and whatnot. But from the sources, the Boltons did have their fair share of soldiers


What exactly went wrong in the movie Top Gun that led to Goose's death?

Theit F14 had an engine flame out after (engine stall) entering the wash (hot air from jet engine ahead, producing turbulent and hit air) of the jet upfront.This led to a belly roll stall (a left to right or vice versa yaw motion, as the plane rapidly lost altitude) from which they could not recover, so they had to punch out (eject).Upon ejection Gooses canopy was still in place (a failure in the injection process, the canopy should either jettison or shatter) as he was ejected from his cockpit there by striking his head, and thus killing him.


How has the Narendra Modi government reduced corruption in India?

Not according to global surveysHow India Fares in Company Corruption India among worst in corporate fraud, shows survey

India has one of the highest percentages of companies where fraud, in particular corruption and bribery, was detected, according to a new survey of large local and multinational companies across industries worldwide.

By: IANS |

Washington |

November 26, 2015 12:48 PM

India among worst in corporate fraud, shows surveyCorporate Frauds: 80% from India Inc affected; $500 mn PE investments in legal disputes

India reported highest cases of corruption (25%), regulatory breach (20%) and IP theft (15%). India also ties for the highest national level of money laundering (8%). - See more at: Page on indianexpress.com


Why is 'lieutenant' pronounced with an F?

I just wanted to chuck in that (afaik) the word leof is a scandinavian root word with meanings which cover expressions of life/love/loyalty etc I think its very possible that it also has a connection with lieu in the sense of right-hand-man, and the influence of Normans in UK and France would still be current in early mediaeval times. So it may have originally been leof-tenant OR if lieu is completely unrelated and the u was misread then the resulting word would still have made sense to your 11th century chappie


What if an army never routed? Suppose there was an army (ancient or modern) that never suffered from low morale and never fled the battlefield. The only way to defeat them is to inflict 100% casualties. How powerful would this army be?

I can think of at least one battle that meets that description.The battle of Saragarhi21 Sikhs vs at least 10,000 Afghans.The Sikhs were killed to the last man, but at the lowest estimates they killed 600 of their enemy before being wiped out.

They held their listening post perimeter against multiple full scale attacks until their commanding officer ordered them to retreat inside. The survivors held against multiple attacks until they too were over run.The final Sikh soldier was manning the radio, he asked permission to leave his post before getting up and fighting to death shouting his battle cry.

Battle of Saragarhi - Wikipedia.


Is Donald Trump less educated than Barack Obama?

To me it doesnt really matter you can have a masters degree and still be an idiot. Or you can be boarderline genus and not have a degree at all. Its all about paths in life and what you decide to do in those paths.

Barack Obama was highly educated and was easily the worst president in my life time.trump is educated and is one of the best.bush 2 was educated and considered by most people to be a dunce but I thought he did very well


In Medieval times, did the king or other members of the royal family fight in wars or help defend the castle?

I think all members of the royal household would join in the defense.Male royals, even the king, would physically fight. This was true until the reign of Henry VIII. Rulers, even women like Mary I and Elizabeth I would ride at the head of the troops, but not into battle. The last to do so was George II.Younger sons either entered the Church or followed a military career. Having said this, second sons of the nobility were more likely to enter the Church; royals were less likely to claim a vocation.


Has feminism made you choose a career over having children?

Yes, thank god.My dad needed feminism. Feminism would have told him he didnt have to get married, he didnt have to have kids, he didnt have to be the main source of income for a large family he never even wanted. He did all three of these things, and it was a mistake.I come from a culture where you dont want kids, you just have them.

Its expected of you.

Feminism gave me the option to say no.


Why is Brexit bad for the British Pound given the pressure on the Pound since Brexit?

To add to Mike Richmond answerThe consensus forecast is will hit parity with the Euro next year, and will trade at $1.10-$1.20(though I have seen some forecasts saying it could go below parity with $ which would be shocking)Viewpoints: How low can the pound go? - BBC NewsThe pound has just beat the Argentine Peso to be the worst performing currency in the worldAfter a vote for Brexit, the pound is now the world's worst-performing major currencyThere was a time when a devaluation like this would have destroyed a government: think Wilson & The pound in your pocket in 1964


How does Facebook plan on recouping their $19 billion investment in WhatsApp, now that WhatsApp has encrypted their messaging service?

I'm not sure the point of the WhatsApp acquisition was to recoup billions of dollars ASAP. If it were, where are the ads, right?Sugam Garg notes that buying WhatsApp prevents it from competing with Messenger. More significantly, it allows FB as a whole to be stronger against weChat, Line, KakaoTalk and other players in th messaging space which use messaging as a gateway to other value-added services. If WhatsApp had joined forces with another messaging giant, messenger growth perspectives would look more arduous


Who is the most enlightened person you know?

The most enlightened person closest to you is you. Ok, I changed the question a tad bit. It makes little sense in your own journey to know such a person. Things could be learnt from a person you or others think they are enlightened (whatever one thinks it means). Things could also be un/learned from anyone else too, you could even do so standing in front of tree or a mountain. Whomsoever you think is a source of wisdom is not wisdom until you test it out for own yourself, becomes part of your experience and this could come from anyone, anywhere and in any number of ways


What is your least favorite political ideology?

The Maoist Agrarian State of the Khmer Rouge for sure .. if you wore glasses you were targeted as being too smart for your own good and executed.. The regime murdered an estimated 25,000 Buddhist Monks and abolished money . An estimated 3 Million murdered by the Antichrist leader Pol Pot.Dynastic Stalinism of the DPRK.. The body count is still climbing as the people of North Korea starve as its obese leader terrorizes the nation. Kim Jung-Uns will be swinging from a light pole soon enough .


Why do people blame Obama for the economy crashing even though the de regulation largely contributing to it was passed in 1999?

Who blames Obama? The Bush Recession occurred during the Bush II Administration. Obama was handed a crap economy that continued to shed jobs, but it was Bushs economy.Who doesnt credit Obama for the longest continuous expansion in history?We are far enough into the Trump Administration for him to get credit/blame for the current economy. Despite the tariffs and trade wars, despite the tax cut for the super-rich and giant corporations it remains a fact that the economy is strong. Trump hasnt screwed it up so far


Is it as hard to choose between Biden and Trump as it was Bush and Gore?

Good question. Gore lost. But he wanted more security regarding who came to America and why. Bush was opposed to more security. Well we trained the pilots who flew on 9- 11 in Florida. Now look at the security. How much does this cost. Bush spent billions on the stupid war in Iraq! Such was a military show. This was not needed at all to win. Billions! Cut that in half and feed the hungry for years and years and give help to the homeless and help with medicine. Cut such more and we are all insured. Well we have a decision

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