Why Is the Nuclear Reactor Core of Chernobly Hot Still?

They meant hot radio-actively. It will stay radio-active for 160,000 years, I believe the period is.

1. Give your baby a breast feeding doll with a little nuclear reactor to keep the formula warm?

It's pointless. Feed your baby when it's genuinely hungry, do not when it's not. YOU are the parent, IT is the child. Separate the two. Do not give in just because it cries...That's what they do. Give in only when YOU want to and you believe the child actually NEEDS something, not just wants it

2. Nuclear Reactor question, help please?

Neutrons should be absorbed so that U235 breaks into piece T. he absorption of neutrons depend on its energy. If they are of high energy, say MeV aftrer breakuo of nucleus then they do not interact in large numbers. The absorption of nucleus is very strong at thermal energy of eV. Therefore, the heavy water allows the neutrons to become low energy particles so that more nuclear reactions take place. And also heavy water does not eat away high energy neutrons. Therefore, heavy water is used in nuclear reactors. In nuclear bombs graphites are used to do the work of heavy water

3. Is the Nuclear Reactor meltdown in Japan going to be another Hiroshima or Nagasaki? Will the US invade Japan?

For the last time, yes! All of that stuff is clearly going to happen. We've been over this many times

4. Blender random packing animation (reactor cylinder type catalyst random packing)

Make your Steps Per Second high enough. This is in Scene tab under Rigid Body World and Settings. Default is 60 and seems to be too low in some cases. High value will slow down calculations but will be more accurate. Next make sure your collision Shape is Mesh for you funnel. This is important for complex objects. For your pellets I think Capsule should be fine. Also make Sensitivity Margin small enough. Accurate shape will slow down calculations but will be more realistic.Last make sure your walls are thick enough. If your wall are too thin then your particles can make through before next step happens.

5. What happens when a Nuclear Reactor melts down?

Well, it's very simple you see. Once the bubbler pools overflow, liquid magma from the surrounding Earth, at over 2600 degrees Celsius, will be formed near the bottom of the reactor vessel from the high temperatures of the reactor's fuel, resulting in a big mess and a whole lot of radioactive water

6. Can we make infinite energy with a nuclear reactor with the nuclear waste used as fusion fuel and be split and fission to occur once again and so on when we have fusion technology?

Evidently you are confused about the process of releasing nuclear energy.Bible tells us by Christ all things exist. Since at the element level multiple positive charged protons are grouped together. Just as we learn from magnets positives repel one another. Uranium has 92 protons(positive charges) grouped together in the nucleus all opposing each other.Something allowing these like positive charges to remain together without falling apart. This force called binding energy. Clearly more binding energy required to hold 92 proton uranium together than smaller elements with fewer opposing positive charges.Once atom is split into smaller pieces less binding energy required to hold smaller pieces together. Energy is released providing heat to make steam. Fusion operates in opposite manner combines hydrogen molecules to release energy.Under ideal controlled conditions a nuclear reaction is possible.Sounds complicated but witnessed this process and steam can be heard coming through system. Unlikely fission waste could be fused together in opposite direction to produce power.Fusion combines hydrogen molecules to release energy.Hope this explaintion is clearly understood.

7. What are the downsides to nuclear energy?

The thing some people do not know about nuclear reactors is..you can not actually shut the core down. Its always on. That's what control rods are for, when the rods are out, the core warms water to produce steam that spins turbines. When the rods are in, the rods absorb the energy not the water. Eventually, these rods absorb as much as they possible can...and need replacing. This is one of the items resulting from nuclear waste. Since the systems we use are enclosed loop systems, there should not be a major need for water inlet or outlets, but there are radioactive wastes produced over time which need to be placed somewhere. The 1/2 life..or time it would take for the radioactive materials to decay away are too long to just pile up on site. I've read about alot of places that have site that the material is kept..and the politics that go with that kind of decision. Compared to other energy generating methods, it puts out a lot of energy and the energy to waste ration is small. A nuclear reactor can provide a whole city or more, where at wind, solar, all those methods although clean, just does not have the power to compete in comparison. The golden rule in reactors that we us in the USA is, NEVER uncover the reactor. otherwise there might be a melt down. and in all the history of reactors, the USA has not had one. We can not have an explosion like Chernobol because its a completely different type of reactor. And where as their disaster wiped out a few nearby towns, all we've ever had is a little steam released from 3 mile island...which did not do anything and was not necessarily radio active.

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