Why Is Jyotiraditya Scindia Asked to Quit Congress?

Dear, Pranav Shinde ji, Thank you for your question.The CONGRESS PARTY, and their , Concept of Democracy,Secularism, One India etc. Are, all highly Confusing Ideas,even ,for themselves.

And it's, Clear Interpretation and Analysis, is only Known to Italian Widow, SONIA, and,RAGA , and not to Her Sister In Law, Maneka Gandhi,. A HEIRCHY Issue.can not be disclosed to All.Both, have No Knowledge of Indias Culture,History, Mythology, RELIGIONS of Majority of peoples Living in it ,But They are above all.(a pun intended.)JYOTIRADITYA SCINDIA,has committed Grave mistakes of Suggesting the August Offices Of CONGRESS, For Introspection, after the Spate of Debacles by RAGA, and SONIA.

He has openly made a statement that Congress has not met its Promise of Loan Waiver to Farmers, and Even Kamal Nath also agreed it to be correctly said.He has attended the annual Ceremony,of his Grandmother Raj Mata Scindias Function,who was a MP, and BJP candidate for life.He has shown his happiness, and expressed his Approval of Removal of Article 370,and 35A, by B.



althogh he is Towing Congress line of thinking.CongressParty's TOP BRASS ,Clearly got annoyed by his DEMOCRATIC behavior, within a PRIVATE ,DYNASTIC PARTYS, UNDEMOCRATIC Setup, and they decided to ask him to LEAVE the PARTY.JYOTIRADITYA Scindia, THOUGHT, he could help the CONGRESSY Set up to Alter it, a Bit, suiting to the Changed Circumstances, but He was wrong ,IT is not BJP. and He is Not Shatrughan Sinha ,who was allowed

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Did Trump's campaign ad use doctored photos of Joe Biden?

I have not seen any political ads by either candidate. However, it is not uncommon for campaigns or their surrogate PACs to doctor and/or edit photos and videos of their opponents in an attempt to get across some point in a quicker manner. I am sure that there will be many commenters who claim that Trump is perhaps the first to do this or that it is only done by republican candidates. But the reality is that it has been going on for a long time by candidates of both parties. Perhaps you remember when the democrats put out an ad using a Paul Ryan lookalike and claiming that he wanted to throw grannie off a cliff or something in an effort to claim that he was going to scrap social security.As I said, it is a common tactic of campaigns on both sides.

The bad thing is that they essentially learned it from the media who will edit and doctor photos and videos to get across their agenda, not just in politics but otherwise as well. Remember the doctoring of videos and photos in both the Trayvon Martin case and the Gentle Giant case by the media in an effort to put forth certain positions in those cases to the public (even the airbrushing of the Boston terrorist photo to try to turn him into some type of star instead of the killer that he is). The media did it politically with Bush and does it now with Trump. I assume that the conservative media might have done the same with Obama, but I don't remember it (doesn't mean it did not happen; I just don't watch enough TV or cable news to perhaps have noticed it).Did Trump's campaign ad used doctored photos of Joe Biden?


What is wrong with democrats packing the court given what republicans are doing and considering that future demographics favor them?

What is wrong with democrats packing the court given what republicans are doing and considering that future demographics favor them?Democrats arent usually the ones packing the courts. Here are some Republican state court packing examples from recent years:In 2007, Republicans tried to pack the Florida Supreme Court from 7 to 15 justices. They failed.In 2009, Republicans tried to pack the Iowa Supreme Court by adding two more justices. They failed.

In 2011, Republicans again tried to pack the Florida Supreme Court from 7 to 15 justices. They failed again.In 2013, Republicans have repeatedly attempted to pack the South Carolina top court. They have failed.In 2016, Republicans packed the Arizona Supreme Court, expanding it from 5 to 7 justices. The Republican governor appointed them.

In 2016, Republicans packed the Georgia Supreme Court from 7 to 9 judges. The Republican governor appointed them.And of course, Republicans arent against unpacking the state courts either. Here are examples:In 2011, Republicans tried to unpack the top court in Montana. They wanted to remove the two most liberal judges. They failed.In 2011, Republicans tried to unpack the Oklahoma top court from 9 to 5. They wanted to eliminate the four Democratic appointees. They failed.

In 2013, Republicans tried to unpack the state of Washington Supreme Court from 9 to 5. They wanted to eliminate the four Democratic appointees. They failed.In 2014, Republicans tried to unpack the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in addition to other government changes that would greatly benefit Republicans. They failed.

Since Republicans use court packing/unpacking as part of their arsenal for control, then Democrats packing the Supreme Court is also fair play


Why do gun control advocates sometimes resort to Markley's law?

It's really simple. When young men are in Junior High, (sorry, it's now "middle school," but it was Junior High School in the dark ages when I was a kid) their bodies are hit with hormones and their thoughts turn to only one thing. (along with their blood supply.) Intellect often fell by the wayside, as men only have enough blood to operate the brain, or something else, but not both. This occupation also lead to competition, and fighting with other males for the attention of the females. The ultimate insult was against one's sexual equipment.Most people grow up, and out of that phase, and use reason and logic for their arguments, but some don't. They continue to use the "well, you have a small penis" argument because they are incapable of anything else. Their intellectual development never occurred.Add to that some envy and it's understandable. Everyone who has a nice, expensive house, motorcycle, boat, firearm, or any other such item is accused of "compensating" by those who have made life decisions that don't enable them to buy these items. "Look at Bill, with that damn boat and his big-ass truck pulling it. (and a Yeti with silver bullets) He's compensating for a small penis. Yes, I blew all my money on lottery tickets, cigarettes and booze, and didn't go to night school so I couldn't get that higher paying job, but that has nothing to do with it. I have a large penis and don't need to compensate like HE does."


Why did the Native Americans fall behind in technology compared to the rest of the world?

I would speculate that geography had a big part in it. Europe, the middle east, Asia and Africa are all connected by land. The Americas however got cut off many thousands of years ago. So they did not benefit from sharing trade routes amongst as many different cultures and places as those in the above continents. Inventions, ideas, skills, and materials could move along these routes and eventually spread all over. So you had the various ages (bronze age, iron age, etc.

) as one area would figure out a new technology, it would spread to other areas, each technology helping inspire more technologies. There were also more animals that lend themselves well to domestication, these also spread (horses were first domesticated in what is now Russia, chickens first in what is now China, for example) which spread to whatever geographies could sustain these. Horses allowed for empires to build, who would take resources and technologies from many places and bring them together. The Americas did not have horses or any comparable domesticated animal (there were llamas in the Andes but they are too small to ride, they were used as pack animals only). So this means that travel was only by foot or small boat. So although there were empires like the Incas and Mayans that figured out some impressive things, they couldn't have an empire as big as the Roman or Mongolian empire without horses, which limits the spread of ideas and inventions. Also gunpowder was discovered in China - guns and horses allowed Europeans to dominate the Americas (that and having assistance from diseases that wiped out huge numbers first)


What are your religious beliefs and why do you hold these beliefs?

I'm a catholic christian.This relgion has been passed to by my mother a very simple spanish woman. At the beging I think I was holding those believes to keep a kind of loyalety to my mother, although my father was a convinced atheist.On the under side, for reasons I don't understand, I have been always shocked by the innocents suffering and the absurdity of this world.As most human beings I long for justice, I fight for it within my frame of actions, but I'm full aware of the incredible level of pain lot of persons have to endure in their present life.I asked my self thousands of time, how can God allow that? I arrived at the conclusion that it was impossible for me to find an answer.However in a cruel and unfair world, abusers end their life in a confortable bed and innocents suffer day after day. To find an answer to this kind of absurdity and give and answer to human thirst of justice, ancient Jews imagine a religion with offsprings bearing the consequences of their parents present life.Jains, on their side, conceived a philosophy with Karmic cyclic lifes, through different universes.This is my best clue for a possible after life, our world is absurd but we search for meaning.P.S.

In my present life, prayer, lecture, faith and relation with my God, gave me the critical inspirations to take the correct decisions at some difficult moments of my life. So I have the personal impression that my God interacts with me through the people I love and care for, and through all human beings in a more general way.


He seemed to rarely get angry, but when he did, how did Michael Jackson lash out? Did he yell or break things? Or did he even curse?

Michael Jackson got angry like anybody else. It was just the way he would display his anger. When he was much younger, Michael would indirectly get back at someone who wronged him. Some people will get in your face and tell you off if you make them mad, not so with Michael, he'd piss you off behind the scenes, and that continued as he got older, only he became more vocal about it. As his former bodyguards, Bill Whitfield, and Javon Beard know, Michael could really get mad. He once threw and busted Bill's phone, yelling that he wanted to be left alone,( Michael meant by the Tabloids). Then told Bill," I guess you'll have to buy a new phone." I also got a little taste of how it was when you were not on time with him. I once missed a call from him because I was getting an exam at the doctors office, and he didn't like the fact that he couldn't reach me at that time. When he did get me he said," I pay you to be available at all times." His voice was a little raised, and he wasn't smiling. Michael would curse now and then when he was talking about people that he didn't like, or when he needed something and couldn't get it right then. Of course this was not the side of him that he wanted the public to see. I mean, I could understand that, I don't want people seeing me when I have bad days either. Most times when Michael was angry, he vented in private.

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This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I find individual LED lights? I can not find just Individual led lights. Im wanting them for a project, Ive looked online but I can only find strips and not just "one" to where i can buy them in bulk in different colors. I know radio shack carries them but Im trying to avoid them since they are high priced.1. Is it true that the Sony Ericsson P1i cannot record video with the LED lights on?Yes, this is due to it's energy management codec2. How long will a 9v battery power 4 led lights ?Depends how much current you run through them. If they are bright LED's and you drive them hard, you may only get 15 minutes of decent life. If they are low current indicator types, they could go for a week.3. Can you put led lights in place of standard tail light bulbs?The load resister goes from the hot wire to ground on each of the turn signal bulbs. You can get a pair of them on eBay for under $5. You can get the bulbs on eBay too if you look around. -- I have found bulbs sold on sites, got the description and found them on auctions. They even use the same pictures.4. No boot, no beep codes. MB LED lights up and fans come on.?Probably the power supply. I know that sounds odd,, but fans can spin, but the powersupply is still bad. If not the PS, then alas it is probably the MB5. Need kit of LED lights with electric board for assembling stairway lights that operate by motion made in CanadDo not know if this will help, but--- allelectronics.com has the stuff to build it yourself.6. are blue led lights on your sideview mirror legal in ca????HELP PLEASE!!!?When it does not matter. The fact that they are blue can go under as impersonating a police vehicle. But most people do it. That is only if an officer really hates you and wants to push the law to its full extent. If you are talking about those lights that are an arrow when you turn... no it is not illegal. have fun...7. Is it illegal to have solid blue led lights on your motorcycle in Florida?YES blue is the Polices color.. "flash the blue lights read them their rights.... Drama"8. Do i will get pull over if i put LED lights on my rims?you have no idea my friend ,why would you want to do that .i would think its a crazy idea .ok.get real9. LED lights interior in a vehicle. is it legal?What you do to the inside of your car does not really matter.. It is usually legal10. LED Lights: What part of my car do these go on?what in the hell? it just looks like someone's junk. they are ugly and they do not even look like LEDs. looks like there is a huge bulb inside of there or something.11. What's the real Pros of using LED lights?They last a long time and are very durable12. I have led lights in my ford ranger they blink fast which i think is cool?It's a good choice.You can use it.Do not worry13. how do i put led lights in xbox 360 controller buttons?Why the F*ck would you want to do that? Just use it as it is. It would probs screw up your controller anyway. Just leave it14. how many volts does it take to light 4 white LED lights?you like the i/v stats on the led. usually, you does not use a 9V battery to easy an led for terribly long in non-provide up operation, because of the fact the battery will die. For smaller led's, you have gotten 20ma at .6v. For the extra contemporary extreme intensity leds, maybe 700ma at 2. 5V. In the two case, you are able to discover you like a contemporary proscribing resistor to drop voltage so which you do no longer burn the led up. you pick the resistor understanding you are able to desire to drop X volts at a anticipated working contemporary; For this 20ma led, you prefer to drop 8.4 v and function a 20ma contemporary. to that end, a 8.4/.02 = 420 ohm resistor could be used
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