Why Does the Zoom Sometimes Stop at a Point?

Typically when you can not zoom in as far as you would like, it's because you are in perspective view instead of orthographic view. You can toggle between the two by hitting the "5" key on the numeric keypad. You can tell what view you are in by looking in the upper left corner of the viewport. It will tell you the view you are in (such as "front ortho" or "front perspective")

1. zoom lens for the canon t2i?

Hey, I dont know what Jim A is taking about..Fixed aperture is like f/2.8 at 70mm and 200mm.. You can get a used Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 for about 300$.

2. Image quality issues at maximum zoom?

All zoom lenses are a compromise between price, image quality and range. Point and shoot cameras with hyperzoom lenses take this compromise too far. It is the equivalent of making a single vehicle to win an F1 Grand Prix and tow a caravan for the family holiday. With DSLR lenses the manufacturer reduces the individual lens zoom limits to a tighter range but even then the quality at the extreme ends will always be lower than in the middle and will be MUCH lower than a prime lens (ie a lens with single focal length) of the same value. However - the quality of the Canon 100-400 that you quote even at its "worst" will be massively better than a point and shoot at any focal length - but at 1400 you would expect that!

3. How do I resize the magnifier/zoom window in iOS 8?

What you want to do is:Hope that helps!

4. Why is it jerky to zoom a camera lens?

I have never had that kind of issue, so it may be a Samsung exclusive feature

5. I'm an amateur photographer. Where do I start?

Have you set a budget for yourself, it's not cheap for good equipment. Chose a good body, like the Canon XTi for example, it offers many features or should I say lots of bang for the buck. Next up is your optics, I love my Tamron 18-250 Macro zoom, very versatile and mine is mounted 90% of the time to my XTi. And you will need a good flash/speedlite and if you chose a Canon DSLR model, the 580EX II is on the top of the list, runner up is the 580EX then the 480EX. I spent the extra cash for the EXII because I demand the best. I hope this was helpful but you can also check out the new & used gear at.

6. Any other android app stores apart from google play store?

Yes.Following are:top five. 1.GETJAR 2.APPBRAIN 3.SLIDEME 4.ANDROID ZOOM 5.APPOKE

7. Which will wide field view a prime or zoom lens?

Prime lenses have wider angel of view, zoom lenses are just ZOOM lenses. But there are certain zoom lenses which go have a range starting from lower focal length like 13-300mm in nikon. These all provide wide field view to you. Lenses are measured on their focal length, i.e. lower the focal length wider the angle of view.If you know about crop frame-full frame, then it is also one of the factors that can change your angle of view, as a lens like 16-300mm in nikon crop frame camera with crop factor 1. 5 will act like 24-450mm. So if you wish to go for very lower focal length so do consider about crop factor.Certainly prime lenses are low focal length lenses and with great speed like you get 50mm 1.4G.Rest its your call, whichever suits fulfills your purpose. .Have fun. .keep shooting. .Which will wide field view a prime or zoom lens?

8. What justifies the double price of zoom lenses?

Any question that includes the phrase "is it worth it?" needs to also define for whom it is worth.In the case of zoom lenses versus prime lenses the answer depends on the needs of each individual user. There are many types of users and situations where zoom lenses have a distinct advantage over prime lenses. Here are just a few of them.

9. Which is the matter Megapixel or Optical zoom ?

None and Both Megapixels is just a number what matters more is how big the sensor is. If you we are to make a picture with a compact with a 10 Megapixel camera and a friend uses a DSLR.. your friend ones is much more clear and has more dynamics. Due to the size of the pixels. So really more pixels is not always good! And Optical Zoom? That really is dependant again on many factors. More zoom allows you to stay where you are and get the picture the other can not . But it also makes any movement you make easier to see and long zoom ranges require Image Stabilisation.. or Tripods! I would say read reviews, check images on flickr by normal people. Maybe join a group about said camera and ask them about their experiences. That is more worth then theoratical numbers. Oh and forget the Max ISO.. you probably do not want to go into that region. The Max ISO on any camera usually is CRAPPY! Something that ought to be labeled "Emergency Use Only" Actually once you buy a camera do an ISO test, set up a nice shot and shoot with different ISO's. See where the noise turns to terrible for you to bear.

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