Why Does One of My Valves Have Oil? Will Chose Best Answer Pics?

If there was oil on top of the piston, then you probably have an oil leak in the cylinder head and may need a new one. Id get a valve spring compressor/remover and take out the valve and look inside with a flash light and see if you can find it yourself

1. My gas mileage has gone down?

Umm... if you are at the point where issues with your oil are causing you to get bad gas mileage, you've already ruined your engine. If you are changing your oil when you are suppose to "bad oil" should not be an issue. Do you notice any knocking or stalling when you first start your car, or when you start to accelerate from low speeds or a stop? If so, you could be having compression issues with the cylinders or valves in the engine. Have a mechanic check the pressure. Do you have an automatic transmission in your car? Do you notice it slipping or skipping? If you are not getting smooth transitions between gears, that can affect gas mileage. Has your driving habits changed? If you are making jack-rabbit starts and stops and racing between traffic lights, that can affect your gas mileage. There are a few other things that could be causing this, but the best thing to do is talk to a mechanic and have him go through the car for you. Good luck.

2. i'm trying to set the valves on a 350 motor, what do i set them on using a feeler guage ?

Solid lift camshaft?

3. Why causes the loud noises within your plumbing pipework when taps are turned off?

The other answer is correct. It is water hammer. To better understand water hammer think of a long line of water moving in a pipe. Compare it to a long train. Now when the valve is shut off the train runs into the side of a mountain stopping nearly instantaneously. Note that the kinetic energy the train had has got to disipate some how. Same with the water. If the pipes are not secure they will shake / bang because the water train in the pipe just ran into a closed valve.Calculations can be done to see how much the pressure in the pipe spikes, It is not unusual to see the pressure spike to 10 times the normal pressure. That is hard on pipes and valves. The lesson is to always slowly turn off valves. Slamming them off is asking for more trouble than just banging pipes

4. Are there special protocols one should take when handling vintage/old electronics?

Try not to eat too many soldered joints. That should take care of the lead problem.High voltage capacitors used to be filled with poisonous PCB oils until (quite) recently.RF transistors often use beryllia as a heat sink material, these must not be cracked open as they might release a poisonous dust. Valves break, releasing glass shards. CRTs are big valves, for which that goes in spades, redoubled, vulnerable.Anything really old has had plenty of time to accumulate surface films of nasties, do not get scratched or punctured by wire ends or sharp edges.Insulators may well have degraded, and live chassis was quite common then, so do not power something on and assume it's safe.

5. steam radiators valves?

First off these are vents , the valves are at the bottom of the radiator where the pipes come in. Sounds like the vents are either closed or broken. Try turning the adjustment screw if that does not work I recomend replacing the with vent from a company called "ventrite" the valve you are looking for is a vent rite #1. These are adjustable vents used to balance the heat throughout your unit the dial at the bottom is labeled 1-8 start with all of them on 8. Now when the radiators heat up if you find some are getting hotter faster turn those down a notch and check again in a day or so

6. Advantage of camless engine?

I assume you mean 2 cycle engines. 4 cycle engines need valves and therefore cams. Advantages: High power to weight ratio. Higher potential RPMs as there's no valve float problem. Lower potential maintenance costs as there are less moving parts. No oil changes or oil filters needed. Disadvantages: Oil must be mixed with gas. High emissions / pollution. Offensive smelling exhaust.

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