Why Does Olenna Tyrell Treat Mace Tyrell Like a Weak and Powerless Character?

Because he IS weak. He allows himself to be manipulated and led by Olenna and doesn't stand up to her, nor to anyone else. He's a very weak man and his mother exploits that. Whether he's inherently weak or whether Olenna groomed him to be weak is left to the imagination.

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Is it worth getting the motherboard of my LCD TV repaired? Will the TV work well for long after repair?

Is it worth getting the motherboard of my LCD TV repaired? Will the TV work well for long after repair?It depends.How old is the TV?What size and resolution?If your TV is small or obsolete (720P) get a new one.If it is a 2 year old 75 inch 4K you might want to spring for the new motherboard.

TVs and most appliances today are designed to be throw away items


In Star Trek: Discovery season 3 episode 1, why did Commander Burnham destroy the Red Angel suit?

Did it contain data that Control needed? Or was that a wholly different suit? Could it have been possibly contaminated by Control in some way?Or, was it simply that by destroying it and the time crystal it used, there would hopefully be no way to take Discovery back in time again for Control to exploit?Im with the last idea


Why does the stock market go up faster than the economy grows?

Because people don't reinvest dividends. If all capital returns were reinvested, the stock market would, for awhile, grow faster than the economy. Eventually, there would be decreasing returns to capital. That is, the profitable uses of capital would all be used up and the cost of capital would decrease to the point were there was literally nothing to invest in which was more profitable than the general growth rate of the economy (usually around 2%).


Will you leave India if the BJP-led NDA loses the 2019 elections?

No. By no chance I wiil leave India. This my country. I was born and braught up here and I will continue to be here.Just by technology (that is the only hope for there come back) related trick if they suceed it will be really a tragedy for the country but in such difficult times we should not even think of leaving the country.SRIRAM


If Germany invaded Alsace-Lorraine today, what would happen?

In fact Alsacians are invading Kehl in Germany (next to Strassburg/ Strasbourg, capital of Alsace) as prices of real eastate are much lower (30%) than in Alsass.To a German or French, the question if Germany sounds weird like what if England invades the Wales or what if California invades Arizona?The fact that nobody cares today about such invasion is one of the greatest success of EU where, after centuries of wars between Germany and France, such a question looks weird


What simple mistake resulted in a catastrophic event?

A little grease on a long, sharp knife - that results in your slicing your hand and arm open.Grease on your shoe - that causes it to slip off the brake pedal and onto the gas pedal - as youre slamming the brakes on to avoid hitting a person in front of you


Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?

Well, he was a terrible president, but he got set up to be impeached. Congress passed some kind of tenure law that made it illegal for the president to fire someone. He fired the Secretary of War, who the law was designed to protect. Johnson survived the Senate though, and wasnt removed from office


Why is Russia apparently such a big threat to the US?

Russia is only a threat to countries with zero to little military. Russia is no threat the the United States. Russias equipment is second-rate. Their soldiers arent very well trained.In short, Russia would lose badly to the US.

Putin talks a lot. He talks of in the future and someday. Because today he doesnt have anything to talk about.This is why he only threatens Nukes with the US.


What would happen if I started smoking pot for a year straight?

From the persons I know you may get lost as a person and the only thing you do is to live to smoke. You dont care about enhancing your life and increasing your education or job skill if your are employable at all. My son friends also spent time in jail or had mental problems or in one case, died. Not necessarily from Mary Jane but that is where he started. He died at 20


Is Australia more liberal than the US?

its not straightforwardbut a salutary example is Australia's response to the AIDS epidemicit was straight to the pointsafe sex, condom and clean needle programs in schools and universities and the gay communitieswe had it under control very rapidlyin a lot of states of the USA, they just couldn't cope with the idea that it was a given that young adults have sex.and that some of them will shoot drugs


What is the fastest way to lower my pH level?

Fill a giant vat with hydrochloric acid.Jump into it.This will do an adequate job at lowering your pH.Apart from that you would need to be more specific. Im sure there are foods that will help regulate the pH levels of your various organ systems, but if you're concerned, talk to a doctor. If your pH is truly out of wack, they would know best, and its probably not something to trifle with by blindly following Quora answers


What do Russians think about the anti Russian comments of Petro Poroshenko and other Ukranian politicians?

Thanks for A2A, Roger Delacroix.>>What do Russians think about the anti Russian comments of Petro Poroshenko and other Ukranian politicians?I do not follow Ukrainian politics and unaware about fresh anti-Russian comments of the locals.About two weeks ago there was a campaign of artificial pushing of Poroshenko had read a poem narrative in social media. Now that campaign is over and new one is on the raise - Belarus Nobel prize winner Svetlana Alexeevich said something in an interview.


How does Facebook plan on recouping their $19 billion investment in WhatsApp, now that WhatsApp has encrypted their messaging service?

As SRK (famous Bollywood actor) in DON (Hindi movie) said: "Kuch cheezon mein faayda ya nuksaan nahi dekha jata, unhe bas karna zaroori Hota hai" Translates to: "Some things aren't evaluated on profit or loss; they just need to be done" WhatsApp was gaining market share, Facebook felt threatened so acquired it to avoid going out of business (Messenger)


How do I answer, "What questions do you have for me" in a job interview... and how many questions should I ask?

I normally do not like this question, but it comes up all the time. This is when I ask some questions directly related to the positionShould I be considered for this position what would be my daily responsibilities?Is there another employee in this position and if so why did he/she leave this position?I actually asked a group of interviewers this question: why should I accept this position?


Which president do you prefer, Yanukovych or Poroshenko?

That's easy Poroshenko, for sure. He is in no way worse than Yanukovich, and he is better in some. He is more competent. He doesn't try to seize the power by changing the Constitution. He gives a lot for charity and helps the army with his private money.

Yanukovich wasnt even a president he was a simple puppet of oligarchy.Poroshenko isn't a saint, he has his flaws, but nothing to compare with Yanukovich


What are some genetic mutations that give a distinct advantage in humans?

I'm going to give you a quick and dirty.

Lactose tolerance is a mutation that seems to have arisen in Northern Europeans. That is the ability to digest milk as an adult.

Sickle cell anemia, while debilitating under most circumstances allows for many people to survive in Africa due to the innate resistance to malaria that accompanies the mutation. (Single nucleotide substitution)

I saw everyone going evolution so I went for human vs human.


Has anyone ever mined an entire Minecraft world?

Its not possible. With too many people playing to help, the server will run out of memory and bog down, or refuse to let more people into the game. So with a limited number of players, it would take more than a lifetime. Likewise, regions that have not been visited in a while are forgotten, and have to be regenerated when somebody returns. So any changes (including mines) are lost when that area is regenerated


How would you compare the economic philosophies of Adam Smith and Karl Marx?

One (Smith) believed in natural processes and freedom. The other (Marx) believed in whatever illusions he created to justify his approach.The first has explained the largest increase in world wealth both absolutely and on an individual level.

The latter was misused as an excuse to enslave over a billion people and kill upwards of 200 million of them


How did Ronda Rousey lose her edge?

She got careless. She was so accustomed to facing the same type of opponents that she didnt feel motivated to train hard anymore. Her loss to Holly Holm was a big factor in why she lost her edge. She didnt prepare enough with the right trainer and lost as a result. After Ronda Rousey lost, she was never the same. Her confidence suffered and is still suffering


Which album do you think is the better one between Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin IV?

Both the albums are great..but you'll get the answer if you try dancing to the songs on both albums..Led Zep II simply rocks..Heartbreaker, ramble on..what is and what should never beMoby DickThe lemon songwow..what a collection of songs!! Then you have whole lotta loveSo my choice is obviously IIthough Led Zep IV is great too!!.


In view of the fight against COVID-19, why is the Indian government not printing notes in large numbers to tackle the situation since donation from public will not suffice?

Since, I have been an economics student, I should answer this question.I had the similar question in my mind when I did not have any understanding of Economics like why can't a country print more of its currency to become rich?Then, I read about it on internet and even made notes which I am going to share now.Hope it helps you to understand the economics behind this concept.


What if royalty had a child with a disability?

People believe Queen Victorias oldest son Albert Edward was dyslexic. He struggled with his lessons as a child. His parents were worried about him. His mother couldnt stand him.HOWEVER as King Edward VII, he was a competent monarch, who kept Europe at peace, while his country prospered, and moved into the new century. There are disabilities and disabilities.


Isn't it a conflict of interest that Trump stays at his own properties, given that his entourage must rent rooms and buy food there? Why don't anti-corruption laws prevent this?

Some of the conflict of interest laws for government employees dont cover the president - no one ever expected that a president would not do the obvious right thing. That why Trump said, The president cant have a conflict of interest. Yes, she/he can, but it may not be illegal.


What are the top 3 questions you would want to ask to your favorite startup founders?

When will your startup start generating profits? What is the business model for the same? nWhat is the percentage of money that is funded burnt in offers and discounts? How much of your money is involved in the burn game :) nHow do you plan to build the organization/scale for long term?


What was India's initial role in the formation of the LTTE? Did India ever provide support to the LTTE? How have India's strategic interests changed over time since Indira Gandhi?

Super details from all. Missing couple of details and adding them would be great.

1. 13th Amendment, LTTEs stand on that.

2. Proclamation that Lankans and Tamils are brothers in arms and they can sort things by themselves. Another country (India ) has no business in this.

3. Assassination of Padbhanabha in Chennai by LTTE's operatives..


Why is Australia entering a second lockdown when they have so few cases compared to the rest of the world (around 100 a day for the first week of July)?

While the country as a whole is not entering a second lockdown there were breaches that happened with containing infections in returned travelers in Melbourne that led to a very clear second waveprimarily affecting Melbourne but also responsible for first cases of community transmissions back in Sydney in over a month


What did Batman do differently that allowed him to defeat Bane at the end of The Dark Knight Rises?

Well in the first fight they were underground and Bruce tried to use the darkness to his advantage. Unfortunately for him, Bane isnt bothered by darkness.In the second fight though, its in broad daylight. Maybe that helped.

Plus, ya know, all that other stuff in the other answers


Was there ever a better person than Donald Trump?

But based on a scientific poll , it was found that actually 97.3% of all people on earth are better then Trump , morally. 94% of the population is better in inelegance. 93.8% can run a business better, and a 99% are better at being president. Again this is based on very advanced study and science. And blessed by Jesus himself.

This response was given in the seriousness reflective of the nature and seriousness of the question. I hope you found it enlightening.


Why is Sarfaraz, the average player, selected as Pakistan's team captain?

Sarfaraz has good skills as a captain like field placement. bowling changes at the right time and excellent strategic decisions. In the past we have seen Mike Brearley an ordinary cricketer as Englands skipper solely on the basis of his proven good skills as captain. Also, recently Australian selectors has engaged another ordinary cricketer Tim Payne as skipper. Unfortunately this poor guy is neither a good captain nor an extra ordinary wicket keeper. Forget about his batting capabilities

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