Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head Or Try to Confiscate My Pillow at Night?

She loves you and wants to sleep as close as possible, my girl does this. She's also asserting her position as 'boss' over you!

1. How do i get rid of the musty smell from my pillow?

you must change it if you knew how many bugs it has you would sleep on a rock for the rest of your life

2. Can my freshly stretched ears get infected from laying on my pillow?

It's good that you prioritized proper hygiene. You can replace the covering of your pillow with a clean one to minimize the risk for infection

3. Is it crazy that I always crave a hug and then lay in bed for hours hugging my pillow and sometimes crying?

There's someone out there for you. Really, I am not just saying that. Out of the 8 or so BILLION people on this planet, ONE of them is bound to like you! Haha, but in all seriousness, go out there and meet someone. I am not saying it will be easy, but actually looking for someone is a lot more productive than hugging a pillow. You might not meet "the one" on the first try, but keep going and you should find someone you will love.

4. Why do i hump my pillow?

I do this too. I've googled this question before and a lot of teenagers do it. It's and alternative to masturbating. so yeah it's normal :) Hope I helped. x

5. What are some ways to stop humping my pillow!? ( I'm not joking!)?

get a life find a girl instead

6. I like to hump my pillow but it doesnt quite fell that good and i dont want to finger my self?

I do not suggest having sex. Despite what it may feel like, fifteen is far too young to have sex. What you can do is, well, getting a vibrator, though I am not sure how you will be able to get a vibrator at your age - but they do work wonders for stimulation

7. How can I stop my head from itching on my pillow?

wD Suspended - Flames 2-..., there is something irritating your head on the pillow, its just a new time for a pillow. I suggest getting one of those long pillows, was the best decision I made in a long time..... get one at this site its very reasonable.

8. How do I keep my cat from pooping near my pillow?

If the poop is unusually large it could be that your cat has trouble pooping. I have a cat who sometimes cannot poop and when she rectifies the problem (if she does not require assistance) it is often outside the litter box. Probably this is not the case with your cat but it is worth considering. Another possibility is that it is marking territory. Using poop to mark territory is common in the wild though most house cats do not do that

9. It's Hard For Me To Sleep, Because I Feel My Pulse Against My Pillow?

You could have what is commonly referred to as bounding arteries, or arrhythmia. It could also be stress related. If it does not go away soon, I would see my Physician immediately

10. How can I make my pillow shut up?

Have a singing competition. I am sure after you sing an opera song it will shut up!

11. Last week i humped my pillow, could i be pregnant?

Thank you, I needed a good laugh. :)

12. I really need help. I have sex with my pillow without being concious at night?

Any time you have intercourse you possibility being pregnant using fact of this they educate you abstinence at school. in case you dont have the income to assist a baby I propose waiting. in case you cant wait then interior the imply time you should be on bc and your bf needs to be responsible as properly conserving his stuff wrapped in case you get what I imply . you are able to make an OB appointment and ask countless questions. you are able to discover out approximately risk-free intercourse and bc in case you propose to no longer have toddlers fairly yet. additionally, you may get pregnant from pre *** and confident adult males/boys often by no capacity observe whilst the pre ejaculate. Be carefull.

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