Why Does a LED Light Light Up When Connected to a Speaker and a Bass Is Played on a Stereo?

LED's light emitting diodes, run energy through the diode it emits light. speakers produce radient energy.(waves of sound)

1. can an LED light bulb be dimmed? Can it be run on less wattage that it's total output is?

Yes, you can dim a LED with a PWM (pulse width modulator) controller, but it sounds like you need a battery to provide power when you are not moving. This is actually simpler to have a DC generator feeding a DC battery to light the lights

2. I have bryant furnace and the led light does not come on, would that indicate a bad board?

willy, could be right, also, check circuit board. for fuse and, see if it is burn out. and replace

3. Can I drive a led light with help of a CT clamp

Yes, this is sometimes done in industrial situations to indicate the presence of current in a circuit. It's a bit of a waste to use a measuring grade CT for an indicator. If the CT is made with very thin wire and much less core then it will still be sufficient for powering an LED and may not need a series resistor. It's typical to use a bipolar LED (the two-leaded LED package contains two dies of the same color connected back-to-back) so the LED conducts on both halves of the AC cycle. You could also use a bridge rectifier LED or a put a diode across the LED and throw away the negative half cycle, or put two LEDs in inverse parallel. Here is a typical commercial product: In this case, the maximum current through the core is 100A and it turns on at about 1-2A. By looping a wire through the core more than once, the range can be moved downward by reciprocal-of-integer factors. For example, three loops through would make the LED turn on at 0.30.7A (1/3) and allow a maximum current of about 33A in the wire.

4. Why are there light rays coming out of the LED light sources?

plant a corn container. they are very useful at harnessing the solar's potential. Then, the kernels could be eaten, or blended with somewhat water and heated to make an alcohol mash. The stalks (stover) could be burned or gassified. Et Voil, you have centred potential in usable form

5. How "bright" are 2 "bulb" LED light fixtures in a garage?

Depends on the lumen output of the LED bulbs you are considering. I will tell you this: LED lights are considerably brighter than the standard fluorescent bulb

6. Led light strip flash with music.?

Speaker outputs are AC and decision in voltage and frequency finding on what the sound is. in distinctive words, now no longer even close. For now assume which you will in simple terms run a 12V dc LED common strip from some element categorised "12V DC OUT" and not some thing till at last you learn so lots extra approximately this type of outrage.

7. My MoBo led light comes on, but my computer wont power on. any help or suggestions as to what to check?

I am not entirely sure what 'testing the switch' means. But it sounds like maybe you wired your panel switches either incorrectly or not at all. On every motherboard there are several little pins usually located near the lower portion of the board. You need to look at the manual though to figure this part out as sometimes it varies a little

8. How many medical marijuana plants could I grow under one 120w triband LED light?

3 Not much coverage.

9. LED light bar won't turn on?

It sounds like one of your wiring connections came loose or you blew a fuse

10. Where can i buy a fake car alarm light from? Or where can I but a smal colored led light to use as a fake car?

any radio shack can provide you with what you want tell them what your doing and they,ll help you with it,a lot of people have done this before,good luck with it

11. Assessing the Impact of Different Light Sources on Product Quality During Pharmaceutical Drug Product Manufacture – Fluorescent Versus Light-Emitting Diode Light

Pharmaceutical scientists are often asked to assess the impact of modifications to the illumination in the manufacturing and product packaging environment on product quality. To assess the impact of switching light sources, four model compounds were exposed to standard fluorescent light, LED, and "yellow light" and the extent of drug photodegradation was determined. Photodegradation under LED light is generally reduced compared to fluorescent light and is often predictable if the UV-Vis absorption spectrum of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the spectral power distribution emitted by the various light sources overlap. However, lack of noticeable spectral overlap does not ensure absence of API photodegradation and may require additional assessment for selection of appropriate lighting conditions. A detailed evaluation of the API and solid formulation absorbance was performed to assess degradation risk for Compound A and Vitamin D when exposed to LED light. The light budget was established for Compound A, spanning all stages of the manufacturing process, under different illumination conditions to enable a complex supply chain. The results also demonstrate that while LEDs used in manufacturing areas are generally "better" compared to fluorescent lights, they are not replacing yellow lights for compounds sensitive to visible light.

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