Why Do You Think That the Abolition of Private Property Is so Central to Marx's Understanding of Rev

This seems to be a somewhat tricky question. In classical Marxism there is no abolition of private property What you find is abolition of private property of the MEANS of production. The issue that lies behind this question is really the issue of the relation between political power (the power of citizens enshrined in the State) and economic power (enshrined in the hands of owners and managers of Capital). From days immemorial the question of what to do with societal economic surplus has been the crucial issue behind all class struggles. That implies the issue of who really is capable of making decisions in the economic realm. In its turn, this implies the privatization (or not) of the property of the means of production. Once that decision (of what to do with the societal surplus) falls onto the hands of owners and managers of Capital, there is no telling about the consequences, except that there is an overall tendency for economic inequality to grow and grow and grow Unless, of course, the State steps in, as social democracy tried to do That is one prediction of Marxian economic analysis which has been (and continues to be) empirically verified

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Is it safe to charge a MacBook Air after the green LED shows?

Yes. Laptops are fundamentally different from phones. When phone battery tops off at 100%, it still uses power from battery and keeps charging.Laptops however, on charging, use power supply to charge battery till 80-100% (varies by manufacturer) and there on, uses the power directly from charger, and charges battery at slower rate.

This allows higher performance due to uninterrupted and unlimited power supply. Gaming laptops have way bigger chargers (150-250W) than batteries (100Wh is the largest battery permissible on laptops) but they never charge at that rate. It for power supply.Gaming laptops have very power hungry CPUs and GPUs. Most of them have a 30-50W CPU and about 50-100W GPU. Adding up even the lower limits, it comes to 80W peak. Let's say 50W average consumption. At that power draw, the battery will run out in merely 2 hours, or less. Thus it's suggested to use laptops on power as much as possible. Especially gaming laptops.The battery condition and health will drop more significantly if you charge-play-discharge-repeat. The ideal way is plug-and-play. It ensures longetivity of battery and keeps your battery topped up if you need to take the laptop away and remove the charger.


Who was a better president: Ronald Reagan or Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Roosevelt made important decisive moves during WW2, but much of the damage of the war, and loss of many lives, would have been averted had he joined the Allies years earlier, rather than trying to remain neutral. Once we were attacked by Japan, he threw America full-force into the war and was unrelenting in his press for total victory, and the world should always be grateful for that.FDR was the most overrated president ever. My parent's generation practically worshiped him because he saved them from the Great Depression. The reality is that his socialization of America damaged it more than the Depression itself, and has longer lasting ill-effects. His welfare programs and government works programs actually were nothing more than a band-aid that only caused the Depression to last longer. World War 2 ended the Great Depression because of the massive manufacturing ramp-up, and the wartime economy, it was the war not FDRs economic ideas that ended the depression.Reagan was absolutely correct that government is not the solution. His moves to reduce both taxes and stifling regulations enlivened the economy and made life much better for citizens. His decisive response to terrorism drastically reduced attacks on the US and US interests. Unemployment was at the lowest levels in decades. So Reagan was hands down the better president, Roosevelt was a great wartime president once it was forced upon him.


What leadership qualities does Arvind Kejriwal lack as a Politician?

Self-awareness.He views himself on par with Narendra Modi when he hasnt done enough to merit the comparison.He has been the Chief Minister of Delhi which is a fully-functional city with enough and more economic activity to generate sufficient revenue. In contrast, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has the monumental challenge of bringing development and jobs to a backward district like Ramanathapuram which has neither agriculture nor industry in sufficient quantity. Kejriwal has neither done this before nor has he given any indication that he has the faintest idea how to do so. His frequent whining seems to indicate that his approach would be to expect the Central government to arrange for full-fledged industrialisation and economic growth of such backward districts. On the other hand, Modi has done this multiple times in Gujarat. He has invited investment to such places and has cajoled and begged in order to convince people to invest there.A person who is in charge of administering a city without having to worry about its economic growth is called a Municipal Commissioner. In my eyes, Kejriwal is not a Chief Minister but a Municipal Commissioner, albeit one of a very large city.


Why did Clement Attlee lose in 1951?

Well that's a complex beast.Some relevant factors:Attlee had made huge changes, which the conservatives of Britain didn't like.They focused their well organised election campaign on base nationalistic sentiment Britain Strong and Free" (similar to Make America Great Again). They campaigned against further nationalisation and to repeal the Steel Act. They told British people to protect Britain by voting to safeguard our traditional way of life". This appealed to reactionary regressives opposed to socialism.Just after the war, Brits were used to accepting nonsense in the name of defending their nation. They were well trained in suffering (often needlessly) for the country. They just didn't think about complicated politics and new ideas, but obeyed, as they were supposed to.There was an age factor, a trendiness of young Tories versus Labour stalwarts who were dying off.

Attlee and Labour only had a 5 seat majority, which is very precarious. Which is why the election was called the King didn't want to go abroad and come back to a different government. This position was not strong, and the voters were then used to co-operation between the parties, as in the coalition of the war.

However, they won the popular vote, so we could say that a conservative win might be caused by the structure of the constituencies. The Conservative Party have a long history of managing constituency boundaries what we now call gerrymandering


Do you concur with the late William F. Buckley's quote, "The academic community has in it the biggest concentration of alarmists, cranks and extremists this side of the giggle house."?

Absolutely. To use a well known picture: A team of theoretical and experimental physicists look at the outcome of an experiment, and the experiment did not match the predictions.Experimental Physicists: "It must be the model!"Theoretical Physicists: "It must be the setup!"LEAVE both parties to their offices:Experimental physicists: "Let's check the setup whether we can find the problem!"Theoretical physicists: "Let's check the model to see whether we can find the problem!"From my point of view, the scientific community strives on differing opinions, on questioning others and themselves constantly.Hence, the consensus of the scientific community is so telling. Basically, everything that can be considered a consensus within the scientific community has the preface:After MUCH deliberation (you have no ing clue how much) and standing on the shoulders of giants who gave us the building blocks after equally much deliberation, after a series of theories that were created, discussed endlessly, discarded, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months to mature and finally a medium war we came to the consensus that...That is a bit exaggerated. A bit.TL;DR: Dissens and views outside the box are important to create impulses, and the consensus of the scientific community creates credibility


Did The Beatles really sell more records than Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones combined?

The Beatles has almost sold more then album then the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin combined. The Beatles have sold 412 million albums, The Rolling Stones have sold 239 million albums and Led Zeppelin have sold 203 albums.The Beatles faced very little competition in their first years, especially in America. The Rolling Stones and The Who only gained popularity a bit later then The Beatles. By the end of the 60's rock was starting to splinter into different sub genres. and the competition between the bands became much stronger. Looking at the numbers it is interesting why The Who and The Rolling Stones were not able to sell more albums, during the middle of the 60's, there was still less competition during those times. The Rolling Stones were very popular in America as well. In Britain there were other popular bands such as Cream and The Yardbirds, but they were somewhat unknown in America.

In the late 60's there were loads of new bands, the competition became harder and harder. From that period we have bands such as Pink Floyd ( 232 million albums) and Queen (265 million albums) that has manged to outsell The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who. Of course there were also some popular American bands such as The Eagles (172 million albums), Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac (147 million albums) or Bob Dylan (143 million album), but they never sold as much as the popular British bands.


What made Ulysses S. Grant such an effective general? Why did he succeed where so many others failed?

I think its best summarized by an anecdote Sherman related after the first days horrific casualties at Shiloh.Sherman: Well, Grant, weve had the Devils own day, havent we?Grant: Yes. Lick em tomorrow, though.Grant was the first post-Napoleonic field General. Two full generations of soldiers had come up studying Napoleon and his campaigns, where the objective was nothing more or less than destroying the enemys army. Grant realized that the objective was crushing his opponents will to resist.Edit: Its probably worth mentioning that Grant succeeded where others failed in part because of their failures. That is, by the time Grant rose to prominence and was given supreme command of the Army, Lincoln was so frustrated with the performance of McClellan et al, that he was willing to support and defend Grant as Federal casualties mounted.A lot of people, not least Mary Lincoln, were horrified by the casualty lists after Grant came east and pleaded with Lincoln to relieve him of command. I cant spare this man, Lincoln famously retorted, he fights. When whispers of Grants heavy drinking reached him, Lincoln said, Tell me what brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I should like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.


Is Sam Harris a fraud?

Thats an interesting question. I think it depends. If were questioning whether Harris really does have a background in neuroscience, then the answer would be No. This part is legitimate and he is not a fraud. He really did go through the gauntlet of hurdles needed to learn that field and get his degrees.

However, thats not what Sam Harris is actually famous for today.After the 11 Sep 2001 tragedy, he changed careers, and became a political commentator with an anti-Islam specialty. He uses his highly-educated neuroscience scholar background as the core of his brand, with his measured smart-sounding voice, demeanor and scholarly-sounding opinionating as the marketing tool kit to help the military industrial complex indoctrinate the masses to gain support for the war machine's efforts to destabilize the Middle East.

This version of Sam Harris is a darling of the right-wing, and he is more than happy to abandon the much more difficult career he is actually expert in to scoop up easy Republican Party speaking engagement checks to spread his xenophobic slander. Harris is no expert on the religion of Al-Islam, he just pretends to be, and for that he is absolutely a fraud

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