Why Do Tall Men Keep Taking All the Short Women?

Not many women care too much about height. Sure, its an added bonus if our guy is tall, but its not a deal breaker if he's a bit on the short side

1. Am I shallow for denying short women?

I myself am a 5'7" guy, and I absolutely love short women. But for you my friend i do not think its shallow at all. That whole "opposites attract" thing is way over, that went belly up with Paula Abdul. Go for what you want in life, do not settle and do not let anyone tell you what you "should" want

2. Why do men prefer short women to average or tall women?

It's the other way around. Women like men who are taller than them, so guys usually do not ask out tall women for fear of being rejected

3. Why do men date petite, short women?

Im 6'3 and my partner is about your size, minus the boobs :( But i love the size difference. She likes it because she feels more protected, and I love it because I can do all the things your partner does like pick her up and wrap my arms around her easily

4. I am too short for women?

I think you are a good height... i myself am pretty short (5'2) but i am 15, so im going to grow a couple more inches, robably, but i personally wouldnt want to date a guy that was over 6'0" or 6'1", because that would be a lot taller than me b/c if i wear like 3 inch heels, then im about 5'5", so that is ok to date a guy 5-6 inches taller than me, but not more than that

5. Why do guys prefer short women?

most likely so they can dominate her !

6. Clothing for very thin and short women?

very beautiful girl. hope to see pics

7. Why are short women cute and adorable but tall women are giants with big hands and feet?

I actually prefer tall women. I can be attracted to shorter women, only because I am not tall myself. They are typically no more than a head shorter than me. If you are 5'0" and dating 6'0" guys, then I have news for you, sweetie: you are dating closet pedophiles. Dating someone a full foot shorter than you is fcuking nasty. I would never, in a million years, do that if I was tall

8. Guys, how tall are you, and do you prefer short women?

im 5'10" and 15 still growing. i would prefer a girl 5'3-5'8 i dont mind if they are tall just not taller than me they have to be atleast 2 inches shorter than me. so if i get taller and i am at 6'1 my predicted height than i would say 5'10 would be my max. i prefer mid sized women 5'3-5'6.

9. Why makes short women more attractive than tall or average height women?

Personally the whole person has to be attractive, I am 6'2 and have dated women whom are shorter than me and my height, it all depends on the person

10. Do short women still find height in a man attractive? Do fat men care as much about a woman's figure?

Yes, and yes. Some fat men prefer fat women (because it makes for an easier physical experience during sex), but almost ALL straight women like tall men, the most. 61 being the ideal height for men, and anything outside of 60 to 64 being far less attractive as a man (in the West, at least). 61 and 62 gives you the best chances, but 60 and 63 and 64 are also good on men, as well. Also just to add to it, I am not very tall myself and do not have it easy in the dating world (especially online) because of said shortness

11. what blue jeans fit short women?

I think any blue that is not light fit a petite women

12. Is 5'6" TOO SHORT for women to like a man?

Thats not entirely true. Yes alot of girls love tall men but theres also alot of girls that dont really care on the height. Cant give up on girls bro just tell them hey baby u kno what they say big things come in small packages

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