Why Do People Say That Tap Water Is just as Good As Bottled Water?

buying bottled water is buying tap water they write on the bottles the water is from some fountain but really all they do is get water from the tap, so actually your just buying bottled water for the plastic not for it's quality

1. how much water is to much?

dont give him too much. there is wnough water is his formula. breast milk that he does not need that much. but, check with his dr and make sure you are not giving too much!

2. What exactly is holy water?

Wow, great answers-- water used across so many traditions, a symbol of the earth and of the divine, important to so many people! I am so impressed by what people have written. We came from the water, we are of water, we are cleaned and cleansed by water, water is holy, we make it holy, it is sacred when we set it aside for the purpose of blessing. It blesses us-- if only we could truly bless water too!.

3. how are water caves formrd?

The Formation of Caves The process of forming caves in soluble rock is very slow. It all begins with rain. As rain falls through the atmosphere, it absorbs a small amount of carbon dioxide. It gathers additional carbon dioxide as it moves through the soil. Water mixed with carbon dioxide is weak carbonic acid solution. As this solution of water and carbon dioxide seeps through the cracks and crevices, it dissolves the soluble rock and forms cavities and channels as it moves downward and laterally. After thousands of years of solution, underground rooms and chambers can be formed. Not all cave passages in soluble rocks form in precisely the same way. The following is a discussion of three important modes of cave development:

4. do jack russells love water?

well jacks are really active, active dogs drink more water. as far as play in water, it depends on the dogs personality

5. Water Level Sensor Circuit

Water has quite a large dielectricity constant (ca. $epsilon_r = 80$), i.e. the capacitance of a capacitor normaly filled by air is changed much if air is replaced by water.You can build a capacitor consisting of a vertical tube with a wire (or rod) along its center axis (aka coaxial capacitor). Tube and wire form the two electrodes of the capacitor. they should be insulated because waters is conductive), therfore you do not have problems with electrolysis or other forms of corrosion:Depending on the waterlevel inside the vertical tube capacitor its capacity changes between some base value $C_0$ (0% water level) and $epsilon_r C_0$ (100% water level). Use the tube capacitor as frequency determining element of an RC (or LC) oscillator in order to measure its capacity via the osciallators frequency ($f$$frac1C$)

6. Is it better to drink tap water or bottled water?

I do not know what to say about either,i drink water from my pump

7. Mysteries of the water meter

Yes, you have a leak. The fact that there is no obvious pool of water somewhere means that the leaking water is going down the drain.The most likely culprit is the plunger at the bottom of the toilet tank. If it leaked a little, the float valve would be open just a bit on average. In effect, the toilet bowls would be constantly "filling", but doing it so slowly that you might not notice and so there would not be any gratuitous flushes. This also explains the fast water flow after having been off for a while. While the main valve was off, the toilet tank got drained a bit. When the water got turned back on again, the float valve was well open because the tank level was low.To test this theory, close the shutoff valve for the toilet and see if the slow drain shown by the meter stops

8. No water pressure in heating circuit

It sounds like you fill valve is not properly set, or has failed. Do not run the furnace until you are sure the system (boiler shell, circulating pipes, and radiators) are completely filled with water.If the water level in the boiler gets too low the system could be damaged. Boilers usually have a fuse plug that limits the damage if the water level fails, but that plug cannot be reset and is expensive to replace.A typical circulating hot-water heating system has an automatic fill valve connected to the house water supply, which admits water to the system until the pressure rises to a preset level. (Usually the level is set to match the total height of the system. ) This valve can become blocked by a tiny amount of shmutz in the supply line.Sometimes you can clean and reset the automatic fill valve but sometimes you have to replace it

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