Why Do People Say Africa Was Full of Kingdoms and Empire even Though If You Look at a Map of Africa

The map does not reflect our pre-colonial history.Africa was, in fact, littered with kingdoms, huge and small, lasting and short-lived. There were quite a number of empires, including maritime empires that are not reflected on the mapsIn addition, not only the map does not reflect our pre-colonial history, but imperial cartographers from Europe renamed the Ethiopic Ocean, the South Atlantlic Ocean and the Sea of Zanj (the Azanian Sea), the Western Indian Ocean. Advanced city-states along the Swahili Coast had trade and diplomatic missions in Asia as far as China. The Great Monomatapa in present day Zimbabwe had trade links with China.The Ethiopic Ocean was said to be infested with Ethiopian pirates. Spanish explorers wrote about "shipwrecked Ethiopians" who established settlements in the America before Columbus. Interestingly, there is a very ancient link between the Congo River and the Amazon River that is not much talked about : the proto-Amazon-Congo river system. No wonder, there are two Congo Rivers in South America (one in Panama and another in El Salvador) and numerous Congo streams. Amazon river flowed into the Pacific millions of years agoThe Amazon-Congo RiverAmazon River - WikipediaThe proto-Amazon during the Cretaceous flowed west, as part of a proto-Amazon-Congo river system, from the interior of present-day Africa when the continents were connected, forming western Gondwana. 80 million years ago, the two continents split....The map should also be questioned because it does not reflect a lot of sultanates created by African kings who converted to Islam as well as African kingdoms who were strategic allies of the Arabs and whose officials spoke and wrote in Arabic. In the Congo Basin, the following sultanates are omitted: the Mangbetu and Azande sultanates. Actually, both sultanates were vassals of the Egyptian authorities and integrated into the Equatoria province of Egypt as late as the 19th. The legendary Azande king Gbudwe was arrested by Egyptian authorities and jailed in Egypt. He was later released. The Yeke kingdom of Msiri is not shown on the map and yet it was well known to European colonialists. King Msiri was killed by an agent of King Leopold II, Belgian Lieutenant Omer Bodson. Here is a link : Msiri - WikipediaYeke Kingdom - Wikipedia...It became for a while the most powerful state in south-central Africa, controlling a territory of about half a million square kilometres. The Yeke Kingdom also controlled the only trade route across the continent from east to west, since the Kalahari Desert and Lozi Kingdom in the south and the Congo rainforest in the north blocked alternative routes. It achieved this control through natural resources and force of arms-Msiri traded Katanga's copper principally, but also slaves and ivory, for gunpowder and firearms-and by alliances through marriage. The most important alliances were with Portuguese-Angolans in the Benguela area, with Tippu Tip in the north and with Nyamwezi and Swahili traders in the east, and indirectly with the Sultan of Zanzibar who controlled the east coast traders. There were other kingdoms in the pre-colonial DR Congo like the Bushi kingdom. On the side of the Congo River, there was a well known kingdom, the Tio kingdom, often called the Anziku kingom.Bushi (region) - WikipediaThe Bushi is also a kingdom that is organized into many localities or sub-chiefdoms. The Shi people are exactly close neighbours of Lega; Bavira and Bembe people in the southern part of South Kivu; the Banyarwanda/Barundi people in the Eastern; and are close neighbours of Bahunde and Banyanga people who are located in the North Kivu province.The inhabitants of Bushi are the Shi people (Shi: Bashi, singular: Mushi) and their language is the Shi language (Mashi), a Central (Zone J) Bantu language. People are mainly farmers in this chiefdom; but there are more and more distinguished businessmen; politicians and other intellectuals from this important ethnic group of the Kivu region. The Mwami Desire Kabare is the King of these people.Anziku Kingdom - WikipediaThe Anziku Kingdom, also called the Teke Kingdom, the Tyo Kingdom or Tio Kingdom, was a pre-colonial West Central African state of modern Republic of Congo. The kingdom was centered on the Congo River around the Pool Malebo. It also controlled land directly north of that placing closer to the interior of its better known contemporaries such as Kongo and Loango. The BaTeke people, who dominated the kingdom, lived on the plateaus of the region from early times. By 1600, Anziku controlled the lower Congo River and extended northwest to the upper Kouilou-Niari basin. The kingdom of Anziku survived well into the 19th century. This is likely in no little part due to its relative isolation from coastal powers. The French, from whom much of our information about Anziku derives, convinced the kingdom to become a vassal in return for protection. In 1880, the last independent Anziku king Makoko signed a treaty of vassalage with the French naval officer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. The kingdom continued under French protection producing a line of kings that continues to this very day

1. look at a physical map of Africa name two capes located at Africa southern tip?

There are three capes.....Cape of Good Hope, Cape Agulhas and Cape St.Francis

2. can anyone show me a map of Africa?

sure.........I am holding one up right now. I hope this helps............but honestly, I do not see how..............

3. How do you beat nabooti island on poptropica to get the map of Africa ?

go to the musem and got to the totem pole and talk to the girl (or guy Lol)

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