Why Do Lighter Colours Absorb Less Heat Energy Than Darker Colours?

Because it is not true. Color is a property limited to a one octave spectral band between 400nm and 800nm wavelength. The total absorption of an object depends on wavelengths in the far infrared all the way to far ultra-violet. Something might look lighter in the optical but might absorb much stronger in the IR and the UV than a dark looking object. In that case your assertion will not be correct

1. What Are Examples Of Heat Energy?

sun,oven,heater and fire

2. why do some reactions release heat energy?

In physics and chemistry heat is energy transferred from one body to another by thermal interaction. Heat is energy. During some reactions, energy is produced. For example, the reaction in the mitochondria of our cells (which includes many steps that I wo not go through right now), produces water and energy. This energy is used by our bodies to live. Our bodies remain 98.6 degrees because we are constantly producing energy which is then transferred around our body, making our bodies warmer

3. How does our body convert heat energy to kinetic energy through muscles?

Our body does not convert heat energy to kinetic energy. Rather, the heat generated by our bodies is a by-product. The chemical energy in our food is converted to chemical energy in other forms, primarily the compound adenosine triphosphate. The adenosine triphosphate molecules are then used to power various cellular processes, including muscle contractions. In the process, each molecule of adenosine triphosphate is broken down into adenosine diphosphate, which is later regenerated to adenosine triphosphate again when more food is processed.A lot of heat is also released during this process. As warm-blooded animals, we rely on this heat to keep our body temperature in its normal range.How does our body convert heat energy to kinetic energy through muscles?how does our body convert heat energy to kinetic energy through muscles?

4. Is it possible to convert all of a given amont of heat energy into mechanical energy?

In the "real world," there is no system that is 100% efficient. The mechanical energy will be somewhat less than the heat energy, lost most likely to friction

5. Feasibility of Thermoelectric Metabolism

Intelligence comes from competition with conspecifics.Thermoelectric metabolism is OK. I envision something on a hot stone with cool water washing over it. It harnesses the transfer of heat energy thru its body. I bet there exist microbes like this in the deep earth where such niches are commonplace. They would not be culturable but their existence would have to be deduced by DNA sampling - evern then we would know they were different but might not know how they earned their livings. Re big creatures: I could imagine a colonial mat which conducted this kind of metabolism, or a giant single cell like an algae with roots on the heat and fronds (here radiators) in the cool. But smart creatures are hard to imagine for this lifesty;e. These things are basically plants. Once they find a good spot that will be a good spot for a long time. Plants do not need to be intelligent because the adult plants are not going to move. If your creatures are going to move then intelligence might help. You do not need intelligence to move (amoebas move) but if your perception of time is on the same scale as your predators / competitors, intelligence might help figure out where to go. Maybe these creatures need to move from place to place to capitalize on shortlived sources of heat (or shortlived sources of cold). If they can figure out where to move next that might be a reason for intelligence. Once you are moving to someplace good, you are trying to get there before your neighbor. I think that you should have intelligence evolve thru conspecific competition. That is why humans are intelligent - because we are descended from humans who outsmarted other humans, got all the good stuff, and had more babies. Your creatures get energy in a lazy way but they need to scrounge up whatever their bodies are made of which is not electricity. They need nutrients. Maybe they go looking for that and for mates. Maybe intelligence is attractive in a sex partner. That search and competition is where intelligence gave the ancestral organisms an advantage

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How to Do the Best Defence and Trap in Chess Game?
put all ur pawns in a diagonal pattern1. Is Russian S-400 the best air defence system?It's probably very highly rated by the Russians. In the other hand did not do too well preventing the destruction of the Syrian chemical warfare facilities, and for some unknown reason, landed one of its long range missiles on Cyprus when the Israelis came knocking!All this while Saudi Patriot batteries are regularly bagging short/medium range Iranian ballistic missiles lobbed over the border by Houthi rebels!Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi missiles headed for Mecca, embassy saysThere is talking the talk and then there is walking the walk. Patriot does not have the "marketing" of the S-400. Should I perhaps call that "marketing" just want it is, and label it as flagrant anti-American propaganda?2. What is the Unified Air Defence Command (ADC)? Why is India planning to set it up?India is moving towards setting up its new Air Defence Command (ADC), which will eventually be responsible for guarding the country's airspace against hostile aircraft, missiles, helicoptersand drones in an integrated manner, by October this year.Sources say the headquarters of the ADC, which will bring together all the air defence (AD) weapon systems of the Army, Navy and IAF under its operational command, is likely to come alongside the Central Air Command at Prayagraj. It will be headed by a three-star general (Air Marshal) from the IAFChief of Defence staff General Bipin Rawat had in January announced the ADC would be the first new joint command to be established as part of the long overdue process for integration among the three services, which often pull in the different directions. India till now has only two unified commands while there are as many as 17 single service-commands(Army 7, IAF 7 and Navy 3). The first and the only theatre or "geographical" command was set up in Andaman and Nicobar archipelago in october 2001, while the functional strategic forces command to handle the country's nuclear arsenal came up in January 2003.The ongoing plan is also to setup "geographical" theatre commands, which will include a maritime command in peninsular India, one or two commands (a northern one west of Nepal and eastern one east of Nepal) to handle Chine, one or two commands on the wet front with Pakistan (one in Jammu and Kashmir and other to include Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan). Though IAF is primarily responsible for country's air defense, the Army and Navy also have their own AD weapons with individual infrastructure and logistic chains.The wide variety of AD weapons in the armed forces include the Israeli low-level Spyder quick-reaction surface-to-air missile (QR-SAM) systems (15-km range), the indigenous Akash area defence missile systems (25-km range) and the medium and long-range Barak-8 SAM systems (70 to 100-km range) jointly developed by Israeli Aerospace Industries and DRDO.What is the Unified Air Defence Command (ADC)? Why is India planning to set it up?.3. Ducks Defence, Intersting stat on /-?Hmm. Interesting. I dont really care for the - stat. If your on the ice for 20-30 minutes of the game (guys such as pronger, neidermayer, and beauchemin), then your bound to be on the ice for a goal or 2.4. Indian Defence Brats - What were your reasons for not joining the Armed Forces? Later in life, do you ever feel that you should've had joined?I have to go anon on this answer. And please bear with the long answerNo I do not regret joining the services because unlike what you have mentioned, the armed forces are not that 'goody-goody' of an establishment, just like any other organization, there are fake friends, politics, mutual dislike and lobbying within the forces and I do not agree with some of the policies the army follows. So all in all "I respect and love the servicemen but I do not have much of respect for the organization" due to its outdated and some colonial policies. But yes deep down, I do want to join the TA and serve as a reserve soldier in the 106 or the 116th BnsMy dad's success is measured by the stars on his car and his ribbon, mine is measured by my American Express Platinum card. The army also has a rat race for promotions that is somehow flawed and there are enough appeals of the same lying in the AFT and Civil courts of India. Wherever you are kind of forced to work for 20 years you "WILL" want to rise up and the army is no different. My marriage with my GF was called off primarily because my GF's dad hated my dad for climbing up and my dad hated her dad for being an officer who remained in the army only coz the army does not fire people for incompetence or non productivity. Having respect for others has got nothing to do with being raised in the army, it has got to do with being how you are raised. A lot of wards of defence personnel are condescending to others based on the profession/rank of their fathers whereas a lot of them are pretty humble too. Considering I will have my old man to raise my children I do not worry on their upbringing. :-).
When Replacing an Oil Pressure Sensor, Should Any Type of Thread Sealer Be Used?
Never use teflon *tape* as small bits can degrade over time and end up in your system instead use a teflon paste1. To maintain freshness per eBay specifications, is it better to used a zip-lock bag >orLast time I washed and sealed something per instructions. When I went to seal it. It pulled some of the little tiny hairs at the base of it loose. *ouch*2. How do I remove a small amount of water based concrete sealer from a painted floor?This is a film sealer, as opposed to a penetrating sealer (bare concrete, grout). I know of no solvent/stripper that will remove an acrylic finish that wo not remove (or damage) a latex undercoat.I would try a reverse progression of grits, until you get to the paint. You may need to wait weeks for a hard enough/dry enough sealer surface. Start at 600 over a sanding block. Only go rougher if you make no progress (320, 220, 120). Only sand enough to get TO the paint, then recoat with the sealer. If you have access to a sprayer, it will make blending the areas easier (to hide lap marks)3. Does refrigerent leak sealer work well?Just make sure you get the Super seal that is labeled PROFESSIONAL. The other stuff they sell will plug up the filter drier. The professional version will not and works very well for ghosts leaks. No it will not plug up the cap tube, The professional version removes moister from the system and will NOT plug up the drier. The other stuff they sell plugs the driers up. Ive used the professional version many times and have not had any issue. With the normal stuff I found that the driers kept getting plugged, lesson learned. Its basically try at your own risk,.4. I need an auto body quote (picture included)?If the fender can be repaired then you are looking at about $600 to get the work done properly. If it has to be replaced, then you are looking at about $1100 to get the work done properly. ****EDIT**** Do not listen to "Rick." No shop will use paint provided by the customer. More importantly, only about 5 ounces of color will be needed if the fender can be repaired. You cannot go to a paint store and get 5 ounces of paint mixed. Plus there is more involved than just the color. You have to purchase, sealer (along with the activator and reducer for it and clear (along with the activator and reducer for it). So if you buy your own paint you will spend more in materials than what it costs to fix the fender. You do not go to Mcdonalds and bring your own ground beef, cheese and buns do you? ****EDIT**** Pettyfan... you have minimal knowledge of what you are talking about. Paint out of a rattlecan is not the same paint used to paint a car. It will not look the same, it will not last as long and it wo not match. You were nothing more than a delivery boy for a paint company. I actually do the work. Taking advice from you on paint and body work is like taking medical advice from the janitor at the hospital.5. Can ammonia remove peeling and flaking gloss sealer from my porcelain floor tile?Pure ammonia will work nicely but stinks badly, I would buy wax remover. No need to seal porcelain tiles6. What is a good clear sealer to cover acrylic painting with?Use some satin polyurethane varnish7. What is the best way to maintain a deck? What to use as sealer and how often? How to remove scratches?There's an oil based product that is similar to what they do to telephone poles that works very well . I was told about it the other day Its called CWF from the FLOOD co.Its the sh%# . This deck has not been touched for 6 years after it was used for the first 3 years and looks great . The Flood co. makes very good paint additives.8. Should I heat up the drive way sealer?Sealer that you roll or squeegee on? no need to. bags of blacktop patch work better when warmed in the sun
Why Green Developers Think These Condos Are a Pane in the Glass
Big glass high-rises mean modern, high-tech, success, money, and, to some, beauty. Certain real estate markets -- like downtown Toronto's -- have an addiction to this particular shining look that's hard to break and tenants have come to expect all the glass. But the glass boxes pose particular problems for energy efficiency, glare and comfort that some green developers want to expose."Own your own piece of sky," says a downtown Toronto billboard, advertising a glass high-rise condominium, hundreds of which gleam on Toronto's fast-developing skyline. Big glass high-rises mean modern, high-tech, success, money, and, to some, beauty. Certain real estate markets -- like downtown Toronto's investment properties and like Silicon Valley and other dense high-tech office parks in U.S. and Canadian cities -- have an addiction to this particular shining look that's hard to break and tenants have come to expect all the glass. But the glass boxes pose particular problems for energy efficiency, glare and comfort that some green developers want to expose.Toronto currently has the largest number of tall buildings (132) under construction in North America, according to Christopher Hume, urban affairs columnist and architecture critic for the Toronto Star. Hume moderated a recent panel, sponsored by Holcim Cement Company, at University of Toronto consisting of a developer, two University of Toronto architecture professors, a city official and CEO of a green engineering firm that works in both the U.S. and Canada. All are working to slow the momentum of the glass tower obsession in North America. "All glass towers all the time. It's so frustrating to see it going on," says panelist Alex Speigal of Windmill Development Group, whom Hume describes as "one of the few developers out there who does really good stuff.""We're stuck with these buildings for so many years. It's almost criminal that they are being built. Units keep getting smaller. The huge amount of glazing gives people the illusion of giving people space," says Speigal.While the glass buildings may look appealing, they provide little privacy, are usually energy hogs and are known for bothersome glare and for being uncomfortably hot or cold, belted by interior perimeters of what panelist and U of T architecture professor Kim Pressnail calls "no sit zones" near the glass walls."Drive around and look at how many of the windows are being blocked out to keep out unwanted solar gain," says Pressnail. Everyone seems to know they're bad, yet they continue to dominate the Toronto skyline. "It is about the consumer. If people didn't buy these glass boxes, we wouldn't make them," says Spiegel, an architect who became a developer just for this very reason; he doesn't always agree with the building choices of the client, so, he says, he became the client.People buy them because they have amazing views, they look cool and real estate values in Toronto make them a great investment. About 60-70 per cent of the downtown high-rise condo towers are bought by investors, most of them offshore, who rent them out and then sell them after they appreciate, according to Hume. The buildings have their own momentum, which is proving difficult to slow. A few things need to change in order to encourage better performing, more energy-efficient and more comfortable high-rise buildings. According to the panellists, those change agents are: Codes, energy prices and labelling, or transparency. "The building code is the lowest common denominator of design," says Speigel.Pressnail agrees. "Looking at the building code leads to the conclusion that as long as energy is cheap, it's hard to justify changes," he says. "Natural gas is the crack cocaine of energy," he adds. Panellist Kevin Hydes, CEO of the deep green engineering firm Integral Group, says, "Early adopters typically focus on ethics and values in leading market transformation. The larger mass-market leaders are motivated by corporate social responsibility, shareholder value, and return on investment. We need to translate and interpret what the innovator pioneers are doing to the larger mass market."Hydes, one of the founders of the Canadian Green Building Council and an advisor to the Clinton Climate Foundation, cites the example of the retrofit of the Empire State Building, which made the building a model for energy-efficient office buildings. "Because the rents in the building were falling, the owner gave it a new image and the rents increased," he says. (Integral Group consulted on the project.) Notably, a significant factor in increased energy efficiency came from retrofitting the historic windows with better glazing.Panellist Eleanor McAteer, of Toronto's Tower Renewal program, dedicated to bringing energy efficiency to high-rises, argues, "Unlike the Empire State Building in New York, you can have a pretty bad building in Toronto and still make money because of a one percent vacancy rate.""It's the envelope that's the problem," says Hydes. "What happens if every building wants to be a glass tower There's a conversation that can influence how these buildings are getting built. The market wants to deliver glass towers. Buyers want views. How do we make them comfortable" One technological solution he offers is dynamic glass, which changes based on what's happening outside. The cost of glazing is also coming down, making it easier to install much more energy-efficient glass. "Maybe the issue isn't technology, but culture," says Hume, who says that when he drives by the billboard that says, "Own your own piece of the sky," he thinks, "I can see why people want that."Pressnail agrees, the glass itself is not solely to blame for the energy and comfort issues. "We could build a glass curtain wall system that is low energy. It can be done. It's not the glass box that is the problem. It's the no sit zone."Manitoba's Hydro building in Winnipeg is a high performing building that is all glass, says McAteer. And there are others. But, glass or no glass, Speigel says, people don't want to pay extra for an energy-efficient building. One solution Speigel offers is a green loan system. These loans pay back to the condo association over 10-15 years from energy savings. Like the Empire State Building is proving, green buildings pay back, maintain their value and bring good press, he says."New York City has also taken a great leap forward by saying if you use a public resource like water or energy, you disclose annually," says Pressnail.If we start labelling our buildings with a sticker with how much they consume, that will help, says Speigel. Requiring developers to establish energy costs over time and more rigorous budget enforcement would also help. "Maybe developers should be responsible for 5-10 years operations costs," Spiegel recommends."San Francisco is doing it [labelling]," says Hydes, who lives in Berkeley. "Toronto should just start doing it. Just print out the energy bill and put it in the lobby. You don't even need a complicated label. It's our responsibility to get this information out there." "If it's as simple as an energy bill, get it out there," agrees Pressnail. "Labelling and disclosure is going to happen, it's just a matter of when. Disclosure will change that investment. In a better-informed marketplace, responsible design will be looked on more favourably," he says. "The truth shall make you free."
Some Ideas for a Summer Outfit Using Combat Boots?
Well you could try wearing shorts or a skirt over see-through tights with the boots. hope you find a good look :)1. Which pair of combat boots?Get the second ones in brown. :) I saw you ask the eleanor blog this question on tumblr lol2. Im 14 years old, someone give me a cute outfit to wear :)?depends on your style. what i would wear for a hot day, is shorts that look kind of old, combat boots, and a flannel, hair in a bun. cold, jeans, converse, cute plain t shirt, thin colored jacket, with a black or tan jacket with no hood on top.3. Working Combat Boots for Women?Checkout docmartens.com they have 100s of boots for women. They are pricey but worth it...they will last years, cute designs, and made of real leather4. Where can I get Black army/combat boots?Target, journey's, you can get them really cheap on nomorerack and its only $2 sipping anywhere!5. Black or Brown Combat Boots?i prefer the brown ones although you are correct is the sense black goes with everything where brown does not so i think maybe the fact you want the boots to go with everything you wear it would be better to get black :) hope your happy with your choice!6. What color combat boots should I get?Green !7. How do you get a good shine on combat boots?Alright...if you are in Cadets then just use that liquid stuff if you are in the army your boots should combat boots but NOT BE shiny! Just use black polish and buff it slightly. If they are ankle high parade boots however then get a kiwi cloth, dip it in water wrap it around your finger tightly. Then make little circles very lightly over the boot toe. This take a long time and it may be a week before you get a good base coat and your boots start to shine. The lighter thing does not work that great. Trust me I set my first pare of boots on fire! Wait. ..are we talking about the Canadian army?.8. Black or brown combat boots?Black is more versatile. You can not wear brown shoes with black pants9. where can i find a nice pair of flat black combat boots?Try online stores like Zappos or Amazon. If you want actual retail stores, try Forever 21, Delia's, or Marshall's10. Combat Boots Question?If you were actually in the Marine Corps, you would know. Why do you insist on asking fraudulent questions here and claim to be in the Corps?11. My combat boots smell like leather/salami. How do I get the smell out?see if the insoles are removable,,,,,,if so,washem,air out the shoes again,mix a spray bottle with water & bicarb12. Where can I get cheap combat boots like these?Prague is one of the cities worth-visit and to do that you can begin planning your vacation with hotelbye . Starting with the wonderful region round the Prague Castle or the Strahov monastery with its remarkable library and finish with ...the entire wonderful town, Prague is merely incredible. In Prague you may also visit the little home wherever Franz Kafka labored or the attractive Prague Castle gardens from where you can like a distinctive view of the town with its picturesque red roofs. In this city you will never get bored. In the event that you should go throughout the spring you will discover the spring woods in bloom; in the summer you will see long dusks; fall will provide you with decorative leaves and unique light and in the wintertime you will love the complete city protected with simple bright snow13. Best ACU approved combat boots?I've got a set of Belleville 790s that I have had for almost five years. They are due for a new set of soles. The uppers are still in good shape. If you are looking for the desert boot style, both Belleville and Altama produce decent ones. There are fancy lightweight ones by Oakley, and similar, but lighter ones wear out faster. Pretty much anything you find in military clothing, and on AAFES website (under the Army section) are legal for wear
Converse Shoes: in the All Star Game
As one of the most democratic - and omnipresent - footwear icons of American pop culture, with fans ranging from young skater dudes and grungy rockers to Michelle Obama, Converse's Chuck Taylor All Star boasts as colourful a history as the brand's rainbow range of shoes. A masterpiece of utilitarian design, with its sleek lines and textured contrast of canvas and vulcanized rubber, the trainer's black-and-white beginnings were rooted in basketball. Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company started out as a specialist in winterised rubber-soled shoes and boots. Within a few years, the firm had branched out into the athletic footwear market, at first targeting sports such as tennis, netball and football (at the time, Spalding had the basketball beat covered). Its first basketball shoe, the Converse All Star, was released in 1917, although the man behind its success - Charles 'Chuck' H Taylor - was to enter the picture a few years later. Taylor, who as an active high school basketball player had developed a penchant for Converse All Stars, talked his way into a job at the company in 1921 as an ambassador and salesman. The charismatic young entrepreneur was instrumental in fine-tuning the shoe's design to improve its performance on the court, but he also had the gift of the gab, a knack for networking, and an impressive knowledge of the basketball industry. "He had a fascinating life," Joe Dean, a former sales executive for Converse, told The Philidelphia Inquirer. "It was impossible not to like him, and he knew everybody. If you were a coach and you wanted to find a job, you called Chuck Taylor. Athletic directors talked to him all the time when they were looking for a coach." Taylor took the shoe and ran with it, driving across America to host basketball coaching clinics ̶ promoting the shoe's virtues all the while ̶ , in a white Cadillac with a trunk-load of Converse All Stars. Boasting a thick rubber sole and a canvas or leather ankle-high upper, the original design was brown with black accents.. So influential was Taylor in the marketing and development of the shoe, Converse renamed it after him in 1932, adding his signature on either side of the All Star logo on the patch that reinforced the shoe's ankle. The ventilation eyelets were added in the same year. In 1936, Taylor designed the white Chuck Taylor All Star high-top, the official shoe of Team USA for the first ever Olympic basketball championship, held at the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin (they scooped the gold medal). Sporting patriotic red and blue lines on the sole and logo, the iconic design was also adopted as the official training shoes of the United States military during World War II.Best Basketball Shoes For Flat FeetWe are here to review the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet. First, let's talk about the people having flat feet, they really feet pain and discomfort even while standing or doing long walking. We can easily assume that how much it is difficult for them to play any sport like basketball etc. But there is always a solution to a problem, and here you come with the best basketball shoes for flat feet. With these amazing shoes, you can enjoy playing basketball, and you can still be a good basketball player despite that you have flat feet. Hence, the basketball game requires lots of constantly running, and the players need the most comfortable footwear. Because a nice pair of basketball shoes are provided with a comfortable sole which maintains balance, and it does not hurt your feet while you are running. You are always looking for the top and best features of the product like durability and comfort. For these two features, you also not even consider the pricing. You just want to buy the best product for you, which lasts you longer. Any basketball shoes must have ankle support because it helps to keep the foot comfortable and stable inside the shoe. It also ensures you about no ankle movement while playing the game. So, considering all that a basketball player must have that one pair of shoes that has flat, durable, soft, and comfortable soles in which your foot takes the proper shape, and it helps you play the game with ease and comfort. Here is the list of the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet in detail providing all the information and the pros and cons: The traction on these things was surprisingly excellent. But these probably wo not last super long outside. There's a bunch of little weird nub things like fraying off and chipping in certain areas. However, you guys can not see that these things are filthy, and they still work well. Once in a while, you have to wipe the bottom, but that's normal. It's a great setup with translucent rubbers. They are fantastic at outdoors. Now, the cushion on Nike Zoom KD 12 guys is probably like the main feature. It's awesome. It's the best full-length zoom setup that we tried. The break-in is also perfect in them. The cushion on these things is incredible. You will feel it right from the jump as soon as you start moving, and you can feel the air transferring it. These shoes are also Durable to use them as an outdoor. And then, directly underneath, there is the phylon midsole. The phylon does not feel like much because it is heavily caged. However, all of the little holes underneath are cord out sections. So it allows it to compress inwards, whereas It usually compresses outwards. You know after wearing them you will be saying, oh, there's full-length zoom directly under my foot. When you first look at them, their head is narrow. These have a textile, screen mesh and fuse. The entire shoes, as well as the material, is pretty durable. This shoe does not require any break-in time you just take them out of the shoe and you are good to go. So the materials are pretty good. These got an excellent snug fit. And These fit true to size As far as lockdown is concerned, there are no complaints whatsoever. Now one of the more standout features for the lockdown is just insane. It's like a finger trap on your foot, and it does work. Under Armour does not mess around here. It is the full-length herringbone from heel to toe, and the thread is big and deep, so that will last longer, and dust will not get caught in between the grooves as quickly as a tighter pattern would be. So if you are looking to use these for outdoor use or on an extremely dusty floor, you should be covered. No problem. The rubber compound could have been a little bit tackier, but that did not stop these from working on any court. So the traction on these shoes is pretty good. Under Armour should have used full-length Micro G, but they hey have featured Micro G in the heel only and that's kind of a bummer. The forefoot feels like just straight EVA, and it can feel dead some times. You feel responsive from a low ground ride, so the guards will be speedy and are going to enjoy how fast the forefoot feels, but the more explosive players are going to wish it was a lot more impact protection and bounce. Now Moving along to the materials. Under Armour decided to replace their clutch fit technology with lightweight and breathable textile upper. It's a woven mesh material that does not stretch. It's kind of just there. The downside is that the stuff does not conform around your foot for a snug one to one fit. There's quite a bit of dead space in the toe area, but overall the materials are more comfortable than something like a fuse, and these are about what you should expect from a shoe at this price point. What we like about the materials are neoprene padded areas which you can find in the medial forefoot and collar area. This section of Under Armour drive four is very comfortable, but as an experience overall, the materials on the drive 4 are at best. If you are a wide footer, you should consider putting these on because of these fit right to size for wide footers. The forefoot to us had a ton of dead space. We did go to the size, and overall, the fit was okay. The midfoot, however, was pretty snug just as long as we tied the laces up nice and tight. The back end of the Under Armour Drive 4 near the heel area was a literal loose as well not as bad as the forefoot but not a lockdown fit.If you have an extremely narrow foot going down half a size would be great. These shoes have traditional traction. And honestly, it works well on certain floor conditions. This is retro. Though, the herringbone has modified quite a bit. The Adidas is more like a square. So it's very flat. It is a herringbone zig-zag design. And that's the right thing they have done to it. These do not allow the floor to have as much friction as possible. This has a peak or pointed traction tip. When you have a peak or pointed traction tip, it's like you are brushing the floor with it. It is like the bristles and stuff like that. So there's just a little bit of friction. But yeah, the traction was excellent. The cushion setup is just straight foam. It's got the torsional system. And it flexes with your foot. On top of that, they had the same type of insole as the Adidas Why not zero2. These shoes provide a little bit of extra cushion as well. No-frills, just like the rest of their products, worked incredibly well. The most crucial part is that you do not feel any aches or pains after the game, no back pain, knee pain, anything like that. Its quite surprising, especially with the heel looking extremely thick. But it's a very comfortable ride from heel to toe. It is not tiring whatsoever. These are not too heavy. So the cushioning on these was pretty much good. Adidas works with its EVA. This Adidas Men's Crazy 8 has a mixture of material at the upper, but mostly there is full-grain and patent leather.Then we have a molded Eva midsole and polyurethane insole in it. Adidas has used sturdy plastic torsional system housed in midfoot so you flex your feet nicely and offers you excellent support. As far as the materials fit is concerned, they fit perfectly. They go true to size. You do need midsole while breaking in. Once you break-in, they feel amazing. There are a few scuffs around the toe and the ankle areas. There are flexed points, so they go entirely with your foot. The inside is beautiful and soft. It flexes. No problems whatsoever as these can be worn with any kind of socks. The little foam cages on these hold your foot in there. And there is no slipping whatsoever during movements, side to side, front to back as long as you get your correct size. The ventilation on these sneakers is very minimal since there are no perforations on the tongue or mesh material. This Kobe Mamba Instinct has a soft outsole. The traction on these is pretty impressive, and it looks like the Kobe eleven traction a little bit. Fine lines on this are just crazy, but it picks up a little bit of dust. Since the lines are so close, so these are pretty hard to wipe. But if you play on a clean court, it should be okay. And you got a few good stops, but on a dusty court, you get sliding around a little bit. This traction offers excellent bite on indoor. But this model is not going to be okay for outdoor because the rubber is pretty shallow. This looks like an outer midsole, but it's a drop-in midsole. And then it's a full-length lunar lone foam. It looks like nylon, but just rubber. It would give you a little bit of response. And it's fully caged because it's a drop-in core. So you are not going to get a ton of cushioning or bounce. But it felt more plush for some reason, maybe because it's thick. So responsiveness is going to be okay. The bad point for this setup is that it feels dead in a few months after playing it. You feel low to the ground. So cushioning on these is not too good. The upper on this Kobe Mamba instinct is fantastic. There's a little bit of fuse in the toe. So this fly weave does not feel much plastic. At first, it feels a little bit plastic, but after breaking it in, it feels pretty soft, and it feels good on foot. The material is super strong, so these do not stretch too much. These have a knit kind of look. And they do feel super-premium. So overall, the materials are excellent. These fit nicely, and there is no dead space. It's a standard model. Though it fits a little narrow. This shoe is low, and you have an excellent outrigger for a little bit of support. So support is good. Lockdown is very good. It's so so minimal and It locks your foot so nicely that your foot can not get out of the shoe, and you do not get any heel slippage. And that's why I love it. It is decent, and durable outdoor traction stops decently and has a proper grip. You may feel pain after playing in these because this only has a minimal bottom lower zoom unit in the forefoot. It has a fine mesh upper with some synthetic, and it is thin and soft but not durable. The traction on Nike KD trey v 5 is a wavy herringbone pattern, and that's a perfect pattern through. The best thing is that it offers excellent grip on certain surfaces. And the bad thing is that the outsole rubber picks up dust pretty fast, and you get slips a little bit even if it was clean. So stopping power is not good. It requires frequent wipe. So the traction was pretty much a disappointment because I was expecting it to be terrific. The cushioning setup on these is zoom technology, and it's a bottom-loaded forefoot zoom unit and a full-length phylon feeling shit. It offers responsiveness and light feel that supports the multi-directional footwork. This setup delivers stiff impact protection, which is really bad. My feet hurt after playing in this. And the insole is cheap, crappy, and insulated. We have some interesting material on the upper. This is mostly covering the whole shoe, and It's super-fine mesh. It almost feels like a filter. And then these have a few synthetic overlays just a little bit in the toe, a little bit in the heel and on the medial side. At the ankle area, we have a rougher mesh material, and it does not feel super-premium. It actually looks more premium than it feels. I did go true to size, but it runs a little bit longer. So if you have a regular width or a skinnier foot, then I think you might go half a size down. There's no room in the whole area, and you get a normal fit. Support was good too. I do feel like the laces are a gimmick. And the material is flimsy, and I did feel my feet going under the footbed just a little bit. So as far as support goes, it sounds like its just okay. These have a pretty good lockdown. I do not have any problems in lacing system Coming on to the conclusion of the above reviewed Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet; we conclude that those basketball shoes are among the best selling products in the market. As those products are the most affordable with good durability and best for the people having flat feet. Having flat feet, especially those who love to play basketball is dreadful. Because you neither want to quit the game nor play it the way you want. As it hurts your feet and you end up with immense pain. The solution to this is having a pair of basketball shoes with flat, soft, comfortable, and durable soles with lightweight mesh material and you are good to play. So, the reviewed products have some pros as well as cons, but most of them also have unique and appraisable features. But when you are searching for a pair of basketball shoes, it depends on your personal preferences which are a more beneficial feature for you to consider. They are affordable but also few are expensive at the same time. They are available in an extended range of sizes and widths so you can try different models until the perfect-fitting one. And another thing that you would find interesting and useful is that the sole inside the shoes of a few models can also be easily removed, which is a plus point. These shoes are the most durable, designed to provide more stability and shock absorption. Now, it depends on you to choose the one which is best for you among all these.
Is It Better to Burn Plastic Toys Or Toss Them in the Trash? We Are Clearing Out an Old Flooded Stor
Burning plastic, besides making a gruesome mess, spew lots of toxic fumes. Not a good idea. Through them in the dishwasher, donate the toys to charity and take the write off at tax time. Good karma and money, what more can you ask for.1. Does anybody know a name for those little plastic toys that change their image as you tilt the view angle?Was it a kaleidoscope? Sorry that's all I can think of!2. What is the best way to disinfect used legos and plastic toys?A little bleach is the best solution. Once it dries, it is non toxic. Anything bigger or dirtier, I've always had good luck with soft scrub (with bleach). Rinse everything thoroughly and let dry3. What are some homemade science experiments even little kids can do?This amused my kids when they were younger, I put plastic toys in cups with water, froze them, and they melted it in the tub4. What is worse for the enviroment, poo or plastic toys, plasma t.v. ect.?They left a Plasma TV at a campsite ?????5. Why are folks still buying plastic toys made in China?Really, to remain within proper etiquette you can not request specific toys. You do have the option of no gifts. That is the only choice that I see. I once received a birthday party invitation stating the child's size and "needs". I thought that was the most brazen and tacky thing ever. I did not attend the party, did not send a gift, and we no longer speak6. How to make Custom Plush Toys | WILDREAMWe draft a design and manufacturing plan because each plush toy project, this draft includes a detailed project progress schedule, and all checking progress. We will finish every step together hand with hand, and that is our secret to provide high quality plush toys & great stuffed animals. Once the character has been decided, we need to confirm the specifications belong to the plush toy that includes size, color assortment, positions on joint surface and materials etc. WILDREAM always choose the best design in order to make the perfect plush toy either for toy retails or other commercial purpose. Once the design is conformed, we then make the final progress control schedule to make sure all the following works are processing on time. Plush toys could be designed as mini size from 1-2 inch (5-10 CM) and 3 feet (1M) or even taller giant characters. Based on chosen materials and fabrics, Brand and Logo could be attached on any position, and the attach methods includes: Embroidery Silk-screen printing Digital printing Transfer printing Hand-drawn sewing logo The most common plush fabrics includes various length synthetic polyester wool, nylon, felt, cotton, natural fiber, knitted fabrics, blending fabrics and some special fabrics. Possible filling material for plush toys could be chosen from small plastic particles, cotton or synthetic fiber. Our special construction for "motional plush toy" can also include a hidden skeleton which allows the plush toys to move all four arms and legs as well as making gestures. Plush toy is usually one piece made by seaming the fabrics and other components together, so seam and joint are obviously visually and necessary in a plush toy structure. However, it is quite similar with making plastic toys, there might be adjustments on locations need to add joints or reduce, so we need to be fully prepared before prototype design. If plush toys include eyes, we have many different methods and materials to add on, such as: The most popular plush toy packaging is a simple "hang tag"- cards with character's background information or product information, thin rope hang on the plush toy ear or arm, chain or plastic tie. Many plush toys do not have any package other than a plastic bag within transportation. However, there are a few types of packaging methods designed for plush toys, methods like gift boxes and window boxes could not only attract buyers while protecting from damage but also higher up the value of plush toys All the originally designed plush toys come with a fabric material tag, normally attached in the back, bottom or leg of plush character. These in-seam or tush tags show the quality assurance information and advertise your brand at the same time.
PowerPoint 2007 Slides Are Only Partially Converted to PDF Since SP3
I too have encountered the very same issue for a couple of our users.They are all using Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2007 SP3.They all have separate PowerPoint files (. pptx) however in both their presentations they have copied and pasted in the exact same slide from a previous PowerPoint file - i.e. both their PowerPoint files feature one identical slide pasted in from another presentation.They are using the native save to PDF feature in Office 2007 by going to 'Office Orb > Save As > PDF or XPS'. When viewing the page / slide in question in the outputted PDF using Adobe Reader 10 or 11, some text boxes are missing.Further, the following error appears when viewing the page in the PDF: 'An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. As a workaround to the problem, I selected the SmartArt graphic, converted it to shapes by right-clicking it and selecting 'Convert To Shapes', and also ungrouped the text boxes which were grouped together. After doing this, the slide outputted correctly to PDF.As for the 'Slide.pptx' PowerPoint presentation attached in the original post, after some troubleshooting / tweaking I managed to find the cause of the problem for this presentation. The issue seems to be the gradient fill of the peach coloured 4-point shape on the left hand side in the background. The following workaround resolved the issue:After following those steps, the 'Slide.pptx' presentation will save and appear in PDF correctly1. In a local bar, a customer slides an empty beer mug down the counter for a refill. The height of the counter i?I went down to the local bar to replicate your exact conditions. This bar is 42 inches high. I had to use great strength to get the glass to where the bar tender could refill it. He was awake and did not allow it to hit the floor. He said his boss would fire him if he allowed even one glass to fly off the end of the counter. He has been there 18 years. So things are different at your local bar. The direction would be down.2. English saddle slides sideways when i try to get on ?That's a really common problem with horses who have no withers or who are mutton withered. A wide saddle may or may not help, as a horse can be narrow, and still not have withers, but it sounds like yours has a really round shape. You need to make sure that the tree points are not digging into her back, which is also a problem that occurs with horses with this type of conformation as the person attempts to get the girth tight enough, and the saddle points actually are bearing into a spot where there is 'supposed' to be an indentation (just in back of the shoulder blade and 3 or 4 inched down from where the withers are (or are supposed to be!) So first you need to be sure that the width of the tree is correct for your mare which you can do by moulding a wire coat hanger to her back in that area, then seeing how it conforms to the underside of your saddle where the tree or point pockets are. Secondly, you can purchase a chamois from a tack shop which will greatly help reduce the saddle slipping laterally. And finally, you need to NOT mount such a horse from the ground. Really, it's not very good for their spine anyway, to mount from the ground. And you will always have the saddle slipping problem, especially with an English saddle. You really do not want to have to do the girth up so tightly that you end up damaging the pec muscles, which can and does happen. PS It's MUTTON withers, not "mute" withers, but anyway, if you want to stick with English type saddles, an endurance saddle will do much better on her, as the panels are usually quite wide, so there's a lot more surface area on her back. But the saddle MUST fit her correctly to start with.3. Hi.....can anyone tell me what happens in a flood?....can things get covered up with mud slides etc?Sure, that's what happens in a flood. But, that's a completely improbable look at how the fossil record and geological record formed. If the entire geological record were formed at once by a great flood, why are the dinosaurs completely separate from the rabbits? The rabbits, to the best of my knowledge, are not expert flood-avoiders. If the fossil record was formed all at once, all fossils would be mixed together, not completely separated. Are you just going to keep deleting and re-asking this question till you get someone that agrees with you? It's an absolutely foolish way to try and look at the entire archeological discipline. "animals were scattered all over the earth not in one area lol" Then why do we find dinosaurs and rabbits in the same place, just vastly separate layers? They existed in the same place, just not the same time. Your argument is foolish and your constant attempts to defend only make you look more so. "also....it was reported that dinosaur bones were found, and they had their necks stretched up towards the surface as if reaching for air." Yeah, that would be a detriment to your point actually... If you are underwater, and you die, your body sinks to the bottom. The water does not preserve your stance perfectly...
If I Put a Room Fan by a Radiant Heater, Will It Increase the Temperature in My Room?
If the hot water radiator only worked by radiant heat, your fan would not help, but in the real world conduction and convection are also at work, so your fan may increase your room temperature by several degrees, by cooling the water flowing though your radiator. Some of the other radiators will likely produce less heat due to getting cooler water• Related QuestionsHeater Fan only works on highest setting, 2003 Chev Malibu, what is wrong?The fault is the heater motor resistor pack.This varies the current to the motor so changing blower speed.Not sure where it is on this model but it is usualy bolted tothe heater motor air box so that the incoming cold air keeps the resistors cool. If you dont change it it doesnt do any harm but its like driving in a bloody wind tunnel------Portable heaters keep turning off.?Even good heaters connected to good wiring can overheat after running continually for a long period - hence the overheat switch built into your heaters. Am guessing you have your heaters set on Max or Continuous setting . . . . turning the thermostats down just enough so that they cycle on and off occasionally will keep them going without tripping the overheat switch.------1984 Oldmobile Cutlass Supreme Heater & Rear Defronster Not Working?verify your coolant point and additionally verify your heater valve, it somewhat is going to be below the hood on the passeneger area of the engine in-line with the heater hoses, you have gotten the two a cable or vacuum line hooked as much because it. it might desire to be caught closed or the cable or vaccum line got here off of it------93 camaro Z28 V8 6 speed Why doesn't my heater get hot or warm it blows cool air only ?I just helped another person with this.Check the fuses,heater fan relay and the heater control valve.Also if u have any wetness on ur floor on the passenger side floor it could be a heater core busted and that one is xpensive.heater control valve is located on passenger side under hood by the windshield and fuses & relays are either under the hood or under the dashboard on either side.------1997 ram heater problems?real simple fix on this one probably check the coolant level when they get low they will do what yours is doing and a bad thermostat will also cause it too happen,another thing also you may have to flush the system out real good to get it to hold good heat in the heater core,when they get stopped or clogged it slows the coolant flow down a lot and stops you from getting real good heat,good luck,and happy holidays,------Heater fan works...sometimes. Sometimes not. What gives?might just be a dirty switch they catch dust along the tabs lose contract remove switch clean back side of it with can of air like you would clean the inside of your computer or replace switch and or possible relay over heating but most likey switch is dirty they come with a light grease sometimes they catch dust builds up over tabs that control speed say it works on high not low good bet switch bad------Mercury Sable 2001 heater problems.?A STUCK HEATER CONTROL VALVE maybe! Check tht BOTH hoses to your radiator are BOTH HOT first! Move yoru TEMPERATURE switch, OPEN THE HOOD and have a friend look for any ACTIVITY Like a moving CABLE under there USE ONLY GENUEIN FORD CAOOLNT and NOT PRESTONE here! You may need a PROFESSIONAL coooing system FLUSH and FIL! Trust the FORD dealer for this service! GOOD LUCK!!------how to fix the heater in a 1992 cadillac deville?The heater center is fastened at the back of the sprint close to the firewall and is a discomfort to get to. maximum shops fee a pair hundred for that form of pastime using hard artwork of removing almost the full sprint. If it works on the passenger ingredient and blows warm which ability you have an obstruction on the drivers ingredient door actuator in all probability a defective actuator door.------Which heater is better? Heater fan? Ceramic heater? Convection heater? Radiant heater?Okay a ceramic heater and radiant heater will heat objects in the room from radiation and not do much heating of the air. A heater fan and a convection heater will circulate air and keep the room more user friendly for folks just sitting around and will heat objects and air. The radiant heaters will only heat items in direct line of sight. Mostly used for bus stops and outdoor settings where you are heating people in direct line of sight------Can you store the heat of a fan heater somehow?It can be done, but ordinarily is not practical. Heat storage facilities are used in some solar-heated houses, to save daytime heat for release at night. Often the storage facilities consists of cans of certain salts (perhaps dissolved in water), in which the physical state or solubility of the salt changes with temperature. The fan heater can best simply be shut off when it is not needed------So, I dont have aquarium heater yet?The heater will preserve the tank at seventy 8 tiers yet whilst the water gets warmer than that the heater will close off and in undemanding terms come decrease back on whilst the water gets less warm than seventy 8 tiers and could then heat the water decrease back as much as seventy 8 tiers. It won't cool the water yet will save it a continuing temperature as long because it extremely is unquestionably maintained and would not get broke or broken------Why in the hell is my box fan picking up radio waves?It is quite possible that you are hearing, or rather perceiving an auditory illusion. Much the same as your brain interprets what your eyes see to find faces in trees and pancakes or dippers in the stars. Or those paintings that you stare at until something else appears. When your ears hear something that resembles music or voices your mind fills in some data points to make you believe that it is what you are hearing.------Problem with 2003 Honda Civic heater fan - why does it work sometimes and not others?When a car gets older and the blower fan has been used for years, the brushes in the motor wear down which decreases the spring tension on the shorter brushes. This along with carbon dust build up around the brushes causes the brushes to hang up and not contact the armature contacts causing an open circuit. Bang on the motor housing under the passenger dash or glove box and it may start working again. Time to replace the blower motor.------What is the difference between inverter type air conditioners and normal type air conditioners?normal unit only has a single speed compressor motor that is either on or off.It works similar to a fan heater that switches off when the desired temperature is reached and on again when the temperature drops to a set level.Inverter technology uses a variable speed compressor motor similar to a car. It simply slows down and speeds up as needed to hold a selected comfort setting.Inverter technology provides a more precise room temperature without the temperature fluctuations of fixed speed systems------heater fan and rear windscreen heater have stopped working on my car (saxo)?If its no longer blowing out it feels like the fuse verify different electricals interior the motor vehicle like cig lighter radio issues like that . if it particularly is the motor they're to no longer dificult based what motor vehicle it is lots of the autos are below the bonnet interior a similar section as your windscreen autos different than the heater motor is the vast black piece lined in plastic. it is useally hung on by 4 bolts------Shared ground on bathroom light, fan, heater comboConnect all ground wires together in the light/fan combo. Ground paths often parallel, like anytime MC cable is used, a ground wire is pulled into a conduit, or a metal box is installed on a metal stud.250.130(C) only applies in conditions of the paragraph ahead of it, where it refers to receptacle replacements and circuit extensions of existing circuits (that were initially installed prior to a grounding conductor being required).------Braemar WF2000 Gas Heater - Fan Never Stops?Having just looked up the specification for this fan I would conclude there is an electrical fault on it. The fan should only run when the heater has warmed up and should shut down when it has cooled down.It would suggest a faulty thermostat or a switch/wiring fault. However just check there is not a summer switch setting on it which would over ride the stat.I could not see one on the listed model------Central air fan will not shut off after heater stops.?Heaters are designed to have the fan stay on after the funace/ heating elements have shut off. They serve the purpose of cooling those elements off after they are finished as well as getting that air you paid to have warmed circulated. This usually only last for a minute or two after the heating source has switched off. Could depend on the age of the unit.------how to make my heater fan blow longer?Your furnace probably has fixed limit switches unlike older furnace that had adjustable limits. Inspect the furnace and see if by chance you see a small box attached to the heat exchanger. It may have a cover that lifts off and contain a wheel marked in degrees with small sliding cams attached. Check it out to see if the lower limit cutoff temp is adjustable. Good Luck !------When using mineral spirits for removing cosmoline from a rifle.?Mineral spirits is an organic solvent. Organics and water do not mix. Water will not wash off the mineral spirits. It will just bead up on the mineral spirits. Mineral spirits are not very volatile so it will not evaporate very fast. You can either wipe the mineral spirits off with rags or paper towels, or wash the mineral spirits off with a more volatile solvent like denatured alcohol, or just use the denatured alcohol or brake cleaner to remove the cosmoline------1995 GMC Sierra heater blower doesn't work?discover your blower motor, the two interior the engine compartment or under the sprint passenger. The blower motor could have wires that supply it ability. those wires come out of the blower and pass to the blower motor resistor this is a series up often 3 resistors that regulate the fee of that single velocity DC motor. Or placed 12V ability to the blower motor cord and notice if the motor rather works, the resistors would be extra inexpensive------Are computers as efficient as heating as heaters?Every device is eventually as efficient at heating as heaters. That lighting eventually strikes an object, gets absorbed and gets converted into heat. That fan eventually slows to a grinding halt. What ever energy made it originally spin gets absorbed in frictional heat within the bearings, or it becomes scattered heat when its airstream crashes in to the wall. to a grinding halt.------What is cheaper, running a gas boiler for 5 hours or running an electric fan heater for 5 hours?a mixture gasoline boiler is way less costly extremely because it extremely is a single ingredient warmth source that still supplies you warm water. New regulations eg the 'Code for Sustainable residences' ( via which all government funded housing ought to comply) perspectives electric powered storage heating very unfavourably. It favours gasoline boilers lots bigger extremely if used on the side of a renewable power source for warm water EG image voltaic power.------If the fan of a force heat unit does not turn on when the heat is supposed to turn on, will the gas heater...?Some space heaters have accessory blowers or fans that can be added but are not required. It is not clear from your description weather you have this type or a typical forced air furnace that has duct work attached. A forced air furnace needs airflow or the burners will cut out shortly after the burners come on due to limit switches that detect overheating.------Does the power vent on a gas water heater constantly run?On residential power vented water heaters the fan turns on first, then the air flow switch tests air flow. Once proper flow is established the burner kicks on. The fan runs after the burner shuts off to completely vent combustion products from the heater. On some commercial heaters it is possible to run them temporarily with the damper jumped open. These ARE NOT power vented. They just have a motorized damper to reduce stand-by heat loss.------Heater/A/C Fan only works on the two highest speeds...?this is actually a common problem most time when this happens there is a break in the fan switch itself were the resistors in the switch break off or the soldier break i would try a new switch and go from there or even go to a junk yard and get a switch to test this the motor itself in the schematic is not showing any resistors on it just the switch it self regulates voltage to the motor to change output speed
How the U.S.-China Trade War Got to This Point
The trade war roiling the global economy is being fought not trench by trench but product by product. A typical salvo was a tariff placed by the U.S. in 2018 on imports from China of "Harrows (other than disc), scarifiers, cultivators, weeders and hoes for soil preparation or cultivation." Beyond the fine print are broad issues such as market access, intellectual property and the proper role of government in the economy. The struggle between a rising superpower and an incumbent one is playing out alongside a deepening competition for advantage in emerging technologies.U.S. President Donald Trump, who calls himself "Tariff Man," says China and other trading partners have long taken advantage of the U.S., an argument that enjoys broad support among U.S. lawmakers. He points to the trade deficit (the difference between imports and exports) as evidence of a hollowing out of U.S. manufacturing and the loss of American might. For more than a year, he has ratcheted up tariffs, which are a tax on imports, and encouraged U.S. companies hurt by them to move production - and factory jobs - back home.Mainly China, which accounts for the bulk of the deficit. But Trump also pulled the U.S. out of a proposed trade deal with Japan and 10 other Asia-Pacific countries, calling it unfair for U.S. workers, and started talking directly with Japan instead . He has threatened 25% tariffs on millions of imported cars and car parts from Europe and Japan, and insisted on renegotiating (and renaming) the 1994 pact with Canada and Mexico known as Nafta.A threat to impose tariffs even figured into Trump's immigration dispute with Mexico.China's admission into the World Trade Organization in 2001, under rules that granted it concessions as a developing country, greatly accelerated its integration with global markets and supply chains. Studies have shown that Chinese exports led to lower prices for U.S. consumers - and helped lift millions of Chinese out of poverty. The country's ascent also resulted in the loss of millions of U.S. factory jobs. China's power - especially its technological prowess - is now at a point where it risks eroding American military and economic advantages. China insists it plays by global trade rules, and it sees the U.S. as seeking to contain its rise.Trump started in January 2018 with levies on imported washing machines and solar panels to protect U.S. producers. He then hit steel and aluminum imports from a variety of countries on national security grounds, arguing that a weakened U.S. industry would be less able to build tanks and other weaponry in a military crisis. Tariffs on goods specifically from China kicked in starting in July 2018. China responded in kind. A truce was called in December, and a deal seemed to be in the offing until May, when Trump started raising tariffs again on a scale not seen in decades, provoking further retaliation.middleman - the U.S. importer of record - pays the tariff when the product lands in the country. The importer might absorb the cost or pass it along to a wholesaler, who might pass it to a retailer, who might raise the price for consumers. In those cases, Americans pay. Or the Chinese producer might cut factory prices to make up for the tariffs, or shift production outside China to avoid them. In such cases, the economic pain would be felt in China.The U.S. trade deficit increased to a 10-year high of $621 billion in 2018. Economists say the trade war actually helped to widen the gap by contributing to an economic slowdown in China and Europe. Meanwhile, American farmers have lost markets and income as China and other trading partners raised tariffs in retaliation. Trump is holding tight to his view that the trade war is helping the U.S. economy, and he was able to point to evidence supporting that view: A better-than-expected first reading of U.S. gross domestic product in the first quarter had the economy growing at an annual 3.2%, in part because of a full percentage point boost from net exports, and employment data showed the U.S. added 263,000 jobs in April. But the May jobs report was a disappointment , with just 75,000 jobs created and a sizable reduction in estimates of job growth in previous months.U.S. companies including Walmart Inc. and Nike Inc. have warned of higher prices. Apple Inc. faced hits in both directions, since its popular iPhone is assembled in China in part with components made in the U.S. Rising costs would be felt across the globe, especially in places such as Taiwan and South Korea, which are tied to the Asian electronics supply chain. Some economists have even predicted a global recession should the trade war escalate. Trump's unorthodox threat to use tariffs to pressure Mexico on border security - despite a newly minted free-trade deal - raised questions about the value of any agreement with the U.S. Trump also has said he wants to keep tariffs in place until he's sure China is complying with any deal - which means they could be around for years.
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