Why Do I Have a "musty" Smell When My Truck Air Conditioner Is Turned On?

the smell is often related to mold in the vent system. this happens because the evaporator core is not dried out prior to shutting off the car. Before you shut the car off (Like the last 3 minutes of your trip, turn the AC system off and allow the air to dry out the core. While the AC system is running it is removing the humidity from the air to provide the maximum cooling possible. this moisture will collect on the evap core and if turned off too soon can cause mildew to grow

1. Air conditioner window unit leaking in house... why?


2. What is the average monthly cost to run a small air conditioner in FAN MODE during the fall and winter?

The compressor is the component of any small air conditioner that uses the most power. I doubt if the fan motor in any room sized air conditioner uses more than about 100 watts. At that rate, it would use 1 KwH (Kilowatt-Hout) for every 10 hours that it is running. You could check your electric bill to see how much a KwH costs in your area. For example: If you run your fan for 10 hours each night, AND that fan uses 100 watts, AND your electric rate is $0.15, you will be using less than $5.00 of additional energy each month. Buy a bunch of CFL's to replace incandescent bulbs in the lights you use regularly and you will more than make up the difference. Don

3. Air Conditioner broken: Am I getting scammed by my home warranty company?

I would do it first new a/h are more efficient 2nd they will handle R-410 witch is higher pressure refrigerant it means your new a/h will last longer and not all old evap coils are not available so $400 sounds good to me a/h dont always match up to your plenum and ducting

4. Name one nice thing that you have that you could "give away" to someone who cannot afford it. see below?

Air conditioner, microwave, winter jackets, computer and a whole lot more. You have given me something to think about. I once had a "free sale" and gave away tons of things. I think it's time to do that again. :).

5. What could be the problem when your air conditioner doesn't put out cool air and your engine coolant temp light comes on?

Engine coolant temp light coming on, is due to low coolant fluid or overheating. Could be all part of the same problem. Might be a blown head gasket?First check if you have any water in the oil? Oil will turn milky looking, kind of like light chocolate milk. But that's only if it's allowing water to get into the oil. Also check the tailpipe. You could be blowing coolant out the exhaust pipe. So if coolant is getting low, but you do not see where it's going, check the tailpipe.You air conditioning is usually a separate issue. Sounds like you need to get it recharged. Have that checked for leaks. You might have a loose connection that's allowed the refrigerant to leak. Or could be a bad seal somewhere. Sounds like you have 2 separate issues.What could be the problem when your air conditioner does not put out cool air and your engine coolant temp light comes on?.

6. How can I make my school more energy efficient and environmentally friendly?

I would not talking about only school,we should make our home too eco friendly.A good environmentally friendly home could be any kind of tone associated with eco-friendly, through the palest great towards the biggest woodland. Implementing a few environmentally safe services energy-saving methods may reduced electric bills as well as enhance interior quality of air whilst assisting the surroundings. Air conditioner as well as heating system take into account over fifty percent of the house power expenses. In order to cut which: one Modify filter systems frequently within the air-conditioning as well as heat tank14956. second . Change the actual temperature setting. Increasing the actual temperatures only one level will save seven % in order to 10 % upon air conditioning expenses. three. Use a pr-rglable temperature setting. four. Select a much more energy-efficient air-conditioning device. The larger the actual periodic power effectiveness, or even SEER, ranking, the greater effective the device. Choose a ranking associated with thirteen or even higher. five. Affect the clothing cleaner, dishwasher, fridge as well as drier along with Power Celebrity home appliances. six. Include fans as well as transportable followers to assist flow the environment as well as reduce air conditioning unit utilize. seven. Include loft padding. eight. Put in a shape port on the top to reduce temps within the loft. nine. Substitute amoureux light bulbs along with small fluorescents. ten. Substitute small neon lamps along with light-emitting diode, BROUGHT, small bulbs which squeeze into the signal. Each uses a third the power as well as final 5 fold lengthier compared to CFLs. eleven. Think about a instant or even immediate hot water heater. twelve. Substitute an electrical hot water heater having a natural-gas hot water heater. thirteen. Arranged hot water heater temperatures in order to a hundred and twenty levels. fourteen. Set up water heating unit close to the kitchen area.

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Saving a Bundle on Air Conditioning
Heating and cooling costs make up 56 percent of the energy bill of the typical American household. And, now that we're in the heat of summer, it's a good time to think about reducing the amount we spend on our air conditioners, to save some cold, hard cash.On The Early Show Tuesday, consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen shared energy efficiency pointers to help your bottom line. Koeppen's words of wisdom!:CENTRAL AIR Trending News Google Cloud Outage Missing Connecticut Mom Virginia Beach Shooting Protester Interrupts Harris Even if your unit is only 10 years old, you may save 20 - 40 percent of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.Proper sizing and installation are key elements in determining air conditioner efficiency. Too large a unit won't adequately remove humidity. Too small a unit won't be able to attain a comfortable temperature on the hottest days. Improper unit location, lack of insulation, and improper duct installation can greatly diminish efficiency.If you have a central air unit, make sure the condenser is located in a shady spot and has room to dispose of the heated air it removes from your house. Don't crowd it with shrubs or anything else. When buying a central air conditioning system, make sure the SEER number (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is 13 or better (14 in warmer climates). The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the system, and as we know, a less efficient system will cost you more to run (get this: upgrading from SEER 9 to SEER 13, power consumption is reduced by 30 percent. It's claimed that this can result in an energy savings valued at up to $300 per year.Also, (and this goes for window units too), perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit. Replace the filter monthly during the cooling season, and have a professional service your system at the beginning of each cooling season.Finally, check with your state to see if it has any incentive programs for you to buy a more efficient unit.WINDOW UNITS It's all about finding an EnergyStar unit (which means that it's at least 10 percent more energy efficient than the minimum federal government standards).You'll then want to figure out what size AC you need -- that is, how many BTUs you need, and that's pretty easy to figure out. According to the Department of Energy, you'll need about 20 BTUs per square foot of a room. If you get something smaller, you're not going to be able to cool the room appropriately, and you're going to strain the heck out of your AC; if you get an AC that's too big, you're going to be wasting energy and throw money right out the window.GET A CEILING FANUtilize fans as much as possible. If the temperature is just slightly uncomfortable, consider using an oscillating fan, or ceiling fan if you have one. Just a slight breeze or circulation caused by fans can make it feel a few degrees cooler. Even the most power-hungry fan costs less than $10 a month to use if you keep it on 12 hours a day. Good fans make it possible for you to raise your thermostat setting and save on air-conditioning costs. Ceiling fans will push air down toward the floor, circulating the air in your house and helping to cool it more efficiently than running the air conditioner by itself. INSTALL A PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATThis varies the temperature according to when you're home, and can help you save 10 - 20 percent on your energy bill. Set it for a lower temperature when you're home. If you'll be gone for more than a few hours, it makes sense to set the air conditioning at a higher temperature while you're gone. Use a programmable thermostat that adjusts your air conditioner's setting automatically. That enables you to stop cooling things down so much when nobody's home for long stretches of time, or at night when it's cooler outside. You can program the thermostat to increase the comfort level in your home shortly before you wake up or return home from work.The Early Show's resident veteriinarian, Dr. Debbye Turner, says it's OK to turn the AC off when your pet is home alone. She says that, if your pet is perfectly healthy, you can let the temperature reach up to 80 degrees, but if your dog is a little sicker or has breathing problems, you'll want to lower that to keep him or her healthy and safe. CLOSE DRAPES OR SHADES ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF YOUR HOUSETypically, the most sunny parts of your house are the south and west; the sun has intense warming effects, and when it's allowed to enter a window without the heat being able to escape, it will act like a greenhouse. Keep as much direct sunlight out as possible to keep your home a few degrees cooler. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WHEN THEY'RE NOT IN USE AND CLOSE DOORS leading TO UNUSED ROOMSStandard incandescent bulbs generate a good deal of heat. Having lights on when it's not necessary just increases the temperature in the house. Consider switching to CFL bulbs, which run cool, and also consume less electricity. SEAL UP AIR LEAKS IN YOUR HOUSEJust as cold air can find its way into your house in the winter, hot air does the same thing during the summer. Caulk or seal places where utilities come into your home (plumbing, electricity, dryer vents, etc.). Fill gaps around chimneys, and weather-strip around drafty windows and doors.MMVIII, CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved
Neighbor's Air Conditioner Leeching Off Our Electricity?
If you are both being fed from the same transformer outside, it sounds like it's not handling the load. You should call your power company and tell them what is happening. You will probably have to be a little "persistent", but if you are running at low voltage (when the A/C kicks on) there's a chance you are doing damage to your household electronics and anything with a heating element (stove, hot water heater, dryer), etc. .1. how to unstop an air conditioner drain pan?the easiest i can think of is to locate the small rubber drain line inside the engine area just ahead of the passenger seating (at the feet). Using a small semi-stiff wire with a hairpin bend in the end you should be able to push it up far enough (about 20 inches) to get it functioning and draw the blockage out with the wire, be careful as the coils are in that area2. What is wrong with my car's air conditioner?I read the title and immediately I was going to say something is wrong with your freon xD You have to go to your dealer and get a new freon.3. how do i use window air conditioner in winter?in case you like slightly undertaking, pass forward and canopy it. reality is, i've got under no circumstances considered a unit incapacitated in a manner that overlaying it throughout the wintry climate could have helped. i attempted to message you back yet YA says your email can not be shown. you will might desire to attempt lower back4. why is my air conditioner only blowing air out of one of its two vents?Sounds like something is clogged in the unit5. What is the best way to fill the open space next to an air conditioner that doesn't really fit the window?go to a fabric store and buy the foam that is used to stuff pillows... not the shaped stuff, the slabs of foam.... cut a piece large enuff to have to force it into the opening.... now sew a cover for it.... or glue it together on the back side... make it match the wall color.... stuff it in after placing a piece of wood or plastic to keep out rain, in the same spot.... the foam is for stopping the escape of cold air.....you still need something to keep the rain out.... if you happen to have the hard foam that is in packaging for things like tv's and such, the white stuff that's hard and does not turn to little beads?... that works good, too....6. how can an air conditioner be powered by natural gas???It is not ... But if you would have to ask me I COULD say that it is highly compressed natural gas and when it expands it draws in heat very rapidly which could be transferred to an air duct in your house7. Haier air conditioner displays error E0?1) Take out the manual for the Air Conditioner. 2) Go to the trouble shooting section. 3) Look up the error code. 4) Do what it says8. What size window air conditioner should I get to supplement my central air?When selecting HVAC units one of the things you want to avoid if possible is oversizing the unit. The reason for this is that a compressor cycling on and off a lot is going to fail sooner than one that runs more continuously. You will also be paying for the larger unit when you do not need to. With that said, in your case it's too difficult to be worth trying to calculate the actual load you need to meet in order to bring your bedroom down a few degrees. However, based on experience I do know that a few degrees difference will not require much extra load at all. Since your central system will keep running normally it will take less than 3000 BTU to give that little extra cooling you want. I am pretty sure they do not make them that small though, so just find the smallest one available and set it to the temperature you want. FYI, a decent 1800 sq ft house will usually have about a 36000BTU capacity unit. Unless you have a big house, an 18000BTU unit would be enough to cool half your house all by itself--major overkill for supplementing one bedroom with existing cooling.
By:Jeremy Glass Credit: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor Summer is here and the sun's golden rays are finally smacking us upside the head and roasting us crisp faster than you can say "heat stroke." With winter at least six months away (unless you're reading this late, sorry) there has to be some way to cool down without spending all your hard-earned shekels on a pricey new air conditioner. Luckily, there is. For just $19.73, you can make a DIY air conditioner using materials that you probably have in your house. Assuming you like to party and keep large bags of ice in your house.You can thank me later. Or now.More: 11 IKEA Hacks to Turn Your Backyard Into a Summer Oasis Credit: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor Materials One bag of ice: $2.09 One rubber dryer tube: $5.67 One styrofoam cooler: $4.99 Pom poms: $0.99 One desk fan: $4.99 Credit: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor Step one Dump all that ice into your little cooler. Dump it like Andrea dumped you back in eighth grade because she thought you had bad breath.Credit: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor Step two After tracing around your plastic dryer tube, cut a hole in the lid of the cooler with the dopest knife you've got.Credit: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor Step three Stick the tube in the hole. Hehe. A wider tube means more cold air, but for a small space, this works just fine.For the final 3 steps in completing this DIY air conditioning, head over to Supercompressor.com!More from Supercompressor:11 Unbelievably Awesome Tiny Transforming Apartments 13 Hot Weather Hacks to Cool You Off This Summer Like Supercompressor on Facebook:www.facebook.com/Supercompressor Also on HuffPost:
I Need a Small Room Air Conditioner That I Can Mount in the Wall and Not a Window.?
I would think your problem is that the unit is not deep enough to protrude beyond your wall and the air flow is obstructed. When we had this dilemma, I cut the hole larger than needed and then framed down with plywood and lumber to a small opening for the unit. This way we could use the smaller unit. The smaller 5200 btu units are widely available.1. What would happen if you install a room air conditioner not in a window?It's going to drip water all over the floor2. I have just converted a room with a gas fire in to a bedroom. Is it acceptable to leave the fire & Cap off Gas?I do not quite understand your question but i do know that most areas do not allow a gas heater in a bedroom that uses room air for combustion3. Do you get your own room in the Air Force?That totally depends on the availability of rooms at that duty station, and on your rank. "Moving to a 11" means EVENTUALLY, not right now, today. Most E-1 to E-4 people have one roommate. Most bases require you live on base, unless you have a dependent, until you are an E-4 or E-5. Officers rarely have roommates, and most often have the 11 concept. The upshot is, I would not count on a room of your own at this point in time.4. Calculating room air exchange, Please Help!?1280 cuft / 5 cuft/min = 1280/5 min =256 min However, that is only nominally a complete air change. The incoming air will mix with the room air. Think CSTR [continuous stirred tank reactor]5. Does patellofemoral pain syndrome qualify for handicapped parking?It is not based on conditions, it's based on inability to walk. Each state has their own requirements. look up your Department of transportation - it's usually in the plate section. Here's my states requirements: "Applicant must have one or more of the following conditions: unable to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest; unable to walk without assistance from another person or from a brace, cane, crutch, wheelchair or other prosthetic or assistive device; lung disease with forced respiratory, expiratory volume for one second, if measured by spirometry, is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 mm/hg on room air at rest; uses portable oxygen; cardiac condition with Class 3 or 4 functional limitations as by American Heart Association standards; or severely limited in ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurological or orthopedic condition."6. how difficult would it be to remove a room air conditioner that was put into a wall space?CHeck the unit. sometimes it can be able to slide out easily7. The most efficient way to heat a room? Air conditioner or electric resistance heater?"Air conditioning the outside", is what a heat pump is. Although, keep in mind, that the physical equipment of an air conditioner will not really be designed to do this efficiently and safely, compared to an actual heat pump that is designed to work both ways. You usually need a lot more air filtration on the interior air stream, and an air conditioner's outdoor heat exchanger does not have this. Worst case scenario, a heat pump operates at the same efficiency of an electric heater, with a COP (coefficient of performance) of unity. That is to say, as much electricity as is consumed, becomes the heat put in to heating the room. COP is similar to efficiency, in that it is what we want divided by what we pay for. It differs from efficiency, because efficiency usually refers to quantities where "what we want" comes out of the system, and "what we pay for" goes in to the system, and all of "what we want" must come from "what we pay for". The idea of COP is that it is a more generalized concept of efficiency. Most heat pumps will be better than that, because what they do is suck heat out of the cold background and "blow" it in to the room. More heat enters the room than is sucked out of the background, because all of the work energy that was used to operate the compressor "joins it". Heat pumps are not as common as you would think, because it is usually a better idea to just burn the original fuel where you plan on using it. Ultimately, the electricity that operates a heat pump, will come from a fuel burning power plant, and that also has a heat rejection component to it. You might as well take advantage of that too. That is why, depending on relative prices of fuel and electrical energy, it is common to have a combustion method of heating, and a heat pump method of cooling, with the heat pump method of cooling exclusively designed for refrigeration. If electricity is particularly cheap in your region, that is when you might want to consider a heat pump instead of a fuel burning furnace. And this ends up being the case, if you live in an isolated region, that is difficult to which to drive a tank of propane, or to run a gas pipe. Electricity is usually the most efficient method for transporting energy long distances, so if the consumption of a more ordered energy source pays for itself in saved transport costs, it can be an advantage to use a heat pump instead of a furnace.
How Do I Recharge an Air Conditioner in a 1992 Subaru Legacy??
You do not need to take it to a garage. 1. Go to your local auto parts store and pick up a recharge kit compatable with your model and year vehicle. 2. Pop the hood and find your A/C compressor and follow the lines until you find your "High" and "Low" valves, they will be small, most of the time a light green, caps labled "L" and "H" mounted on the A/C piping. 3. Read the directions on the recharge kit. It's very simple. Or if you do not feel safe doing it, take it to a shop and spend around $150.($100/hour standard shop labor parts)1. My 1996 Honda VFR will not recharge the battery, I have replaced the stator, regulator rectifier, and battery, nothing is working. Any ideas?Inspect the flywheel. Touch a screwdriver to it, to check if it is magnetized. While the cover is off, inspect the inner surface of the flywheel for scuff marks. If any are present, the cover could be misaligned and should be replaced. Remove the flywheel and reinstall it to make sure it is fully seated on the crankshaft. You will need a flywheel puller specifically made for that model (do not use universal substitutes). Torque the flywheel bolt to specs (get the specs from your service manual) The flywheel bolt must be torqued down to assure proper alignment of the flywheel on the crankshaft. Any misalignment and the charging output voltage will be sub-par.2. How come electric cars don't have alternators that just recharge the battery while you drive?I am glad I saw this question. I used to think of stuff like that and it makes me start thinking about it again. I believe there has to be a way to do that and other things like that. But basically it goes back to the same principle as to the reason why you cannot have perpetual motion. Study perpetual motion and related materials and you just may find a way. If you do you will be set for life(financially that is)3. Soul..Create and through body experiences. Body.."machine" that sees, sleeps to "recharge", survival mode...?In this sense you what you say is true. For a car by itself is just a car. But what makes it unique is the one who owns and drives it to wheresoever he will. It's what gives the car life. Just as a disc with nothing on it is useless. Until one burns or records images and sounds or other data on it. To where a message is said that the hearer can understand. What is on the disc is what makes it important. So too the body of man if it has no purpose allows itself to believe he has no meaning. No reason for being here. Only God can unite purpose and meaning to a body that awaits His breath of life. The body does need healing only because our bodies regenerate in time. Rest allows us to recharge hours for the next days activity. But it is our souls that make us unique in the way we behave and think. When our soul leaves our bodies then that is death. We can no longer recharge our bodies. The machine is rusted and the soul that is man is gone to his fate that is in the creator's hands based on the life the man lived on earth. Whether with purpose and meaning or with none. Take care.4. How do I recharge a dead battery?battery is dead... so but a new one then recharge it!!!!111115. So cost to recharge a electric car? Cost to replace battery's and how often?Only at certian times! Between battery changes it is , -- batteries are not cheap! Charging is not really cheap either, and is sometimes inconvenient! Probably if you took expenses for 100K miles, and added them all together it possibly could have cost a little more for the electric one! I have seen stuff on news about some of the "movie stars" who had electric cars (to save the earth). Several have had their houses burn down because of shorted electrical systems or batteries in electric cars! It is also a fact that the electricity must be generated somewhere, and most is still done with "fossil fuel" fired generating plants! The "bird people" complain because the birds fly through the blades of wind generartors and get hurt or killed! So a certian mount of "pollution" of some sort, or "ecoligical impact" is occouring anyway! Unfortunately the only "easy way out",---- is to walk, -- and that is not easy, -- especially where I live, - travel is figured at the # of hours-- figuring 70-80 mph (depending on speed limit, - and what you think you can get away with!) One other thing, about 30% loss of efficiency is the best you can expect for "power"! Gasoline engine 30-35% loss in fuel, -- ----- ---- electric, 30% loss generating electricity,- and about 30% loss charging batteries, (-and comsumption within the electric car itself)! Old time mathamatics says 60% ttl. loss when electric used!
How Do I Make the Noise Less in My Window Air Conditioner?
how do i make the noise less in my window air conditioner?This Site Might Help You. RE: how do i make the noise less in my window air conditioner? I have a window air conditioner and one of the cool off vents is on the top.....i want to know what i could put on top to keep the noise down when the rain hits it.— — — — — —Humming Noise in 2003 Cavalier?You have 3 options 1. Buy a tow truck and tow it around 2. Junk it or roll it off a mountain 3. Buy Japanese NEVER EVER BUY AMERICAN AGAIN, WHEN THE WARRANTY IS OVER YOU ARE IN FOR A NIGHTMARE, ON JAPANESE WHEN THE WARRANTY IS OVER ITS JUST GETTING BROKEN IN.— — — — — —Origin of quantum noiseQuantum noise may be observed in any system where conventional sources of noise (industrial noise, vibrations, fluctuations of voltage in the electric power supply, thermal noise due to Brownian motion, etc.) are somehow suppressed. Still Generally, quantum noise can be considered as the error of the description of any physical system within classical (not quantum) theory.[clarification needed] It is reasonable to include consideration of quanta appearing or disappearing spontaneously in spacetime due to the most basic laws of conservation, hence, no area in spacetime is devoid of potential addition or subtraction of a least common denominator quanta element, causing "noise" in a given experiment. This could manifest as quantum decoherence in an entangled system, normally attributed to thermal differences in the conditions surrounding each entangled particle considered to be part of an entangled set. Because entanglement is studied intensely in simple pairs of entangled photons, for example, decoherence observed in these experiments could well be synonymous with "quantum noise" as to the source of the decoherence. e.g. If it were possible for a quanta of energy to spontaneously appear in a given field, a region of spacetime, then thermal differences must be associated with this event, hence, it would cause decoherence in an entangled system in proximity of the event.[dubious - discuss] In an electric circuit, the random fluctuations of a signal due to the discrete character of electrons can be called quantum noise. The random error of interferometric measurements of position, due to the discrete character of photons registered during measurement, can be attributed to quantum noise. Even the uncertainty of position of a probe in probe microscopy may be partly attributable to quantum noise, although this is not the dominant mechanism that determines the resolution of such a device. In most cases, quantum noise refers to the fluctuations of signal in extremely precise optical systems with stabilized lasers and efficient detectors.— — — — — —rubbing noise front passenger side/?First, have the brakes rechecked at another location, just to be sure. If they are indeed ok, you may have a bad wheel bearing/hub on that corner. That's the most likely cause of a rubbing or grinding noise other than bad brakes. Have the tech that looks at it make sure that the backing plate is not rubbing on the brake rotor, a common problem when people work on that area of a car and accidently bend it a bit. It's easy to do, and makes a heck of a noise. The "pop" noise, if it's pop-pop-pop then it is likely it is an axle/cv problem; if it just pops once then look for loose body rivets and bolts in the area that the noise comes from. It can be hard to locate.— — — — — —my car is making a twirling noise like someone is twirling a rope in the air?A brake problem would get much worse when the brakes are applied. If it were a belt you could always get someone to rev the engine and try to locate the noise. It seems like its definitely an air issue. Check for air leaks near the air box Make sure the hood is latched completely(there are rubber shims that could but up too far holding the hood too high) It could just be the wind running through the rust holes— — — — — —Weird noise coming from my truck?Could be a wheel bearing(s) going out, could be universal joint(s) in the drive shaft going out, could be a brake pad/shoe(s) dragging on a warped brake rotor/drum, or it could be a bent dust cover rubbing inside the wheels, or it could be part of the plastic in the fender wells come loose and it's bouncing on the tires, or it could just be the cooling fan rubbing on radiator fan shroud/housing.could be lots of things. Can you tell what direction the noise is coming from? Front or back, left or right?
How to Reduce the Power Consumption of Air Conditioner?
I spent my childhood in a coastal city in India. Looking back, I still remember the severe humidity and the tolerable 90 ° f heat wave mixed with each other - a typical equatorial climate. When I returned to my hometown, I found that the local temperature became higher, often exceeding 100 ° F. I also found split air conditioners everywhere; This was very rare in my childhood. Split air conditioner is composed of internal unit and external unit. The external machine is installed on the outer wall of the house, and the inside of the machine body is a condensation coil and compressor. Finally, I also found a lot of signs and advertisements from the main suppliers of air conditioning.The power consumption of air conditioning units is very large, so with the increasing popularity of air conditioning units, energy consumption must be reduced. The only way to reduce energy consumption is to use energy-saving air conditioning and well insulated rooms. Power and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) grade are the key factors to consider when selecting an appropriate air conditioner. The higher the grade of seasonal energy efficiency ratio, the higher the energy efficiency. Fortunately, most air-conditioning brands have high energy efficiency grades.Variable frequency drive (VFD) is used for compressor and condenser fan of energy-saving air conditioner. Another method is to use active power factor correction (PFC) in air conditioning power supply. Both trends use switching energy conversion in the system, while before, compressors and fans relied on inefficient line frequency electronic technology for power supply. VFD installs a motor in the compressor unit to realize speed change by adjusting the voltage, current and frequency of power transmitted to the compressor. Therefore, the system does not need to run at full speed. This way significantly reduces energy consumption, which is the biggest benefit of VFD so far. Since the air conditioner will operate at a high power of usually several thousand watts, the use of active power factor correction can improve power quality and reduce harmonic distortion. At the same time, it also reduces the reactive power that eventually returns to the grid as dissipated power or idle power.Both VFD and PFC of air conditioning unit need high-voltage system, which is developing to the solution of executive integrated circuit (IC). By using appropriate power IC, such as ucc21520 and other high-voltage isolation drivers, you can provide an ecosystem for the air conditioner to ensure high system level efficiency and reduce the bill of materials cost, so that you can effectively keep cool and comfortable by using the air conditioner.
What Is This so Called "Dry Mode" in Air Conditioner?
An air conditioner (AC) is used to reduce the temperature of the air. A compressed refrigerant is decompressed, which lowers the temperature. Air is forced through the coils containing this cold refrigerant. Next, the refrigerant is compressed again on the other side of the AC (towards outside). These coils become hot. Air is forced through them to cool off the hot refrigerant and the process starts all over again1. air conditioner mounted on side?If the air conditioner is horizontal in size and the window is vertical, do NOT put the air conditioner in the window sideways no matter what. Doing this would cause damage to the unit, and my void the warranty2. Specifications of my air conditioner?sounds like a 2 and a half ton unit, should handle up to 2200 sq feet if operating correctly3. air conditioner keeps blowing breaker?Larger air conditioner are required to be on a dedicated circuit. That means one breaker,one wire,one AC. If the breaker keeps blowing you are causing an overload on that circuit. You may be able to unplug something else and stop this. The breaker is working properly and keeping you from burning down the house. I would call a licensed qualified electrician and have him run a dedicated circuit to any window units. Just because the plug fits in any outlet does not mean it should be plugged int it.4. air conditioner only cools when the car is moving?Not knowing what the make of your car is, best guess, it could be the condensor in front of the rad is plugged with bugs and dirt, if this is the cause get out the garden hose and wash away the debris, other possible problems, low charge, not quite as likely, if your car has a high pressure switch any deris in the rad would stop air flow, raise the pressure in the sysem and shut off your compressor until the pressure drops to a safe level, in which case the first suggestion will help, if you have an electric fan does that run when the ac is turned on5. Is it possible to install an air conditioner in a '77 Chevy Nova?in case you get a window air conditioner a 5,000 BTU one might desire to artwork (approximately $200) you will want a ability inverter (approximately $25) to run the 120volts you will want. Use a point and confirm that it tilts outward a a million/2 of a bubble point to verify that the organic condensation to run exterior of the motor vehicle and not into the interior. guy you would be the best cat with this setup assured!.6. air conditioner in my car ----HELP!!!!?My thoughts are that your blend motor (vacuum motor) has a vacuum leak. But the only way to realy know is for you to list the vehicle that you have. Older models were cable driven7. Is it my Thermostat or my air conditioner?sounds like it's operating in heat mode. you should have a "heat" and "cool" switch on your thermostat8. Why does the air conditioner start to stink?fungus on the evaporator, they make a spray for it that kills the bacteria and freshens the air9. Waterdrops on my air conditionerHow about an old towel?10. Air conditioner leaking?I suspect so. However, I would make an attempt to clean the evaporator coil, the cold one, and oput in a new filter. Go to youtube, there are pleanty of people showing ya how to do this. Try 75..anything in the 60s is too much of a demand.11. How much does an air conditioner dehumidify?This Site Might Help You. RE: How much does an air conditioner dehumidify? Providing an air conditioner is powerful enough to cool a room well and is rated at, say 3 litres an hour of water extraction, how would the relative humidity of the room be affected? If the relative humidity, was %80 before the AC was turned on, what, roughly, would the relative humidity be a few...12. Have you started running your air conditioner?Still have snow outside, so the answer is "NO"13. Where do I but air conditioner pheron?== the gas that is the cooling agent in the home A/C system is under pressure and needs special gauges to induce that gas into the system === it is best that you call a pro tech licensed A/C repairman to work on the system ... it is cheaper to pay the pro tech than blow the system with too much pressure and wind up having to buy a new outside A/C condenser and inside coils unit === this is not a quick fix and it requires the correct pressure to work and cool properly.......... ""freon""
Is It Bad If the Lights Dim Whenever the Furnace/air Conditioner Kick In?
It is not bad. Fairly normal and very common. It will not hurt anything except annoy you. There are expensive remedies1. Should I get my air conditioner serviced if it is working okay?Take a garden hose and VERY gently rinse your outdoor unit until any dirt is removed from the coil... and I mean gently. You now have a serviced AC. If it seems to be running too long then make a call and get it checked out. Other than that, change your filters on time. Call to have your indoor coil cleaned if you are forgetful for months with your filters. If you take good care of it, you should not need maintenance other than the rinsing of the coils when they get significantly dirty2. How cold should the air coming from my air conditioner be?It's August. It's HOT outside. We want to be COOL inside. But just how cold should the air temperatures be coming from the supply vents? While most people just assume that "cold" is the correct answer, there is a range of acceptable temperatures. I will get into that in just a minute, but first I feel it's important to understand (just a little) of how our HVAC system works. When the air conditioning system is on, and working correctly, the process that is occurring is that warm air is being pulled from the home (let's say 75 degrees) through the return vent and moving through the A/C units evaporator coil. This is where the magic happens! Through the science of evaporative cooling, when this warm air passes through the evaporator coil, a volume of heat is removed from that warm air and we get cold air coming from the air ducts! It is this process that cools your home! Through this process, humidity is also removed, which helps make us feel more comfortable. Now, from the example above, with 75 degree air being pulled in at the air filter, what temperature should we expect to be blowing out? Well, the general consensus is somewhere between 14 to 20 degrees colder than the intake temperature. From my example, 55 to 61 degrees would be an acceptable range.3. How do I clean my wall mounted air conditioner?replace the filter it is probebly that your lucky it does not shut off altogether4. how do i make the noise less in my window air conditioner?Not a lot. You do not want that thing to be closed off, you want as much air circulation through the outside of that thing as you can get. What you could do is get above the AC unit on the outside wall, and mount a small awning. Just big enough that the awning's drip edges are beyond the edges of the AC, and high enough that there's a foot or (preferably) more of clear air between them, so it does not interfere with the AC's breathing. Obviously the higher you mount it above the AC, the larger you will want it to be so it catches more of the rain before it hits the unit. But do not go too crazy. What to make it out of? That's up to you. You could do a decent job with a piece of cheap plywood and a little rudimentary frame to screw it to the side of the house. Attachment is up to you since we have no idea what kind of siding you have, but obviously you will need to take those considerations into account when you design and build. In fact, I recommend the plywood. Sand, prime and paint, a couple or three coats. You could use a piece of aluminum flashing but that's going to make a pretty strong sound. The plywood will tend to deaden the noise, not make it worse.5. My air conditioner fan will not come on and it freezes up inside the house.?Turn the entire system off Call an Air Conditioning repair shop Get it fixed properly6. Does using your air conditioner in your car burn more fuel?if your going less than 50mph yes. best roll down the windows then. but over 50, it's better to keep the the ac on than windows down
My Home Central Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling My Home Enough,what's the Poblem?
After you replace the filter, make sure all your louvers are wide open. Then go outside and thoroughly clean the condenser, It may not look dirty, but it is. If you can access the evaporator, clean that too. Finally, close the curtains and roll down the shades1. Is a 6 year old 19 SEER Central air conditioner still considered energy efficient or is it time to upgrade?A six year old system should be in great working order. If it has been well maintained and it has not suffered environmental abuse then, it should last 9-14 more years. 19 SEER is in the top 2/3 of available efficiency today. Conversely, in 5 years time who's to say though.Typically manufactures warrant parts for up to 10 years from date of install. These warranties do require registration of the product with the manufacture (something a majority of contractor fail to do, ultimately it is the homeowners responsibility). If you have purchased the home recently, in some cases the warranty is transferable to the new owner (call the installing contractor to find out).As with any mechanical piece of equipment it is always a good idea to protect your investment by having a certified HVAC professional maintain the equipment at least annually.Example of extreme damage most likely due to an animal urinating on a condenser coil. This kind of damage is not covered by warranty, and would necessitate replacement of at the very least the outdoor unit.Hope this helps.Is a 6 year old 19 SEER Central air conditioner still considered energy efficient or is it time to upgrade?Is A 6 year old 19 SEER Central air conditioner still considered energy efficient or is it time to upgrade?2. Sears wants about $7000 to replace a central air conditioner in Connecticut?Sir, Sears has the biggest markup there is. period. You can get down to almost half that with three bids.3. Which Central Air Conditioner should I go with? Is the 16 Seer worth the extra $1800?I would stick to the Trane unit. The units can only become so efficient and after that, the change becomes so minimal it does not make sense to go higher. I believe our AC increases our bill $30 a month when we run it. Even if you run it for every month, it will take almost 8 years for it to pay for itself. Trane is a more common name and service people should be more comfortable working with them if you ever need. See if Trane offers a higher SEER value, I am sure they do. If it is more sensible than $1800, I would think about it. By the way, are these installed prices? Is it only the condenser portion or do you need a new A Coil as well?4. Which is cheaper to run on a central air conditioner system? Just the system or with both the system and fan.The fan switch is for running the fan continuous. Regardless if the heat or cooling is switched on. If your heating or cooling is uneven throughout the house it might be an advantage to run the fan continuously to circulate better, or if you have allergies and have the better filters it would help keep the air cleaner. Otherwise it will be more expensive to heat and cool with it on because of the electrical consumption of the fan.5. my central air conditioner started leaking water from a plastic hose outside the house. whats up with that?My central air unit leaks when the temperature outside the house is close to the temperature inside the house. Typically at around 72 degrees, which is what we keep the house temperature at. I am not sure if the unit leaks outside, it probably does, but it definitely leaks inside the house from the 2 hoses which go into the basement floor (to a sump I guess). This is an old house, but I've only lived here for a few months, so I do not know all the Idiosyncrasies of the AC unit. It did freeze over once and stopped generating cool air. I would really appreciate your insight on this as it differs slightly than the original question.6. Comfort Maker Central Air Conditioner - what do you think of this brand? Is it Crap or Good?Who makes this model. Sometimes name brand manufacturers make cheaper models and use other brand names. They are usually lower quality low end models
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