Why Am I Turned on by Girls in Dresses?

Dresses who off the woman in a more femine way. You get to see bare legs. Perhaps some nice high heel shoes. So ya dress are good :)

1. Flattering outfits for the pear shaped girl? :)?

i like pencil skirts on pear shaped people ! they look hot...and curve nicer than they do on skinny people. dresses as well, if theyre tight around the waist, or go in. looks nice.

2. 8th Grade slow dance coming up?

Girls wear dresses for many different kinds of dress codes, the length of the dress and how fancy it is changes with how formal it is. If it's a normal length dress with no sparkles then it's not formal so you should not dress formally with a tux. You can wear a nice pair of dress pants and a shirt to match, a jacket is acceptable but not necessary. Regarding her wearing heels, many girls wear them with dresses it makes them look more feminine. Do not let it bother you, just enjoy the fact that she is your date and that you will have a great time with her. Have fun!

3. I need help with my style?

Waist skirts, Floral blouses, ballet flats, dresses. those will help you look taller. Big Sweaters, Straight leg pants, converse. will make you look smaller. There are ways to dress up a V-Neck t-shirt. *With a waist skirt and ballet flats. *With a Cute jacket, skinny jeans and gladiator sandals. *With a Floral printed spaghetti strap under it, Caprees, and ballet flats, hope i helped!

4. I Am dressing as a girl for halloween and i am just wondering what i should dress like, what do you suggest?

if you really want to go all out, ask someone who cross dresses, and get a wig, and have a professional put your makeup on, have fun

5. I need some Harajuku help. . . ?

Congrats! I think you will really enjoy your trip! I think Harajuku girls are pretty used to tourists asking for photos, so they might not be a real issue. If you want a picture of ganguro, they might be a little more hesitant (at least from my experience, one member of my Japanese class that traveled to Japan with me tried to take her picture and she just walked away). Let me tell you, Harajuku is absolutely incredible. I was there last summer, and I do not nearly have as good of a memory of the place as the answerer above me does, but its essentially a long alleyway that is CRAMMED with people (it looks like schools of fish, it must be seen to be believed) and with lots of very trendy stores. It is home to the "ganguros," girls who tan themselves until they are very dark and wear crazy clothes (most also color/style their hair very wildly, I think its really cool). You will also see 'harajuku dolls," girls like ganguros, but with normal skin, and most harajuku dolls wear make up and cute dresses to make themself look like a real doll. The crepes there are legendary, so make sure you get one if you go! Some see it as very trendy, and others see it as just ridiculous fashions. You can find stores to suit the most hardcore death metal type, but also ones that carry the latest Japanese street fashions. You can tell what the store's general "feel" is by looking at the shopkeeper, because most of them dress in the shop's clothes and they all spend lots of time on their dress and their hair (like most asian boys). In addition, you will find the most black people in harajuku than you will in any other part of the country (no joke, over a three week trip me and my friends counted seeing 67 black people, and half of them were at harajuku!) Nothing big, just a cool fact I guess. :D If you are very trendy and willing to think outside the box for some new fashions (like I am), you will absolutely love the place. If not, you may think it is too edgy or just too wierd.

6. Teenagers: am I the only girl that hates wearing dresses?

I CAN'T STAND DRESSES! lol, there i agree. They SUCK

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