Who Wears REAL Ballet Slippers Outside / Outdoors Or in Public?

I would never ever where mine outside I am a dancer and a fashionista Don''t ever where them besides danceing mine were EXTREMLY expensive If i wore them out side they would be destored in seconds do not ever were them outside and besides real ballet shoes are for danceing only and not very fashionable.p.s mine are point ballet shoes there really not ment for anything but danceing but maby the ones little 2 year olds wear and begginers wear maby you can were those

1. If your husband brought home a ballet tutu,tights, and slippers,?

Tutu Tights

2. Is it possible to train my cat to bring me my pipe and slippers?

What you need is a dog. I can help you rehome the cat. Just send it to me and try not to damage the skin

3. Where can I find good quality Ugg-like boots?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I find good quality Ugg-like boots? I'm looking to buy some Ugg-like boots or slippers that are decent quality, not like the $20 or $30 dollar ones that generally look as cheep as they are, and hold up even worse. I would like maybe some knit-style ones, or some of the indoor/outdoor slipper kind, priced around $40-$60, maybe...

4. How Many Pairs Of Fuzzy Slippers Do You Have?

i luv fuzzy!!!!! i have six hehe call me crazy i luv fuzzy slippers and i have 8 fuzzy soxs!!!! haha im serious 2 blu ones and 2 polka dots , one hippy one and one normal one (i dont use it often hee hee)

5. how do i train my dog to fetch my slippers?

wash your stinky feet more. I know your dog will eat some nasty stuff, but put your stinky slippers in his mouth? I do not think so

6. 10 POINTS: Which slippers should I get and why?

I would definitely choose Macy's. They will look adorable with skinny jeans and a casual shirt/jacket! The Kohl's.. are very aged looking style. And the are so boring! Also, lean towards Macy's! They choose what goes in their stores, and usually their designers are going with the high design! Best wishes, Miss Vogue.

7. I am looking for a pattern - knitting for the slippers elderly folks wear- ?

Sounds to me like the gauge is off. Have you tried using two strands of yarn together, and using a slightly larger needle? For something like this, you really need to do a gauge swatch. See what size yarn the pattern is designed for and what the gauge should be. If it's not given, check the gauge on a wrapper from the yarn they suggest. If you still can not figure it out, feel free to email me with the info and I will see what I can find or figure out to help. Click on my avatar for an email link.

8. where can i find monster feet slippers for men?

Uhm I got a pair from Walmart for my Dad last year but if not there then BigLots or Target are the only ones I can think of ^^;

9. How many pairs of Uggs should a husband have to buy his non working wife a yr? She has the slippers,the boots?

The spoil up letter, God's email and definition of spouse and mom have been in simple terms too sturdy. the next day morning the 1st element i could be doing ofcourse after brushing my the teeth could be telling them to my pals! You deserve a lot of stars! ok my character map isnt allowing me to repeat stars, so please alter with those hearts! ??????????????????????????????????????..... LOL God is acquainted with what proportion thumbs down i am going to get for this one! besides, Cheers! :) Rudra.

10. What type of slippers do you own?

Mine are really soft regular ones! It's pink and they look so old! =)

11. Is this okay wear to ballet class? Tips buying ballet slippers?

I think that's ok at least for now. I would definitely at least go to the store and try on the shoe that you are planning to buy to see which size really fits. Ballet shoes have kinda weird sizes. Hope this helps!

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