Who the Hell Drinks 8 Glasses of Water a Day?

Since I started being healthy its all I drink. On the weekend I may have some beers, but besides that, I drink a ton of water. Probably 5 glasses a day? My workout alone I usually finish off this huge water bottle I have.

1. My mom doesn't seem to understand the oil light's importance, how can I effectively explain how important it is?

I would offer to check the oil, water, screenwash, tires etc once a week for her.This you could consider as "helping" at home as the list of tasks is long : cooking food, washing clothes etc etc I did that when I was growing up, also at 11 I was repairing the washing machine - the start of a long career fixing stuff....You have to remember that some can "see" mechanical things and have mechanical sympathy - but others can "see" different things : ever tried to read a knitting pattern? So, if you can do the mechanical things for your Mum, then do them, even for your sisters : they will appreciate it.

2. im not very good at cooking but i wanna make pancakes before my parents wake up?

Buy pancake mix that says ADD WATER on the box!!!! SIMPLE!!! Follow the directions and put the frying pan and turn the isle dial up a third of the way( if its number says 1-10, put it on 3 or 4) Flip when the pancakes stop bubbling!!!

3. Best Hydration Packs: Water When you Need it on the Go

Entering our 7th season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, and with millions of YouTube and Facebook followers, The Drive is a leading authority of all things automotive. Easy access. When using a water bottle, you may need to make frequent stops to retrieve it from your bag. With a hydration pack, you do not need to stop to take a sip of water. Thanks to the drinking tube, you can drink whenever you want and enjoy hands-free hydration. Portability. A hydration pack allows you to bring along more water for long distances. Using a comfortable water bag on your back is easier when walking or cycling than having bottles rattling in a regular backpack. Convenience. Hydration packs come in many sizes and shapes. You can pick the one that fits your activity the best and feels most comfortable. They also fold down for storage when out of water, so you can carry them with ease. Durability. The main benefit of hydration packs is the sturdy construction. They can withstand a lot of abuse and still provide excellent performance, unlike most water bottles. The sturdy material can take a beating and still wo not leak unless being cut open. These look a lot like standard backpacks, but they have water reservoirs and drinking tubes. They further fall into categories depending on the activities they are designed for. For example, hiking hydration backpacks usually have more storage space for food and other parts of gear. Cycling hydration backpacks, on the other hand, are designed for road cycling and mountain biking. They are compact and low-profile for easy carrying and less wind resistance when on the bike. There are running hydration backpacks, which are designed to fit snugly to the body. They are low-profile and feature many side pockets for easy access when running. Finally, snowsports hydration backpacks have outside insulation to keep water from freezing. They also feature straps for transportation on snowboards and skis. These are designed to wrap around your body with waist straps. Although they can have a hydration reservoir, most of them include water bottles. They are quite convenient for activities that do not require much gear, such as hiking or cycling for short distances. The hip belt makes them easy to carry, which is especially important for those with back problems. The main disadvantage, however, is the small capacity, which does not allow for carrying much water or extra gear. CamelBak, located in Petaluma, California, started back in 1989 with Michael Eidson's DIY hydration pack. It was a temporary invention that helped Eidson survive the summer race in Texas. From then on, the invention gained incredible popularity, and so did CamelBak. The company now produces all kinds of hydration products, protective gear, and sports accessories. One of its most popular hydration packs is the CamelBak Cloud Walker, a classic daypack suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts. FREEMOVE was founded in 2016. It's a company that focuses on outdoor sports accessories, meeting the needs of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. FREEMOVE produces all kinds of reflective safety gear, from vests to hydration packs. This FREEMOVE Hydration Pack Backpack is widely used and very popular. Under $50: You can find decent hydration packs in this price range, although you are likely to make some compromises. Cheaper packs usually have less water capacity, and they might be harder to refill, clean, or adjust for a perfect fit. Over $60: At this price point, you can find hydration packs with some extra features for easy use. Pricier packs offer features such as removable and adjustable straps, quick-disconnect tubing, wide-mount openings, and much more. The most important thing to look for in a hydration pack is an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort. You want to make sure you will be able to move freely. A heavy pack can slow you down when running, cycling, or hiking. The best hydration packs are made of lightweight and breathable materials. They also have padded straps for comfort. Since you will be wearing a hydration pack when on the go, it's important to look for the one with breathable materials. If it does not allow for airflow, you can easily get too hot and sweaty during the workout. A breathable mesh is a must-have, but it should also be leak-proof for gear protection. Additionally, packs that are too wide might reduce airflow and cause heat accumulation. Not all hydration packs are made in the same size, which mostly depends on the capacity. Larger ones can hold more water, but they can also accommodate other parts of gear. If you are going on long-distance adventures, you want to make sure you can bring enough water as well as other essentials, such as a smartphone, charger, keys, clothes, and so on. For short distances, packs with smaller hydration bladders can be more comfortable and easier to carry. Simple Refills: Some hydration packs have quick-disconnect tubing. This feature allows you to disconnect a drink tube from the body of the reservoir in a breeze. Consequently, you get to detach the reservoir without moving the tube and make a quick refill. It's quite a handy feature, especially when you do not want to take long breaks. Weight: If you intend to wear hydration packs when running, you should consider the material weight. The light equipment reduces the effort you need to run or perform any other demanding activity. Just keep in mind you will be making a compromise with durability because lightweight packs are not as durable as heavy ones. Easy Cleanup: When out in nature, you are likely to get dirty. Your hydration pack will suffer the same and also pick up some dirt and debris. You should, therefore, search for an easy-to-clean material that allows for quick cleanups when on the go. It should also be water-resistant, so it does not lose shape or tear due to frequent washes. Carrying water is the most critical feature for a hydration pack, but comfort should be a top priority, too. You do not want to carry something long distances if the straps rub uncomfortably or you constantly have to stop to adjust the load. Look for hydration packs that feature breathable materials. Whether they are designed to support airflow or feature moisture-wicking capabilities, these types of features will keep you comfortable when wearing a pack for extended periods of time. Always consider your intended activity and pick your hydration pack accordingly. A hydration pack that's designed for cycling will be designed differently than one meant for hiking, running, or for use in cold weather activities. Q: I am trying to stay as light as possible, so what should I look for in a hydration pack? A: If you are trying to stay mobile, opt for hydration packs that can do more than just carry water. Whether it's just a day hike or a multi-day adventure, packs that can also hold gear can help minimize the total amount of bags that you need to bring. Q: Should I pick a hydration pack with a frame or without one? A: If you only need to carry a few items, such as water, light snacks, and SPF, then you do not need a pack with a built-in frame. But if you are planning on carrying a substantial amount of gear, you should look at packs with frames to help provide critical support. Q: Which is better: shoulder straps or no straps? A: There's a case to be made for both. If you can find a hydration pack with an anatomic cut, it will be very comfortable for long wear. However, the most comfortable hydration packs tend to be lumbar packs with no straps. If you are planning on hitting the trails hard this season, you are going to need something that can stand up to the test. Go for our best overall pick, the CamelBak Cloud Walker 18 Hydration Pack. If you are an occasional hiker or just prefer to be economical, you can not go wrong with our best value selection, the CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack.

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When Calcium Chloride Dissolves in Water, Will the Solution Be an Electrolyte Or Nonelectrolyte Solu
3. gasoline (specifically octane contained with in the gasoline) 7. phenolphaline 11. any Salt (NaCl) 16. salt 17. rubbing alcohol (eveporates) 12. Sand 13. a 9volt battery 19. anything that floats in water has a density below that # ex. wood 22. water 18. any soap 25. any over the counter antacid (peptobismal. ...the pink stuff) 42. a Rolaid or Tums they are just calciumbicarbonate 49. Ice1. is it safe to spray diluted clorox and water solution on dishes to sanitize them? our?The proper way to wash dishes for commercial use is to wash them thoroughly with dishwashing liquid. Then dip them in a bath of about half a sinkful of water with a capful or two of bleach, no more. Important tip: the water MUST be warm for it to sanitize properly.2. What is your dog food/water solution?We keep our dog/cat food bowls in the basement3. Will a vinegar and water solution hurt the paint job on my car?You need a good car "polish" first. Then wax.4. explain the difference between the boiling points of pure water and a water solution?Ok the best way to think of this is to pretend to be a molecule of water. When you "evaporate" what you are really doing is gaining enough energy so that you can overcome atmospheric pressure, which weighs you down. Now what is the fastest way to do this? Well, if you are in "pure" water, you have few things standing (or moving around) in your way. But say you are in unpure water, like salt water. There are many ions (Na and Cl-) that also shift around, and what they do is just hamper you, like buggy bumpers. So the boiling point goes up when water is not pure because you need "that" much more energy just to overcome these pesky impurities. This is a very simple way to understand this difference5. How do you tell if something is a salt?A salt is an ionic compound. Most ionic compounds contain metallic ions. The only compound listed above that contains a metal is d. KC2H3O2. This is the formula for potassium acetate, an ionic compound. The rest of the compounds are molecular compounds (a. methanol, b. glucose, c. oxalic acid). Only oxalic acid does ionize in water solution, but without water it is made up of molecules, not ions6. Is a mild vinegar-water solution safe for hard wood floors?I only damp mop with cold water and my hardwood floors are still shining after two yrs7. Small gold flakes are removed from a water solution by filtering the solution. This is an example of a:?D. Physical change change of form is like... well... same as physical change. chemical change is like one chemical/element reacting with another change of state is like a drop of water freezing or evaporating. physical change is like hitting a piece of wood with a hammer and putting a dent in it.8. How do you make the salt water solution to clean belly ring?1/4 tsp of non iodized sea salt, per cup of water. If you want to use a shot glass or a dixie cup, only use a tiny pinch of salt. The solution should be about as salty as tears.9. Specific Heat of Water SolutionFrom this website:It would mean that a solute in water would change the specific heat from plain water.My guess is that if the density is greater than water, then the specific heat would be greater (because you are heating the water and the solute). To be certain, you would need to determine it for yourself.10. pH of a salt and water solution??Highly basic! pH is a measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. Because of its mathematical formulation, low pH values are associated with solutions with high concentrations of hydrogen ions, while high pH values occur for solutions with low concentrations of hydrogen ions. Pure water has a pH of 7.0, and other solutions are usually described with reference to this value. Acids are defined as those solutions that have a pH less than 7 (i.e. more hydrogen ions than water); while bases are defined as those solutions that have a pH greater than 7 (i.e. less hydrogen ions than water). The definitions of weak and strong acids, and weak and strong bases do not refer to pH, but instead describe whether an acid or base ionizes in solution.
How Do You Clean a Zen Breeze Diffuser?
Also question is, how do you clean a diffuser with rubbing alcohol?If your diffuser seems to have a lot of essential oil buildup, fill it with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar as high as the water line and let it soak overnight. Then, empty it, rinse it, and dry it with a soft cloth. Soak the plastic diffuser top directly in rubbing alcohol, as needed, to remove buildup.Also, how do you descale an essential oil diffuser? How to Deep-Clean an Ultrasonic Diffuser (for Aroma Lite, Lotus, Lumo, or Petal diffusers)• Fill the water reservoir halfway to the line with clean water.• Add 10 drops of pure white vinegar to the water reservoir.• Turn it on and let run for 3-5 minutes, allowing the vinegar to disperse throughout.Secondly, how do you clean aroma breeze diffuser?To clean inside water tank, dispense a few drops of rubbing alcohol into tank and wipe with a clean, soft cloth. To clean ceramic disc at bottom of water tank, dispense a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto a clean cotton swab and wipe clean.How many drops do you put in an oil diffuser?Diffusers do come in different sizes, but these are usually in 100ml increments, and therefore calculating the number of drops of essential oil to add is relatively easy. The smallest, 100ml diffusers will take 3-5 drops on average, while the largest, 500ml diffusers will require 15-20 drops.What are the best baby humidifiers?Colds and allergies they are all to common in children and humidifiers can help. If you found this guide you are no doubt in need of a good humidifier for use in your little ones room. You might already know that a cool mist humidifier is safer than warm mist but kills less germs. You may know about what a humidifier does and what symptoms it alleviates. If you are a savvy shopper you will also know what features you want! Well, if not we've got pretty much everything you need to know somewhere in here. For the fully informed among you here's our thoroughly researched humidifier 'top picks'.... What does a humidifier do and how does it help? Humidity is simply a measure of water vapor in the air. Checkout this Wikipedia page if you want more on that. A humidifier adds more water vapor into the air. What does that do? Well.... Adding moisture to the air can help relieve congestion from the common cold, flu, and sinus infections. Humidifiers can also help alleviate the symptoms of eczema, itchy skin, cracked lips, nose bleeds, and dry eyes. Any of which can be caused by dry air, allergies, or asthma. The ideal humidity level inside your house is anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. This level helps you and your skin to stay healthy. There's no single level in that range that's optimum. That's because humidity levels will naturally change due to the seasons. Using your heating or air conditioning will reduce the humidity level. Taking a steamy shower will raise it. Too much humidity causes the air to feel stuffy and may cause condensation to develop on your walls and windows. Continual high humidity allows bacteria and mold to grow. This can be bad. Low humidity levels can make your skin dry, itchy and irritate your eyes and throat. Do you really need a humidifier for a baby? You do not really need a humidifier to start with. If your child has a stuffy nose or any other symptoms, and they are old enough, give them a long bath or shower. Or if they are too young put them in the room with you whilst you take a lovely long relaxing soak or shower. That's the first step. Did it help them? If the answer was yes, then you will probably find getting a humidifier for their room a good idea. Is a cool mist or warm mist better? Here are the facts. A cool mist humidifier has no heating element, the water inside is cool and the vapor emitted is cool. There's no chance it could ever burn your child. Warm mist humidifiers heat the water to produce vapor. They naturally emit less mold and bacteria into the air because heating water kills it. The actual air in the room that your child breathes will be the same temperature from either. Our warm mist humidifier sits there bubbling away all night. Some of the water inside is at (or near) boiling point. I would not want that water spilling on my child. I would not want it on a high shelf with a trailing wire a child could pull on either. I would also never leave it in a room with a child who's too young to understand what is inside is hot and could burn. Warm mist humidifiers contain a heating element. Usually, they are like a really small kettle. I am happy to run ours overnight it has a shut-off to sense when the water tank is empty. You may not feel the same way. Whilst there seems to be a bit of a craze for cool mist, there's still a case for warm. Boiling water purifies it, so warm mist humidifiers emit less bad particles. You do not have to purchase replacement components like filters either. You can use tap water in them and they require less frequent cleaning. You will use more electricity running one. But unless you use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a long time you are not really going to notice the change to your electricity bill. If you have a baby who can not yet get around or a child who's past the inquisitive/destructive stage you can save yourself some work. We purchased a warm mist humidifier to put next to our crib when our newborn girl had a stuffy nose. We did however opt for a cool-mist to use with our toddler (he was 3 at the time), and placed it on his bedside table. He was told what it was, what it did, not to mess with it and he never did. Can I use an essential oil diffuser around by baby? There are a few oils you may want to stay away from and in general, it's recommended that you dilute essential oils for younger children and babies. It's also recommended that you are cautious with the following oils because children have more sensitive airways than adults: Can you get sick from a humidifier? Yes. If you do not keep it clean, and you do not use clean water a humidifier can actually emit bacteria and mold into the air. Use a humidifier too much and the humidity levels in your room can stay elevated. You will get condensation and moisture everywhere. That environment is a breeding ground for bacteria and molds. Ideally, you should monitor the humidity level in a room. You would use something called a hygrometer for this. Do not let humidity stay too high for too long. Overnight use is fine, your room should get chance to dry out in the day. How close should humidifier be to your baby? This depends on your humidifier! It really comes down to exercising a little common sense. If it's a small unit that is not producing a lot of vapor you will be fine with it placed near to a child. But still keep it out of reach of a child that does not understand what it is. Use a wide area humidifier that produces a lot of vapor near a sleeping child and you might literally soak them and their bedsheets. Gauge it yourself. There's no need to be able to see mist falling onto the skin. Humidity will work even when you can not see it. What type of water should you use in a humidifier? Tap water is not the best choice in a cool mist thermometer. If you have some, distilled or demineralized water is better. It's recommended by this EPA factsheet . That's because it has less mineral content than tap water. Fewer minerals in the water, fewer minerals in the air the humidifier produces. Less in your lungs. Using tap water in an area of high mineral content might result in you seeing a fine white dust everywhere. Which cool mist humidifier is best for baby? We've actually got a separate article on this that just covers the best cool mist humidifiers. Take a look in there if you want the top pick and only want to consider cool mist. If you blow on something that's wet you will dry it out. These use the same principle. There's a wick and a fan inside. The wick soaks up liquid and the fan blows air over it to help it evaporate into the air. Wicks eventually need replacing. It's harder to evaporate water into the air in an already humid room. An evaporative humidifier will self-regulate and become less effective as the humidity in a room increases. These have an electric motor that drives a rapidly spinning disc. The disc throws water at high speed onto comb-shaped part called a diffuser. This breaks the water into microscopic droplets that are emitted into the air. A vibrating disc submersed inside a water container produces ultrasonic waves. Think of an underwater speaker. As the tiny waves break the surface they emit water particles into the air. That's the basics. If you really want to get technical check this out. Boiling water naturally evaporates into the air as steam. That's the principle a warm-mist humidifier works on. They simply boil the water slowly, small amounts at a time, and physics does the rest. What features to look for.... Warm air humidifiers do not need filters or lights to remove bacteria and minerals from the water. It's done naturally through the process of boiling it. Cool mist humidifiers will sometimes have one of the above to help to remove unwanted particles from the vapor they emit. Be aware that filters will require cleaning and/or replacement after some use. UV lights can be used to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria inside water before dispersing into the air. Bigger is not always better. A bigger reservoir will generally give you a longer run time between refills. It does depend really on the particular humidifier and the rate it emits the water as vapor. Instead, if it's specified look at the run-time in the specifications. Whole house, large, medium and small room. You will see all these listed in humidifier specs. If you are looking for a baby, you are probably going to want it for the nursery. So look at small/medium room units. How loud is it? Pretty disappointing when you get the new solution to what is bothering your little one and it ends up keeping them awake all night. Unless your child could sleep through anything, check owner review and product listings. Look for a humidifier that's quiet! When the reservoir is empty, you want your humidifier to stop. There's nothing left to disperse so no need to continue running, making noise and wearing out the components. This is especially the case on a warm mist humidifier. You do not want the element heating nothing all night. Good humidifiers will include an auto-off sensor and shut down when there's nothing left in the water tank (or the tank is knocked over). We've already mentioned that an evaporative cool mist humidifier will self-regulate. The more humid the room the less effective it will be. Other types will continue to disperse vapor until you stop them unless they come with a humidity level sensor. That's called a hygrometer. These types will also normally cost you a little more but also allow you to specify and control the desired level of humidity in a room. Great for children. Safe and easy to implement for the manufacturer nowadays. Color changing LED nightlights are common on baby humidifiers. They are usually on all night anyway, why not add a soft color changing glow to the room at the same time? Making a humidifier act as a light is also a useful indicator to children and to you that something is switched ON! Babymoov is a global brand that makes a whole lot of baby products driven by the needs of parents. Their humidifier is a nice looking unit that has all the features you would want it to have. You pay a slight premium for that over some more budget options. But if you are going to be using it a lot, or you just want a good product, then it's worth it. There's a backlit touchscreen on the front which displays the current room humidity level. You do not have to worry about the lights from that screen keeping your little one awake as they dim when it's not in use. The front panel also shows you the room temperature. You can set your desired humidity level as this has a humidity sensor at the back of the base. It will work to keep your room at your desired level until the water tank runs dry. The 0.7 gallons (2.5 L) water tank should give you 22 hours of runtime before you need to refill. There's also a diffuser that you can put essential oils or other inhalants into. Great if you want to add something more to the air to help alleviate symptoms or make a room smell a certain way. As well as setting the humidity level and leaving it to work automatically you can also just set this manually to run constantly at one of 5 output levels from 110 ml/hour up to 250 ml/hour. You can also program it to stop running after a few hours with the timer mode. Whisper quiet, this runs at 25 dB (which is actually whisper quiet). The vapor nozzle spins a full 360 and directs vapor out at 45 degrees so you can really direct it exactly where you need to. Finally, it's also a 7 color night light. Due to the funky slightly alien looking egg shape, this really can be a stylish addition to any room, not just a nursery. The night light can be switched on or off and when working can cycle through 7 colors to or just stick to one. Auto shut-off when the water tank is empty No filter, not antibacterial, needs filtered water If you can not decide between warm or cool mist, why not get a humidifier that does both? This Levoit unit allows you to select cool mist OR warm mist via the touch panel on the front or the remote control. It has a large capacity 6-liter tank and will run for up to 36 hours between refills and will cover up to 280 sq ft. The mist is expelled through two nozzles on the top and you can rotate both of them independently so that the mist is directed exactly where you need it to be. The ultrasonic air diffuser produces less than 36 dB. A whisper is about 30 dB and the sound of a humming refrigerator is about 40 dB, so whilst this is not silent, it does run quietly. If you or your baby is a light sleeper it's also possible to even turn off the blue lights on the control panel so the unit is completely dark. You do not need a filter in this one. If you want clean bacteria-free mist, you use the warm mist option.
I Assume That If the Hose Leading From the Bottom of the Radiator to the Water Pump Is Cool After Ru
I assume that if the hose leading from the bottom of the radiator to the water pump is cool after running.....?well for one your thermostat may not have opened after 20 minutes of run time or your thermostat may not be opening at all. the water pump does not have enough pressure to force open the thermostat so dont rule it out just yet— — — — — —How a water pump is selected?First, you look at the requirements. The pump will deliver water from a source to a destination. If the destination is higher than the source, you need a pump. The difference in elevation will tell you what pressure the pump needs to provide. The amount of water that needs to be delivered will tell you the capacity of the pump. Most pumps have a volume versus pressure chart that will tell you if it will work for your situation. Donu2019t forget the pressure drop caused by the pipeu2019s resistance to flow. That will give you an idea of the size of pipe that will be required. Then there is the issue of power required. The pump will require some kind of power input. Usually this is electricity, but electricity may not be available at the location and you have to run power lines. The place where you put the pump makes a difference. For example, if the requirement is to start and stop the flow that is downhill and the high point between the inlet and outlet is less than about 20 feet, a siphon can be used. To start the flow, pull the air out of the tube until the water flows and then turn off the pump. No outside power source required. I have seen this used as the spillway control on a low dam. If the flow is to be uphill, then you have to consider the fluid friction in the pipe. This requires energy to overcome. Using too small a pipe will make the pump work harder and cost more for the energy. However, the larger pipe will cost more but thatu2019s a one-time cost. The additional pump power for a smaller pipe will be a continuing cost. If the location is not served by electrical power, then some other power source will be required. This may a windmill, a water wheel, a steam engine, or human power. A water wheel in a stream can provide power to pump some of the water uphill. Itu2019s not hard to do these things but it can get tedious.How a water pump is selected?How do you choose a water pump?— — — — — —Could my Water pump be weak?could be the thermostat, if its the water pump it will leak, may need to flush your system and check the thermostat— — — — — —Is $260 too much to pay to replace the water pump in my 94 Jeep Cher. 2.5, 4 cyl., parts & labor?It's not unreasonable at all once you include labor charges. It's very unreasonable when you consider how easy it is to do yourself. Jeeps have very accessible engines. Drain the radiator fluid, remove the belt, and the water pump is very accessible and very easy to replace. Then again, you could say the same thing about oil changes. I do not see why anyone pays someone else to do those, either. (On the other hand, a Ford would be worth the price to have someone else do it. I changed the water pump on an old LTD and I swear the engineers designing that engine were responding to a barroom bet, "Is it possible to start with a water pump and mount the rest of the engine onto a single part?")— — — — — —How do i replace a water pump pulley? For a mazda protege?i have two cars of yours and never even with my older cars happend to me before i guess you tighten the belt too strong and thats why it get broken but any way ill told you how to do it (take over both belts, and if you will more confortable take out the p/s pump too) the water pump has 4 10mm bolts so you need a long wrench, you will use the circle section of the wrench that will prevent bad coupling on the bolt and here it comes the bad part of it the water pump will spin when you try to loose the bolts so you will need a vise grip (is pressure thing for hold things, my bad english sorry) in spanish is alicate de presion for hold the water pump from spinning and you are done is not an easy task make the vise grip hold the water pump but is better than replace the water pump because you will need to change timming on the car too
Can I Drink Warm/hot Tap Water? Closed
This actually depends on how your tap water is warmed.If you have a personal water heater, which is connected to your tap with non-corrodable pipes, then there is essentially no difference. However, if the heating comes from a common source, then it would be very difficult to verify that the heater-tap connection does not contain any corrodable pipes. In this case, it might be better to not use the warm water for direct drinking, especially if the building is old.A 7-year old house should not have lead pipes installed, since the Canadian Plumbing Code has banned lead pipes since 1975. As such, I believe that your warm water is safe to drink. The National Plumbing Code allowed lead as an acceptable material for pipes until 1975 and in solder until 1986. All provinces and territories use the National Plumbing Code as a basis for their own regulations.Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it's on-topic for Biology Stack Exchange. Closed 5 years ago. Improve this questionI live in Canada and tap water is drinkable, as a matter of fact, the government puts a little bit of flouride in the tap water so it cleans your teeth.My wife and mom always tells me not to drink the tap water when it's warm/hot.Is there something in the water that's bad for the body or is this a myth? (bacterias in warm/hot water vs cold)Added info: The water is heated in the water heater which is in the basement of my house. It is a new water heater, only a year old. My house is built 7 years ago, which for a house it's not old. I don't know about the pipes though·OTHER ANSWER:Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it's on-topic for Biology Stack Exchange. Closed 5 years ago. Improve this questionI live in Canada and tap water is drinkable, as a matter of fact, the government puts a little bit of flouride in the tap water so it cleans your teeth.My wife and mom always tells me not to drink the tap water when it's warm/hot.Is there something in the water that's bad for the body or is this a myth? (bacterias in warm/hot water vs cold)Added info: The water is heated in the water heater which is in the basement of my house. It is a new water heater, only a year old. My house is built 7 years ago, which for a house it's not old. I don't know about the pipes though
Caught in the Spray: "It was really cool, I felt like it was a water park," Brock, a Broadway diva in the making with a prowess for pageantry, said excitedly. "My mom did really good on my spray tan!"If It Ain't Broke: Sydney, 6, a veteran of so-called "natural" pageants where they don't even let the kids wear fake eyelashes (my word!) is nicknamed the "title stealer." Why For all the times she's left her home state of Indiana to snatch other states' titles from the clutches of her fellow first-graders, that's why! But now mom Kim is preparing Sydney for her first "full glitz" event. Can she hack it!Live and Learn: Shanna will never shave Savannah's eyebrows again, and has instead embarked on a waxing-and-tweezing routine. Is it just us, or do these girls start looking younger the more hairspray and makeup is plastered to their tiny faces and headsCry, Baby!: "If you cry, you cannot compete," Shanna warned Savannah as her daughter picked frustratingly at her hair piece. "We cannot have anymore tears." Kim, meanwhile, teared up when she saw Sydne all glitzed up, looking "like a 16-year-old little girl." Hmm, how about we all have a cry nowImprov Dramedy: Brock, who BTW seems like the only kid who really wants to be doing this, is psyched to don his sparkly red shirt and "cool black pants" for his half-choreographed, half-improvised dance routine.Lockout Freakout: Shanna forgot Savannah's number in their hotel room, and when she ran back to get it, neither of her key cards worked! Such a freakin' disaster! The manager refused to believe without proof that room 511 really was Shanna's, so the employee went up by herself while Shanna complained to anyone who would listen that Savannah's number was locked in their room! And these mothers worry about their daughters losing face. (P.S. The number was arrived and pinned to Savannah in time for her Casual Wear Routine.)Bringin' Down the House: Even some of his fellow contestants were bopping their thickly sprayed heads to the music when Brock started dancing. Mom Tori has every reason to be proud of her brave little boy who seems more comfortable with himself than most guys three times his age.
Yinxin Releases Itx Chassis: Modular Design Supports 240 Water Cooling
Silverstone has released a new itx chassis, the model is treasure SG15 (Sugo 15), which is an upgraded version of treasure 14. This chassis is compatible with mini DTX / mini itx motherboard and adopts aluminum alloy shell.This chassis adopts modular design and has excellent expansion performance. Three hollowed out panels are equipped with magnetic dust screens and aluminum spring screws. The chassis supports 3-slot full-length graphics cards with a maximum length of 330mm and a height of 148mm.Yinxin SG15 chassis can be customized with various configurations. When 120mm water-cooling row is installed, support 2 × 3.5 inch HDD 3 × 2.5 inch hard disk.If a 3.5-inch HDD is not installed, a 240mm long water-cooled row can be placed on the side. At the same time, this chassis supports air-cooled radiators with a height of no more than 182mm.Yinxin chassis supports standard size ATX power supply. When using water-cooled cooling, two additional 120mm cooling fans can be added. In terms of interface, there are 2 on the side of the front panel of the chassis × USB type A interface, a type-C interface and a 3.5mm audio interface.In addition, the chassis is equipped with a height adjustable graphics card support module. The net weight of the chassis is 4.25kg and the size is 247mm x 211mmm x 366mm.It home learned that Yinxin Zhenbao SG15 chassis is available in black and silver, with a price of 829 yuan.
Hot Water Heater Broken! Help Please?
normally this is caused by high water pressure, you will probably need your house water pressure tested, and if above 75 psi, then a new pressure reducing valve installed along with new t&p valve1. water heater pilot light wont stay lit?The safety value is working. Need a new thermocouple. Lowes got them. Need to take old one with you2. How does a hot water heater work ?The hot water may have a reset button. Sometimes it will pop out with a power loss. Otherwise, you or have some one else check to make sure the unit is getting power. You will need a multi testor to perform this. Then, if the unit is getting power, you will need to check to see if the elements have burned out. Again, you will need to use a multi testor for this. (First of all though, make sure there's water in the tank too). good luck3. what's wrong with my gas water heater?It's probably electrical -- or a safety device that shuts it off. The ciculating pump may not be working right. Get proffesional help, or BOOM !!4. what size fish tank water heater?Yeah, I would go big as well as it's outside and will have extra heat loss due to the planter. A couple of 300w wont be excessive. The power draw is the same no matter what size heater. 300w running 100% of the time, or 600w running 1/2 the time, same power use. Are you able to insulate the setup a bit? Even a blanket or tarp that you put over things on the cold nights to keep the warmth in ? Even keeping the breeze off it slows down the heat loss. Ian5. water heater flame goes out.. no, not the pilot!?You need to replace the thermocouple6. Replacing gas valve- Water heater?i bought my water heater at ace and the valve was bad from the factory...shut off your water supply and get the new one teflon taped and ready to go ...spin the old valve out and quickly turn the new one in. ..i only lost about a cup of water. ..take the info from your heater to ace and they will tell which new valve will be compatible...brand and model number7. can a thermostat be repaired on a gas water heater?Replaced, not repaired. By current government standards it may be hard, if not impossible, to find a replacement thermostat. If the unit is over 10 years old you may be better off replacing it8. Why would there be a marble in my water heater?it could've fell in there9. water heater won't stay lite?The square grey box on the side of the tank is the thermostat/gas valve. Once you have the pilot lit and turn on the gas and the main burner lights, then the water heats to the preset temperature and the main burner will shut off. If it ran all the time it would boil the water eventually and the valve on the side would start blowing steam all over. Once the water has reached the preset temp., and you need hot water, the cold water that's introduced into the tank when you open a hot water faucet eventually will cool the remaining water till it reaches a point where the thermostat says it's time to heat again. Then the main burner will relite from the pilot and the whole process starts over again.10. New Hot Water heater not working. (Gas)?Sit by the water heater late at night and listen for drips sizzling as they hit the pilot light area cooling the thermo couple causing gas to shut off11. Electric hot water heater is overheating.?Are you talking about an immersion heater where the element fits in the side or top ?If its a simple rod-shaped thermostat with the temp.adjustment on the end then its a simple job t replace it yourself as it simply slides into the hole in the element and theres just 2 connections. Make sure you get the correct length though. Remove it and take it to your local pumbing/heating merchants. Ensure of course that the elec is full switched off first.12. Possible causes for water heater leak?Probably small hole in tank. Have a plumber check it out
What Is Broken in My Hot Water System?
Trekkie is right on. Leaking tank and rust suggests this is an old, old tank. Time for a new one, and you can even install it yourself. If electric, make sure you fill with water BEFORE you power up the system. Elements burn out real quick when no tank water absorbs the heat. If gas, or oil, play it safe and get a certified HVAC tech (or plumber who is certified to work on gas/oil) to make the fuel connections.1. Can I reduce the amount of water in my High efficiency washer?In a high efficiency washer, the amount of water used is determined by the amount of clothes in the machine. More clothes gets more water, less clothes, less water. Turning the water down will only slow things down. It wo not reduce water usage.2. How does water flow through a plant?Water goes from the roots of the plant to the xylem. A plant uses the force of gravity and pressure inside of the stem to push water upwards. The pressure comes from the plants releasing oxygen and water out from its leaves, thus giving a suction effect. Hope this helps!.3. Why is water so important?Water is the prime source of existence. Humans are approx 70% water. Vegetation depends on it, it's in the air we breath. Believe it or not, water was the start of all things4. does any one really know if this works ( water for fuel)?Water is not a fuel. It is a combustion product (as 2H O -> H2O) You can electrolise water into hydrogen and oxyen then use the hydrogen as fuel, but that uses more energy than would be released, so it only makes sense if you have an abundant but non-portable source of electricity which can be used for the electrolysis, but even then battery power would probably make more sense. It may be possible to use steam power by injecting water into an IC engine's cylinders so that it converts to steam and adds to the expansion of gas, but it is complicated (for one thing, causing rust) and unlikely to make much difference to mpg.5. If fish can't see water how can they tell the difference between air and water so they don't accidentally beach themselves?Fish can feel, right? And they have an air balast. The water is thicker and they have to get O2 from it. Stick your head in under water. You can not see air but if you breath , I Dont think it will take you long to figure out that you were made to live above water and fish. And fish were made to stay in water. All this baloney about man coming from the ocean millions of years ago, adapting to the theoretical , supposed, environment of that supposed time. Is just that. Baloney. There is no way all this life on this planet developed from 1 Or several accidents. If life was that easy to start we would be able to document new types of life happening all around us every year or at least in the life of a few generations. No one singing a song about different organisms. And even if they do how do they know that said NEW life has just been over looked.In reguards to fish out of water. Dont you think a fish knowes it's not suppose to be on the dry ground? Otherwise why flop around ? To maybe get back into the normal environment from where the fish came from? Good answer.6. Best Baby Carriers to Use in WaterBest Baby Carriers to Use in Water A water sling is designed to help parents hold their little babies while they are in the water. Water-friendly carriers make it much easier to enjoy warm days without worrying about your infant. They also work in the shower or any place that involves moisture. Here, I go through the main points to consider before purchasing one and discuss the features of the best baby carrier to use in water. Why Use a Waterproof Baby Carrier or Baby Sling? A wrap sling is a piece of fabric that you can wrap around your body to securely hold your baby. A baby carrier allows you to carry a baby on the front or on the back. Finally, slings are pouches that have an adjustable ring that will fit your body. Any parent who has tried to hold a baby while in the water knows that it can be challenging. This can lead to frustration and accidental scratches. You can avoid all this by getting a waterproof baby carrier that will support your child no matter how much they move. Models that are listed below are parent approved and safe for little children. What to look for in a Waterproof Baby Carrier? If you want to choose the best baby carrier, there are important things you should consider. The material it is made from is vital. You do not want it to have a lot of padding. Many parents choose polyester or a mesh baby carrier because they dry quickly. Another important aspect to consider is UV protection. You will probably use your baby wrap carrier during summertime, thus there will be the hot sun. UV rays are harmful to babies because they have sensitive skin, so search for a model that offers a high degree of protection. You should also ensure that a baby sling is easy to put on and that it will hold your baby securely so you can enjoy the water without your baby slipping out of the sling. All models listed below are made of light fabric so you can use them if you are living in a warm, humid environment. It is important to check that your baby is well supported and not moist. When you are in the water, make sure your child is above the water. It is important for safety. If your baby is only a few months old, he/she should be facing you at all times. Older babies can be facing out, just be sure you check on them frequently. Even though a waterproof baby sling is meant to be used in water, do not go into deep water. This mesh baby sling is perfect for quick drying and playing in the water with your baby. You can also use it when you are not in the water because it is made of a breathable material. The manufacturer recommends using it for 8-30 pound babies. You can choose from petite, regular or extra-long sizes and from many colors. The petite size is 66 inches long, the regular size is 72 inches long, and the extra long is 90 inches long. With this safe and waterproof ring sling, you can position your baby above the chest to ensure safety even if you dip in the waters off the beach. The sling is made of polyester mesh that dries quickly and is very light, too. It is one of the most inexpensive models on the market and it delivers on its promises. It is quick and easy to use and you can get the baby in and out of the carrier in minutes. This waterproof ring sling allows you to travel out to the beach without worrying about holding a slippery baby. You can use it during rainy days, as well. It is suitable for babies up to 30 months. The carrier is made of breathable polyester that dries quickly. You can carry the baby on either the right or the left side. This water baby carrier is made in the USA according to the highest American standards. It is quick drying, breathable, and lightweight. It is perfect for carrying a baby at the beach or at the pool. It is suitable for babies up to 30 pounds. It fits over both shoulders, which makes parents feel comfortable while carrying a baby. This water wrap is stretchier than many other models in the market. The baby sling is 5 meters long and half a meter wide which is more than enough to provide support for a head, back, and neck of a baby. It has many colors to choose from and colors do not fade with time. It is very lightweight and made of breathable material. Your baby wo not get hot in this carrier and the price is quite low. And you will also get a cute bandana bib. This baby carrier is an excellent option for everyone who needs a cheap yet reliable ring sling without breaking your budget. It is made in Germany and comes in an authentic German design. It is made of fabric that is waterproof, breathable, fast drying, and lightweight. Make sure to carefully read the instructions before using this mesh ring sling for the first time. It is important for a baby's safety and helps avoid strains on your body. You should always spread out the cloth wide enough across the back to distribute the baby's weight evenly. The carrying capacity of this water carrier is 40 pounds. When you are at the beach or at the pool, you want to make sure your child is safe and happy. In order to avoid accidents, get one of these waterproof water carriers. They do not cost much, they are lightweight, and you can rest assured your baby is secure.
1. Do not Use 188 Stainless Steel in or Near A Salt Water AreaSaltwater is great at causing rust & reducing the life of fasteners. To remedy this, we recommend to use stainless steel and the correct grade of stainless steel needs to be used. We generally recommend using only 316-grade stainless steel within twenty miles of the saltwater area. Otherwise the risk of oxidization (rust), even in other grades of stainless steel, are greatly increased. Caliber fasteners are leading fasteners manufacturer in New Zealand and many other countries.2. Always Mate Hot Dip Galvanized Fasteners with Other Hot Dip Galvanized FastenersHot Dip Galvanized fasteners are coated with a thick zinc protective which is called hot-dip galvanization, to make them less susceptible to oxidization. This thick coating of zinc creates a layer on the threading which will not match other materials that dont have this coating. Fasteners that get hot dip galvanized & have a different spacing in preparation for this change in thickness. Pro Tip: When installing fasteners, it is recommended that you always try to use the same grade & material.3. Always Make Use of Fastener Lubricant on Stainless Steel FastenersStainless Steel Fasteners have a coating on them which makes them less likely to oxidize. The trade-off is that this coating can also cause friction between the fasteners (nut & bolt) during the installation. As this heating up occurs, the threads jam & can actually weld to each other. To reduce such risks, simply apply a small amount of fastener lubricant, to the fasteners before installation. Not only will it deter galling but it can also help to extend the life of your fastener. To know more about fasteners, visit fasteners dealer in New Zealand.4. Always Make Use of the Right Size ScrewdriverA Phillips's head is a Phillips head, right? Wrong. Phillips head screwdrivers can also come in different sizes. These sizes may not seem to make a huge difference to you, but to the fastener, the difference between a properly seated drive & one that is loose could mean a stripped head. Always make sure the driver sits fully seated into the drive recess, if there is playroom between the drive & the recess, you need to find the appropriately sized drive or risk of stripping is increased.5. Never Make Use of Stainless Steel & Aluminum TogetherStainless Steel & Aluminum are metals that have very specific cases where they can be used together. If they are used together improperly, there will be a transfer of electrons between them which can compromise the integrity of the materials leading to what is called galvanic corrosion. One of the easiest ways to avoid galvanic corrosion is to use materials that match. We manufacture different types of fasteners.6. First Pre-Drill Hardwood Before Installing ScrewsThere are times when softer wood where you can get away with not pre-drilling holes. You should always pre-drill hardwood. Hardwood is much more likely to crack or split while installing a screw. This can ruin the finish of many products & weaken the integrity of others. Always pre-drill to ensure you do not spoil your work.7. Never Mix Fine & Coarse Thread FastenersBoth fine & coarse thread fasteners have different benefits & should be used accordingly. However, it often seems that people attempt to mix them whether its by not knowing they are different or not understanding the measurements. It will ultimately ruin the threading & result in damaged & unusable threads or a jammed fastener assembly. If you are looking for fasteners supplier in New Zealand, visit Caliber Fasteners.8. Do not Over-Tighten FastenersFasteners have a max recommended torque for installations. To achieve this, we recommend a torque wrench while fasteners. You can set the wrenching torque so that it will slip after that force is reached. Over-tightening fasteners can actually damage the threads & compromise the integrity of the bolt.9. You are Not Invincible, Wear Safety GearWe constantly & consistently see people work with fasteners without using the appropriate safety gear. This is our most important tip for you. No one is invincible. Many of the injuries can be avoided by simply wearing the appropriate gear. You will find the safety glasses much less annoying when it is preventing metal shavings from flying into your eyes·RELATED QUESTIONStainless steel water bottle?There are different quality in steel products. Probably, the steel water bottle purchased by you may be of a lower quality. Hence, the odd taste of water
What Would Happen to the Animal Cell in the Hypertonic Solution If It Were Placed in Pure Water?
it would shrink? or maybe swell..?— — — — — —helppp......?If you are talking about those electric impulse ab exercisers, hun forget it. I bought one and they do not work. They make it look like you can burn fat away by wearing it, and it's not true. The truth is, you cannot turn fat into muscle. You can tone or bulk up your muscle tissue and create lean muscle mass, but the only way to burn fat and calories is with proper diet, plenty of pure water, and exercise. Please, I am telling you do not waste your money. I have lost 15 pound in the past 3 months and I owe it all to drinking water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and walking.— — — — — —Is drinking a cup of green tea the same as drinking 8 glasses of pure water?Yes I suggested that I drink 2 cups of green tea a day as well as water. She said it is very healthy and helps the body flush away toxins / fat etc. (I never drink cola anyway). I found it very helpful and has helped me control my weight.— — — — — —What is the world's first and foremost medicine?If I tell anyone that the water they are drinking can be contaminated with the various metals like lead or arsenic, or that they might have various other chemicals like antibiotics or pesticides, that is going into their body with the water they drink, then it would disturb them a lot. But this is something which is very true when it comes to the water we drink and the water we get from a tap at our home.Every human being has the same need to stay hydrated. So, it was absolutely necessary that we came up with something that is known as filters to remove contaminants from the water we drink or the tap water.If you are wondering why am I suddenly going on about the purity of water that is because pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine as asked by you.You should always keep a check on the quality of your water and the water you are drinking if your tap water is coming from a water system that belongs to the entire community, then whatever water checking has been going on there, you should have access to the final report. Read the report that you get after the checkup, in that report you should look for the levels of contaminants that are allowed in the water and the levels of contaminants that are present in the water you get.During this, if you see any violations, or if you see something that is not being followed like the level of a particular contaminant is higher than the allowed value then it is better if you go and talk to the community head and try to get the levels of excessive contaminants lowered.Because pure water is very important for every person to drink and cannot be replaced by any other thing. If suppose, water is not coming from our community water system then you should regulate and check the quality of your water by yourself. This is non-negotiable, you should check the levels of various contaminants in your water and match them to the standard levels, with that you also need to make sure that you are using the right filter at your home for your tap water and that the filter is able to remove the various contaminants that are present in the tap water, because if it fails to do so then your filter is not of any particular use.Get your filter from a known company that you trust and make sure that the quality is good so that the water you will get after filtration will be pure enough to drink. Also make sure you get your filter checked every now and then if there is any disturbance in the filter you should get it fixed right away and not postpone this.When you are out of your house and you prefer to buy bottled water to drink, then you should not trust those bottles water blindly as well since not all of them are as per the guidelines and the standard values therefore only stick to the bottled water which is approved by various organizations and that is safe to drink. You can also check the list of ingredients that is there on the back of the water bottle and read the label very carefully to see if there is anything that should not be there. Again, stick to only the bottled water which is of the brands that you can trust and have been around for enough time.We talked about your duty when it comes to drinking water and making sure the water you drink is safe and pure. Well, at the same time it is also your responsibility to not pollute the water, whenever you flush any unused pills or whatever prescription medicines you have down the toilet, you are increasing the amount of them and all those chemicals in the water system, therefore that should not be done and you should play your part when it comes to being a responsible person. You should safely dispose of your medicines that you no longer required at a drugstore. If your drug store does not provide this facility of proper and safe disposal of medicines, then you can always go to an expert and learn how to dispose of medicines. Also, try to use more natural products so that only fewer chemicals end up in the tap water because any chemical you dispose of or wash off through the water system is added to the water you drink. And the more their amount will be in the water when you go on to drink in the next time. Every person should have access to safe drinking water for water is the first and foremost medicine!What is the world's first and foremost medicine?
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