Which Water Proof Eyeliners Work Better?

located eye primer or a skinny layer of your commencing up place on. Then prepare the eyeliner. After that, located the commencing up place on lower back yet this time below your eye.make constructive it is powder in spite of the undeniable fact that. The powder facilitates it stay in place. want this facilitates! =].

1. What's the best and cheapest brand of water-proof mascara and spray-on self-tanner?

shoppers drug mart.. i think. i was there a couple nights ago.. andi saw some

2. acrylic - comming off... water proof paint?

there are a whole selections of paints to use for ceramic or glass and you set it by baking it in the oven...lasts forever and does not chip/wear off....check dickblick.com

3. Any good make up to cover stretch marks no smudge, water proof?

I wish I had an answer for you. I will be back checking. Come on someone have a good answer to this one. I have heard that there are airbrush makes up out there but we need a better answer!

4. what do i do to water proof?

You do not need to waterproof, you need to change the direction of the runoff water. After a house is built dirt is piled up against the foundation as "backfill". This will settle over time and you will need to add more clean topsoil up near your foundation until you have a good slope away from your house. You might also have clogged gutters or gutters too small for your amount of roof. If your gutters overflow they will drop water right up against your foundation instead of controlling where the water is evacuated. Make sure your gutters are clear, make sure you have splash blocked under them and consider adding the plastic extention pipe to them to help them drain far away from your home. You need to get this water away from your home and foundation rather than try to waterproof your door and block walls or you will have major problems. If you get the block wall waterproofed and it actually holds then when you get another rain like this the weight of the water being held back by the wall might cause it to fail and collapse. Then you have a REAL mess.

5. Best brand of water proof make up?

Well. Try some brands like Make Up For Ever they have a ton of waterproof stuff

6. What material makes the warmest gloves?

My favorite by far, are hestra. they are goat leather and so warm its ridiculous, last a good 3 years and are water proof too. i like leather gloves but that is just my opinion, however i have a pair of nylon glove liners that are nice but not warm (good for spring and early season)


Almost any hard wood (2x4's) could make a great choice for a frame. Shop around, make sure however that if it is cheap, it's solid and non-aromatic such as oak, poplar (cottonwood), elm, maple, ect. No pine, red-wood or cedar for your frame. Ask about waterproofing, you want a frame that lasts spills. Ply wood panels are great for the sides and bottom, make sure it's water proof and resistant as well. I've seen iguanas battle ram on their water pans. If you can use tile for the bottom, even better. One of my iguana cages is made from a solid oak frame with tempered glass sides. Oak is great if you can afford it, and its resistant as hell. If you can not afford good wood, build a knock-down PVC cage, inexpensive and easily stowed-away (you can use it for sunning later, who knows) and save up for that good wood.

8. what are some of the best water proof mascara and eyeliner?

i suggest sharpie, since it doesnt come off easily when exposed to water and other moist conditions

9. What is a good water proof foundation?

Concrete makes a great foundation and will keep out most water. You can buy it in fifty pound bags

10. Painting a large area (100 sq. feet) on acetate fabric. what paint should i use? needs: water proof, no peel.?

Ask them at the store where you buy the paint

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