Which Uses Less Energy, a Window Fan Or Using the Fan Mode on My Window Air Conditioner?

a window fan. smaller motor, less resistance

1. Can you identify the brand of this window?

A Google search of 280 series windows led me to Diamond Window and Door. It is a long shot but might be a place to start

2. Is blue window tint legal in Texas?

unfortunately, blu tint is not legal in texas... my cousin got pulled over for amber tint and he was told that any other color other than black was illeagal... :/ sorry

3. When you look out your window (if you're near a window), what do you see?

See another person looking at my window

4. Could an airsoft gun crack a window?

maybe point blank on a crappy single pane window

5. Cost to replace broken in car window?

do it yourself. or find a good performance shop to do it for you, and pay for it yourself. either way, your 500 dollar decuctible probably wo not be worth it.

6. How to sneek out or sneek someone in?

1. If you would normally have music or the television on then yes you should do that. If you do then set your computer to go into sleep mode around whatever time you would normally turn these things off. (You may get back before then but if you decide not to then you wo not have to worry about it). If you use window than you can do that by opening the control panel and selecting Power Options. Then click Change When The Computer Sleeps. Set it to sleep after how ever much time has passed that you want it to play after you leave and then just move the mouse when you go so that it waits the proper amount of time. On the other hand if your parents are like mine then they will get up and go to the bathroom during the night and tell you to turn of the music/TV, if your parents do this than maybe its not such a good idea to have the music on. 2. If your sneaking out then the first thing you should do is to be sure that your parents are asleep. If one of them snores than you can listen for that, 80ish % of couples will fall asleep within 15 min of each other. You should then find a way to get out through your window (preferably without a ladder if your on the 2nd floor, you can not get rid of the ladder after you get back in). If you are on the second floor you can jump if it's not too high or maybe hang something out to climb down. Just do not use anything that you cant get inside with you or someone may find it and figure out what you did. Also if possible you should get the window closed when you leave. Having open windows will make the cars outside sound much louder from inside and may wake someone up. 3. If you are sneaking in than you probably do not want to have them in your room because it is so close to everyone else. If possible try to keep at least one room or hallway between you and your parents. The walls will help to muffle whatever noise you make. If you start to get loud you should leave the house until things calm down (its a pain in the butt but It will keep you out of trouble trust me It worked for me). One thing that got me caught a couple of times was my friends leaving things behind when they left. If your parents find anything that your friend may have forgotten when they left you should have a believable reason for why it is there and, if your parents remember it not being there, how it got there in the middle of the night. But it's easier jut to make sure they got everything. Good Luck

7. When I open a Safari window, a google chrome window opens too. How to disable this?

Its Very Easy to correct it No problem At First U Uninstall both Google Chrome and Safari Then Download the Latest Version Safari and Google Chrome And then Install Safari and use it If u use chrome then install it after that u can easily browse ur content Good Luck.................. *************************************************

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How Do I Make the Noise Less in My Window Air Conditioner?
how do i make the noise less in my window air conditioner?This Site Might Help You. RE: how do i make the noise less in my window air conditioner? I have a window air conditioner and one of the cool off vents is on the top.....i want to know what i could put on top to keep the noise down when the rain hits it.— — — — — —Humming Noise in 2003 Cavalier?You have 3 options 1. Buy a tow truck and tow it around 2. Junk it or roll it off a mountain 3. Buy Japanese NEVER EVER BUY AMERICAN AGAIN, WHEN THE WARRANTY IS OVER YOU ARE IN FOR A NIGHTMARE, ON JAPANESE WHEN THE WARRANTY IS OVER ITS JUST GETTING BROKEN IN.— — — — — —Origin of quantum noiseQuantum noise may be observed in any system where conventional sources of noise (industrial noise, vibrations, fluctuations of voltage in the electric power supply, thermal noise due to Brownian motion, etc.) are somehow suppressed. Still Generally, quantum noise can be considered as the error of the description of any physical system within classical (not quantum) theory.[clarification needed] It is reasonable to include consideration of quanta appearing or disappearing spontaneously in spacetime due to the most basic laws of conservation, hence, no area in spacetime is devoid of potential addition or subtraction of a least common denominator quanta element, causing "noise" in a given experiment. This could manifest as quantum decoherence in an entangled system, normally attributed to thermal differences in the conditions surrounding each entangled particle considered to be part of an entangled set. Because entanglement is studied intensely in simple pairs of entangled photons, for example, decoherence observed in these experiments could well be synonymous with "quantum noise" as to the source of the decoherence. e.g. If it were possible for a quanta of energy to spontaneously appear in a given field, a region of spacetime, then thermal differences must be associated with this event, hence, it would cause decoherence in an entangled system in proximity of the event.[dubious - discuss] In an electric circuit, the random fluctuations of a signal due to the discrete character of electrons can be called quantum noise. The random error of interferometric measurements of position, due to the discrete character of photons registered during measurement, can be attributed to quantum noise. Even the uncertainty of position of a probe in probe microscopy may be partly attributable to quantum noise, although this is not the dominant mechanism that determines the resolution of such a device. In most cases, quantum noise refers to the fluctuations of signal in extremely precise optical systems with stabilized lasers and efficient detectors.— — — — — —rubbing noise front passenger side/?First, have the brakes rechecked at another location, just to be sure. If they are indeed ok, you may have a bad wheel bearing/hub on that corner. That's the most likely cause of a rubbing or grinding noise other than bad brakes. Have the tech that looks at it make sure that the backing plate is not rubbing on the brake rotor, a common problem when people work on that area of a car and accidently bend it a bit. It's easy to do, and makes a heck of a noise. The "pop" noise, if it's pop-pop-pop then it is likely it is an axle/cv problem; if it just pops once then look for loose body rivets and bolts in the area that the noise comes from. It can be hard to locate.— — — — — —my car is making a twirling noise like someone is twirling a rope in the air?A brake problem would get much worse when the brakes are applied. If it were a belt you could always get someone to rev the engine and try to locate the noise. It seems like its definitely an air issue. Check for air leaks near the air box Make sure the hood is latched completely(there are rubber shims that could but up too far holding the hood too high) It could just be the wind running through the rust holes— — — — — —Weird noise coming from my truck?Could be a wheel bearing(s) going out, could be universal joint(s) in the drive shaft going out, could be a brake pad/shoe(s) dragging on a warped brake rotor/drum, or it could be a bent dust cover rubbing inside the wheels, or it could be part of the plastic in the fender wells come loose and it's bouncing on the tires, or it could just be the cooling fan rubbing on radiator fan shroud/housing.could be lots of things. Can you tell what direction the noise is coming from? Front or back, left or right?
Should My Roommates and I Turn on Central Air Conditioning Or Get 3 Window AC Units?
3 5,000 btu air conditioners would be a lot cheaper and can be left on energy saver so the ac does not keep jumping on all day.just make sure they are 110volts1. Maximum temperature drop with air conditioning?15-20 degree drop is in normal range. Most of it depends on the type of system2. How does air conditioning work?No, refrigerant does not get colder in the evaporator but instead it boils into a vapor under this lower pressure side of the system and it's a law of physics that a boiling liquid is changing state to a gas and that causes it to ABSORB heat, so it just feels cold to you. Rubbing alcohol does the same thing on your skin better than water because it evaporates more quickly ( has a lower boiling point)3. Central Air Conditioning in Michigan?You would need the outdoor unit and indoor coil. Probably around $3 - $5 K total4. With central air conditioning, if you shut off the outflow vents in one part of your home, will it make the air conditioning more effective in other parts of your house?If you shut down the ones closest to the thermostat that will cause the thermostat to satisfy less often thereby making other areas get more heat or A/C5. 2001 BMW 740i Sport, my air conditioning/heating system turns on every time i turn on the car. help?yeah what is a cope?6. What if air-conditioning didn't exist at all?If temperatures get to high, the elderly will start to die. Idk, we probably wo not live in the heat then. Why choose to live in a place you can not stand?7. Does my landlord have to fix the air conditioning?Is the air conditioner written into the lease as something that comes with the apartment as part of your rent cost? If so, he has to fix or replace it. If not, you are outta luck.8. is having NO air conditioning make you a bad parent.?Not really.My father has air in his home and refuses to turn it on unless my siblings or I were sick.He believed it would run up the electricity bill.If no one was passed out with Heat Stroke,we were just fine in his eyes.9. Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement | American StandardWith DIY books, blogs, TV shows and podcasts, there's never been more free content out there to help you take on basic maintenance around the house. However, it's important to remember to follow safety guidelines to avoid accidental injury. If you are planning on troubleshooting problems with your HVAC system yourself, keep these furnace and air conditioner safety tips in mind. One of the most overlooked safety concerns when repairing or maintaining an HVAC system is carbon monoxide poisoning. When not properly maintained and monitored, your HVAC system could quickly become a health hazard either due to a damaged system, a diagnostic problem or inadequate maintenance. Because carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, it's hard to detect, and prolonged exposure can lead to brain damage and even death. To protect you and your family, keep a carbon monoxide detector with fresh batteries near the furnace at all time. When dealing with any gas-burning system, be sure to follow furnace safety tips by turning off the gas and the power switch and following the manufacturer's maintenance instructions. If you smell gas while maintaining your furnace, do not try to fix the leak or shut off the gas yourself. Leave the house immediately and call your utility company's emergency hotline. When it comes to air conditioner safety, always make sure you turn off the power switch when performing basic maintenance such as clearing debris from the outdoor unit or dusting off the evaporator coils. It's best to have a qualified, licensed electrician service any electrical issue you may be having. Air conditioning units should be inspected regularly to make sure they are not only safe, but also that potential issues can be caught early to avoid costly repair. Preventative maintenance will nearly always save you money in the long run. Of course, the best HVAC safety precaution you can take is to call an American Standard Customer Care dealer. One of our dealers can come out to your home to perform a diagnostic check and repair any issue you may have with your HVAC system. Rather than attempt repairs yourself, our certified and trained technicians will safely service your HVAC unit so you do not have to get your hands dirty, and your furnace and air conditioner continue to keep you comfortable.
Windows 7 Multi-core Processors?
ought to paintings. Theres many win 7 computers with single cores, and 1gb ram obtainable, yet you are going to be able to wanna examine the assessment for the type itself. . i understand people who've them and that they only love them i do no longer think of drivers count number1. Having multi lines in bash command substitutionYou can mask the newline with .The tells the shell to ignore the newline2. Why do i have multi colored hair?Throw lower back. in case your pal had a white relative, no depend how far down the line it replaced into, the gene trait continues to be in her DNA. Or the daddy has a good white DNA trait. while the embyo's formed, those characteristics may be carried and to that end charactorized as prodominent white. occasion. I extremely have dark brown hair and green eyes. My husband has black hair, brown eyes. His mom has crimson hair blue eyes. Out of my husbands 4 siblings, none have crimson hair or blue eyes. Out of all my MIL grnadkids, not one has crimson hair or blue eyes. yet. as quickly as I had my first daughter 3 years in the past, she has crimson hair blue eyes. yet no one in my kinfolk have this trait. So my daughter is a throwback, wearing her grandmother's characteristics. Does that make experience. it is ordinary because my husband is a element Syrian and local American, that when I had my next 2 daughters, emmy has blondish hair brown eyes, sophie has black hair blue eyes. it is all gene trait. there replaced right into a black lady on the information one time who had twins a boy and a woman. the female got here out white as snow and the boy got here out dark dark brown. the element approximately it is although, the two discern's have been black.3. Need a multi word unscrambler?meovebm4. Try to deobfuscate multi layered javascriptYou could try using de4js. For the javascript snippet in the original post, de4js produces the following output:When the eval radio button is selected, this reduces to5. Why multi core processors?The trend towards multiple cores is an engineering approach that helps the CPU designers avoid the power consumption problem that came with ever increasing frequency scaling. As CPU speeds rose into the 3-4 Ghz range the amount of electrical power required to go faster started to become prohibitive. The technical reasons for this are complex but factors like heat losses and leakage current (power that simply passes through the circuitry without doing anything useful) both increase faster as frequencies rise. While it's certainly possible to build a 6 GHz general purpose x86 CPU, it's not proven economical to do so efficiently. That's why the move to multi-core started and it is why we will see that trend continue at least until the parallelization issues become insurmountable. At the moment the trend towards virtualization has helped in the server arena as that allows us to parallelize aggregate workloads efficiently, for the moment at any rate.13 GHz) requires only 40 watts. That's 137% more electrical power for 24% more CPU power for CPU's that are for the most part feature compatible. The X5677 pushes the speed up to 3. 46 GHz with some more features but that's only 60% more processing power for 225% more electrical power. Now compare the X5560 (2.8 GHz, 4 cores, 95 watts) with the newer X5660 (2.8 GHz, 6 cores, 95 watts) and there's 50% extra computing power in the socket (potentially, assuming that Amdahl's law being kind to us for now) without requiring any additional electrical power. AMD's 6100 series CPU's see a similar gains in aggregate performance over the 24008400 series while keeping electrical power consumption flat. For single-threaded tasks this is a problem but if your requirements are to deliver large amounts of aggregate CPU power to a distributed processing cluster or a virtualization cluster then this is a reasonable approach. This means that for most server environments today scaling out the number of cores in each CPU is a much better approach than trying to build fasterbetter single core CPU's. The trend will continue for a while but there are challenges and continually scaling out the number of cores is not easy (keeping memory bandwidth high enough and managing caches gets much harder as the number of cores grows). That means that the current fairly explosive growth in the number of cores per socket will have to slow down in a couple of generations and we will see some other approach
Multiple Problems--windows 7 Mbr, Others
First, it's not Microsoft who no longer sends install disks, it is Dell who stopped it to save the measly cost of printing a DVD.I would simply create another partition from Disk Manager in 7, then reboot from Vista installer and put it there, later, running EasyBCD on Vista to restore the 7 boot option• Related Questions2007 Hyundai Santa Fe, I am squirting power steering fluid out from a boot connecting to passenger front tire. What is going on?That is likely to be the steering rack boot or bellows and it will need replacing, ideally before you drive it again.You could possibly get away with topping up the fluid and driving it straight to the shop to get the work done as long as they are close - less than 5 miles------Are there any good Raspberry Pi distributions that load completely into RAM?You might also want to check out this operating system called slack linux. I did not try this with the pi but with a computer with 1 GB of ram. Therefore I beleive it would work on the Pi 2 because of the amount of ram. Here is a site for putting it on the Pi2------Tracking down Data ExecutionThe easiest way is to just run an antivirus scan; you can't really know how many files have been infected so deleting them yourself might be problematic. It should pick up and quarantine all the infected files.You can find quite a few good free antivirus applications, such as Microsoft Security Essentials or avast!.------Problem with Xen, xvda and sdaXen uses xvda names because it is providing optimized i/o access to those drives. If you are running Xen in PV mode, then all your drives will show up as xvd... If you are running in HVM mode, then you will get the standard (and slower, less reliable) sd... drives.Hope this helps!.------Blacklisting pcspkr module doesn't work on CentOS 5.7A more permanent (and OS-independent) solution is to open the PC case and disconnect the internal speaker from the motherboard.It is a 4-pin connector with only two wires that looks like this:You will find it connected somewhere near the edge of the motherboard along with several other connectors, looking similar to this:------How to run libguestfs-tools tools such as virt-make-fs without sudo?The underlying problem is that the kernel cannot be read and is reported at:and was wontfixed.A more direct bug report is present at:launchpad.net/fuel/bug/1467579I could not find a method that will work automatically when new kernels are installed------what are cute girls shoes?appears like something that ought to truly reason an harm besides the indisputable fact that the bigger question is why do you experience the want to lie to her about why she will't have them. in accordance to her age i'd tell her in an suited way that they are too extreme priced------Very quiet audio output under Windows 10 (Late 2016 MacBook Pro)Just go to Device manager (Right click on This PC > Manage, Expand sound, video and game controllers, Find Cirrus Logic drive, go to Properties, Disable this driver, then restart PC, and after that go to the device manager again and Enable this driver. It helped for me and now volume is back to normal------Disable System Integrity Protection on OS X running on VMwareVMware Workstation 12 on Windows 10.The steps does work. It will boot into a window that let u reinstall the OS, disk utilities, and two other options (I can' remember).Then above you will see "Window" click it and you will see a drop down that allow access to terminal.then type:Restart the VM------How do I gracefully fall back to AutoIP when there is no DHCP service available?You can do this with udhcpcavahi. Avahi is zeroconf implementation for linux. It provides autoip (giving an address without dhcp) and mDNS (name resolution withoud DNS server).I got it working in an embedded system with buildroot. There's also a modified udhcpc start script that enable fallback to autoip when dhcp isn't available------Installing Bionic Beaver freezes in the first purple screenThis is most likely a video driver problem. You can follow these steps as answered on this site. Hopefully this solves your problem.In a nutshell, press the 'e' key when prompted to install Ubuntu. Then simply type nomodeset before the words quiet splash and see if the install continues (by pressing ctrlx)------Generate ISO from installed systemDepending on what you want to do, you might have different choice : did you think about clonezilla ? Simple tool to clone any machine (virtual or physical). Also if you just need to install several VM with the same configuration, VM templating is the right choice :------No recent files in GNOME ShellYou can install the extension Tracker Search. Make sure you install before the packages tracker and gir1.2-tracker-0.14.Since Tracker will index every files in the folders you've configured, it's less efficient and accurate than searching among the recent files. Anyway, it's fast and works as expected : just open the Activities overview and type !------OBSOLETE - iStack (iPhone app for Stackoverflow sites) - suggestions for UIHave you seen the Digg.com official iPhone app? You could take some inspiration from that in terms of custom UITableViews. Here's an example - just showing the title and the vote count would be enough in my view, then expanding the row displays more information such as Obviously the thumb icons would go------WIN 10 Installation/Mouse & Keyboard not workingIt may be an odd problem, but maybe some fancy drivers are required. Did you try to use an external USB keyboard or mouse? Also, sometimes not every USB port is fully functional if not booted completly (especially on convertibles which is not the case as far as I could see for your laptop)------I Want to Ride on the Back of a Motorcyle with a Boy?Pick the boy more than the bike. I started on a Honda Super 90 and carried friends up to 200 # all over town so any young mans machine will work, wear full shoes preferably boots ,jeans. Sit up straight lean into the curve and try not to move around too much,Oh, the IMPORTANT part, have FUN.------Unable to Boot from USB External Hard DriveIs the external drive bootable? How did you copy the data?You need a boot sector on the drive, generally laid down by the installation process. A simple windows copy will not copy this sector. You'd need to do the equivalent of a unix "dd" command to grab the exact image of the disk.------Problem with arrow keys and boot screen flickeringFirstly, Linux supports hybrid switchable graphics, in your case, Intel and AMD. It is called vga_switcheroo. You need to use the proper AMD driver - radeon or amdgpu, amdgpu-pro.As regarding jumping cursor, it may be related to libinput. Ubuntu touchpad issues - mouse pointer jumps aroundYou can also try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration"------Could not calculate the upgrade, what happened?Similar issue here. Last few lines in the "main.log" file indicated in the previous post were:Manually de-installed unity and upgrade now proceeds. Not quite sure what causes this issue in the first place and whether this is truly a good "solution" but I guess I'll find out after the update is completed?!?------How do you know if your toddler needs wide width shoes?He doesn't need shoes at all. He might need warm boots for outside in the winter. but until then he's better off barefoot. My dad grew up going barefoot everywhere and prefers going barefoot to this day. I've never put shoes on either of my own boys either except in cold weather------Error mounting ESP prevents installation duplicateI suggest you should use Gparted to format the particular partition you wish to use to reinstall Ubuntu. Format as ext3 or ext4 not vfat. Ubuntu file systems are based on ext file systems. If it was Windows then NTFS would be used.Try that and see if you are able to install Ubuntu------VirtualBox 5.1.8 installation didn't install kernel extensions. How do I fix this? macOS 10.13High Sierra comes with a new security feature: Secure Kernel Extension Loading, which blocks kernel extension loading. The implementation appears to be questionable.To allow the loading of some non-Apple kernel extension you have to either allow execution in Preferences > Security & Privacy > General:or disable the security feature with a Terminal command (not recommended):.------What kind of shoes should i buy to wear to school?I'm a sophomore in high school right now.And most people wear flip flops, converse, gladiator sandals, uggs, long suede/leather boots, ballet flats. basically anything. one thing i don't see a lot are sneakers. people at my school NEVER wear sneakers besides converse/nikes unless they are changing for gym.good luck.------Tough Shoes for Rough Boys?My 4 year old is the same way, I buy him NAMEBRAND shoes (nike, fila, rocawear) and I still have to buy him new ones every 2 months. The only pair that ever lasted him was a pair of little tan "work boots" lol and i got them from kmart for I think only 14 bucks------Is there any practical reason to dual-boot Linux alongside Windows? closedIMHO there isn't any reason today to waste a whole disk on another installation, when you can run both operating systems at the same time with one boot (that of Windows).See the following two linux distributions:andLinux.org -- Run Linux natively inside WindowsWubi -- an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows------Ubuntu Jaunty Xen domU on CentOS 5.2 dom0What is the result of 'uname -a' on the host machine? Do you have a Xen enabled kernel loaded (on the host)? It should be something like:With xen at the end. If you are booting with a normal kernel, install the xen package with 'yum install kernel-xen' and boot with this new kernel------How to correct fs size for logical volumei am not an expert but let me see whether i can help you. you had a logical volume lg1 and reduced it to 4.7G but did not run resize2fs before creating another logical volume lg2 from the freed space.I believe you do not have any data on lg2.Why cannot you------Cannot resolve %windir% / Cannot modify %path% or %path% being reset on bootI had the same issue and found this question first. However, the real cause/solution is not mentioned yet in this question, but it is mentioned here: Windows 7's PATH and environment variables are corruptedSummary of the solution: make sure your path is
How Do I Use an Old Windows Hard-drive Like a Backup Drive?
Your old disk might not be formatted or partitioned correctly, so it's not showing up in explorer. However, you should be able to find it in the disk manager.To do this, right click "My Computer" then click "manage", then go down to "Disk Management". This should list the disks attached to your system. From there you should be able to partition and format the drive to be useable. If the disk does not show up in here, check the connection again - windows does not recognize your drive.I recently bought a new SSD. I set it up, and now my old hard drive is just laying around. It'd be nice if I could put files on it (word files, etc... things that don't take power to run) so I could clear up space on my (small 256GB) SSD.I plugged it in like a normal hard drive and my explorer looks like this:I don't see it anywhere. I'm fine with clearing/formatting the old drive I just want to know what to do so I can access it.This is an internal hard drive (I believe SATA 3). I tried plugging it in like a normal internal hard drive and it just didn't show up.Here are some pictures. I edited them in MSPaint so sorry if that irks you.This is what it looks like when it's setup correctly. the blue cord used to be plugged into where the arrow is. Also (if you noticed), there's blue tape there because my case isn't small enough to securely hold the SSD in place. If that's a bad idea and I should do something else please tell me (without the tape it's dangled from the cords connecting it)This is the The double connection cord I mentioned in the comments. It's plugged into both harddrives, as you can see in the above image.This is the blue cord that's plugged into the SSD. I put an arrow where it is plugged in normally.I don't see it in disc management:·OTHER ANSWER:I recently bought a new SSD. I set it up, and now my old hard drive is just laying around. It'd be nice if I could put files on it (word files, etc... things that don't take power to run) so I could clear up space on my (small 256GB) SSD.I plugged it in like a normal hard drive and my explorer looks like this:I don't see it anywhere. I'm fine with clearing/formatting the old drive I just want to know what to do so I can access it.This is an internal hard drive (I believe SATA 3). I tried plugging it in like a normal internal hard drive and it just didn't show up.Here are some pictures. I edited them in MSPaint so sorry if that irks you.This is what it looks like when it's setup correctly. the blue cord used to be plugged into where the arrow is. Also (if you noticed), there's blue tape there because my case isn't small enough to securely hold the SSD in place. If that's a bad idea and I should do something else please tell me (without the tape it's dangled from the cords connecting it)This is the The double connection cord I mentioned in the comments. It's plugged into both harddrives, as you can see in the above image.This is the blue cord that's plugged into the SSD. I put an arrow where it is plugged in normally.I don't see it in disc management:
What Is the Average Lifespan of a Window Air Conditioner?
Highly subjective. Depends on usage, average usage varies considerably by location, and maintenance and proper wiring, to name just a few variables. Given the average knowledge level of the average consumer in the US, for example, I think they are lucky to last two or three years' use before they are destroyed by misuse, poor installation and upkeep, and bad storage practices. They should easily last ten-fifteen years if used and cared for properly. What is the average lifespan of a window air conditioner?1. What could be the problem when your air conditioner doesn't put out cool air and your engine coolant temp light comes on?Engine coolant temp light coming on, is due to low coolant fluid or overheating. Could be all part of the same problem. Might be a blown head gasket?First check if you have any water in the oil? Oil will turn milky looking, kind of like light chocolate milk. But that's only if it's allowing water to get into the oil. Also check the tailpipe. You could be blowing coolant out the exhaust pipe. So if coolant is getting low, but you do not see where it's going, check the tailpipe.You air conditioning is usually a separate issue. Sounds like you need to get it recharged. Have that checked for leaks. You might have a loose connection that's allowed the refrigerant to leak. Or could be a bad seal somewhere. Sounds like you have 2 separate issues.What could be the problem when your air conditioner does not put out cool air and your engine coolant temp light comes on?.2. Living Without an Air Conditioner?Try putting wet sheets over your open windows - not blankets. They will blow when the wind blows and the water evaporating with help, You and your pets need to drink lots of cold water - put ice in their water bowls. Wet dish towels and put them around your necks - you could even do that for your pets. Putting something cold on your wrists, forehead and neck - like a cold coke - can can cool you down. During the day you can go to shopping malls that are air conditioned - there are many benches scattered throughout you could sit on. Doing your studies in an air conditioned library is a great idea. The heat here in Arizona is dangerous and nothing to joke about. Are you on welfare or getting help from social security? I ask because they might be able to help you. Good luck!3. S10 Air Conditioner Problems?Ive dealt with this excellent supplier for a long time with no problems. They are qualified and quick response. Pretty pleased to deal with them4. Where to buy air conditioner cover?Go to your local awning shop with the measurements of your unit. they can make one out of canvas which can breath and not trap moisture, Also you can pick a color to match your house. Mine cost about $505. what is inside of a wall cooling air conditioner?A compressor and a fan and sometimes controls6. What is the best air conditioner made in the USA?I, personal, would recommend GE. And to take a step further, i would suggest putting forth the money to buy an energy efficient system. It may be more money in the beginning but it is more than worth it in the long run. Best of Luck7. Air conditioner blows air but it is not cold?probably need "freon". Go to auto supply store and buy can of "freon" and install. Can with gage approximate cost of$25. Otherwise go to A/C repair shop and get their opinion and estimate for repair8. Built-in air conditioner timer switch wiringI tried hooking up a NO relay to the blue wires, but activating it did not seem to turn the AC on, even though I heard the relay activate.I just realized the AC unit has a continuous mode by turning the timer knob all the way to the side, so instead of modifying the timer switch, I am going to set the AC unit to on, and then power the unit through a relay. Thanks for all the help, appreciate it!.9. 2006 BMW 330i Auxiliary fan blowing at full speedno heat?You may have a leaking head gasket. There may be coolant getting into air conditioner and/or cabin heater
How Noisy Is a Split Ductless Air Conditioning Unit Compared to a Window Unit?
On a split unit, all you hear is the fan in the air handler that goes inside. The Compressor is outside in the other half of the unit. Now if you install the compressor unit outside under a window, then you are going to hear it outside rattling around. So if you do get a split unit make sure you put the compressor in an area outside away from a window. A window air conditioner unit, on the other hand, has the compressor in it so you have the added compressor noise inside.1. New HVAC (air conditioning) unit running in short bursts but not cooling. Help!?I suggest you call the people who installed it2. what do you believe is the best value in a 1 ton residential central air conditioning unit?a unit that cools efficiently and at a lower cost than other units. seriously, air conditioning is one of the largest energy expenses for a house/apartment. it's worth doing some homework to save money for years to come.3. What would make a brand new (3 months old) central Air Conditioning unit freeze up?its not leak i suppose, if you put the ac and the fan at the same time, the air from the fan may send back the air from the ac and it may form ice and it may freeze and water may spill out of it, i had this problem once, sevice your ac and try not to put ac and fan at the same time4. Having trouble finding out what is wrong with the air conditioning unit in my vehicle...?Leaks are often times more difficult to locate than not.A good quality electronic leak detector will do the best job in locating them and soap bubbles are by far the best way to actually pinpoint them. Dye is just a way of them saying ,I cannot find it so I am going to try anything. Dye is messy,unreliable,costly,time consuming,and really unnecesary.I've never resorted to using it.Some leaks just take more time to locate,pinpoint,and repair.I have heard of horror stories such as yours with repair shops. I would seek out the prior invoices of the previous repairs so that you can recoup the money you have invested thus far.It boils down to them adding refrigerant without repairing the leak ,charging you,and hoping they will never see you again5. Can anyone give me an estimate on how much would it cost to install a central heat/air conditioning unit?DEPENDS IF YOU HAVE ALREADY HAVE THE VENTS BECAUSE OF HOT AIR HEAT AND IF YOU JUST NEED THE UNITS INSIDE AND OUT....CAUSE IF YOU HAVE A TWO STORY AND HAVE TO PUT IN VENTS....ITS GOTTA BE 15 000 MINE IS A LENNOX AND I NEEDED TO START FROM SCRATCH VENTS INSTALLATION INCLUDED I HAD HOT WATER OIL HEAT . .... AND WAS OVER 10 000 LONG TIME AGO.6. Where can I find a heating/ air conditioning unit that is 4 tons and has 16 SEER for under $2,500?You know...as much as I like the deals online, something that important should not be bought online, unless it is Home Depot or Lowes or Sears and they are doing the install as well. Then they will stand behind their product if it fails. The economy is too bad right now to take that kind of a chance.7. I am trying to charge up my kia's air conditioning unit, Where is the low presser value?obviously if you need to recharge it then you have a leak and would just be pumping refridgerant into the air. just bite the bullet and take it to a mechanic because you do not know what you are doing8. Needing to know the cost of replacing my split Central Air Conditioning unit?You need to know that when you say not the furnace heater portion , you need to make sure that the evap coil on top of furnace needs to be changed. You should also know that buying a bigger unit and not needing only means wasted energy. But yes a decent price! I would do it much cheaper on the side. Where do you live?9. how will my window type air conditioning unit perform if the exterior/exhaust part is not on the outside wall?yes it will cause it to work poorly and have high head pressure reducing compressor longevity and costing more to run. vent directly behind or at least at top also
What Is the Need of 100 MB Boot File in Case of Windows 7 Installation?
DO NOT DELETE IT i removed it once and had to reinstall my OS (it would not boot, and none of the normal recovery stuff would work) it's something microsoft added to windows in vista, i think. basically it contains all of the information about the windows based OS's on your drive that's needed to boot. i did not even have bitlocker on and i had that partition, so it's there no matter what.1. Can a student file a case against teacher for corporal punishment in India?If someone goes through the main criminal law, viz, Indian Penal Code, it defines all the basic crimes including corporal punishment that we are talking about here. We have, for example "Hurt" and "Grievous Hurt" defined.On a complaint before the concerned police station a teacher can be booked for these offences easily. Let me tell you more on this:319. Hurt. -Whoever causes bodily pain, disease or infirmity to any person is said to cause hurt.320. Grievous hurt.-The following kinds of hurt only are designated as "grievous":-(First) - Emasculation.(Secondly) -Permanent privation of the sight of either eye. (Thirdly) - Permanent privation of the hearing of either ear,(Fourthly) -Privation of any member or joint.(Fifthly) - Destruction or permanent impairing of the powers of any member or joint.(Sixthly) - Permanent disfiguration of the head or face. (Seventhly) -Fracture or dislocation of a bone or tooth.(Eighthly) -Any hurt which endangers life or which causes the sufferer to be during the space of twenty days in severe bodily pain, or unable to follow his ordinary pursuits.321. Voluntarily causing hurt.-Whoever does any act with the intention of thereby causing hurt to any person, or with the knowledge that he is likely thereby to cause hurt to any person, and does thereby cause hurt to any person, is said "voluntarily to cause hurt". 322. Voluntarily causing grievous hurt. -Whoever voluntarily causes hurt, if the hurt which he intends to cause or knows himself to be likely to cause is grievous hurt, and if the hurt which he causes is grievous hurt, is said "voluntarily to cause grievous hurt." Explanation.-A person is not said voluntarily to cause grievous hurt except when he both causes grievous hurt and intends or knows himself to be likely to cause grievous hurt. But he is said voluntarily to cause grievous hurt, if intending or knowing himself to be likely to cause grievous hurt of one kind, he actually causes grievous hurt of another kind. Illustration A, intending or knowing himself to be likely permanently to disfigure Z's face, gives Z a blow which does not permanently disfigure Z's face, but which cause Z to suffer severe bodily pain for the space of twenty days. A has voluntarily caused grievous hurt. comments Explanation The offence of grievous hurt is not caused unless the offender both causes grievous hurt and intends, or knows himself to be likely, to cause grievous hurt; Ramkaran Mohton v. State, AIR 1958 Pat 452.323. Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt.-Whoever, except in the case provided for by section 334, voluntarily causes hurt, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both. 324. Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means.-Whoever, except in the case provided for by section 334, voluntarily causes hurt by means of any instrument for shooting, stabbing or cutting, or any instrument which, used as weapon of offence, is likely to cause death, or by means of fire or any heated substance, or by means of any poison or any corrosive substance, or by means of any explosive substance or by means of any substance which it is deleterious to the human body to inhale, to swallow, or to receive into the blood, or by means of any animal, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.325. Punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt. -Whoever, except in the case provided for by section 335, voluntarily causes grievous hurt, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.326. Voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means-Whoever, except in the case provided for by section 335, voluntarily causes grievous hurt by means of any instrument for shooting, stabbing or cutting, or any instrument which, used as a weapon of offence, is likely to cause death, or by means of fire or any heated substance, or by means of any poison or any corrosive substance, or by means of any explosive substance, or by means of any substance which it is deleterious to the human body to inhale, to swallow, or to receive into the blood, or by means of any animal, shall be punished with 1[imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine2. My friend got hit by a car driven by other in Florida. I want to file a case, any advice?Your friend can file a lawsuit, but you were not hit. Most of them take a percentage of the settlement as their fee but they handle all the work. You do not have any grounds to sue anyone - you were only a witness.3. Can she file a case for harassment?harass /hrs, hrs/ Show Spelled[huh-ras, har-uhs] Show IPA -verb (used with object) 1. to disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute. 2. to trouble by repeated attacks, incursions, etc., as in war or hostilities; harry; raid. Use harassment in a Sentence See images of harassment Search harassment on the Web -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Origin: 1610-20;
Heater Core Is Out on Car Is It Safe to Use a Small Catalytic Heater to Warm It Up...with the Window
You do understand the these types of heaters use propane and cracking the windows wont help, it will kill you.. The small heater that you are talking about that just removes fog off the windshield is not what you are looking for but rather look for a used golf cart 12-volt heater and that will do the job plus you wont die !!1. coolant leak from underneath the passenger side of my 1992 toyota corolla. where could it be coming from?If you have no floor jack or jack-stands to be able to crawl underneath the car you will never find the leak. Take the car to a trusted private mechanic and ask for an inexpensive cooling system pressure test which will find any external or internal leaks. More than likely your water-pump "weep-hole" is leaking under the pump input shaft casting. It could also be a radiator hose, heater hose, heater core or radiator end-tank gasket leak. Possibly the radiator core itself is leaking. You are 10 years overdue for a new radiator anyway you slice it. With the very best of cooling system care and regular service a radiator is only good for 15 years if you are extremely lucky. Antifreeze leaks are really easy to find. It does not evaporate very quickly and leaves easy to see tracks from the source of the leak.2. can I install a used heater core in car.[95 Hyndia sonata].?I would not heater cores are hard to get out ,put in a used one you never know how long it will last3. I have a 1994 Ford Explorer and just found out I have a heater core hole. Expensive to fix?Do not bother to fix it it you are getting rid of it, just make sure to keep up the fluid level. You are not going to get anything for your truck on the trade-in anyway4. Can a heater core be flushed separately from the coolant system ? If so what is involved in the process ?No, Just turn the heater on hi, when you flush the rest of the cooling system, let it run a little then flush it again until the water runs out clear5. how dp i check if a heater core is bad in a 1994 plymouth voyager?It is located under the passenger side dash.Under the hood check the inline water valve located on the heater hose to see if it will open.If not replace6. Where is the heater core on a 92 Crown Vic located?Remove the dash and then remove the heater core housing, takes all day even when you know how to do it7. i have a audi a6 1997 how do you replace heater core?sounds like someone removed the thermostat, replace the thermostat and you probably will have heat, nice and toasty8. how do i change a heater core on a 1995 plymouth voyager?Go to Edmunds.com and look for the plymouth forum there. They will help you with all the info. you need. Peace9. heater core replacement '02 ford ranger!?do some research on that, or go see: eric the car guy, on youtube, and see if he has done it to your truck. on a video. that u can watch. and yes, it may be a time consuming job. but, you can do it, if you have some basic tools and maybe a special tool, if needed.10. if i disconnect my heater core will the a/c work?...?yes it will, you can bypass your heater core but whenever you want to use it you wont be able to11. How to install a heater core in a 95 chevy tahoe or suburban?First answer has it about right, but should also drain some of antifreeze and save for proper disposal or reuse. If left on ground animals can lick up and it will kill them. Getting heater hoses off the old core can be a bit of a problem and may have to be cut loose, by try twisting first if good hoses, so can reuse.12. Is there an alternative fix to having heat other than replacing the heater core?I agree with Tony - something else is going on. If there is any air in the cooling system, it may work it's way to the heater core........a leaking hose, bad coolant recovery tank, water valve could be introducing air. I would follow Tony's advice and logic that if it were the heater core, you would not have any heat after a flushing
What Type of Soap,water Solution Would I Use If I Were Prepairing to Tint My Car Windows?
dish detergent...the same mixture u put the tint on with....as for rag lint free cloth or more commonly blue shop towels1. What makes lime precipitate out of a water solution?None of the reasons provided2. when the non electrolyte glucose is dissolved in water, the solution contains ____?This Site Might Help You. RE: when the non electrolyte glucose is dissolved in water, the solution contains ____? when the non electrolyte glucose is dissolved in water, the solution contains ____ A) all glucose molecules B) all glucose ions C) nothing D) mostly glucose molecules and a few ions E) only OH- ions3. How do i make salt water solution(for my industrial piercing)?You can get a wash for piercings, but I use the salt/water mixture. It's 1/4 tsp of SEA salt (non-iodized) per cup of DISTILLED water, both of those you can get at the grocery store. I just buy a gallon and put the salt in. Also make sure before you clean it or even touch it that you wash your hands with something antibacterial.4. When does a base ionize?Acids and bases ionize in water solution5. How can I test the purity of an oil water solution?Hmmm, you could take the refractive index and compare that to the values of pure water6. I mixed bleach and water solution with vinegar to try and remove mold. Am I safe?bleach eats mold and mildew. I usually mix it with water in a spray bottle on a spray on problem areas7. Potential water solution for Vegas?The idea is sound, but of course there is a problem with moving the water. Unless you plan on putting pumps at various intervals, which would be costly, the pipes would have to be placed in a downgrade pattern. Then there's the cost of laying the pipes and the purchase of the pipes themselves. That would also cost a lot. It would have to be put underground, which mean digging up a lot of terrain and diverting the left over terrain to other places, which means more costs. And of course, there's still the matter of regular maintanence of the pipes. Then you have the whole "who owns what, who's responsible for what" issues. Is it the city of LA, is it city of vegas, is it a county thing, or a state thing, or is it a private company? Lot of paperwork and legislation involved there. It's definitely do able in my opinion and I think we would benefit from it. I also think it would be a very smart move, especially given the problems we are having with lake mead right now. But there are a lot of what-if's involved in a scenario like that, that would need to be hashed out long before it ever could be done and become a reality. One day it might happen, and probably will happen, but for now, I think the costs are more than city officials want to spend, and the problems of building such a huge system is too many for them to want to deal with. It would be a major headache for a lot of people during the set up process. I think one day, we will have no choice but to go that route, and as great of an idea as it is, I think it's still too early yet for us. Cool idea though.8. How do I create a garden for fruits and vegetables?It really depends on what you are planting. You need to make rows. that consist of a long straight mound of loose dirt with channels on either side. You will plant the seeds, according to the depth they specify on each package, in the mounds. You will water in the channels with a little drizzle to the top of the mounds. Try not to over water. You can actually rot the roots/seeds and do more harm than good. You want your soil moist but not soupy. You can water on average about every other day in most climates, but that will need to be altered depending on your climate. In Oklahoma where I live it is actually necessary to water daily, but that is not the case in most places. I would also suggest going to the local coop/feed store and getting an organic fertilizer. Manure bases work best. I know it doesnt sound great, but it makes for the best garden fertilizer and you dont have to worry about all those chemicals. If you get bugs you can always spray your plants with a dawn and water solution to kill most bugs. go about 6 to 1 on the mixture. I hope this helps you out on your quest for the backyard garden
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