Which of Jaguar Or Mercedes Have a Cheaper Maintenance Cost?

The are both on the expensive side of scale for high maintenance costs, in fact, this is true for most Euro vehicles. It is almost insane what the cost of some items are to have repaired at dealers, or as I call them stealers. From parts to labor, prices are always higher. I will give you an example I recently ran into with a Volvo which had been owned by Ford a few years back. If you need an electronic fuel module and you go to Volvo, it costs three times as much and you will find the Ford part number and small logo on it, which simply means the same module was used on both Volvo and Fords, so go to Ford to purchase is secret to saving money on electronic parts.Having done almost all my own work on Euro vehicles I have always owned, I can't believe how difficult these manufacturers make it to work on. Special tools, special diagnostic equipment, nearly impossible to repair easily, which means one thing, the labor to repair vehicles is made to cost a fortune. A simple leaking exhaust manifold gasket on a Volvo has a labor rate of $867. to repair, and having worked on all types of vehicles over the years, why would they have single exhaust gaskets for each port rather than one single gasket which is easy to replace verses fishing in one by one making it five times more difficult and adding to labor costs, and this was on a XC90 Volvo with 5 cylinder motor. This is insane and was a nightmare to replace gasket.Another perfect example is with many motors, including the Volvo, they have what is called a no tolerance motor. Meaning that is you fail to change timing belt, and it breaks, you destroy the engine, or best scenario only destroy the head, valves and many time the pistons which renders motor useless. In the old days you would see notches in pistons enabling you to install a high lift cam for added performance, so pistons were almost always notched to allow clearance for valves. Volvo knows most people don't replace timing belts, or in my case, the water pump suddenly froze up jumping belt which I had replace 30K miles ago, so lesson learned owning first Volvo, never again. Worse piece of crap ever to work on. Had to replace CV axle, could not get spindle to release from axle do to rust issues. Took it to truck repair to have them use 60 ton press to remove axle from spindle, would not press out, had to buy a new spindle along with axle. Insane. Had to replace rear ball joints on BMW X5, took a full day to get bearings out of carrier, frozen solid, and this was an aluminum carrier, crazy, had to cut it and grind it out.So yes, Mercedes and Jaguar which I have had both are indeed more expensive to own and maintain. Which of Jaguar or Mercedes have a cheaper maintenance cost?

1. How do I stop the humming noises in the water pipes when a toilet is flushed or the shower is on.?

Hi Mary, I am Blake from The Home Depot. Humming in pipes usually comes from one of two sources. In supply lines humming occurs when high pressure pushes water through a small opening, check to see that all supply shut off valves (for faucets and toilets) are in the fully open position. The other cause is on the drainage side, specifically the vent system. Your drain pipes do not just go down, some go up to the roof, these pipes are called vent stacks and they allow air and gas to escape your plumbing system so that water can flow freely and you can avoid any over-pressure. Sometimes a mixture of grease, hair, soap scum, hard water and other fun stuff can clog up a vent stack so that the pipes cant breath very well, this can cause a humming or wheezing sound, like your vent stacks have asthma. The fix for this is a bit precarious, you need to have the vents snaked from the roof down. So that whatever is causing your clog can get flushed out your main line. I would suggest you call a plumber or specialized drain service for this job. I hope this helps Mary, good luck! -Blake

2. Why should you avoid wearing N-95 masks with valves?

It's really simple:These masks are designed to protect critical care worker who are dealing with COVID-19 patients day in and day out. They are meant to protect the worker. No one else in the rooms in which they work give a shit about the care worker's breath... THEY ALL HAVE THE VIRUS.Anyone who has the temerity to don one of these masks to wear in public is basically giving the finger to everyone else who happens to cross their path. nThese people (who wear a valved mask) are assholes and possible shedders. These people are telling everyone, "I got mine; y'all can eff off and die."Lockup is not too good for these people. I'm not an expert in pandemics, even though I've live through a couple of them

3. Is intake manifold gasket part of engine or valves?

It all depends on how they want to define "engine part" and how hard you argue with them. It goes between the intake manifold and the cylinder heads. It is not an integral engine part, rather one that goes between engine parts to prevent leaks, which are common. The engine can not be assembled without one however, so a normal person would assume it is a covered "engine part". However, they have some lawyer watching their pocketbook, so read the fine print of your contract, they may not cover it. If it does not say "excluding gaskets, seals or leaks" etc. I would argue with them.

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