Which LED TV Should I Choose for Gaming: Samsung Un32F5500AFXZA Or the LG 32LN5310?

Rule of Thumb: Buy what you can afford

1. why is far cry 3 blurry on my new LED tv?

All signs point to the game disc itself at fault. Make sure it is not dirty or covered in fingerprints. Its extremely difficult to scratch a Blu-Ray disc (what makes the format so terrific), so do not be afraid to put some "elbow grease" into it if needed.

2. PS3 setup for LED tv philips, HDMI, best graphics?

omg calm down

3. What is the Best 70 inch LED TV 2013?

Panasonic Tc-p60u50 Review

4. Which is the best full HD TV to an LED TV?

I suggest you to look for any full hd tv with 3/5 year warranty.I bought a Sansui full hd 39 tv around 18 months back when they offered 5 year warranty. Around 1 month back the led panel got defective. They replaced it within 15 days with around 1500 for service charges.On the other hand, My brother had a 3 year old philips led tv. Now service people say that the panel has gone and the panel cost is almost equivalent to that of a new tv!.

5. Gaming on a 19" inch led tv?

attempt having access to your t.v's menues and notice if there's a video interest placing. if no longer attempt upgrading to HD cables for the console. and notice if that facilitates. if no longer in basic terms bypass returned to the 23. ( you interest platforms could also have a placing for like 1080p and 720p attempt adjusting thoes)

6. How do I get through airport customs with LED TV in India. How's duty value calculated? Has any one dealt with in person?

There is no escape to paying duty. It is calculated based on the invoice value of the tv. The best way is to buy a TV at a discount sale so that the duty value is low. The process is like this: At the customs point enter the red channel. Submit the invoice and they will ask you for 35% of the value of the TV in INR. Pay it and take the reciept

7. How to remove scratches from an led tv PLEASE!!!?

Try it very carefully, use a Q-tip and some toothpaste, rub the white spot, wipe with a soft rag, see what happens. It may work. Also, try rubbing alcohol, or DVD scratch remover

8. can multipoint server be used with led tv?

Yes as long as your TV has an available signal input

9. Whats better? Plasma TV, LCD TV, or LED TV?

Plasma looks the best, is generally cheaper, and does not have motion blur. I might be biased though because I have a plasma and it looks great

10. How come I canu2019t connect my Sony Bravia LED TV with my HP laptop (Windows 10) using an HDMI cable? It used to work well when I was using Windows.

I do not know. What HP laptop specifically? Are you running Windows 10 on it, or something else? You say "when I was using Windows" - does that mean the previous version of Windows (whatever that was), or does that mean you are not actually running Windows on it now? What kind of graphics chip does it have? What drivers are you using? What happens when you plug into the display?Vague questions do not help anybody. Specifics matter

11. if i wana bring in a 55 inch LG led tv from USA to India?

Is it new or 2nd hand? That would probably make a difference. But I suspect that Indian electricity is different power from North America (not talking about the actual plug) and the tv would not work anyway

12. College Dorm Room TV Size?

This Site Might Help You. RE: College Dorm Room TV Size? I'm a freshman in college and I looking for a LED TV for my door room. I'm stuck on the size of the TV I should get. I want something bigger than a 32'' I was considering a 40'', 42'', 46'', or a 47''. I want to go with either a Samsung or LG LED TV....

13. How i connect comcast cable & samsung blue-ray & bose lifestyle 35 & samsung 52" led tv?

The lifestyle 35 should have came with a VS-2 video enhancer, it's a video switcher. It has 2 video inputs that you can plug in hdmi, component composite, or s-video cables, whichever your stuff uses. And it has a 3rd input that's component, composite or s-video. You can then output the video to your tv via hdmi, component, or composite. I assume you will be using hdmi, but it does give you those options. You hook the audio of your devices directly to the media center. Enjoy your stuff!

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How Do I Remove Gouge Mark on Samsung LED Tv Screen?
The damage is permanent1. LED lights doesnt seem to be working in Samsung LED TV?the LED are replaceable if you want to go that route. depending on how many are out it may be cheaper to buy a new TV2. Samsung Led Tv help firmware?Call customer service. Hopefully you can downgrade to older firmware3. How to break my 50" LG LED tv?Look after the one that you have.if you cheat you will get caught out in the end4. How to avoid or fix grainy picture quality on Samsung LED TV?First - are you using a HDMI cable or HD-rated component cables? Without this -you are sending standard def video to the TV. Second - what movie are you using to test with? BluRay came under fire for being grainy when movies shot on film were released on BluRay. The resolution is so good - it accurately captured the film-grain that you saw in the theater version. Movie lovers want this but people used to computer-generated images seem to think real-life looks funny. Try watching a modern, high-quality animation like a recent Pixar release on BluRay (Cars, Rattouli, etc) and see if you notice the problem. These animations should NOT have film grain and should reassure you it's not the TV or player. Also - the Pixar disks have video setup test patterns to help you properly set the Brightness, Contrast and Color. You may have over-saturated colors and the intensity/contrast set too hight. Note: The PS3 used to be the gold-standard for video image quality with BluRay disks. So unless they have had a huge drop in quality it should not be the players problem.5. is it possible to get a 32 inch samsung led tv screen fixed if the screen inside is cracked?Time for a new TV, as it will cost more to ship it there/back and fix compared to the cost of a new one. Also, I would recommend anger management, it's a game after all. Possibly upgrade your internet speeds too, maybe a gaming router as well.6. witch one is better between samsung led tv and panasonic plasma tv?Oh tough choice for sure. You are comparing the best in LCD vs the best in Plasma. Both are top tier manufacturers. Both will deliver stunning image quality and great reliability. But the edge is to Plasma for overall image quality. LCDs, of all types, LED or not, still stuff from motion blur. Its inherent to the technology. 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rates dramatically help the problem for sure. But its not 100%. And you are expected to pay a heavy price premium for that advanced feature. Plasma on the other hand has a near instantaneous response time right out of the box (like 0.001ms). It has no motion blur problems, it plays back fast motion flawlessly (much like a CRT or DLP would as well). And its inherent to the technology, you do not pay extra for that feature. Also, while LED light source will give LCD vivid colors, truer blacks, and deep contrast, its still not quite Plasma good. At least its not quite Panasonic G or V series Plasma good. The G and V series are THX certified and have just amazing contrast and blacks. How noticeable the contrast difference will be at 40" or 42" is a bit debatable, but technically Plasma is stronger, and personally I think it looks better. While the Samsung LED would definitely look amazing for sure, I still think the G series Panasonic Plasma would provide a bit better overall image quality, and possible for a bit less $.7. Connecting a WII to a 2010 Samsung LED TV?you can use the yellow video cable in place of the hd green video it should still work the same or you could just go to gamestop or radio shack and pick up a set of wii hd cables8. What is the replacement cost of a LG 55-inch LED TV screen panel replacement?Not effective. The parts labour would cost as much as or more than a new TV, plus it would only have a limited warranty compared to a new TV. In future I advise buying accident breakdown insurance on a new TV. We have 8 LG TVs between family and friends for years, none have failed.
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