Which Law and Order Show Is Better: Criminal Intent Or SVU?

I've seen both series, but not continuously. SVU brings a hard topic into the spotlight: sex crimes. CI tells a story from two points of view: the law enforcement officers (cops, DA), and the criminals and the people close to them. Both series have great on its own right. but, if you ask me, I like Ci more, for making the episodes more deep

1. Advice/tips for newly pregnant mom?

*Never, ever postpone even the slightest urge to pee. That UTI will attack your bladder in seconds flat. *The first trimester and constant worrying go hand in hand. *It feels better to waddle. Do it. *Eating something right before you go to bed helps you fall asleep faster. *Make the most revolting face conceivable when you smell something disgusting. It helps you feel like you are getting some kind of revenge. *If you get a feeling the OB you chose is not competent or listening to what you say, do not be afraid you are hurting his/her feelings by changing to a different one. When you have your blood drawn by a nurse who searches frantically for a cotton ball while you sit there bleeding on yourself, no, your standards are not too high. *Do not compare yourself too much to other pregnant girls, everyone's body is different, pregnant or not. *Fight the urge to be creative when someone asks how you are feeling. Just say how you feel, so you are not standing there with a stumped look on your face thinking of how to answer. *That Snoogle body pillow is not for everyone. *Look into getting someone to give you a nickel for every time you hear, say or think the word pregnant. *Only those uncompromising pregnancy hormones could cause you to declare war on your husband, your best friend in the world, during such an exciting time. Take deep breaths. Hope he understands. *If someone does not comment on your oh-so-obvious pregnant status, that does not mean they are not thinking about it. Stand near them for more than two minutes, and they will say what they are thinking. *It's ok to feel a little guilty when you take a Tylenol. *Accept that you are going to be stared at. If someone is not gawking at the belly, they are probably stressed or something's wrong with them. *Smile at other pregnant girls. *A lot of people look down their noses at you if you admit you are hoping specifically for a boy or a girl. Say you just want a healthy baby. That happens to be a girl. *Mix a childcare book or two into your pregnancy book collection. *Write down questions before your OB appointments - even if you already know the answer - so you do not feel as gipped when it's over in five minutes. *Crunchy things make the most satisfying food choices. Specifically, pickles and ice. *If you have a cat, let it sit on your belly and purr. *Shopping at your favorite pre-preg clothing stores (with intent to buy XL sizes) during the third trimester will probably make you feel sad. Matt: Did you see anything? Me: Yep. Skinny girls. We belong in the maternity stores now, drink the water when they offer it to you. *Do not pick a baby name that you would not mind being named yourself. *Try laying flat on the floor when your back hurts. *Babies R Us sells Motherhood Maternity clothing. This saves you a trip to the mall, especially since you spend all your shopping time at Babies R Us anyway. Baby Gap also has some impressive baby gear. *Do not feel bad swiping your hubby's second pillow to wedge behind your back when you sleep. *It's fun to smile at baby kicks. Although I will admit that the hiccups lose their cuteness after a couple episodes. *Pregnancy is a privilege that not everyone is blessed with. Be really thankful and excited God gave it to you.

2. If it was okay for the American Founders to take up arms to create the United States why is it unamerican to hold a Constitutional Convention in order to return power back to the states as was the original intent?

It stopped being the intent the moment that the Constitution was passed and ratified. The Articles of the Confederation gave all the power to the states and they were a failure. That was the reason for the original Constitutional Convention, to create something to replace it, something that would last. It would be unAmerican to go and undo all of that hard work and take things back to something that has already been proven to be an absolute flop

3. For those that lambaste or condemn Islam: What is your intent?

I not only have a right but an obligation to lambaste that false religion. Everything about it is evil

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Since Gun-free Zones Obviously Do Not Stop People with Murderous Intent Killing Others with Guns, Wh
To be honest, I do not know if we have any reliable statistics about how many gun free zones stop someone from killing. Obviously we have them on the ones who ignore the gun free zone signs, but how many actually obey them and go shoot up some other place or none at all? There is no way to know this. They could actually be stopping homicidal maniacs. On the other hand, we do know that posting a gun free zone sign does make those in charge look like they are doing something about the problem and supposedly make the populace feel better about their safety, that is until some maniac kills them. So, we have them for political reasons, and so we can punish those that disobey the signs1. Why is Bush intent on leading us to more war?bush wo not stop til oil companies rule the world2. Is there a quantity of ammunition you can buy without arousing suspicion of unlawful intent? Assume U.S. states with no draconian small arms restrictions.I shoot about 2000 rounds per year. Most of it is mail order as I can usually get a discount. No one has ever said anything3. How do make a letter of intent to rent space in mall to put up a gift shop?please make a sample.thank u?For renting or leasing a space inside a mall or other commercial space, a Letter of Intent would contain the following information: A statement saying your intent to lease a space inside the mall. A description of your business including it's basic concept, the business model it follows and a brief background and history. A list of your products and services which should include pricing, merchandise packaging design and a description of your target market. Your space, utilities and manpower requirements including the types of equipment you will be using and the number of employees you will have. If there's any, it would also be good to show pictures of your other branches or stores. They could also provide samples that was submitted to them by past lessees. If not, do ask them what specific details they need stated in your LOI. Lastly, to help you with writing your Letter of Intent, here's a very simple LOI template which you can use: XYZ Foods would like to present this Letter of Intent to signify our interest in leasing a commercial space inside ABC Mall. We are the business behind the food cart, W Burgers, which has been selling gourmet hamburgers since 2004. Our products include a variety of hamburger sandwiches and burger rice meals. We also sell ice cold beverages. Currently, our burger sandwiches and rice meals sell for P80 each. Our clients are usually young professionals who order our food as packed meals for lunch or dinner. The W Burger food cart that we plan to put up would require at least 6 square meters and a power outlet for a cash register, a small freezer, a rice cooker, a soda vendo machine and a gas operated frying griddle. The food cart would be manned by two employees. We already have 5 branches located in various commercial areas in the city but this is our first venture in putting up a branch inside a mall. Attached are the photos of our existing branches. We believe that our food cart compliments the business concept of ABC Mall because we cater to the same target market. Thank you very much. Respectfully,4. Can a Landlord evict you without notice prior to your "intent to vacate" and then claim damages?I do not know what state you are in, or if you are in the USA. But in the USA you CANNOT be evicted without having gone through the courts. As far as damages go, what happened to the toilet? They just do not break, without some knowledge of what they are claiming as damages it's a little hard to answer. Depending on how long you were there yes they can charge you to paint, but again without details its a little difficult. I know I am not giving you much, but I have 23 properties so I do have knowledge of whats what. If you want I would be more than happy to give you more info, and any help I can. You can email me and maybe I can give you alittle more insight. Good Luck and Best Regards KG
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