Which Is the Most Expensive Porcelain (dinnerware) in the World?

In my opinion the Russian plate marks Kuzntsov of the world's most expensive Chinese

1. How to remove watermarks from porcelain sinks?

Wipe with a paper towel with detergent, then apply chlorine bleach, small amount, let sit a few minutes then wipe off so someone does not come along unaware and ruin some clothes or worse get it in eyes. This can be Bon Ami with bleach, Tilex, etc., or can be chlorine laundry bleach

2. "Porcelain finish" with makeup - which foundation?

First of all, try using a primer. I love Smashbox Photo Finish - it makes my skin look airbrushed with or without foundation. I've had good luck achieving the 'porcelain finish' using the following products: bare Escentuals bare Minerals, spf15 foundation and Mineral Veil. Chanel Teint Innocence, either the cream foundation applied with a sponge or the liquid applied with a foundation brush. any mousse-type foundation (I think Maybelline does one). Good luck!

3. How do you clean porcelain dolls hair and clothes?

Regular baby wipes will do the trick. As far as the hair, a canned air duster will work on that. Aim from at least 8" away or you risk messing up the hair

4. How much to reglaze (refinish) porcelain kitchen sink?

Reglaze Kitchen Sink

5. How much value is a dental crown/cap of porcelain fused to high noble white gold vs.fused to high noble metal?

There is zero difference. Most porcelain fused to "high noble" crowns are on a white gold unless the dentist specifies a type of crown that uses a yellow gold. For high noble, the gold content is at least 50%, but in some cases it is over 75%. Most of the non-gold content is still high noble, such as platinum and/or palladium, which are both usually worth more than gold.

6. How posh/fine is Limoges porcelain tableware?

Limoges is not a single factory but actually a region where fine china was a traditional product. It has a very good reputation as a not much faked geneuine antique. If you did not make it clear that it was the 'new' tableware rather than the antique porcelain, you might look a bit of a poser. As for how 'good' it is, it's certainly pricey enough to be reasonable quality. Cheers ;-)

7. Is it possible for me to whiten my skin into a porcelain/ivory tone?

The only way one can avoid the sun as much as they can is to remain indoors on sunny days and come out only on cloudy and rainy ones in conjunction with using some type of bleaching cream...Besides creams there are various types of natural BlackSoaps one may use to aid in reaching some desired effect inthewhich you seek. But I would have to say the best complexion one can have is there God given complexion. Just think about it.

8. Where can i find a "doll" like dress? I would like to dress up as a porcelain doll. PLEASE HELP!!?

Try thrift stores :) Your local goodwill or Buffalo Exchange is a good choice

9. How to restore hazy patches in porcelain floor tile?

Did you glaze them yourself? If not call the manufacturer....they should send a rep to your home or send a sample of tiles to determine what to do

10. What effect do Photographers use to make pics look porcelain/vintage?

do you mean that it is sepia tone?

11. What is the best product to clean scum and build up off a bath/shower stall not made of porcelain.?

mr. clean

12. Need remove paint from a valuable porcelain vase by Wileman/Foley/Shelley that has been painted?

what dd'sgrl said more people lose money try to " fix" things, seek help

13. I caught my 13 year old son trying to breastfeed his collectible porcelain doll?

Stop buying your son dolls, give him something that boys play with, you are raising your son to be gay. If your son already puts on your bras, you need to talk to him. If you do not stop it now, if it's not to late, your son will be gay. I know what I am talking about, because I was like that and today at the age of 40, I am gay and proud of it

14. where can i get cheaper porcelain crowns?

The only place I can think of for cheaper porcelain crowns would be at any UC. UCSF, UOP, etc. Cheap materials is not the way to go if you want them to last long. Dental schools use ok materials. but the "dentists" are dental students. Good Luck!!

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Canadian Welfare Disability and Dental Care?
I used to work in Ontario and the disability coverage for people on it was minimal, you would be covered for all basic needs but nothing fancy, all of that would come out of your own pocket if you wanted. likeif you wanted a crown made from porcelain rather than metal etc. there are also limitations on how often services can be performed though with things like severe gum disease etc the dentist can write to the appropriate government office and request more coverage temporarily. It is generally harder to find a dentist who will take you as a patient as they tend to limit the number of patients (if at all truth be told) on disability that they will accept- mostly because they only get apid a fraction of what the dental services acctually cost for everyone else. Call your disability office for specific coverage explainations1. What underlay is used for installing pool tilesYou are going to use pool plaster to build up the area, modified thinset to apply the tiles and epoxy grout to grout the area.Additional info - Your pool will generally have a pool plaster for the "liner" (what you feel). It could however have a ton of products - example is pebbletech - for this. It really depends on how nice your pool is. Pool plaster is generally made of concrete, sand, and quartz. There are other combos and there is premade combos too. If you are doing your whole pool then you can choose whatever you want - each will have their own characteristics. If you have a question on this I would ask it on its own since you will get a lot of different views/help.If you are doing patchwork then you will need to try to match up the characteristics of current "lining". This will take practice/guesswork and maybe bringing in a little experience.For the tile section at the top of the pool you generally want to buy tile that curve towards the pool bottom so there is a smooth transition or you will need to feather up to the tile area with a thicker amount of plaster (they sell very expensive "pool tile" for this). This will create an indention to apply your thinset and tile. And you will basically tile as you would a shower. I would use a modified thinset that is best suited for the type of tile (a lot of pools use porcelain) you are using. Note that under your tile should be sealed with pool plaster. So the tile is really just decorative. This is where there are differences in showers and pools. Using tiles on the top ledge or steps in pools should be used to provide a nice surface/decorative - not as any sort of moisture barrier.A lot of DIYers use "regular" porcelain/granite tile (I would not use marble or ceramic and I would make sure the porcelain I use has a low absorption rate) and can buy everything from a big box. The hardest part is making sure the tile plus thinset depth is close to the depth of the adjoining plaster - for pool steps you do not have to worry about this. And if you are replacing tile a lot of the stuff should be kind of set up for you. You will damage some of the plaster when chipping out the old thinset. You might have to make some repairs - I guess if the repairs are behind tile your plaster type is less important as long as it bonds. Also you will need to match up the old tile thickness to the new tile thickness. If you go with a new "thicker" tile it could create a lot of work because you may only have so much plaster you can get rid of before you hit the concrete base. In general almost all pools with a tile layer on the top sides have a "lip". You wo not match it up exactly. But you want to make sure that it is not dangerous - as far as people scraping themselves. And with a larger lip there is more upward force that could be put on the tile - causing more needed repairs down the road.2. Does anyone know of a paint that I can use on store bought dishes that can be used without refiring the platesMichael's and Hobby Lobby use to have China Markers. You can use them to decorate on china, porcelain, or ceramic & it cures in the oven. You can find it in theisle with the stain glass paints, next to several different items that are white glazed ceramic. I reciently bought some for my grandson, along with a piggy bank3. Can I use glazed, porcelain tile in the bathroom?...?glazed tiles are fine to use in the bathroom, the important thing to remember is if they are set properly and to set on either mortar base or hardiboard. the main concern though, would be whether the surface is too smooth a finish when used on the floor, especially when the tiles are wet! this could become a hazard to your health! a lot of tiles used in a floor application, have a sanded or rough finish ,just because of that !
Jinan Blue and White Porcelain Bottle Collection
True blue? Lots of colors! Here's some runway stuff. Some pics are men's, but the colors/pieces would work in women's. Some pics . . . just imagine them in a different order. ;-)blackblack/whitebluebluebrowncreamgreymix white/red/olivemix grey/whitemix orange/pinkmix pink/greymix salmon/greenprint dotsprint multiprint multi 2print yellow/oliveoliveredstripes black/whitestripes black/white/redyellow• Related Content of blueDavid A. Hayes of blue platesDavid Andrew Hayes (born 22 October 1962) is an Australian Thoroughbred racehorse trainer who has total of 96 Group One wins in his name, (78 in Australia, 17 in Hong Kong and one in Japan) including winner of the Melbourne Cup, Cox Plate, Caulfield Cup and Golden Slipper.Hayes became the youngest member to be admitted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame in 2008. He has trained in excess of 4,000 winners.He is the son of the trainer Colin Hayes. His family include three sons, include co-trainer Ben Hayes, Australian rules football player Will Haves and VFL footballer/Track-work Rider James Hayes. His newhew Tom Dabernig is also a trainer.------Over (Evans Blue song) of blue's"Over" is a song by Canadian rock band Evans Blue. It was released on 10 July 2006, as the second single from Evans Blue's debut album The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume. Matisyn and Pitter claim that 'Over' is the song that holds the most meaning to them.The song garnered little attention on the radio, only peaking at #28 on the U.S Mainstream Rock Charts, compared to their first single, "Cold (But I'm Still Here)", which peaked at #8, as well as #28 on the U.S. Modern Rock Charts, which "Over" missed completely. It is now rarely played on radio, as "Cold" is the usual song played.------Blue Hill River Road, Segment Two of circular connectorsThis segment of road consists of two sections, which are roughly at right angles to each other but were historically a single roadway. From its northern junction with Hillside Street, Blue Hill River Road runs south, bordering the reservation to the east and private lands on the west. It soon reaches a three-way junction, where Ponkapoag Trail continues south to an interchange with Interstate 93, and Blue Hill River Road continues east, into the reservation. It ends at a small circular turnaround at the southeastern corner of Houghton's Pond. A nearby parking area provides access to a picnic area and recreational fields. The total length of this segment is 0.87 miles (1.40km).------The Wild Blue Yonder of dark waterThe Wild Blue Yonder is a 2005 science fiction film by German director Werner Herzog. It was presented at the 62nd Venice Film Festival, where it was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize. It went on to screen in competition at the Mar del Plata Film Festival and the Sitges Film Festival, it won "Carnet Jove Special Mention" at the latter. Most of the film consists of recontextualized documentary footage which is overlaid with fictional (sometimes fantastical) narration. This technique was used in Herzog's earlier film Lessons of Darkness.The film's name comes from the first line of the song "The U.S. Air Force". The scenes in space are courtesy of NASA.------Remains of blue platesThe temple was destroyed in the medieval period and as early as 1000 the basilica of San Bartolomeo all'Isola was built on its remains by Otto III. The medieval well near the altar of the church seems to be the same as that used to draw water for the sick in the classical period as mentioned by Sextus Pompeius Festus, a 2nd-century Latin grammarian. There is also the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in front of the basilica.Little remains of the temple - some fragments of the obelisk are now held in Naples and Munich and some travertine blocks were re-used in modern buildings on the island, including a relief of the staff of Asclepius.------Blue-eyed plec of aquarium substrateThe blue-eyed plec, Panaque cochliodon, is a herbivorous freshwater armored catfish endemic to Colombia where it occurs in the Cauca and Magdalena River basins. This species grows to 16 inches. It is closely related to the popular plecostomus catfish kept in many aquaria as an algae eater, but is immediately distinguished by being dark grey to black and having bright, turquoise coloured eyes. Like other species of the Panaque genus, P. cochliodon feeds primarily on submerged wood . Blue-eyed plecs grow to about 30cm in length, and like other Panaque spp., they are clumsy swimmers adapted to staying close the substrate, in particular using the sucker-like mouth to hold on to submerged rocks and wood.------I Can (Blue song) of Promotion"I Can" is a song by British pop group Blue, taken from their fourth studio album, Roulette. It was the United Kingdom's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 which was held in Dsseldorf, Germany. The song came 11th scoring 100 points. The single was released on 1 May 2011 as a digital download, with the physical release the day after."I Can" peaked at number 16 on the UK Singles Chart. The song was written by group members Duncan James and Lee Ryan with Ciaron Bell, Ben Collier, Ian Hope, Liam Keenan, and Norwegian production team StarSign. It was produced by Ronny Svendsen and Hallgeir Rustan, the latter who previously produced several of Blue's hit singles.------Us with Italy of blue cross blue shieldUs with Italy (Italian: Noi con l'Italia, NcI) is a centre-right, Christian-democratic, liberal-conservative federation of political parties in Italy. Until March 2018, the federation was known as Us with Italy UDC for its alliance with the Union of the Centre (UdC). NcI's main leaders were Raffaele Fitto (president, leader of Direction Italy), Francesco Saverio Romano (vice president, leader of Popular Construction), Maurizio Lupi (coordinator, former leading member of Popular Alternative) and Enrico Costa (the main proponent). Both Fitto and Costa have since left.The federation was part of the centre-right coalition in the 2018 general election. Along with Forza Italia, NcI represented the coalition's centrist wing and favoured Berlusconi or a centrist candidate as Prime Minister.------Postseason results of two penny blueNCAA Division I Tournament resultsThe Tigers have appeared in two NCAA Division I Tournaments. Their combined record is 02.NCAA Division II Tournament resultsThe Tigers have appeared in seven NCAA Division II Tournaments. Their record is 188.NAIA Tournament resultsThe Tigers have appeared in seven NAIA Tournaments. Their combined record is 234 and are three time national champions (1957, 1958, 1959). Those same teams were later announced as inductees into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on April 6, 2019, with those teams being "the first collegiate team to win back-to-back-to-back championships."CIT resultsThe Tigers have appeared in three CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournaments (CIT). Their combined record is 03. They accepted an invitation to the 2020 CIT before it was cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic.------Sunwest Bank Charley Pride Senior Golf Classic of blue agaveThe Sunwest Bank Charley Pride Senior Golf Classic was a golf tournament on the Senior PGA Tour, later known as the Champions Tour, from 1986 to 1991. It was played in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Four Hills Country Club. The purse for the 1991 tournament was US$350,000, with $52,500 going to the winner.Originally founded as the Charley Pride Golf Fiesta, the tournament was an amateur celebrity event until 1983 when it became a fixture on the short lived PGA Tour satellite tour, the Tournament Players Series, with a purse of US$200,000. When that circuit ended after the 1985 season, the Charley Pride changed to become an event on the over-50s seniors tour with a new title sponsor and an increased purse of US$250,000.------Stadiums of blue platesGrounds listed in bold have hosted at least one international cricket match.KozhikodeCalicut Cricket StadiumCalicut Corporation StadiumMananchira maidanRegional Engineering College GroundCalicut Medical College StadiumKannurMilitary MaidanPolice Parade GroundThalassery StadiumThalassery Venus Corner Vayal Cricket StadiumErnakulamJawaharlal Nehru StadiumMaharaja College StadiumKerala Cricket Association StadiumKollamLal Bahadur Shastri StadiumSree Narayana College GroundAlappuzhaSD college groundKottayamJawaharlal Nehru Stadium, KottayamMalappuramPerintalmanna Cricket StadiumMalabar State Police GroundPathanamathittaPathanamathitta Municipal StadiumThiruvalla Municipal StadiumWayanadKrishnagiri Cricket StadiumThiruvananthapuramLakshmibhai National College of Physical Education GroundTrivandrum Medical College GroundTrivandrum University College GroundVellyani Agricultural College GroundSt. Xavier's College Ground Thumba TrivandrumGreenfield Cricket Stadium (Trivandrum International Stadium)Central Stadium, ThiruvananthapuramMangalapuram Cricket GroundThrissurThrissur Medical College StadiumThrissur Cricket GroundKasaragodKCA Cricket Stadium, KasaragodMunicipal Stadium Kasaragod------Honors and awards of blue platesSince 1988, Dottie and the other women who represented Canada in the AAGPBL formed part of the permanent display at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum at Cooperstown, New York, which is dedicated to the entire league rather than any individual player. She also gained inductions into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (1998), the Manitoba Softball Hall of Fame (1998) and the National Women's Baseball Hall of Fame (2003), and was honored with the YWCA Janet Lynn Sports Award (1993). Her road uniform with the No. 12 is part of the Women in Baseball exhibit in Cooperstown. She was a longtime resident of Rockford, Illinois, where she died from cancer at the age of 80. She was inducted into The National Women's Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003.------Out of the Blue (Debbie Gibson song) of angel eyes"Out of the Blue" is the third single by American singer-songwriter-actress Debbie Gibson. The title track of her debut album, the song was written by Gibson and co-produced and co-arranged with Fred Zarr, with Douglas Breitbart as executive producer. Released as a single in January 1988, "Out of the Blue" gave Gibson her highest chart placing at the time by reaching No. 3 in the U.S. In the UK, it did slightly less well than her two previous singles, stalling at No. 19.As a maxi single, "Out of the Blue," like "Shake Your Love" before it, took No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Maxi Singles chart.In 2010, Gibson re-recorded the song as an extra track for the Deluxe Edition release of the Japan-exclusive album Ms. Vocalist.------Blue Cow Mountain of starterBlue Cow is a ski resort that is part of Perisher located in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, within the Snowy Monaro Regional Council. The resort is situated within the Kosciuszko National Park and is administered by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. During winter months, the only access to the village is via the Skitube underground railway. In summer, access is via off-road only. Blue Cow is one of the four resort bases within Perisher, Australia's largest ski resort.Also known as the Blue Cow Mountain, Mount Blue Cow or The Blue Cow, the mountain lies within the Main Range of Snowy Mountains, part of the Great Dividing Range. Blue Cow Mountain has an elevation of 1,901 metres (6,237ft) above sea level.------I See Love (Jonas Blue song) of digital display"I See Love" is a song by British DJ and record producer Jonas Blue, featuring vocals from American singer Joe Jonas from the bands DNCE (Joe was in this band when this song released; now on hiatus) and Jonas Brothers (The brothers were on hiatus when this song was released; now reunited). It was released as a digital download on 29 June 2018 via Virgin EMI Records as the seventh single from his compilation album released on 9 November 2018 Blue. The song features on the films Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation and The Queen's Corgi. As of July 3, 2019, this is Joes last single released, alone or as a featured artist, as he and his brothers, Nick and Kevin, reunited to record hit songs like "Sucker", "Cool", and "Only Human"------Further reading of blue platesEdward Beyer. Description of the Album of Virginia: Or, The Old Dominion, Illustrated. Richmond, Va: Enquirer Book and Job Print. Office, 1857.Edward Beyer. Album of Virginia. Lithographs by Rau & son, Dresden, and W. Locillot, Berlin. Richmond: s.n., 1858.Beyer, Edward. Edward Beyer's Cyclorama: malerische Reise nach New York und durch die Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, zurck nach Hamburg. Dresden: Meinhold, 1860.Edward Beyer's Cyclorama malerische Reise nach New York und durch die Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, zurck nach Hamburg. Dresden: Meinhold, 1860. Microopaque. Louisville, Ky.: Lost Cause Press, 1962.Beyer, Edward, Holle Schneider-Ricks, and George A. McLean. Edward Beyer's Travels Through America: An Artist's View; Including Edward Beyer's Cyclorama; Translated by Holle Schneider with an Introduction by George A. McLean, Jr. Roanoke, VA: Historical Society of Western Virginia, 2011.------Blue Justice in the Blue Economy of space frameBlue Justice is a social movement in response to the blue economy and blue growth agendas, which frame the ocean as the new economic frontier and center on the commodification of ocean resources including entrepreneurship, technological innovation, multi-use offshore platforms, and new harvesting and cultivation strategies.It has been argued that if the blue economy is to be sustainable in the truest sense of the word (i.e., be continued forever), then fisheries, and in particular small-scale fisheries, should be the focus. Pauly (2018) argues that small-scale fisheries have features that make them sustainable and less likely to be negatively influenced by global crises. If small-scale fisheries are to be a central focus of the blue economy which they currently are not then they will require equitable access to marine resources.
What Ingredients Are Used to Make Porcelain?
Porcupines and cellophane, hence the name1. as it a good item to put porcelain tile throughout a house?Waaay too much! It is very hard on the legs and feet. Only do it if you will use area rugs as well, with good padding underneath2. How can I look like a porcelain doll?I think you should put on white make up or white powder make up. I think your hair should be straight and blonde. Your lip stick should be light pink or magenta. You should put on lip gloss flavor lip gloss. You should wear dresses that are silk with lace under the dresses. They should be European dresses of the Victorian time. The dresses should be sew by a female sewing female and Victorian time dress but changed to be modern. You should put eye shadow that is the color of the dress. You should get Victorian time shoes made by an organism who makes shoes. You should wear Victorian time earrings and necklace.3. Will Bar Keeper's Friend hurt porcelain finishes on old tubs & sinks?We recently replaced the tub in one of our bathrooms and the new porcelain tub manufacturer specifically recommended BKF. So I think you will be fine4. Do any Dental HMO's help pay for Amalgam or Porcelain crowns?You need to read your insurance plan well. Many lower end policies do not cover certain procedures at all or have waiting periods for coverage. 3 types of benefits: Type 1: preventive services, ie cleanings, fluoride, x-rays, sealants. most commonly covered 100% Type 2: basic restorative, fillings, root canals, periodontal treatment. Usually covered 80% Type 3: Major restorative, crowns, bridges, impants. Usually covered 50% if at all. Read your plan carefully. If in doubt your dentist can always file a pre-treatment estimate with your insurance plan to determine your exact benefits. Good luck5. what is the easiest way to clean a porcelain toilet that is stained from urine?Just use the regular toilet brush and wipe clean then spray some disinfecting. if is hard for me to believe that the urine has eched the procelain. if the stain are in the bowl use some CLR (any Hardware/CVS/walgreens etc) and pour in bowl and brush around, let it stand as long as u wish, rebrush and flush. Later get bowl flush solution tablet or pour bleach in tank once a week.6. my daughter has a very old porcelain or glass doll with the mark "BSCO" on the back...Who is BSCO??how old???? the markings are not the way they marked old dolls....might not be as old as thought7. What do people in China call there good plates?Porcelain?8. Question about Porcelain crock pot?It is highly unlikely that it would affect your foods unless the Porcelain crazed. For the acids affecting the Porcelain I can not help you. For that length of time to be left untended you are inviting trouble I would imagine and there could be a problem that would need to be investigated, and would probably negate the warranty for it.9. Will a pumice stone help safely restore the original luster of old porcelain?in the beginning maximum so called precise to lifers vote Republican ; and Republicans decrease humanitarian ( ie welfare and so on .) investment that would desire to extremely help an somewhat damaging woman make a option to maintain her infant . fairly if she unearths she is all on my own interior the worldwide . So called precise to Lifers are somewhat sheltered and clueless so many times . and extremely insensitive to the two the toddlers desires > after it rather is born
Which People Have Lighter Skin the Chinese Have Porcelain White Skin Or Ruddy Irish? Or White Blonde
most Chinese are tanned some are yellow and some have pale white skin. the ones who have white skin have a yellow undertone. white Europeans have pink undertone1. Dentists responsibility with porcelain crown showing metal?This can happen if you have a tight bite and the porcelain had to be kept thin. The slightest adjustment will go through the porcelain and the metal will show. It will not effect the life of the crown but it is an aesthetic problem. I would ask the dentist what he thinks. Perhaps he can not grind the tooth down enough to allow for a thicker amount of porcelain without damaging the tooth2. Why did the witch crack like porcelain?It is rather interesting. In the Brothers' Grimm, starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger, the queen/witch ends up cracking, too, when her vanity mirror is smashed- she falls away just like her mirror. So when I saw Dark Shadows, I immediately thought of this movie, and I was curious as to why witches are viewed so differently in every tale. They always have a different aspect- some are immortal, some have eternal youth, some melt in water, some need to use spells, others just wave their hands, some are made of glass, some use wands, some ride on brooms, others just fly. ... The list goes on. So I agree that there is a mythological license to be had when it comes to witches, and I think Burton did a brilliant job. In order to expose Angelique as a witch, Collins had to crack her neck, and show that she did not die, but was instead made of glass and a hollow exterior. It was a very dramatic moment in the movie, and worked rather well to build up to the ultimate fight they had. It also supported the idea that she did not have a heart- until she pulled it out and watched it shatter as she died. My only question to add to this is that if she were hollow and made of glass, how is it that Collins did not recognize it right away when he met her? Would her flesh really have been warm like a human's? Would she have a pulse? If one knocked on her, would she sound hollow? It does not really matter to the overall plot, but I am rather curious. :)3. How can I drill through very hard porcelain tile?I fit shower screens for a living and drill over 1000 holes a year in bathrooms mainly 6mm and 8mm. My advice for good results is be careful where you spend your $$$.As a trade I spend 2 to 3 dollars for each spear head tile and glass bit or more like $7 for DIY home owners. These bits do 50-75% of the tiles I encounter and last around 10 holes. For usage I recommend SLOW about as slow as a good 18v cordless will go in 2nd but fast enough not to grip and stop working up to medium speed. Only use light pressure and do not wet the hole it stops the cutting. Wet the bit or rotate your bits. Stop if tile gets hot. Dont wobble keep bit straight. Should take 10 to 45 seconds per hole. Then there is the diamond o bits. Pay as much as you can and get one that as a grind stone. I have one per size and they last upwards of a year. Get ones that have straight through holes as side exit get blocked very easy. Use nail and hammer out of drill to clean out. For usage start on 45 degree to create cutting edge then straighten once there is grip. Medium speed decent pressure to hard. Spray hole and bit with water consistently throughout drilling and cooling. Can take 2 to 5 minutes. Tiles are like glass, chipped edges from masonry hammer bits equal less strength.4. What do the dragon designs on chinese porcelain mean?Yes, the emperor of china sat on the "dragon throne" so as the previous answer said, the dragon represented the imperial line. One of the most sacred animals in Chinese folklore is the Dragon. Contrary to the savage fire-breathing monsters of European legend, the Chinese Dragon is a symbol of benevolence and wisdom. It is believed that any child born in the year of the Dragon is a child whose life will be blessed by good fortune. A dragon chasing a pearl is chaswing the sun or the moon. The dragon image in china dates to the neolithic times, but became more prevalent in the Han period (206 BC to 9 AD) and appears on swords, buildings, art, jewelry etc. Dragon and pearl appears in the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD). Hope this helps
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