Which Is Better: a Smart TV Or an HD LED TV?

Almost all 2019 TVs are some form of LED, the most expensive being much better OLED or QLED. This has nothing to do with the completely different subject of Smart TV, it's like asking is my gas driven car better or is a gas driven car with a radio better?Almost all LED TVs are going to be Smart since it's cheap to ad onto a tv, like 5-20$ add on. Here is what Smart TV means:A smart TV as many people know and many don't is not proof of IQ, it simply meNs it gets WiFi and Ethernet Internet. That's all it means, that your TV has internet reception so it can get www. Content. Mist can get straight up internet which can be used to check email and go to websites, remember without a keyboard typing out internet names is usually done one letter at a time and typing in web pages is annoying.It also means it has apps or buttons at the bottom for going to places on the internet made to be moved through using the direction buttons on your remote control. Each kind of Smart TV has a different interface (desktop or way of showing and navigating content), different collection of apps, this most people don't know much about.Sony, LG and Samsung all have Smart TVs with built in apps. They also have one app button for new releases that is definitly post-ownership advertisement.

They'll have another for any free content (usually free cheap stuff) and a button for pay-per view recently released movies. Most have YouTube because it's good and free, Amazon firestick makes this more difficult because of the animosity between Amazon and Google(parent company of YouTube).Most have a live TV app that usually has a suscibtion fee, and might or might not be better than basic cable or an HDTV digital antenna.

Most have CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and other stations that don't have subscription fees because they show ads, and your getting these over the internet, usually on demand (not live but sometimes) instead of by cable, dish or antenna.Most have Netflix, HBO, Hulu, YouTube Tv and other subscription services that have free movies and shows you can watch if you pay a monthly subscribtion. Hulu TV and YouTube Tv have live TV as well and are more like an internet based cheaper but not lacking version of basic cable.

Then, wether your TV is already Smart or wants to become smart you can attach by USB or more usually a HDMI a Fire Stick from Amazon, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and some others. They come in a bunch of levels which change download speed, clarity from 720-4K, voice command, and certain benefits. Google fits better with Google home, Apple is better if you already have a library of Apple movies and Music and Apple products, Roku is best for channels if you want foreign language channels for Brazilian soccer or Russian parades, Fire Stick is good with Alexa and Amazon Prime. The benefits and features change and this is just an overview of what these attachments generally do please check products on internet.That's an intro into what you can expect if your TV is labeled Smart or you get a device to make it Smart

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What were Jawaharlal Nehru's greatest achievements?

As Felix David has rightly pointed out, we need to consider Pandit Nehru's achievements against a backdrop of his era. He went to study in England as a 17 year old and returned after 5 years in 1912. From then on, he would spend the next 35 years as a key pillar of India's freedom struggle. This period would witness 2 World Wars and hence had a major impact on his outlook considering he had a deep interest in global dynamics. World was coming out of dark shadows of Colonialism and an independent, self-sufficient state that blocks all external influence was the ideal position to be in. His Post-Independence life started with a bloody partition involving millions who were uprooted and thousands dead and a war over Kashmir. In a short amount of time, India would lose Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel. He held charge from 1947 onwards for 17 years until he passed away in 1964.Even though he had several shortcomings too, his image in modern India unfortunately takes a further undue hit due to the actions of his future generations - Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi. Several answers have already covered his key achievements. I'll try to list out few more. Bargaining a better deal for india from Mountbatten - Pandit Nehru's personal rapport with Lord Mountbatten (the last Viceroy tasked with closing the British chapter in India) or I should say Mountbattens somewhat helped India's case. Jinnah was seen as somewhat stiff and not easy to get along by Mountbatten. Envisioned the merging of princely states into independent India - Though this vision was implemented by Sardar Patel with an iron fist, it was Nehru's brainchild. Note that many of the princes lived a lifestyle not very different from sheikhs of oil rich middle easter countries and could have severely dented India's growth post independence. In July 1946, Nehru pointedly observed that no princely state could prevail militarily against the army of independent India. In January 1947, he said that independent India would not accept the Divine Right of Kings, and in May 1947, he declared that any princely state which refused to join the Constituent Assembly would be treated as an enemy state.Internationalizing India's freedom struggle - Much before 1947, Nehru was lobbying for India in the right forums in Europe. He was one of the few leaders who could connect with everyone in various parts of India as well as abroad. Of course, post Independence, he took international relations to a new height.Re-settlement of millions of refugees post-partition - While Muslims who migrated from India to Pakistan are till date looked down upon and called Mohajirs in Pakistan, Hindu Punjabi refugees despite horrible circumstances, came out better than their Pakistani counterparts and became first class citizens of India, especially Delhi. Pandit Nehru helped create many refugee resettlement colonies (For instance Lajpat Nagar, Patel Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, Punjabi Bagh in Delhi. I was born in one of them).

Indus Water Treaty - Soon after partition, one major contention was control of the rivers of Punjab. Pandit Nehru played a pivotal role in signing of the Indus Waters Treaty in 1960. Had this treaty not been signed, we could have expected few more wars with Pakistan over water.

Making the first elections possible in Independent India - India's population by early 1950s was around 300 million with over 80% people illiterate. When the idea of first general elections came, the whole world was watching and wondering how can a poor country of illiterates hold democratic elections. It was going to be a logistical nightmare and a task almost impossible. Pandit Nehru roped in Sukumar Sen (civil servant) who became the First Election Commissioner of India. That is when the idea of party symbols was invented given majority of people were illiterate. I wonder why Apple or Microsoft or Xerox lay claim to the idea of icons when India had it back in 1950s!Building foundations of India's infrastructure - Pandit Nehru laid the foundation stone for Bhakra Nangal Dam that was built with help of Americans. Bokaro Steel plant was envisioned by Nehru as a swadeshi venture on lines of Soviet plants. Bhilai steel plant was established in 1955 with support of the soviets. He helped build the city of Chandigarh from scratch and his vision of the city was to be 'unencumbered with past'. It is one of cleanest and most well planned cities of India till date. He brought in people like Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai to set up Atomic Energy Centre and have Nuclear Programme for India. As other answers have covered, his efforts lead to creation of premier institutions like IITs and AIIMS.

Building cultural foundation of India - With a deep interest in history and heritage of India, Pandit Nehru helped establish the National Museum in Delhi. He personally identified a site for creation of the prestigious India International Centre (though eventually it may not have achieved the intended purpose unfortunately and became an elitist adda)

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Supernode (circuit) of viewing pointIn circuit theory, a supernode is a theoretical construct that can be used to solve a circuit. This is done by viewing a voltage source on a wire as a point source voltage in relation to other point voltages located at various nodes in the circuit, relative to a ground node assigned a zero or negative charge.Each supernode contains two nodes, one non-reference node and another node that may be a second non-reference node or the reference node. Supernodes containing the reference node have one node voltage variable. For nodal analysis, the supernode construct is only required between two non-reference nodes.------Yokah Tower of viewing pointYokah Tower is an observation tower within El Yunque National Forest on the island of Puerto Rico.The Yokah Tower is one of the two observation towers located in the park and is at an elevation of 1,575 feet. Constructed in 1963, it is widely considered the better of the two with regard to the view offered. The other tower, Mount Britton Tower, is situated at a higher altitude. Owing to this, the view from it is frequently obscured by cloud cover. When it comes to convenience, Yokah Tower again has an advantage over the Mount Britton Tower. Yokah Tower has a parking lot nearby whereas the Britton Tower is in the middle of the forest.------Current features of viewing pointThe Cape Henry Memorial commemorates The First Landing of the settlers that established Jamestown. Nearby, the historic Cape Henry Lighthouse was the first in the United Stateinterest, the passenger station built in 1902 and served by the original Norfolk Southern Railway was restored late in the 20th century and is used as an educational facility by Fort Story, an army base located at Cape Henry that was established in 1914. First Landing State Park occupies and protects the rest of the cape itself, as well as some of the nearby area. Shore Drive, a locally well-known road, facilitates viewing of the rest of the shoreline in Cape Henry------Son View Point of viewing pointSon View Point, also known as Eco Point Robertsganj, is an Eco Garden in Sonbhadra district, India.The panoramic view of Son Valley is best witnessed from this point. It is about 6km from Robertsganj, and hundred meters from Veer Lorik Stone, on Markundi Hill. Eco Point Robertsganj was inaugurated on 11 August 2003 by the District Magistrate of Sonbhadra. The place is thronged by tourists during the monsoon season as it provides a very beautiful and picturesque view of the valley, including small rainy waterfalls that mushroom during the season. A small restaurant close by provides fast food items. Son View Point is a great picnic spot for the nature lovers.------Colorow Point Park of viewing pointColorow Point Park is a park located on Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 15, 1990. It is named for Colorow, a Ute chief, who used to camp on Lookout Mountain during the summers and held tribal councils at Inspiration Tree at the slope of Dinosaur Ridge. Although it is the smallest park in the Denver Mountain Parks system, at .37 acres, it is notable for its outlook at 7,500 feet in elevation. It provides views of the main peaks of the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Continental Divide, as well as the plains and Clear Creek..------Beniajn of viewing pointBeniajn is a village located in the Region of Murcia (Spain), beside the mountains that close the Valley of Segura. It has a population of around 11,000, and is not far from the region's capital, Murcia.Beniajn is known for the abundant production of citrus fruits that its factories export around the world; this is the most important economic activity in this city.The town was founded during Roman times. Since before the 18th century, the Virgen del Carmen has been the Patrona (patron saint) of Beniajn. A statue is carried in procession annually in celebration of her feast day.------Geographical location of viewing pointThe mountain itself is nearly unconnected to any other peak in the Brushy Mountains, and could thus be considered a monadnock, or isolated mountain peak. A rough gravel road leads to the mountain's summit, which is devoid of trees but does contain several radio towers. From the summit a person can see up to 75 miles on a clear day, and can view a large portion of the Appalachian Mountain range in North Carolina, several of the highest mountains in the state of Virginia, and the skyline of Charlotte, North Carolina, approximately 70 miles to the south. The mountain shares its name with a small farming community which surrounds the peak------Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary of viewing pointThe Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary is an annual award, presented as part of the Canadian Screen Awards program to honour the year's best cinematography in a documentary film. It is presented separately from the Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography for feature films.On two prior occasions, at the 1st Genie Awards in 1980 and at the shortlived Bijou Awards in 1981, awards were presented for Best Cinematography in a Documentary (Non-Feature), covering short documentaries and television programs, but not for feature documentaries. Nonetheless, the winners and nominees in those years have been included below.------Moti of viewing pointMoti village was previously known in Romanian as Motidorf and Motiul. Alternate German names include Mrtesdorf and Mertesdorf. In Latin records, it is called Villa Morteni.It was first mentioned in 1319 as the property of Saxon counts Niklaus and Johann von Talmisch. In 1415 Mortesdorf was first called by its sole German name "Gemeinde Martin". Serfdom was abolished in 1848. Saxons made up the majority of the village population for centuries until the 1980s. The community emigrated en masse, chiefly to Germany; at that point, Romanians and Roma became dominant. By 2006, just one Transylvanian Saxon resided in the village.------Gallery of viewing pointThe following images, detail the surrounding area, including the village of Balmacara, the bay, and those views from the bay.Beinn na Caillich from the slipway at Kyle RheaBalmacara Bay.Balmacara Bay from the sunken garden at the Scottish National Trust property.Ard Hill across Balmacara Bay, Loch Alsh, Scotland. This view along the coast of Loch Alsh was taken from Donald Murchison's Monument.Lochalsh House. In Balmacara Bay.Camas nan Gall Looking east towards Ardintoul Point.Camas na Gall Looking west towards Skye.Balmacara SquareBalmacara Square These buildings face south west across the restored millpond in the centre of The Square.------Knigshtte Waterfall of viewing pointKnigshtte Waterfall (German: Knigshtter Wasserfall) is a waterfall in the village of Knigshtte in the borough of Oberharz am Brocken in the Harz Mountains of Central Germany.The waterfall has a relatively low volume and falls through a height of 12 metres (some sources give 15 or 20 metres). The stream empties shortly thereafter into the Kalte Bode. The waterfall is man-made and was constructed in connexion with an old quarry in 1994.The Bundesstrae 27 federal road runs close by. The area around the waterfall has been turned into a small park area. At the top of the falls at the viewing point is checkpoint no. 40 in the Harzer Wandernadel hiking network.------Conclusion (book) of viewing pointIn a non-fiction book, a conclusion is an ending section which states the concluding ideas and concepts of the preceding writing. This generally follows the body or perhaps an afterword, and the conclusion may be followed by an epilogue, outro, postscript, appendix/addendum, glossary, bibliography, index, errata, or a colophon. Aristotle, in The Rhetoric, tells us a good writer should do this in the conclusion: "make the audience well-disposed towards ourselves and ill-disposed to our opponent." It's a good opportunity to make inferences or predictions, or to ask the audience to consider what would happen if they do not accept our point of view by making a connection to society in general------Coal mining of viewing pointParasia is known as the "Coal Mines Belt". There were 24 mines in this area, of which 20 are still working. The principal ones are Eklahara Mines, Burkuhi Mines, Chandametta Mines, Newton Mines, Donger Chikhali Mines, Mahadev Puri Mines. Ravanwara Mines, Ravanwara Khash, Vishnu Puri No. 11, Vishnu Puri No. 12, Chhinda Mines, Setiya Mines, Shivpuri Mines, Shivpuri Mines, Jhhury Mines, Mathani Mines, Thisgora Mines, Nahariya Mines, Pench Mines, and Urdhan Project.Parasia has the head office of Pench Area, Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) one of the eight subsidiary companies of Coal India Limited (CIL) which is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Coal. The company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.------Cardinal electors of viewing pointPope Boniface IX died on October 1, 1404. At the time of his death, there were only 12 cardinals in the Roman Obedience of the Sacred College. Nine of them participated in the election of his successor:All the electors were Italians. Five of them were elevated by Pope Urban VI, and four by Boniface IX.Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church was at that time Corrado Caraccioli, bishop of Mileto.Absentee cardinalsThree cardinals, two created by Urban VI and one by Boniface IX, did not participate in this conclave:Hungarian Alsani was the only non-Italian Cardinal in the Roman Obedience.------Hjbjerg of viewing pointHjbjerg is a postal district of Aarhus, Denmark.Hjbjerg originated as a coastal suburb to the south of Aarhus, but has now completely merged with the city. Hjbjerg is located 5km from the city centre and had a population of 22,000 in 2005.Skde, Holme and Fredensvang are neighbourhoods within and subdivisions of Hjbjerg.The historic manor of Moesgrd and the related estate, including the Moesgrd Museum and parts of the Marselisborg Forests are all situated in Hjbjerg. IF Lyseng, one of Denmark's largest sports clubs in terms of membership, is also located in Hjbjerg.------Vangen Church (Aurland) of viewing pointVangen Church (Norwegian: Vangen kyrkje) is the main parish church in Aurland Municipality in Vestland county, Norway. It is located in the village of Aurlandsvangen, at the end of the Aurlandsfjorden. It is the church for the Vangen parish which is part of the Sogn prosti (deanery) in the Diocese of Bjrgvin. The white, stone church was built in a long church design and in early Gothic style around the year 1202. The church seats about 270 people.Vangen Church is the largest of the seven medieval stone churches in the Sogn og Fjordane region, leading it to be called the Sognedomen or Sogn Cathedral.------Mohokos of viewing pointThe Mohokos is the highest peak of a hill range situated in Meimurje County, northern Croatia. The hill range extends for about 20 kilometres across the northwestern part of the County (so called Upper Meimurje) in northwest-southeast direction and represents the terminal easternmost slopes of the Alps.As the highest elevation in the County, Mohokos lies exactly 344,4 metres above the sea level. There are meadows, vineyards, orchards and groves around it. On the top there is a stone landmark with a built-in polished plaque containing the following text: "The highest geographical point in Meimurje Mohokos 344,4 m 26.IX.1999".Mohokos is a popular tourist destination, especially for many admirers of hiking, hillwalking or bicycle touring.------Clear View High School of viewing pointClear View High School is a secondary school located in Webster, Texas, in the Clear Creek Independent School District. The school serves all of CCISD, including the cities of Kemah, Clear Lake Shores, Nassau Bay, Webster, El Lago, and Taylor Lake Village and portions of Houston, Pasadena, and League City.The school colors are black and gold and the school mascot is the tiger.Clear View High School does not have school team sports; however, the school includes physical education.Clear View High School also includes the Special Education department and Communities In School, which opened a second department when the school opened for the new school year in August 2007.
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