Which Bikini Would Be Better??

first one the one with red the other one looks like a freaking popsicle or some

1. Caan I wear a bikini ? ?

It's okay, although you wo not become anyone's heart throb

2. Which is the better bikini body?

Both look good to be honest

3. What style of a bikini?....(:?

any style but if you want you r breasts to look bigget try one with ruffles

4. Best color bikini?

definitely black or white

5. a hollister camasal and bikini bottoms?

do not unless you wanna bear it all

6. Hollister Bikini?? yes or no?

the one u showed is very nice! u should get it. :] good luck.

7. Bikini sizing not working!?

Each bathing suit may have a different size. Why do not you just ask someone in the store for help

8. Where to get this bikini ?!?

if i see one more "read about here" spam I swear to god... Anyway, Im not sure about the particular bikini, but that looks like seafolly which has a really wide range of bikinis just like that. Theyre usually in every surf shop, or a shop alone. :)

9. Can I wear a bikini? Help?

Leg lifts. Lay down flat on your back, and lift your legs straight (or slightly bent) into the air, hold for 5 seconds, then lower. Do this 90 times a day, at 3 different intervals of 30. Do this, and you will probably lose more lower belly fat than any other way. .. oh, and if you are really desperate, do not eat ANY candy or junk food, with the exception of dark chocolate. Eat only three meals a day (in case you do not already lol) and when your full, STOP eating right there. Also, if you eat dessert, eating dessert first actually helps you lose weight, believe it or not. :).

10. I have a bikini problem !!!?

usually the difference between a xsmall & a small is not a big one. so i would just keep the small. have fun (:

11. Wearing a bikini while pregnant?

i think its adorable!! if you dont have stretch marks. Baby bellies are beautiful, try wearing a pair of short shorts, and a bikini top. i think if you are confident then go for it i totally plan to. screw what people think being pregnant is such an amazing and beautiful thing. And if they dont like it they can leave or they dont have to look. Buti say go for it hunni!!!

12. Wearing a bikini to a water park?

bikini are for the beaches and afb hot holidays, water park should be all in one piece as soon as u go down a slide your bikiniis staying up the top. lol

13. should i be embarrassed to wear a bikini?

no your in good shape

14. which bikini should i wear for this bikini contest?

2, a liittle baby oil

15. this girl in a bikini?

Hmmm...where's the REAL girl? :)

16. too FAT for a bikini?!?!?

Well, that's a little heavy for a bikini. But if you are happy in it, do not worry about what others think

17. Brazilian bikini wax help?

sounds as in the experience that your a guy. i am a guy additionally, and that i am getting finished waxings executed each and every 4-6 weeks which consists of a brazilian. yet its no longer extreme soreness ( gentle to average ) . with a brazilian they do each and every thing and that i do propose each and every thing, i will record a. pubic patch above penis . b. penis shaft, c. scrotum d. components around scrotum e. the place legs meet crotch f.section immediately at the back of scrotum and anus g. *** crack h. buttocks its sounds to me you appreciate being hairless, and you would be quiite pleased with the end results of a Brazilian. a. no itching b. no razor burns c. honestly no sharp prickly stubble. d. and via a procedures the main suitable ingredient is not any 2-three times each and every week shaving. with waxing it merely desires to be executed each and every 4-6 weeks reckoning on your hair advance. and whilst it does come this is supplied in comfortable. additionally each and every time much less and much less hair is left so the soreness shaply subsides. so in remaining in case you like that oh so sexy bald look and extremely gentle sense, no longer something discover ways to it.

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