Where to Buy Cheap Plain T-shirts?

complex matter look on over yahoo it might help

1. To Fashionistas: Next cool thing in designer t-shirts?

WWW.DONUSHO.COM is up and coming, ebay sellers also have alot of ideas for t-shirts that may be up and coming. Slogans are so dated

2. do you have any band t-shirts?

Nope but I need some

3. what brand has sunglasses on their t-shirts?

or u could try forever 21

4. Is there any way to make cotton t-shirts softer?

Fabric Softner

5. How much clothing should I have for our little one on the way?

i would say allot of t shirts being that it is about to be winter and about 10 sleepers and at least 10 to 12 outfits but that's just me and you can never have enough sock, bibs and blankets with my daughter i went threw at least 3 or 4 bibs and blankets a day due to spit up accidental peeing and poop

6. are NBA players allowed to wear t shirts under their jerseys??

no there allowed..ive seen players wear some before

7. how to screen print t shirts using a computer?

u can get a element from wal-mart for in basic terms like 20 greenbacks its a pass paper form of element it can be a thoroughly greater value-effective path than silk screening then u can placed in spite of u choose directly to a shirt if u have a printer,iron and an mind's eye!!! in basic terms a guideline yet whilst u dont like that path prolly an adobe or photoshop could be ultimate

8. how to wash black t-shirts?

The first time you wash it DO NOT put it in with other clothes that are lighter in color. You will end up with a bunch of gray clothing. Also, try to wash all your dark colors together and use something like Woolite Dark that is milder and wo not remove as much of the color. Do not use hot water (that will fade them BIG time!), ditto on drying on high heat

9. isn't it time for different band t-shirts?

You have to remember something: a number of the bands you mentioned are 35-40 years old. You are talking about SCHOOL-AGED individuals. They are either getting their preference from their parents or from the same old tired "classic rock" formula that tells them what bands are "cool." Of course, I am one to talk: I just packed a Patsy Cline T-shirt for a trip. BA: It's okay. BA2: Yes ("Crazy Mixed Up Song" by Homer & Jethro, best known for its chorus: "Be kind to your web-footed friends, for a duck may be somebody's mother") BA3: Neither, my podiatrist frowns upon both and I have to wear custom-made insteps. BA4: Guitar BA5: "Pigs." BA6: "Wonder Could I Live There Anymore" by Charley Pride ("have you ever been awakened by the crowing of a rooster").

10. Catchy comments on Girls' T-Shirts ???

When I was younger and wore t-shirts with print on them I always had them printed upside down. Made the guys look hard to see what the shirt said

11. how to make t shirts?

You will need to screen print the shirts. I could give you plenty of Web sites that tell you how to screen print, but you said you did not want ot be redirected to a different site, so ... just google it, I guess.

12. Lord of the Rings T-shirts?

Try shirts and things on internet? there also place in hollywood that specializes in posters and "T" from movies? can not remember name? its feature in the beginin' of Jimmy Kimmels show (intro)

13. what is meant by Cool t shirts?

A shirt in the shape of a t that is not uncool

14. Ideas on how to wrap t-shirts for Chirstmas gifts?

Chinese takeout cartons are cute (if big enough) - find them at a craft store. Mason jars. Poster tubes. Paint Stores have empty (new) paint cans in different sizes. Decorate the outside with stickers (from your school?)

15. where to buy t-shirts for teenage guy?

Try Tilly's! If you have one there...You should!

16. Are these Christian T-shirts for real???

here are some that i wouldnt recommend but for the most part i like what i saw

17. Are over 60 T-shirts too many?

If he doesnt wear them all I would make him get rid of some. If he wears them I would not make him get rid of them. I would make him put them in storage containers under the bed or something to make more room in the closet and dresser.

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