Where Is a Good Place to Buy Cheap Plain V-neck T Shirts?

Forever 21 or Tshirt Factory

1. where is a good place to buy a v-neck t shirt?

GAP they sell all sorts of t-shirts in everycolour and design possible =D ish

2. Clothing Poll: V Neck or Crew Neck?

V neck

3. What do I wear under a v-neck sweater? I'm a guy, btw?

You should wear a really bright blue shirt on top!!!! It would look WAY hot!!!

4. where can you find plain white v-neck tees?

Forever 21 they have thin cotton made vnecks in a variety of colors

5. what is a good colored tank top to wear under a black v-neck sweater?

any jewel tone( red, green, turquoise..) or other neutrals (white, grey, brown..), or pastels (baby blue, light yellow...) anything basically, even prints!!!

6. How should I wear a really long v-neck sweater?

wear it with leggings and some cute flats :)

7. What type of undershirt is best to wear under a polo? for example; v-neck, a-shirt, or crew........???????????

just a regular white T! usually Hanse thats the comfy one!

8. What do you think of V Neck Tees for guys ?

they remind me of my dad.. they are gross looking

9. What are some cute v-neck colorful sports bras for dancing?

check out discountdance.com or any other dancewear site

10. Best place to buy deep v-neck t shirts?

Hollister has really nice and good quality v-neck shirts, but I think they might be $30. Sorry if I did not help!

11. Everyone: would it be gay if i wore a V neck?

tat would b hot ,,not if ur fat tho

12. What Jewelry can I wear with eggplant purple pumps, acid washed jeans, white v-neck t-shirt ?

Long gold necklace with a gold chain bracelet and dangle gold earrings

13. Do you think such a V-neck weddin dress could fit my friend?

The silhouette of a gown makes a much bigger difference than the neckline. The neckline could make her chest look great, but the wrong silhouette could make her look pregnant. She needs to try different silhouettes (A-Line, Ball Gown) and go from there first.

14. How can I make a crew tee into a v-neck?

cut it down the middle there you go

15. where can i get a (plain white, cotton) V NECK to tie dye, in about the size of a Youth Large?

J. Crew! Good Luck! Hope I helped!

16. i need help with a V-neck!?

try some 559 relaxed straight levi jeans they are a nice fit

17. Teen Girls: Do you like when guys wear tight shirts, loose shirts, or v neck shirts?

v-necks are hott :) if a muscular guy is wearing a v-neck... *swoon* and if you have even a little muscle, a tight v-neck makes it seem like you have more. but saggy pants are just irritating. a little saggy is fine, like the pic, but i do not need to see your heart print boxers :).

18. How to pull off a v-neck without looking gay?

High school can be brutal. But the funny thing is that the year after you graduate. Everything changes. If you can learn to dress how you want to, you will be in a much better place emotionally and have a step up on everyone at the same time

19. Magic loop knitting - central double decrease v neck shaping?

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