Where Can I Find Very Little Girly Dog Bowls?

You do not say where you live but I am in Ontario Canada and there's a chain called Petsmart that has them I got some for my friend's little yorkie for christmas that were pink and heart shaped. If there are any dog boutique stores in your area they would have them too. If you can not find anything where you are, you can order them online.

1. Glass dog Bowls vs. Stainless Steele dog bowls vs. Plastic dog Bowls? Which to use? Myth?

Hello. Noses can change pigment color for a number of reasons but one of the common reasons IS allergies to plastic. Typically speaking this will be accompanied by redness around the lips, but not always. Stainless steel bowls are most sanitary and therefore the best to use. It is also a good idea to run a trial by taking away plastic bowls AND plastic toys for a couple of months and see if the nose gets darker.

2. My dog won't eat out of his dog bowls?

try taking a cloth of some sort and rubbing it on your hands or face and putting it by the bowl and not feed him from your hand for day

3. Do stainless steel food & water dog bowls make their noses turn lighter?

I've been using them for my dogs and they have never had any issues whatsoever. I do not think that that will be an issue whatsoever. I hope that helps! Geoffrey Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company

4. Question about plastic dog bowls?

Never heard of it. bl

5. How do I get my dog to stop chewing on the dog bowls?

Switch to stainless steel, that should be less attractive to chew, plus plastic bowls are really unsanitary, as they are porous

6. Are those elevated dog bowls worth the extra $?

They are not necessary. The only thing that raised feeders help is to keep dogs from knocking over their bowls(although you could do that with a feeder on the floor as well) or for large, older dogs who are arthritic enough that bending down to the food is painful; or dogs with neck/spine problems who find bending down to eat painful. For a time, it was thought that raised bowls might help to prevent bloating, but that was later determined not to be true. In fact, raised bowls can increase bloat risk as the dog will swallow more air when feeding. So jury's apparently out on whether raised bowls are helpful or harmful with bloat, but it seems they are somewhat more likely to promote bloat than hinder it. I am not going to bother posting a bunch of links because you can find links to research supporting both sides of the argument. We have always fed our large breed show dogs from the floor and have never had one bloat in 40 years. And I think stainless steel is the best choice for bowls. They are the easiest to keep completely clean; they are extremely durable; and nothing can leach out of them into the dog's food or water.

7. Cant hens eat/drink from dog bowls?

yes they can drink out of a bowl but i wouldnt try popping corn. give them regular corn or cor scratch

8. How often do you wash your dog bowls?

My dogs bowls get washed after every meal. I do not eat out of the same bowl throught the day, so why should my dogs?

9. how tall do I need to elevate my dog bowls for a german shepherd?

Between 10 and 14 inches depending on your dog's height. Usually 12 in is fine for a German Shepherd

10. Strange reaction when using Stainless Steel Dog Bowls - has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

Nothing like that happens with my stainless steel bowls that have been handed down over several dog generations. Maybe you have a bio-film that you are not cleaning off well enough? Put it in the dishwasher and see if it comes out better.

11. is it unreasonable to ask my stay at home husband, not wash the dog bowls in the kitchen sink or dishwasher?

yes you are you should be glad he is doing as much as he is,Stop nagging and maybe he will do more if you dont like how or where he cleans the dishes do it your self, find something more important to complain about

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