When Can I Give Baby Water?

Oh lord you've been given horrible advice. Stop mixing cereal in her bottles, it's force feeding, unnecessary and she could actually choke and die from it. If you have to give juice because of constipation, that's a major sign that she should not be eating it in the first place! You do not give water until they start solids, at 6 months of age or later.

1. What should i be feeding my baby water dragon?

You are never supposed to feed them crickets that are longer than the space between their eyes on the top of their heads. I fed mine small crickets dusted with calcium AND vitamins until they got bigger. Meal worms are good too. Do not worry about feeding veggies/ fruits until it gets bigger and even then, some water dragons will never eat them (they are picky sometimes). They are mostly carnivorous. As a baby and juvenile, just make sure they are getting calcium and protein (from mealworms) and other vitamins. I use Exoterra Multi vitamin powder to dust the crickets and I use regular calcium d3 for mealworms so I know they are getting both

2. How Deep Should a 10 gallon tank for baby water turtles be? Please Help?

Deep enough so they can submerge, but not so deep that they can not stand up to poke their head out

3. Should I give my baby water from the tap or from a water bottle?

Does not really matter, so long as your tap water is safe to drink. If it's not, then you can boil it before you give to to baby or else just use bottled water

4. why is our water Fluoridated? why is it put in toothpaste and in some baby formulas and baby water?

Because fluoride is essential for your bones and there is a lack of it in our diets

5. When do I start giving my breasfed baby water?

when they can drink from a cup

6. To sterilize baby water and store away?

Hmmm, my DIL just pours the water out of the tap, and heats up the bottle. When we go on vacation, she does get the gallon jug of spring water. No boiling water in this home! Now, pouring water out of a jug, then boiling and pouring back in the jug just contaminates the water again.

7. When can you give a baby water?

Babies under 6 months of age get all of their nutritional needs from breast milk or formula exclusively - including water. They do not need extra water. The baby should have been fed a bottle of breast milk of formula in the mothers absence. Babies can drink milk at 1 year. Water can be introduced at 6 months, but they should still continue to get all of their hydration and nutrition from breast milk or formula for the first year of life. Is it just me - or does anyone else find this situation entirely sad? Babies have no voice to tell you what they need, it is mom's (or dad's or caregivers) responsibility to know. Babycenter.com or the book what to expect the first year are good resources

8. My goldfish named, "Baby" water is of great concern to me?

Do a complete water change. Dump al the ddirty water and replace it with the week old water you have. Hide the fish food from your guest!

9. What age can you give baby water?

The hospital i had my child in gave my son sugar water to drink while i was resting in between breast feeding so i would say when they are born right? Maybe not water without sugar until your pediatrician gives the okay..Just call and ask they will tell you over the phone this way you know for sure...Good Luck

10. Should I give my baby water from the tap or from a water bottle?

Both are pretty much the same and if you live in a city tap water would actually be better. If you are worried get distilled water or just use tap

11. Why do people say to NOT give a baby water?

OMG I AM WITH YOU! My mother never gave my sister water for like a whole year. I know you naturally have water in your breast milk but I will be giving my baby water too!!! I am due in June :) TOTALLY WITH YOU THERE! Star for you!

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