What Yoga Mat Do You Recommend for Someone with Really Sweaty, Slippery Hands?

I have a Rebok mat and a Savasa mat that work really well, they are thicker and a bit stickier. I also have a Danskin one from walmart $9 and it sucks really bad. I do not have that sweaty hands and I slip all over the place so do not waste your money on that one.

1. Does Anyone Have a Rotary Cutting Mat?

Olfa Rotary Mat

2. How can I clean the mat for my play yard / playpen?

What is the mat made out of?

3. Dried paint on car carpet floor mat.?

Using a hard brush,or razor blade to scrape as much dried paint from the carpet as possible.just apply WD-40 to the dried paint stain, Or you can use a similar product marked for paint removal. Use a clean rag to work the cleaning product. Let the WD-40 or other cleaner sit on the stained area for about 20 minutes. Use a clean rag to scrub the area and start lifting the paint off. Using a hard brush or razor blade scrape away the leftover paint. It takes a couple of tries and some elbow grease to remove dried paint from a carpet. Clean the area with mild dish-washing liquid and water. Use just a squirt or two mixed with a couple of cups of water. Finish by rinsing with clear water.

4. best way to de-mat a silky terrier?

Buzz him down, least traumatic for a rescue. There is a breed known as Silky Terrier, the size is in between a Yorkie & an Australian Terrier. I owned a Yorkie long ago, and own an Aussie now, get used to people thinking your dog is a big Yorkie, that is what I hear all the time.

5. Impulse - Landing on a gym mat versus concrete floor?

Yes. The difference is that with a gym mat, it compresses under pressure, which "spreads" the impulse over a time period, instead of it being instantaneous. Thus the average force of landing is less.

6. how do i get dimples out of a chair mat?

Not sure what you mean - maybe indentations? Is it plastic? If so, try using a hair dryer on low heat. Do not melt it - but heat it enough to tighten the plastic and get rid of the dimple. Just be careful

7. best bond choice for less risk - aaa bond - 10 yr mat, bbb perpetual,bbb - 10 yr mat, aaa - 5 yr, BBB 5 yr?

With conditions as they are right now, and I had no other alternatives, the best investment of those choices would be the 5yr AAA bond. You minimize interest rate risk by keeping the maturity short and you have practically zero credit risk. You would get more yield with a BBB (and slightly less interest rate risk - if you understand the concept of duration), but credit spreads are way too tight - I believe that the extra yield does not adequately compensate you for the extra default risk at this time. In 2002, it was the opposite situation - "junk" bonds - BB and B rated bonds - were paying huge yields that more than compensated for the extra risk. Not anymore.

8. Yoga Best Practices: What Kind of Yoga Mat Should I Use?

Q: Can we wear socks when we do yoga? And what kind of yoga mat should we use? Sadhguru: Socks are not necessary when you are practicing yoga. If you do hatha yoga right, it generates enormous heat in your system. Ushna will be generated on the cellular level. Once that happens, even if it is a cold country, you will not feel cold. There are certain points of your body that do certain things when they touch. In many postures in hatha yoga, your heels and your big toes need to actually touch. There is a whole lot of "circuitry" there. If you wear socks, you will obstruct that. One With the Earth Above all, when you are doing yoga, your first relationship of being one is with the earth. To be in touch with the earth is important. If you can afford to do this, for maximum impact in hatha yoga, you must make a space with packed mud, clay, and use either a raw silk or cotton cloth - raw cotton, not sanforized - and do yoga on that.

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