What Was Your Experience As a "shunned" Jehovah's Witness?

I havent been shunned before, so I cant really give you a personal experience.I have a few close friends who went through it, some more than once.To be clear, we dont shunwe disfellowship.

Disfellowshipped persons are still able to attend all meetings, in fact it is encouraged and required for re-instatement.The only difference, is that such a person is not spoken to by members of the congregation or JW family.It is a disciplinary measure afterall, so it has some weight to it, otherwise, what's the point?It's important to note that when a person is re-instated, they are not baptized againtheir original dedication to Jehovah still binds them. If you look at it like this, then you quickly see why the route of disfellowshipping is a last resort. The entire disciplinary process is designed to restore that personto fix their relationship with Jehovah, because Jehovah still counts them as his own!It is a loving arrangement, although unpleasant to go through, because it results in good things. If you are unwilling to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, as 1pet 5:6 tells us to do, then you will never experience the benefits of doing so.

Those who have chosen to leave, and are adamant about staying out, must do so, with the knowledge of the above

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How were the Germans able to fight against almost all the world and almost won twice?

Well the Germans had one of the better military commands in WW1, one step of the larger and more modernly equipped it was a numbers game. But it would have taken a larger navy, a bigger air Force and a more sustainable economy. Because in the first world war Britain in the worst case scenario of France falling would just hold on their island, untill anglo-american forces would find another front or fight through Italy. WW2 is a similar case but worse for the Germans, as this time they needed oil. And with the British navy blockading them and despite the Romanian oil it wasn't enough. So the Germans had to make a large southern thrust into the Caucasus but German generals pushed to Moscow. The Germans made their oil shortage aware to the Soviets with bargaining to get oil. And with the German air Force not being able to beat the RAF and with the navy not able to fight Britain's it was a death sentence. In both wars Germany used better tactics which were new and innovative in some cases, but without vital supplies a army will fail. Napoleon and his invasion of Russia, the Confederates and the US civil war, and many more times. In both wars the Germans lacked many resources to pull out a war. With the main factor being the unsinkable aircraft carrier, the United Kingdom. In both wars it was just a matter of time before Germany couldn't fight on, they just never had a chance to win the war


What was the flaw Kurt Gödel discovered in the US constitution that would allow conversion to a dictatorship?

I believe Goedel knew what I know:Our Executive is onr person who holds two offices. Therefore a chink or way in exists. All you do?Sever the chain of command so that both offices are not united in one person. As we have now. Ideally actual Command then is vested in another such as a military officer. However the highest ranking officers do not necessarily wear a uniform or have 4 stars sitting upon each shoulder.A person in a suit could rise to power in plain sight and even popularly with you being unaware and then with already existent military support he or she could seize control of the paid officers such as Congress via the threat of death or promise of protection.And most citizens would happily participate as in a Constitutional Republic this is realized as an emotional and metaphysical injury first and tell me: bow do you know if your emotional compass is skewed or what anothet is actually experiencing? If you've never experienced actual liberty or unconditional love or safety then what's your accurate measure to gauge this danger, to discern what's healthy pride versus perverted egomania? To know this thing is and it's on its ascending not is here and now?Observe how ed up ppls idea of safery and sense of safety is today. What the hell are they FEELING???.


What do you peg the odds at on the GOP losing the Senate in 2020?

It all depends.how they stick together..Against the Democrapsif they stick together, you will see the Democraps, shitting in their pants.because the American people are watching, this circus, that the Democraps have created.I have friends that are Democraps, and are not happy at all.

.I remember, Trump just won the elections, and they were already protesting , because they could not believe that Trump won the election. In NYC, there were massive demonstration. What was the reason for the Demonstrations? They just could not accept, the facts, that Hillary was a loser. The American people have spoken.

So suck it up, and deal with it. Now, the agenda is, work together.

.but what happens?.

.The Democraps, started to create problems to the president.for no apparent reason. Typical, Democrap behavior..why?just like babies, what do you think is going to happen, when you take a piece of camdy away from a baby? He is starts to cry, because he is an adolescent , that's what the Democraps areCry babies..tell me something positive, that the Democraps have accomplished , nothing, absolutely nothing. Now, you have billionaire fool who wants to run, just because he was the mayor for NYC.He did not clean the problems we had in NYC, you want to know who did? The former prosecutor, Rudolph Giuliani. And he is been accused of whatever


What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn?

I think Rupert has pretty much nailed it.The only thing I might add is that Labour seem to be running all the way with the postmodern neo-Marxian identity politics/virtue signalling nonsense which, for me, has meant that I no longer have any faith in Labour on cultural issues whatsoever. Care/Harm & Liberty/Oppression sells well when it comes to votes - it's a no-brainer. The mistake is to think that everyone else doesn't care about these issues.

I wanted to vote for him based on his economic policies. Only much to my disappointment, after some investigation, I came back empty handed. Something certainly needs to be done about the banking sector, but it seems to me that the awful truth of the matter is that, I don't think anyone knows quite what to do about it. And I've listened to plenty of economists from both the Left and the Right.So yes, I've been there. It's called the Left Pole (stand there any EVERYTHING looks Right-wing). It's a question of balance. Perhaps it's time we threw out that Left-Right switch box we all had installed from day one and started to actually look for the validity of the claims people are making on both sides of the debate. That takes a little bit of courage, commitment and work, and it was more difficult that I thought it would be, but it has been a worthwhile ordeal


If you believe in aliens, how did you start, and why did you continue?

I started believing in extraterrestrial aliens after sighting a UFO almost 40 years ago, which I believe was a real alien spaceship you can read my account of that sighting here: Ulian Bilotkach's answer to Has anyone seen a genuine UFO? What was it like?Since Ive become convinced that it was a UFO (before that I had thought for many years that it was some sort of new military technology, until I realized that that was not possible), Ive been reading hundreds of other peoples accounts of UFO sightings and alien abductions but only a few of those reports looked to me like trustworthy and being actually about the unknown phenomena that cant be explained on the basis of the existing experience and knowledge.This is not surprising however because if extraterrestrials were capable of coming to earth then they should have been far superior to humans both technologically and socially and would not gain anything by getting in contact with earthlings. It is conceivable that they would be just watching and listening to be able to use that information if/when they need to for any reason of their own. And while doing so they might be needing to do some close flyovers, during which they could be spotted by earthlings. So, dont get your hopes too high for being able to watch UFOs often, less so to be contacted by aliens any time soon


What is the process to start an investment firm?

Finding the right investment firm can be a daunting task in today's day and age. There are so many different firms of varying size and specialty that it can be hard to focus in on the one that is right for you. You should use this guide as to help navigate through the process of finding an investment firm that's right for you. There are key factors that you'll want to consider when making your decision. Overlooking them can be costly, and can greatly effect whether you reach your investment goals or not. Great Value - No matter what size firm you go with you'll want to make sure that you get good value for your money. S J Global Investments is a unique private investment company who pride ourselves on providing a professional service to our clients.The investment products that you select should be the best the industry has to offer. Value is measured as a combination of cost and performance. If your investments are doing well and don't cost much for you to access them, then you'll probably stick with the firm that is offering it. If you have a stock that is doing quite well but costs too much for you to be involved in, then it doesn't make sense. Likewise if you have fees that don't cost very much but the stocks don't do well, it won't be a good match.


Why is it so hard for people to believe that God really exists?

Because:Theres no consensus on what God means. People of different religions have vastly different interpretations, and even within a religion the debates about God never end.Scientific investigations of nature keep coming up with convincing explanations of natural phenomenon which were previously attributed to God. This has led to the idea of God of the gaps, in which the territory attributable to Gods actions in the world constantly shrinks as science expands humanitys understanding of the universe. This suggests that, at least to some people, that the gaps will one day close entirely, and there will be no further need to invoke the power of a supreme being to explain observed phenomenon. Some think that day has already arrived.Religious people are often dogmatic and closed-minded, and insist that their religion is the one true religion of God, and all others are fraudulent. They hold these belief without any ability to justify it. Clearly they all cannot be the one true church, so this discredits all religions.Religions emphasize faith as central to belief in God. Faith is necessary because theres no solid evidence to justify committing oneself to a particular church, or to any ideological system system that insists on the belief in God. After many thousands of years of philosophy and direct investigation of the universe, theres still no convincing evidence, and so belief in God always comes back to faith.

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