What Was Chinau2019s Opinion About the US-led Coalition in Afghanistan After 2001, Since It's a Neig

If you mean the opinions of ordinary Chinese, then I can recall and sample some from my conversations with others.From the Chinese perspective, some held the view that American attention shift to Afghanistan contributed to China's development back then - before 911, the US was planning to contain China following the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis.The notion that 'Afghanistan is 'the graveyard of empires()'' is also well-known by the Chinese - the unconquerable Afghanistans against Alexander the Great, USSR and then the US was impressive.

However, some Chinese military fans thought US's military capabilities weren't fully reflected in War in Afghanistan. They thought the US was 'fighting with both hands tied' (e.g. no use of B52 or B1B). This was quite understandable as US was caring about its international image.

War in Afghanistan is frequently referred by Chinese military experts as 'missile hitting tents' () to ridicule how costly the war is.Afghanistan, in particular, is deeply problematic for China in terms of the security of Xinjiang, its geopolitical interests and its reputation. Therefore Afghanistan has been identified by US and China as an area with mutual benefits Afghanistan: An Opportunity for U.


-China Cooperation?. In 2016, Chinese media reported claiming Chinese soldiers in Afghanistan rescued U.S. special forces (), while the story is likely untrue, it suggests that there may be more to Chinese activities in Afghanistan than meets the eyePentagon Knows China Has Troops In Afghanistan

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How do I communicate with my parents that their behavior over all these years has led me into major depression?

You simply don't. >to keep that hope alive that one day they'll understand me and see me going through this pain.They won't.>I feel trapped because I don't want to hurt them but then I don't want to harm myself either.You are not trapped, you are 10,000 miles away. You don't have to hurt them, you simply have to put their emails in a folder you don't read.>there is no progress because my family's behavior keeps triggering my panic attacks and it's getting worse.Really? They are triggering your from 10,000 miles away? You are opening their email, answering their phone calls, reading their letters. YOU are allowing this. You have to decide: You, or them. You can't have it both ways. They have made their bed (of nails?) and they have to sleep on it. Reduce contact; hire an intermediary to read and edit their communications, cut the ties. "I don't understand," you cry. "I'm Indian. We're different." Sure you are. So is everyone in the US, and lots of people everywhere around the world. Only one of my grandparents was born in the US. My family left places for their own reasons, from a number of different cultures, and they started over. It can be done.Get better. Take the medication your doctor is trying to persuade you to take. Go to NAMI meetings, or Al-anon if that is more available to you. (Surely you know someone who drinks too much who would qualify you for a seat.)You are making your recovery contingent on your family's cooperation and approval. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Decide you are going to get better, or decide that you would prefer to stay ill, and if you chose the latter, then accept it. But it's a choice, not a mandate


Where did you meet your spouse, what were your lives like when you met, and what were the key events and circumstances that led to you being together?

My brief story: We met in college study hall. I was very busy, not looking for a relationship.If I was in the sutuation you describe I would get involved in community activities like church, civic organizations ( e.

g. Rotary Club, etc.

), sports, hobbies, etc. that involve things in which I am interested whether I met someone there or not. That way I will meet people with similar interests.I might also ask friends who know me for suggestions of places to go to meet people. I would also ask a female friend or two that I trust if they have any suggestions of what I might need to do to be more attractive to women, in case I was doing something that I do not recognize may be a turn off for women. There might be something easy to adjust that makes a big difference.Most women are quite attracted to confident men. So find things you can do that increase your self confidence. Start small and work you way up to higher and higher levels of confidence. Confidence is hard to fake so work to make genuine increases in your confidence. Ceasing to do things that fail to meet your value system helps build your confidence, and your ability to look people in the eye without flinching.Women are attracted to well dressed men, and to colorful clothes. Instead of wearing pale solid colors, wear stronger more saturated colors like red, burgundy, royal blue, orange, burnt orange, purple, kelly green, etc. Also mix in some strong tasteful patterns and designs.Wear good shoes.Never be intimidated by beautiful women. They are regular people that happen to be inside a human being with beautiful features. It is not their fault. They did not asked to be born that way


Do Brits like Nigel Farage? Was he the one who led the Brexit movement?

I am British and I do not like Nigel Farage.Mr Farage wants all of the power and none of the responsibility. He successfully campaigned for EU referendum despite his repeated failure to be elected by the British people into the UK parliament. After he got the Brexit result he wanted, he quit the leadership of EU taxpayer-funded UKIP party. He offers no Brexit plan and made no contribution to the Brexit negotiations.Mr Farage is a media opportunist. Mr Farage thrives on the oxygen of publicity. He holds the record for the most number of panel appearances on the BBC television programme Question Time. Only the television programmes host appears more often. British people see him a lot on their television and have to listen to him.

Mr Farage support campaigns which break British electoral laws. During the EU referendum campaign, Mr Farage supported Leave-EU, which broke the law and was fined 70,000 by the Electoral Commission which upholds our British democracy and protects British people.Mr Farage is an appalling elected British politician. He has the almost the worse parliamentary attendance record of any European MEPs. He has only attended one of the 42 committee meetings to which he was invited. His MEP salary was docked after he misspent our public funds. He is letting down British people.

Mr Farage misleads the British people. Mr Farage accused the European Commission of being the sole arbiter of legislation in the European Union. Mr Farage is wrong. He said that the EU costs British people 55 million per day. Mr Farage is wrong.Mr Farage wants attention, power and money. But no responsibility.

Heres Nigel Farage telling his customary lies to British people in the European Parliament.Brexit supporters are invited to provide write answers unconditionally supporting Nigel Farage, rather than provided comments here


What events led to the Operation Barbarossa?

Q: Why did Hitler launch Operation Barbarossa in 1941?Adolf Hitler spent hours and hours talking about "living space" (lebensraum) for the German people. Poland was invaded for some of that living space and to reclaim 'German lands' lost in the aftermath of World War 1 through the Treaty of Versailles.But, that was not enough. His real plan was to take all land east of Germany to the Ural Mountains and from the Arctic to the Black Sea. Maybe something like this:sourceIn order to get that living space, the Soviet Union was always the primary target. It had the added benefit of destroying the Soviet Union, which was full of far-left communists that the far-right Nazis hated.So, everything in red would be "Germany" (Deutschland). The rest of Europe would be vassal states and Britain could remain a rump with whatever part of their empire they could still hold.Hitler didn't really expect France and Britain to declare war over Poland. When they did, he adjusted his plans to deal with them. He only bothered with Denmark and Norway because Britain and France were openly talking about occupying neutral Norway to deny Germany Swedish iron ore shipped through Norway. If Britain and France hadn't said anything about Norway, Denmark and Norway would have been allowed to remain neutral.Once France and the low countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, and (yes) Luxembourg were defeated, it only left Britain. Hitler spent way too much time trying to gain air superiority and burned through a lot of resources and pilots that would have been better spent in the east.So, Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa because that was the original plan. Anything to the west or north was something he had to deal with before implementing that plan.

Why did Hitler launch Operation Barbarossa in 1941?


Tito-Stalin split almost led to the war between Yugoslavia and USSR. If Stalin decided to attack, what would have been the outcome of the conflict?

I am not an expert on the matter, however living in a country which was in Yugoslavia and my relatives serving in Yugoslavian army i can tell a few things (and of course history from a good professor).First of all you should know that Yugoslavia wasn't in USSR, we were trading a lot and had good relationship but Josip Broz Tito didn't take shit from anyone (excuse the expression).The next thing you should know is that we also traded with Italy, UK, USA... We were kind of neutral one could say, still leaning towards Stalin though.

Now on the matter of war. I am pretty sure that if Stalin decided to attack there wasn't much we could do. The shear power of USSR army would overwhelm us. They were better equipped and had numbers. Now if that was right after the 1st world war it would be even, however Yugoslavia wasn't really that strong later on.The fortunate thing for us was that i think USA backed us up when we split. So Stalin accepted his losses and moved on. He knew that attacking us would mean a war on a global scale once again.Another point to take here is that Yugoslavian people are really rebellious. Serbians lived under Turks for a long time and were used to fighting back. They had a strong army in 1st world war. And although we were overtaken by Germans in a month in 2nd world war, we offered a lot of resistance within. Guerila kind of fighting was really one of the best in Europe.So to sum it up Stalin could destroy us, but that would lead to much larger scale war and he probably couldn't control the Yugoslavian territory since people would probably fight back.

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Intel Revealed That It Will Launch a New Generation of Core X Series Processor This Fall
Intel today officially announced the 10th generation core mobile processor of 10nm ice lake, the next generation Athena notebook, as well as new Borui and Xeon products, which are quite rich.During his speech, Gregory Bryant, senior vice president of Intel and general manager of client computing division, also revealed that a new generation of core X Series fever processors will be launched this autumn, covering core i9 extreme, core i9 x, Core i7 X and core i5 X.Intel said that the new core X series is for high-end creators, will provide higher frequency and memory speed, and will upgrade the dynamic acceleration technology of core Max 3.0.Intel's current ninth generation core X series is derived from the server-side first generation scalable Xeon (skylake SP), and the next generation must come from the second generation scalable Xeon (cascade Lake SP). The latter is still a 14nm process and skylake architecture, with a maximum of 28 cores (dual core package 56 cores). The main changes include increasing CPU frequency, expanding cache capacity, increasing memory frequency Support aoteng persistent memory, enhanced vulnerability patch, new avx-512 vnni instruction set and dlboost machine learning acceleration.The new core x will certainly continue most of the enhancements, but up to 18 cores have been for two consecutive generations. I don't know if it will be released this time? After all, the mainstream Raptors next door have achieved 12 cores and are beginning to take the fever core i7-9920x as their opponents.As for the REMAX Max 3.0, based on the traditional REMAX acceleration, it automatically identifies one or more cores with the best physique and further accelerates when the power consumption, temperature and heat allow. For example, the 18 core flagship core i9-9980x normally has a maximum REMAX acceleration of 4.4ghz, while the REMAX Max 3.0 can reach 4.5ghz.Acer boxx host with built-in core x
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