What Ultimately Led to the Demise of WCW?

There are many good reasons listed about what was wrong with WCW, but none of them are addressing the single event that was most responsible for the end of the company: the AOL/Time Warner merger.Ted Turner believed in wrestling. He had, to some extent, built his empire on pro wrestling, as Championship Wrestling was the top program in the early days of the Superstation. TimeWarner CEO Gerald Levin gave Turner almost complete control over Turner programming, and Ted was willing to keep losing money on WCW because he believed that it would eventually rebound, and as it was still the top rated show on TNT he believed in the value of Nitro to cross-promote new TNT original programming. But after the merger was finalized in January 2001, Ted Turner no longer had as much control in the new company. Gerald Levin and new chairman Steve Chase insulated Turner from direct programming decisions. The result was that AOL/Time Warner decided to sell the company. Eric Bischoff, who was at the time the Executive Producer of WCW, found a group of investors and was prepared to purchase the company and continue it, but AOL had one more surprise up its sleeve. During negotiations, they announced that they were restructuring programming on both TNT and TBS, and would no longer carry any wrestling programs. In 2001, there were far fewer channels on TV, and no streaming platforms obviously. In that environment, a wrestling company without a TV deal was not a very attractive acquisition to many people. So Vince McMahon swooped in to both kill his primary competitor, and acquire their massive tape library in one blow

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Why does BJP led India supports Israel?

The BJP is playing to multiple galleries by supporting Israel. First is technology. Israel is a technologically strong power in irrigation, military , science and information. India needs all these core technologies. Israeli transfer of technologies would allow India to have a quantum jump in its value addition and add strategic heft after decades of poor innovation and investments in real qualitative improvements.

Second, India is playing to the weaknesses of Israel and thereby filling a vaccum. Israel is a small country surrounded by enemies. India for decades has provided a safe haven for graduating Israeli army recruits to vacation and through this and recent foreign policy engagements and rising trade relations, it is in principle telling Israel "Look we are one of the few friends you have". Israel and India have face similar threats and contexts in both countries surrounded by semi-hostile neighbors, contested regions and expanding security threats by non-state actors.Third is our internal dynamics. For decades we have had governments that have supported Palestine statehood as a means to assuage the Muslim minority in India. We have shied from an overt strategic embrace with Israel despite so many commonalities because of coming off as "anti-Muslim". But this is uni-dimensional and poor strategic thought. Since PVNR (1991) we have had a subtle covert engagement with Israel including intelligence sharing but this has always been away from public glare. This government is basically outing our relationship with Israel from the closet. Expect high level visits by the heads of state and government in the next few years.Finally India is now growing out of its neighborhood. It has started pursuing a global policy that is independent of the so called "strategic restraint" policies based on ideology to a more pragmatic trade based free- order policy.


Was it Aryan invasion or migration? What led to the downfall of ivc?

Due to invasion as the agriculture of the ivc got ruined by Indra. Read on...(below appears a section from The Culture and Civilisation of Ancient India in Historical Outline by D. D. Kosambi)One feat for which Indra is praised again and again is the 'freeing of the rivers'. During the nineteenth century, when nature-myths were made to account for everything including the Homeric destruction of Troy, this was interpreted as bringing down the rain. Indra was the rain god who released the waters pent up in the clouds. However, the Vedic rain god is Parjanya. The rivers Indra freed had been 'brought to a standstill' by 'artificial barriers'. The demon Vritra 'lay like a great snake across the hill-slope'. When this demon was smashed by the Indra, 'the stones rolled away like wagon wheels', the waters 'flowed over the demon's inert body'. This can hardly mean anything except the destruction of a dam, for all the figures of speech. The word vritra as analysed by good philologists means 'obstacle' or 'barrier', but not 'demon' as such. Indra was called vritrahan, Vritra-killer, for this spectacular feat. The same word was transferred as vcrethraghna in Iranian to the supreme Zoroastrian god of light Ahura-Mazda. The myth and metaphors give a clear account of the methods whereby the Indus agriculture was ultimately ruined. At the same time, Indra confined the (unidentified) river Vibali, which had been flooding over its banks, to its proper channel. Flood-irrigation by special dams, sometimes temporary, had been the Indus practice, as noted. This would have made the land too swampy for Aryan cattle herds, while the blocked rivers made grazing over long reaches impossible. With the dams vanished the possibility of an enduring Aryan occupation of the Indus cities, the annual rainfall being low


What decisions in life have you made that you think have led to you having a comfortable amount of money to live the life you want?

To take a stand. It is so easy to waste time and get by, when you decide to take a stand and build wealth and you absolutely mean it. That is what you will do.Everything changes.You know getting a job is probably out, as no one will pay you the 200000 a year youll need to cover the cost of living then build wealth with the extra.

You know youll need to start a business and drive it forwards.What will follow will be the hardest but most change inducing period of your life. Constantly re-investing will be hard, but your business will grow, and with it its value. You must sacrifice yourself, your free time and your spare cash to make something of value happen, but if you commit and the idea is a goer, change is inevitable.Do not waste too much time and money on ideas that will not fly, you must go to the market, the market will not come to you.There is a lot to learn and a lot to be on top of but even when you fail youll learn, and youll learn things that no one can teach you in academia.Trust me on that.Youll learn that good people love to feel part of something, and will overperform when theyre incentivised by ownership, youll learn that you cannot do it alone.Youll also learn who treats you differently when you challenge the status quo and grow, and who gets completely depressed by your success.Youll learn the value of a good bookkeeper and accountant and permanently change the way you look at the world and the possibilities within it.Youll also learn to expect more from yourself.So what are you waiting for, everyone has an idea, everyone has a passion, work out how you can make your interests into a business that will change your life.


Is it a coincidence and good fortune that led Einstein to the theory of relativity?

No. Einstein spent years and years thinking his theory through. Hed worked extremely hard on it; so hard in fact that his 1st marriage broke. He dedicated his life to physics.There is a lot of myths still circulating about him. Like he was a mediocre student. He wasnt; in fact, some of the brilliant ideas he later incorporated into his theories hed had when he was only 16.He got the basic idea of how time rate differs to moving observer based on his reference frame on a tram he took home from work. He himself described that as the most fantastic moment in his life. But it was no coincidence, no chance. It was because he was constantly thinking about it, he was immersed in the issue. He didnt work in the patent office because he was incapable to find himself a better job. He chose it because the job allowed him a lot of time to think about theoretical physics.

But there actually is one part of the story where hed been lucky, indeed. When hed first published his general relativity theory, his calculations were actually wrong. There was an expedition set to Crimea (unless Im much mistaken) to observe total eclipse and how the Sun bends the light coming from stars behind it to prove or disprove the theory. Should it get there and do the observation, the theory would have been likely disproved (maybe not in principle, but itd have been a big blow from which he might not have recovered). But the expedition was thwarted by WWI. That gave him several more years to find and correct his mistake. So he was fortunate, really, that the 1st attempt to get an experimental proof failed (although he worked very hard to make it happen).


What led to Leo Tolstoy's moral crisis and subsequent spiritual awakening?

After the age of 50 and despite his fame, his wealth and his happy family life, Tolstoy became dissatisfied with himself because he hadn't managed to probe into the purpose of life and hadn't found the answers he was looking for. He couldn't find much help in the writings of philosophers and theologians, but there was a clue in the simple life of peasants and their belief in serving God and their fellow men. He became convinced that the teachings of Jesus held the truth he was looking for, but their original substance was lost in the authority of the church. In 1893, and based on Luke's Gospel, he wrote The Kingdom of God Is Within You, which deeply moved Mahatma Gandhi when he read it. Gandhi wrote to Tolstoy about his Passive Resistance Movement and their correspondence led to a warm friendship and Tolstoy's work A Letter to a Hindu in 1908.nHis everyday life changed a lot, too. He used to dress in peasant clothes, he became a vegetarian and gave up smoking and drinking alcohol. He refused to be served, he cleaned his own room, worked in the fields, tried to live in complete chastity and got involved in philanthropic activities. All these made his reputation spread not only throughout Russia, but in the rest of the world, and there were hundreds of people, "The Tolstoyans," who daily visited his estate to meet him, and who were willing to give up all worldly pleasures and live according to his principles. But there was a contradiction between the life of ease and wealth his family lived and the ascetic, religious life he, himself wanted to follow. He tried to divest himself of his own property, but his family made him transfer his estate and loyalties to them. He wrote pamphlets and articles with his views on political power, war, social and government practices of violence, and asked for reforms.

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