What Type of Coolant Should I Use for 2004 Toyota Sienna?

Your 2004 Sienna calls for "Super Long Life" coolant, the color is pink not the red (That's for older Toyota vehicles) it is only available in 50/50 mix from Toyota! The coolant type is HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) NOTE: I know that you are aware that your timing belt is due for replacement at 90,000 or 108 months, at that time, the belt, water pump and belt tensioner and the engine coolant should be replaced at the same time.

1. increasing the battery amps to fit a water pump [closed]

I do not know where you got the 0.036A number for the Yuasa YB3L-B battery. Batteries of that type and their equivalent replacements are rated for 3 Amp Hour.With a fully charged fresh battery you should be able to easily run the bilge pump for an hour or more as the pump drawing 1.8A is less than Amp Hour rating of the battery. If your battery is only delivering 0. 036A then it is either not connected to the load correctly or the battery is completely kaput and needs replacement with a new one

2. Is my water pump in my car broken?

it may not have been coolant but condensation in the ac

3. how to reprime a water pump?

Remove the pump from it's current location, and using flexible hoses , move the pump below the water line in the lower tank. Suck on the end of the pump, and syphon water

4. I have a 97 Saturn SL2. My car has been overheating, temp gauge doesn't get hot. So the fan never goes on Why

check your thermostat, if that does not work, make sure your temp sensor wire is connected and of course that the fan relay is working. if the car is sluggish or running rough, it may even be your head gasket or clogged radiator...i do not think water pump because you would have water leaking from the pump area.

5. backyard wind powered water pump?

My Grandpa could show you one that was installed in front of his house about 90 years ago. Check out a farm & ranch supply store. Those guys are freakin geniuses.

6. Older Ford V8 Water Pump Question?

when you have money buy new, the 70s years today cost way less, an if you were to overheat you would wish you had!

7. Replace Well water pump low water pressure?

If the pressure tank is bad, there will be water coming out of the little air valve on the top. Otherwise it is good. You need to make sure you install an automatic and not a manual 30/50 pressure switch and that the nipple going to the switch is not clogged. And with the pump off and all water pressure out of the tank, you need to guage the tank like a tire and make sure you have exactly 28psi on the tank. However, these problems generally occur when mud builds upon the rubber diaprham where the nipple attaches to the pressure switch. I would bet that if you address the two things i mentioned above you should have water. Also mud will affect the accuracy of the guage. worst case scenerio if your well has changed due to heavy rain or new wells being drilled nearby, you may have to lower your pump a foot or two,but that is least likely. Also could be a damaged wire going to the pump which is very likely

8. How to repair a water pump on a 2002accura?

Acura what? CL,TL,RL,RSX,MDX? When asking a question, please include the complete vehicle information, (Year, Make, Model) As this will give us the necessary information so we can give the most accurate answer. Most Acura engines of this vintage call for replacement of the timing belt,000 miles. If your vehicle has more than this mileage, you are on borrowed time! NOTE: All Acura engines are interference engines (with the exception of the SLX) this means, if the timing belt snaps, catastrophic engine damage will result!

9. 1998 Delta Eighty Eight water pump removal?

You need to remove the pulley. I use copper coat gasket adhesive to hold the gasket in place during assembly. Also use neversieze on the bolt threads.

10. show procedure remove water pump 1995 honda accord?

The water pump is located behind the timing belt, and one of the motor mounts also happens to be on the front cover. So you would need to support the engine, take the front engine mount off, take the timing cover off, remove the timing belt (good time to replace it, while you are in there), tensioners, pulleys, then remove the water pump. I would replace the timing belt idler pulleys and tensioners as well. Installation is reverse of removal.

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