What Type of Air Conditioner Should I but That Wastes Less Energy?

Look for the energy star sticker

1. What happens if I leave my air conditioner set on 45 degrees?

Well, it would run and keep running until your house cools to 45 degrees. Depending on how hot the climate is, how well insulated your house is, and how powerful/efficient your AC unit is, it may never actually cool to that point or the evaporator coil may simply freeze as it's probably not meant to operate with indoor temperature that low

2. Does an air conditioner that's working in heating mode, dehumidify the room ?

Depends if you have a humidifier on the unit

3. Does anybody have a solar air conditioner? tell me how it works?

I think you are referring to a standard air conditioner (with an electric compressor at its heart) powered by a solar electric panel. Once you convert the solar energy into electrical energy, you can do whatever you want with it, including running a AC unit

4. Why does my air-conditioner seem kinda weak?

The refrigerant gas has leaked out. you are able to desire to pass to an airconditioner place and get it recharged despite the fact that if it is going to ultimately take place lower back so get them to income for leaks while you are there

5. Is there a safe way to turn off an air conditioner without an on/off switch?

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6. I think my air conditioner (in my apartment) is messing up...?

call the office, there should be a way to leave an emergency message or something. luckily its at nite, so it wont be too bad

7. I have no air conditioner! How do I stay cool for cheap?

Open one window, from the top if possible, and put a box fan in it facing out. Open another window, preferably on the other side of the room, and put another box fan facing in. This will keep the air circulating constantly. Keep your hair as short as possible and put it up if it's long. Go barefoot. Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing. If you get really hot and a fan does not help, try putting ice on your wrists and the tops of your feet - these are places where there are plenty of prominent veins, so the ice cools your blood directly and lowers your body temperature. Make sure to spent a little bit of time in an air-conditioned building every couple of days - the longer you are exposed to heat without any kind of break, the more susceptible you are to heat-related illnesses, even if it's not boiling hot outside.

8. How do I fix my Amana window air conditioner?

your air condtioner is defective and low on freon

9. Air conditioner problems? top floor of condo building, help please!?

your main drain does it go under a bath sink ?look for 3/4 pvc right above the p-trap the tail pc is to long take apart the p-trap and stick your thumb up to the 3/4 its blocked by the tail pc cut off the offender and reassemble plumbers do not catch it because they do not know any better on some condos the drain goes to downstairs condo

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