What to Wear to School in Freezing Weather?

A cute sweater, skinny jeans, combat boots would be a great outfit. For the jacket part, you should get a pea coat, a shorter version of a trench coat. It's super cute AND keeps you warm. It's not puffy at all

1. Can I wear combat boots to homecoming?

no. if you do not want to wear heals then wear flats

2. does anyone know where to find combat boots?

steven madden has really cute ones...also try allsaints.com they have awesome combat boots but a little on the pricy side =)

3. What to wear to a public school?

If in the US, just raid your nearest Marshall's grab whatever. 90% of the casual stuff will pass muster. T-shirt and jeans? Always good. Hell, anything with jeans. Shoes? Whatever strikes your fancy. Anything from converse to combat boots goes. PS just street style. If in serious doubt, check out the campus of some decent local university and see what the people there are wearing (note: take losers in sweats and flip-flops out of the equation).

4. If your pet could wear any SHOE, what kind of SHOE would they wear?

My bullmastiff/amstaff 128lbs would wear combat boots or motorcycle boots like her mommy,me.

5. What to wear with combat boots?

Target has cute combat boots in black, brown, and tan

6. Where to get a nice pair of gray combat boots?

urban outfitters and DSW (:

7. What can I do to keep from getting horrible blisters from my combat boots?

If you've been the BCT, wear some of your dress socks/sock liners under your issued socks!!! wear foot powder and keep your socks clean and dry!!!

8. What is a good way to break in brand new combat boots? leather is too stiff.?

That is when they fell the best on your feet enjoy it

9. Should Donald Trump continue going after ISIS members?

Absolutely. He should do it personally. Crossed bandoliers, combat boots (with special cushions for those bone spurs) and a full camera crew

10. Are these cute to wear? (Combat boots)?

Those shoes are HOT Hunny ! Skinny Jeans and Crop Tops , High Low Skirts , Skirts , Bodycon Skirts , Pants , Dresses , and even Shorts . As a matter of fact those style of shoes are actually trending now and you can pretty much wear them with anything , although I do not recommend wearing them with capris . But as long as you think they are cute and look good on you that's all that matters . Good Luck Hun :).

11. where do you buy vietnam or worldwar2 combat boots?

No steel toe but they are at surplus stores and if you get lucky you will find the insoles that prevented the punctures

12. I need help finding a pair of black combat boots?

They are boots, not combat boots. They are only combat boots if you wear them into combat. The style you are talking about would be a designer boot or a fashion boot, like UGGs, just made of leather

13. for a man (early 20s) : - how does it look - tight jeans with Knee-Combat boots over ??

Is this your look? If you like it then go for it... Are you going to wear the canvas Army green Jacket with it? The tight jeans are N I C E.... Wear a tight fittin T shirt... (International Male) And a headband... Jimi Hendrix wore this look in the late 60's at a concert I went too... He looked awesome.....

14. Who of you here is obsessed in wearing, seeing a guy or collecting boots similar to combat boots ?

I LOVE combat boots. I go to the army surplus for mine. I like Corcorans with the zip up sides. The problem is their so exspensive, but they look awesome with skirts and shorts. I like when guys wear them with baggy knee length shorts

15. What color combat boots are best?!?

I like the brown own in the below picture at the left side. The color can be casual and it could be formal. For me I would definitely choose this one because even I wear casual or formal, the shoes would definitely be a good match.

16. any ideas for pointe shoes?

i agree with the first post and re-consulting your teacher. but, I also might recommend sansha. The first pointe shoes i was put in were their's and they were like combat boots they were so hard a brick could not have crushed them, so just stay away from the training shoes, but sansha is really convenient because on several of the models the shanks are replaceable which means going through less pointe shoes. once they are good and broken in the shank always tends to break so as opposed to getting a new pair and starting the process over you can just get new shanks lol. good luck:).

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