What Should I Take to an Outdoor Phish Concert?

I would say regular camping gear (tent, flashlights, sleeping bags, tarp, blankets, etc.) and please bring extra water, just in case! I was at a show once, and the venue ran out of water. Other than that, at most shows, there are tons of food vendors, so it's up to you if you want to make your own food or not. If you decide to buy food, bring extra money, cuz it may be overpriced. If you are making food, the coleman stoves are great. just get the special fuel for 'em. Heres the other stuff I usually bring : toilet paper, layers of clothes for all weather, sunscreen, rain poncho, 2 pairs of comfortable shoes & ATM card. Have fun!! I wish I was going.

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2. Any suggestions on what to bring for a 2 year old and a 6 month old on a camping trip?

Sunscreen Safe bug spray or bug protective clothing Diapers and wipes Towels Weather appropriate clothing Bathing suits Running shoes, sandals Stroller beach umbrella sand toys small camp chair for toddler Sleeping bags, tent, and other standard camp gear Lots of food and snacks! cuddlies

3. Can tent be sealed completely from sand?

I've camped on the beach several times. There's never been any blowing sand. Green head flies, yes. Hell, I would have traded the flies for blowing sand any day.

4. Why does the doctor put a tent over Jem?

well doctors usually do that when someones dead

5. What is the Dutch word for 'tent'?

Yes, a "tent" can mean a cafe, pub, bar, a joint = a real "dive". (not a marijuana joint, but a place). A camping tent is also a tent. I can not think of any simialr words with s or c in them. I've even checked all my dictionaries. I live in East Flanders, Belgium.

6. Can this tent really withstand rain & wind?

Oh, HELL no it could not withstand that much blowing wind . For one , it's a Wenzel . Not a horrible tent as far as the cheapies go but it's a Walmart / KMart standard for a reason . Thin fiberglass poles.... almost straight up and down walls which will catch the wind in a big way...not that many guy line attachments ...I would not trust that thing in 20 MPH winds. And rain? At least it has the honesty to describe itself as 'water repellent' rather than waterproof. Wish Coleman would do the same thing * cough* The seams may be taped but possibly not for that price. Nope , that reviewer was telling a tall tale ... at 75 mph it would be nothing more than a kite. I promise.

7. Where can I buy land at a $100 an acre?

in Somalia and Harry up it sales like a storm make sure you bring tent with you from America !!

8. Flushing Meadows Corona Park - Tent of Tomorrow?

no clue. I';m not really a New Yorker

9. Is there any cute, relatively cheap product for your room that you can chill inside of?

Tent maybe?

10. my tent has a situation.?

most likely not if its a two man tent. maybe if its 3 man tent

11. Should you put a tarp under a tent?

You definitely need a decent groundsheet. A tarp is great, but not if it's not suited to the tent it will be more problem than it's worth. In that case put it inside your tent under your bedding. You need at least as much underneath you as above you to keep warm.

12. A Tent Poll From the DPN?

1. Yes and loved it! Will definitely do it again. 2. No.

13. How to find new poles for old tent?

Have you checked with the manufacturer?They offer a lifetime warranty on many things, and if this is not covered, they may still have your poles

14. Best tent for new campers?

Go look at the Coleman Predator line of tenting. Its perfect for fog, showers, and warm weather. Do not share the Predator with a dog as clawing quickly results in destroying your bug protection. Buy deet for protection outside tenting. Duct tape is helpful for warm weather tent temporary repair. I do not care what you buy you will need to dab all the interior stitching with a flexible Urethane. Reverse the tent so to access interior easily, do not foul any zippers, and after 'painting' the gunk on let it stay outside 24 hours as the dry-time smell is awful. Use this stuff to do serious rip repair with scraps of fabric like your choice of tent. Cut scrap to fit. It also bonds flesh so wear latex exam gloves and eye protection. Otherwise, see a surgeon.

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