What Should I Keep in My Dance Bag?

u need 2 keep ur dance shoes,tights,leotard,pads,deoderant, and extra clothes. if it is cold at the dance studio i would also put a jacket

1. Starting a musical rehearsal tomorrow and I need dance shoes?

Typically, they wo not expect you to have shoes for the first unless they have already explicitly stated what you need. Depending on your role, you will most likely need a pair of character shoes. These are shoes made for dance, in black or tan, with a comfortable sole, a short heel, and an ankle strap. If not, you will end up needing jazz shoes. For tomorrow, I would simply bring a pair of socks, and fold them to expose your heel so you do not slip. I would also wear a pair of black flats to school, in case they prefer you to have shoes on, or any other shoe that you feel comfortable in and that wo not give you blisters. If you have no flats, gym shoes should also work. Unless you know what dance shoe size/brand you wear, you should buy your shoes at a dance store. Your director/choreographer/cast should know of a local place.

2. Dance shoes for a little girl?

They are fine - but in the recital her shoes will be different than the others - plus if you buy the brand from the dance school they will look better and last longer

3. How are ballroom dance shoes different from other dress shoes?

Ladies ballroom dance shoes are balanced over the heel for action both forward and backward. Street shoes are designed to go forward only. The sole is flexible for pointing of the toe. The straps are designed to snug the shoe to the foot for security. The sole is suede for easy turning on the dance floor. The shoe should fit your foot like a glove, not tight but no extra room. You do not want your foot slipping around in the shoe, but not being pinched either

4. Can Converse Be used as Dance Shoes?

Converse Dance

5. where can I buy michael jackson style dance shoes?

They are just normal loafers with smooth soles dude

6. How important is it that I get proper dance shoes for Argentine tango?

ask your dance instructor or fellow dance students

7. What can I use to dye dance shoes red?

dye. maybe cloth dye. go to a craft store to find out

8. Good Dance Shoes for musical theatre!?

Musical Theater Shoes

9. Dancers? Do you wear your dance shoes to class or change when you get there?

well i am a dancer and i usually always just change when i get to practice

10. Ballroom/latin dance shoes quality?

Supadance and International are the best. European brands that make it to the US are pretty good, in general.

11. My irish dance shoes are killing me?

Any style of dance will at last finally end up with foot issues or leg issues. i am purely 14 and that i've got everlasting issues in the two my knees and hips! I ought to bypass to actual medical care with a number of those previous females that are doing the comparable exercises as me :] i am undecided approximately Irish step dance specifically, yet i assume which you've got problems with that too. to assist preclude harm, merely be certain you stretch ok earlier dancing and end if something is hurting you. additionally, make helpful your shoes are gentle and extra healthy you properly

12. Are Ballroom dance shoes for women worth it?

Trust me they are worth it!!!!!!!!

13. Dance shoes too big! :(?

stuff a sock in the end of both shoes! I had to do that once!

14. What brands are the best swing dance shoes?

For swing dancing lots of people use Aris Allen. Houston has one retailer

15. What To Wear for Salsa Lessons at SSQQ in Houston?

Hi, I've been taking salsa lessons for over 5 years in NJ. You are right about the shoes. You should not wear sneakers because sneakers will grip the floor too much and you risk hurting your joints from being twisted. You should wear comfortable shoes preferably without a rubber sole. Shoes that work best are dance shoes with a suede bottom, jazz dance sneakers (they look like sneakers, but you still can spin on them), or dress shoes with a leather sole. You can also wear heels with the straps, so your heel does not come up from the shoe. As for attire.. You can come in jeans and a t-shirt. Skirts are fine too, but you might want to wear shorts underneeth if you think it will fly up. Halter tops and tank tops should also be ok as long as any moves do not require you to bend over (for obvious reasons). You should not have to worry about bending over for beginner classes though. Guys usually come dressed in jeans and a t-shirt or polo shirt. Sometimes they show up in a button-down shirt.. It really depends on the weather. If its winter time, you should not wear a sweater or turtle neck to class.. You will end up sweaty and hot. If you want to have some fun in class, then show up with one of those funny graphic t-shirts. For salsa dances and parties, you should come dressed to impress unless the dress attire for the club is casual. Hope this helps!

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