What Should I Draw on My Pillow With?

Try fabric markers! Fabric paint works, but it's hard to find ones that are not puff paint, which are not comfy to lay on! There's also a fabric medium that you can get and add to acrylic paint. My vote still goes to the markers, though

1. Main scenes in the BOOK Helmet For My Pillow by Robert Leckie?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Main scenes in the BOOK Helmet For My Pillow by Robert Leckie? I was wondering what the main parts in the book Helmet for my Pillow are? I am writing an essay on how the main character or Leckie changes throughout the book and i need to find good quotes that show it mostly near the end. Thanks!

2. I hate my pillow top mattress, will this work?

While the mattress itself may be fine, these pillowtops contain the very cheapest of foam which quickly compresses and results in a big hole. What many people are doing is actually cutting off the top of the mattress on three sides, removing the cheap foam and replacing it with latex or memory foam. You can then replace the top and with bedding on, it will never show.

3. I'm tired and hungry and a little horny. Will you be my pillow?

Yes, of course. But being an old Southern lady, I will insist on feeding you 10 to 15 pounds of food first

4. "Dream On My Pillow?" a lighthearted poem, will you please C/C?

Its so good! Some of it, when read straight on does not make much sense, but when you think about the meaning, then it actually is quite good. The rhyming scheme is a little odd though, it starts rhyming then just fades. If you wanted to make it stronger then edit the last word in every sentence to either make it rhyme, or not. but if you are happy with it, great! You really are talented!

5. How can I make my pillow shut up?

Make a bonfire, throw the pillow in, and get a new one

6. What do you think of my dream about HEAVEN ?

Do not feel too bad ... I was dreaming about food and that I had eaten a 20 Kg marshmallow ! When I woke up, my pillow was missing !

7. Seniors, do you take your pillows with you when you travel?

My pillow has to be almost flat and hotel pillows are too big and puffy for my neck

8. was wet and I woke up with about a gallon of it all over my boxers, the blankets and the bed itself...?

I woke up with wet stuff on my pillow, shirt, and face. I then realized I did not put the cap tightly on the bottle of water I have near my bed and I bumped it in the middle of the night

9. Americans of RS: How many guns you got?

Only three at the moment. One is only a pellet rifle and does not really count, one is an 1859 C. Sharps pepperbox that belonged to my great great great grandmother, and the one I keep under my pillow at night is a Smith & Wesson stainless steel .357 magnum model 66-1 service revolver with two speed loaders handy. I gave my S&W .38 special to my daughter who carries it in her purse with her concealed carry license. We live in a polite society. Both my daughter and I are well trained in the proper use of firearms; she was a sheriff's deputy and I spent over 20 years in the US Army. Our neighbors feel safe because of us, not in spite of us.

10. What should I name my pillow pets?

Pandy, Bamboo, Pam The Panda, Oreo,

11. my bird licked a chocolate smear on my pillow?

Nope it will be fine. It's the same overreaction many people have with dogs and chocolate. When it comes to poisonous substances, it's the quantity that matters, not so much that they ate any amount of it. The size of the animal affects how much it can tolerate. Even a small dog would require a pretty good size box of high quality chocolates (milk chocolate requires even more) before it has any problems. A bird simply licking a little bit of chocolate is not an issue. Now if you did something like feed it trail mix with M&M's on a a regular basis then you could run into troubles.

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