What Painful Experience Led to an Enlightened Moment?

I have mostly lost my memory of painful experiences because it is now like things that happened to no-one. Even more accurately nothing ever happened! And no-one had an 'enlightened moment'. Every moment is enlightened by stillness, by consciousness, by unshakable peace. It is only thought as belief that can make it otherwise. Painful experiences are part of the story of a separate self. I can only recall them when it is useful to do so. These days it is seeming to be less and less useful. Why be interested in painful experiences or enlightened moments when you can have the whole enchilada of lasting happiness and knowing without a doubt that what you really are never had a painful experience

1. about hdmi cables for led/lcd tv's?

Yes, HDMI's to make a HUGE difference. If you have a bluray palyer, a HDMI cable is a must. For other uses component is passable. But never ever use composite (the yellow one) for an HDTV. - 17R3W

2. What's the best motorcycle LED kit for 40 dollars?

i think the 40 set is the best ones and there only 38$ not 40 like the other ones

3. LED strip lights problem HELP !!?

I have done business with them since April this year because their lighting products are awesome and cheap. i hardly come across such type of lighting problem.

4. What led to the downfall of Osho?

Once a person is enlightened after that there is not downfall or rise in the materialistic world for him.But we as materialistic mindset always thinks in perspective of rise and fall, love or hate, good or bad and so on.I believe Its our downfall that we could not understand Osho.

5. Is this a halogen or fluorescent or led light bulb?

Halogens dim, and turn orange to purple as they do, now no longer white. Halogens are additionally made in bigger wattages by way of fact to run properly they might desire to be particularly heat...the filament metallic deposited on the glass must be chemically policed up by way of the halogen, and that demands a minimum working temperature. must be carried out, yet you may get undesirable shade transformations and plenty shortened existence. attempt one and notice!

6. What is the difference between LED, halogen, and incandescent light bulb?

The "standard" incandescent lamp is simply a coiled coil of wire with a current passing through it. It gets hot because of this, and when it reaches "white hot" (really quickly) it glows. It's encased in glass to protect the filament, but it woukd still burn out really quickly in the presence of oxygen, so it's encased in a vacuum (originally) or an inert gas such as Nitrogen (cheaper than a vacuum) to stop the filament burning away. Halogen bulbs are just the same, except that they use a halogen gas instead of the nitrogen, which allows the filament to get hotter/brighter for the same current, so more efficient.LEDs are completely different. They are semiconductors which give off light when a small current passed through them. They are very efficient because there is little heat produced and (this can be a disadvantage) the light tends to all go in a certain direction. That's why most household LED bulbs will contain multiple led chips and/or a diffuser to spread the light

7. trouble with halo led lights!?

actually its only a light that u can get like at radioshak but u need to wire the bulb it like a really tiny light ..i know this cause my friend had a focus with halo but he wreck and one of them was broke and i put it apart and thats wat they got inside

8. Why is the cost of a 9W LED bulb lower than a 5W led bulb?

The main price effect seems to be if they are made in large enough quantities for economies of scale. Lower volume sales bulbs are therefore more expensive, sometimes much more

9. What are the factors that have led to the rise of Salafism?

I am not qualified to answer this properly.However I can give you my take which is what I saw and what I felt as few things are going on in this category in India. I believe you are asking this about Salafism in India. For the past few years... for about ten to fifteen years there is a major movement of Indian Muslims to Saudi and other gulf states and when they are there they tend to learn or start the same practices without realizing what it is.I used to live in Saudi as well for the best part of my life and I learnt quite a bit amount Islam there. Most of the top scholars in Makkah in Medinah follow Salafi school and there is nothing wrong in it. So the factors that led to Salafi thought in India are:Many Indians returning from Saudi and gulf they have this influence.Internet and other social media that are making a dent in the old thinking and the old style of Islamic practices that are respected here.However if you notice any controversial issues around this topic it is because the Indian people who are following Salafi thought are openly disrespecting our old Ulema and Sufis who are really nice people. Sheikh Sudais follows Salafi thought but ask him if he would disrespect Moninuddin Chishti RA he will say he will never do that, but we are doing it

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