What Makes a Tent Good?

Go to cabelas.com they have some good one and make sure that if your going to be using it in the winter have a minus0 sleeping bag

1. How to buy inflatable tent?

search the interested suppliers from internet. Just be patient and careful before payment, make sure if the company is legitimate. as we were asked to check many chinese supplier, some gold(paied) members even turned out to be scammers. skype: stin002

2. What is the best way to store a tent over the winter?

Providing you will keep it inside:With the fabric being stuffed in a small bag it can create folds that are not easy to get out. I would take the tent out of the bag and hang it up somewhere just like you would do with a sleeping bag

3. Best outfit for a tent party?

yea I think practical confy clothes. Make sure you have proper waterproof gear too as there is nothing worse than being outside when you get wet. then you get cold very quickly! Wear your wellies too, as they will be a must for camping and having fun splashing along rivers etc. Not sure what a tent party involves but you can still look stylish and practical at the same time! O and best of luck hope it all goes well for you!

4. Sex on a beach in a tent?

not meant to but i doubt the police would know or come in unless you made lots of noise

5. How can I replace a lost tent rainfly for a Ridgeway by Kelty tent, model number 890170? Please help!?

Go to the Kelty website and order one

6. Would you rather sleep in a tent or a trailer?

Um, which tent and which trailer? There are tents with air conditioning. There are trailers with rats.

7. Wiring up electricity for a tent?

Hmmmm I would also fit a rccb too for your own safety ... green/yellow is earth , brown live and blue neutral

8. Draping for party tent?

Hi Pat... Yep .. that's Netting! I have used this netting for draping as well in a girls bedroom in pale pink. The most cost effective way to purchase for yardage was at a fabric store. Good Luck!!!

9. Will fertilizer melt through my tent?

No the fertilizer wont hurt your tent. When you put your tent awayagain make sure the bottom is dry and just brush it off

10. Can we put a tent on the beach? Beach Tents?

some allow overnight camping, many do not . You have to check with whatever the authority is that runs the beach, often they have websites that include the rules. I think it's more common for the national ones than the local ones to allow tents and overnight camping.

11. What is the best tent to buy?

This would be a really tough question to answer without knowing what your particular camping needs may be, as there are so many different types of tents. I would suggest that you try to figure out what the conditions of your trip may entail, and then spend some time time researching the different tents that are available for different conditions. Cabellas is a great site to do this research as every time that you click on a tent, you will get a window explaining what conditions this tent is best for, if you put in the time researching, you will definitely save a lot of dough and you will get a tent that is best suited for your particular needs. Best of luck bro and happy trails.

12. How to surive sleeping in a tent alone?

Option one, do not go. Option two, trade places with the person sleeping in the car. Option three, get in the tent and go to sleep. For me it would be option three, once I was tired of sitting around the fire alone after everyone else has gone to sleep, I get in the tent, crawl into my sleeping bag or onto my cot, and go to sleep. I can sleep anywhere, anytime no matter what is going on around me. But then I have slept through earthquakes, a tornado, a hotel fire alarm and a couple of hurricanes. So being in a tent, in the woods at night with a chorus of crickets and an owl hoot or two, is not going to bother me much. If you can take a radio or Media player with you, you can listen to music or audio books. Or maybe a hand held game console. Books, magazines. Only you know what you are interested in.

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