What Led to Your Most Unexpected Success?

I play volleyball. I was going to quit this summer because I was always being bullied on the team and was going to give up. Instead, I went to a combine/camp. I made a vow to myself that if I didnt impress the coaches at the camp, I was going to quit.Throughout the 3 days at camp, I worked and showed the coaches what I can do. I played my heart out and let all if my frustrations melt off me like ice cream on a hot summer day. I adjustd to different positions on the court which impressed them and myself. After camp was over, I got a text from the head coach 45 mins after I left and she gave me an offer to play in the 2020 season.

Moral of the story is to always have courage in yourself because you may never know what opportunities are there for you if you don't go for it

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What did Plato mean by the state is an individual writing large?

Plato meant in this passage (Republic 2.368c-e ff.) that the structure and dynamics of a city-state are in certain respects closely analogous to the structure and dynamics of the human psyche. We cannot directly observe the human psyche, but may learn about its workings by analyzing civil politics.This is called the city-soul analogy.This is a crucial passage for understanding the Republic. What it shows is that the entire discussion of civil politics that ensues is a didactic device for understanding how the psyche operates - especially with regard to personal morality. For this reason, the city-state described has certain features that neither Plato nor anyone else would ever consider putting into actual practice; they are there only to illustrate principles that do apply in the corresponding domain of the psyche.The short article below explains this more fully, and supplies references for the city-soul analogy in the Republic.

The Republic: Plato's Allegory for the Human Soul


Does the LED aquarium light kill nitrifying bacteria?

Yes and no. If you're starting a new tank, turn off UV filters, fluorescent lighting, and any blue 'reef-style' lights for 2-3 days as those emit in the UV, which nitrifying bacteria are sensitive to (I'd turn off lights of any type except for a quick peek during the first 2-3 days when setting up a new tank). Nitrifying bacteria lay down a slime coat to colonize and that slime coat protects them from UV bands of light that may be in your light source. Though nitrifying bacteria colonize all over your tank, the majority will be on your filter media as it provides a large surface area and a constant supply of ammonia/nitrites/oxygen that continuously pass over them and they are protected from light there. To answer your question, LED lights do not kill established nitrifying bacteria but there are considerations, depending on the type of light and for new tanks using bacteria that are in the process of colonizing


What do you think of this group of Republicans holding a sit in outside of the room where testimony regarding the impeachment inquiry was being held?

The Republican Party is rapidly devolving into the party of thuggery and self destructive denial. After a day of devastatingly damaging testimony by Ambassador Taylor, the Democrats had Assistant Secretary of Defense Cooper ready to testify this morning when a delegation of Republican thugs stormed the SCIF. The Republican Congressmen were led by the fools including Matt Gaetz and Louis Gohmert as well as neo nazi Steve King.

With forbidden cell phones in hand they demanded to enter the secure room in order to create a circus-like disruption. We are far past the point where Republicans can defend the president's actions or discredit the witnesses. All they can do now is throw terrible twos style temper tantrums.

The hope is that these people only represent the Party's idiot wing. The smarter, law abiding Republicans (assuming we can find one) have to step up and save the party from self destruction. If not, the future of the Republican Party is at stake.


How did economic reforms led to downfall of communism?

It was not reforms that led to the downfall of Communism. It was Communism that led to the downfall of Communism. Communism and the socialist economy associated with it are inherently inefficient. This is why Communist regimes can not exist with out secret police like the KGB or Stasi to force people to comply and accept it. This came out in Poland when it was the countrys industrial workers who rose up and demanded a decent wage. Communist regimes had such inefficient economies that they could not even approach the salaries that workers in the West could achieve in capitalist economies and without the brutalities if the KGB, Stasi, and other Communist secret police forces. There is a reason that most Soviet and Eastern European after the fall of Communism. It is the same reason that they could not pay decent wagesthey were inefficient. It was the inherent inefficient nature of the socialist system. And there is a reason that Chinese workers began to get decent salaries after China went capitalist. Capitalism is efficient.Soviet Communism weaknesses


What led you to your current profession?

Being an INTJ it's easy for me to look at a stack of lumber and see a cabinet or a desk or even a bookshelf because I can see the big picture.Not to mention there's something about creating something from nothing that is just so rewarding to me!Being good with numbers leaves me being good at measurements. Being good with measurements leaves me being precise in details. Being precise with detail leaves the finished product beautifully symmetrical. Having a beautifully symmetrical product makes a product worth just that much more! It says a lot about your workmanship and allows you to guarantee the product other than faulty materials.I get bored at the average 9 to 5 work but remodeling homes let's me use my imagination to the fullest. No job is too big yet no job is too small and my workmanship speaks for itself. I couldn't see myself doing any other kind of work. Plus I answer to the customers needs only and nobody else.


How are MGTOW's sexist if they just want to go their own way?

Because our culture expects men to be of service to women. A man who has the audacity to live for himself is viewed as a pathetic man-child.Thats the reality.Lower-class men especially must think this way. If they didnt believe they have to earn the right to propagate their genes who would do all the dangerous, dirty difficult work without which we cant function?Women?Women have had the opportunity to do these sorts of jobs for decades. They make up a grand total of about 1% of workplace deaths and 2% of workplace injuries.Women actually have their priorities straight.

They prioritise lifestyle goals, like spending time with family, over and above making money. Though in fairness women dont have to buy social approval, it comes free with your uterus. The state needs a fresh supply of workers after all. Why do you think our governments subsidise single-motherhood, but not birth control, because they like you?


Is India heading towards a major recession? How will the general public be impacted?

The signs are everywhere. Economic growth slowed to 6.6% in the three months to December, the slowest in six quarters. Sales of cars and SUVs have slumped to a seven-year-low. Tractors and two-wheelers sales are down. Net profits for 334 companies (excluding banks and financials) are down 18% year-on-year, according to the Financial Express newspaper.Passenger growth in the world's fastest growing aviation market expanded at the slowest pace in nearly six years. Demand for bank credit has spluttered. Hindustan Unilever, India's leading maker of fast moving consumer goods, has reported March quarter revenue growth of just 7%, its weakest in 18 months.

A crop glut has seen farm incomes drop. And credit stagnation, partly triggered by the collapse of a major non-banking financial institution, or a shadow bank, has led to a fall in lending and worsened matters.Export growth has been close to zero for the last five years. For a low-wage economy like India, a little policy professionalism - a combination of monetary policy and micro incentives - is all that is needed to grow this sector.


Is it correct to blame Tablighi Jamaat for an increase in COVID-19 cases in India?

My 2 cents.

I dont think so. Right now the increase numbers attribute to the members of Tablighi Jamaat who probably already had COVID-19 in the first place. In the near future, we will come to know how many people they infected because of their carelessness but those numbers are not out yet.India is not doing a great job testing its population at all. In fact, India has the lowest numbers across the world when it comes to testing. I suspect, if Indian authorities pick a random population of 1000 people, some same fraction of people will be tested positive.The increase in numbers is because of the fact that there was a lot of political will to test that population. So, basically, people got tested.Take a counterfactual case. Say, this meeting didnt take place. Pretty sure that these people were already infected but in this counterfactual scenario wouldn't have tested and the numbers would have remained low.The absence of testing is not the test of absence.


As a former Christian, were there any books you read that planted the seed of doubt that led to your eventual conversion away from Christianity?

Jesus said "blessed are those that believe without seeing me" so dont let doubt ruin your faith in God and christ JesusWe are Christians and we are not expected to be have doubts-our faith is meant to be strong even the bible says that when our faith is as small as a moster seed,we can tell a mountain to move and it would. james 1:5-8 says "if any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God who gives generously without finding fault,and it would be given to him. But when he asks,he must believe and not doubt,because he who doubts is like a wave of sea blown and tossed by the wind. That a man should not think he will receive from the Lord;he is a double minded man,unstable in all he doesYou are a christian-(meaning christ-like)you are meant to be like and act like Christ so if you live in his way there isn't supposed to be any book that would change you


What events led to the Operation Barbarossa?

Just to add to the other answers.A large part of the defeat of Germany in 1918 was down to the British naval blockade. It might in fact have been the biggest single factor involved in Germany losing the war. It caused malnutrition if not outright starvation among civilians in Germany. And it reduced morale both civilian and military.The problem was that German agriculture was so inefficient and badly organised that it essentially couldn't feed the German people a decent diet. Much of the meat that the Germans got to eat was raised by farmers who had to import high-quality feed from overseas.

Without a complete reorganisation, there simply wasn't enough land to produce enough food to give the Germans what Hitler thought they deserved a diet with high quality protein.So he decided that Germany needed more land, and he was determined to move eastward for it. The idea was to set up German peasant farmers in Eastern Europe with the locals either ethnically cleansed, or acting as slaves. They would supply Germany's food and prevent naval blockades from having any effect in future wars

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