What Led to the Downfall of Britney Spears?

Leave Britney Alone! she so talented and nice lady, I hate that downfall era, it was so hard and nerve breaking."It was a very difficult time for me...I felt really alienated. This is all I have known all my life- cameras being followed, being part of the industry'. I have always been somewhat shy since I was a little girl. It is who I am to be modest, so I really cannot help it. I turn into this different person.....seriously, bipolar disorder." Britney told in an interview.

1. Has incorrect notation ever led to a mistaken proof?

This might not quite count, but if you start with a principal $G$-bundle $f:P

ightarrow B$, there are two natural ways to put a $Gtimes G$ structure on the bundle $Ptimes G

ightarrow B$ given by $(p,b)mapsto f(p)$. Because it is standard notational practice to denote such a bundle by simply writing down the map $Ptimes G

ightarrow B$, there is nothing in the notation to distinguish between these structures, and therefore the notation leads you to believe they are the same. By following this lead, Ethan Akin "proves" here that the $K$-theory of $B$ is trivial, for any base space $B$. He reports that it took three Princeton graduate students (including himself) some non-trivial effort before they found the error.This might meet the letter of your criterion by virtue of having made it into print, but probably violates the spirit because the author had already discovered the error, and indeed the whole point of the paper was to call attention to it

2. Which is better, Plastic LED tube or Glass LED Tube?

I hate to tell you this... But it depends.With todays technology and Chips efficiency both tubes will give you almost the same Lumens per Watt, lifespan and performance. So if we talk about specs you will not find a big difference. The big deal is about transportation, some people is concerned about broken glass tubes when they are shipped. The glass tubes are way less expensive than the plastic tubes but if they get broke when shipped it could be more expensive at the end.However, LED Lighting manufacturers have found the way to ship these glass tubes safely. They used to do it with the fluorescent tubes before and now they do it with the LED Glass tubes, so its not a big deal.Which is better, Plastic LED tube or Glass LED Tube?

3. Where to buy flashing finger LED??


4. What led to the downfall of Osho?

before answering this question i would like to ask a question what is death? it can not be performed in a laboratories and same is truth about life ? Now coming to your answer death takes birth when one is born . so there are different stages in life. origin and demise are the two stages and in between these two there numbers of stages. without further illustration directly coming to point Osho is still very popular among the well read people who have come up off religion, caste , creed. No one can understand a person without knowing someone . so its better to understand osho without the hearing half baked informations.Just go through osho you will get your answer ....

5. antiparallel led circuit

Flip the current direction faster than about 100 Hz (with a 50 % duty cycle) and both LEDs appear to light due to persistence of vision

6. why are they called led zeppelin?

Cuz thats what they wanted to call their band

7. HELP PLEASE! what are some cool things to right on an LED belt buckle?

i am too sexy for this buckle idk

8. Pi 3 extend the green status led

If you have to ask this question you almost certainly do not have the tools to perform this task, which would be a bad idea. Putting LEDS in parallel seldom works, and it would be a difficult task.Instead I suggest you use a LED connected to a GPIO.

9. Who led the defenses and who led the attack on the Battle for Britain?

Dowding was head of Fighter command but he was also critical figure in the development of the British Air Defence system along with Sir Wilfrid Freeman and Watson Watt.. Sir Keith Park commanded 11 Group that defended Kent and the approaches to London. The Polish squadrons were the most successful of the RAF squadrons in 11 group. The critical leadership on the UK side was not only at the strategic level, Dowding and Park. RAF logistics and exploitation of radar was superior to that of the Luftwaffe. Sir Henry Tizard led the Scientific and administrative effort and Wilfrid Freemans choices in procurement were inspired. At the tactical level foreign squadrons with experienced pilots made a crucial contribution. On a political level the shadow factories and the repair facilitates were crucial. Dowding and Park were the tip of the spear but the battle was won in committee and the National Physical Lab as well as in the air.

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