What Is Your Favourite Brand for Shoes ( Girls ) and Why ?

I like Vans because they are cute and comfortable

1. What do you think of these shoes? Girls?

i think they are okay i mean nobody else can be as unique as u r

2. Size 11 shoes for girls ?

Try transvestite shoe stores. They have a bunch online. Just Google it. Good luck!

3. Help finding some nice skater shoes for girls?


4. suggestions of jordan shoes for girls?

the numbers of jordans are the order that they were released. they are called the numbered pairs or referred to now as retros (meaning back in the day) because they have all came out years and years ago, but are now releasing them again. The 23's came out this year, which is the newest numbered pair. All the other numbers that came out this year were retros. All other jordans are team jordans. The quality of team jordans are not as good as the numbered pair. but for a year for school or something they will still hold up pretty well... i could help you pick out a shoe, but you gotta give me an idea of what you are looking for. like color, what style clothing you wear, is it for casual or for basketball... give me an idea and i can hook u up girl.

5. what matches these shoes!Girls help!?Images included!?

dark wash skinny jeans and a some sort of cute brown top

6. The best skater shoes for girls?

according if u skate or not. if u wanna wear em cuz they look cool then id say.... DC or Vans

7. i bought all star shoes? girls who need 10 points?

You can wear any pants, high tops look great with jean skirts and even capris


Who Sells Lelli Kelly Shoes

9. what to wear with these shoes?? girls and guys welcome to answer?

it relatively relies on the way it appears on you. if it hugs your stomach then i say no do not do it. I am now not thin myself and simply acquired into dressed in clothes once more. It relatively relies on how flattering it's on you. I would say put on it in case you believe secure. A necklace is a need to...I would cross with a corpulent assertion piece if the get dressed itself is not that daring. ..but when that is now not your type then cross with some thing easier sensible bangles or a jeweled bracelet might be first-rate too. Hope I've helped

10. shoes for girls with big feet?

i float in the same boat as you.. granted im an inch shorter with the same shoe size.. yes payless and walmart sell big sizes.. but do not go for crap like that.. jessica simpson's new line are moderately priced and go up to a size 10.. so do many other styles... steve madden is a great brand that cover the entire spectrum of shoes.. as for athletic shoes.. we are doomed as girls with big feet to feel like flipper... but who sees our athletic shoes besides our trainer at the gym? if you want to keep things lowkey and casual check out the new line of keds.. they go up to a 10 or an 11 even and are a casual alternative to heels..

11. Cute shoes for girls this year?

riding boots are a huge trend this year, you can find a type without heels

12. so are these shoes for girls or guys?

Ugly shoes but they are for girls. Get a size 9.5

13. What are some stylish shoes for girls that are for walking/jogging/running and low arches?

pumas are comfortable and cute. nike also has some cute running shoes

14. Shoes that girls need for college?

-heels -patent flats -converse

15. Cute summer shoes (for girls)?

Simple flats, Toms, espadrilles, Vans. Anything you feel comfy in.

16. anyone knows the brand of shoes the girls are wearing?

have a look at topluxurystore.com

17. What are some good quality skate shoes for girls?

etnies or dc. i would recommend buying guys shoes.. the conversion between girls and guys shoes it two sized. for example, if you are a size 7 in woman's shoes.. you would be a size 5 in men's. get it? good luck!

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