What Is Your Attitude Towards Foreigners in Your Country?

By definition, a foreigner is "a person born in or coming from a country other than one's own."At this point I'm pretty sure it comes down to your definition of your "own country", I'm Irish and Hungarian, but i wasn't born in- and have never been to- either of those places. I think i should be classified as a foreigner there, and i believe where you grow up is more "your own" country than a place where one of your parents grew up but that you've never been to, or only been to sparingly. I live in the U.S., where the only people who are truly native are Native Americans. If you believe in order to not be a foreigner to a certain place your lineage must be traceable back very far and only contain people who live in that same place, then you might be surprised to realize that by your definition the large majority of everyone in america, if only by technicality, are foreigners. By that definition the only people who are truly not foreign are native americans.All that said:

I don't make generalizations about races/groups of people, let alone an entire classification such as "foreigners", and if you want to talk about who.I don't like particular people, and particular ideas, like all human beings. I never make a broad statement such as "i don't not like this particular kind of person" like many humans do. Let alone something like "all foreigners are bad" (that is an even broader statement.)The sentiment "There are bad cops and good criminals" said by fictional character Mike Ehrmantraut essentially means there are corrupt officers of the law, and criminals with comparatively very good moral compasses.I think that applies to many things in life and this is one of them: There are good foreigners and bad natives. and vice versa. There is no group of people i have a negative attitude towards, i only have negative attitudes towards individuals. Just like not all cops are good, and not all criminals are bad, it is not prudent to make any kind of broad judgement on "foreigners". Once you realize its not gonna work out to make have a broad opinion on a group like "officers" or "criminals" and to decide they're all evil demons, or all of them are saints, you should quickly realize its gonna work out even more poorly to try to judge an even broader group, one of which many officers and criminals come, such as "foreigners". All that said il tell you my general perception of each new person i meet is based on how they behave, and i try to have a positive outlook going in. If there is no reason to believe a person is bad, i assume they are good. So my attitude towards every foreigner i am yet to meet, is there is no reason to believe they are any different from anyone else i have ever met.

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Will the third front led by Telangana CM KCR succeed?

History tells us that third fronts (similar coalitions) have struggled to complete full terms at office in center.Talking about K.Chandrashekar Rao (KCR), he has been doing an excellent job as the first Chief minister of Telangana. His knowledge on the issues, resources, opportunities and challenges across the length and breadth of the state is exemplary. This very deep knowledge and understanding of the region is the key in the policies and welfare schemes of his government. His experience in governance is helping in framing the right policies to benefit the state in long term providing permanent systematic solutions to several issues. The results have started to show in few aspects but the overall performance can be judged only when all these policies and projects show ground-level improvement in the lives of people.

Every state and region in India has its own unique problems and opportunities. The success of regional parties in few states is mainly because these regional parties have understood these specific needs of the respective states. This is very true in case of revolutionary parties like KCR's TRS which was formed with an aim of separate Telangana state. To certain extent, same is the case with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi.The situation right now in Telangana is that TRS, in all certainty, is likely to easily win the assembly elections slated to be conducted in 2019. KCR has capable alternative candidates for the position of Chief Minister in K. Taraka Rama Rao and Harish Rao, ministers and family members. This might prompt KCR to look beyond state politics if he wishes so . KCR has stressed, in his recent address to the TRS parliamentary party, the injustice and flaws in the system of center's support to the states. He emphasised that to change this he would be ready to lead a third front, if required. Ability wise, there is no doubt that he could be the game changer in national politics. The question is whom will he partner with and how will the dynamics play in the third front with lot of parties with various individual goals.

One of the major reasons for KCR government's successful (guess so) performance so far is the authority and control of KCR over his party and government. Will he be able to have the same in the coalition of several parties is an important question.The other major aspect is that national politics are now majorly playing around the individual leaders rather than the parties. Can KCR position himself as a national level leader who can be seen as an alternative to the existing options is another question.There will be several similar questions that require answers to answer this question of whether KCR will succeed leading third front, if at all one comes up.The state of Telangana is eagerly moving ahead with lot of hope for the future. The TRS so far has shown that it could take the state in the right direction under the leadership of KCR. One can only hope that this is not compromised in search of other goals of KCR and TRS


Why do US conservatives love Israel so much?

Generally the reasons others have given to this question (which appears anew every few days in one wording or another) are accurate. I have one more answer to propose.

Many Americans have supported the Zionist project since its inception in 1897. It strikes me that the pioneering spirit of the Zionist Dream is very compatible with the American Dream. Americans to this day admire the sacrifice and determination of those who answered the call to "go West and grow with the country". And I think they admire the Zionists who took upon themselves a remarkably ambitious mission and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

The Zionist pioneers set out to the place Mark Twain described as a desolate wasteland with a dream of building a vibrant modern country. When the Jews laid the cornerstone of Tel Aviv there was nothing but sand dunes by the sea. The city resembled any frontier town in the Wild West, as did a dozen other Jewish towns that were established since the late 1880's. Today Tel Aviv is a modern city comparable to cities throughout the western world.

The real pioneers were small groups of youths who came from far away with no knowledge of farming, who were deposited on a few acres of undeveloped dirt, with some tents and farming implements, and a determination to learn and work hard, not for their own personal fortune but to do their part to restore the home of the entire Jewish People for eternity. And their determination paid off. They worked hard and built themselves productive happy and proud communities, and soon people from all over were coming to learn from them about modern agriculture, and about the the Kibbutz experience.

In a very short time the Zionist movement organized every aspect of Statecraft. They organized industries, agriculture, transportation, economy and banking, housing and municipal services, education including universities, hospitals, revitalized the Hebrew language, even promoted literature, music, dance, theater. And they learned to defend themselves from those neighbors who felt understandably threatened by their achievements.

It's easy today, in retrospect, to question whether the ends justified the means, whether you are referring to American "Manifest Destiny" or to the establishment of the State of Israel. But for the people who took part in these endeavors failure was not an option. They were committed to the achievement of their historic objectives. Nothing and no one could be permitted to get in the way of the success of their mission.

I recently watched a National Geographic series about the colonization of Mars. The question that was asked over and over was whether it was worth the dangers and cost, and the answer was an emphatic yes by all of the people involved in the project. This pioneering spirit is part of the human psyche. Few have the courage to take the risks to be pioneers, but even those who don't can't help but admire those who do. I think that is part of the reason many Americans identify with Israel and feel the need to give Israel their support.

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