What Is the Red Stuff They Drop From Planes on Fires?

It s mostly water, with a little potassium or ammonium nitrate fertilizer to help regrowth after the fire, as well as some clay to thicken the water and help keep it in place, along with some red iron III oxide so that they can see where they have already dumped

1. How does lemon water wake you up in the morning?

What if you could start every morning with a calm, centered mind and a healthy body that's ready to embrace the day? Many people shuffle into their kitchens and pour themselves extra-large cups of coffee right after they wake up, but it turns out that lemon water might give you more energy - in addition to other impressive health benefits.SKIP THE ICEWhile coffee might not offer the most healthful morning beverage solution, you do not have to sacrifice the warmth you get from a steaming cup of joe. According to a medically reviewed article by Jennifer Anderson, the human body does not always get along well with ice-cold foods and beverages. You probably do not like to step out of bed and plant your feet on a frigid floor. Similarly, your stomach does not enjoy the shock it gets when you swallow something cold. Instead of focusing on digestion, the stomach uses energy to maintain your body's ideal core temperature. If you drink your lemon water warm (or at least lukewarm), you will help your digestive system function like a well-oiled machine.GET THINGS MOVINGOccasional constipation does not necessarily indicate a serious illness, but it can make you uncomfortable and irritable. Fortunately, lemon water helps keep things moving. Whether you are experiencing a blockage due to emotional or psychological stress or to a physical malady, warm lemon water stimulates your bowels and keeps you nice and regular.Sometimes constipation occurs psychosomatically. Your body might be telling you to let go of things that are holding you back, whether it's a toxic relationship or a closet full of material possessions. If you are suffering from constipation, sip lemon water while you meditate on objects or emotions that you might want to release.AID YOUR METABOLISMMetabolism is as much spiritual and emotional as it is physical. You might feel tempted to boost your mood with high-calorie foods or caffeine-rich beverages, but lemon water stimulates your metabolism naturally. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it's also rich in antioxidants.While it battles free radicals, it protects your immune system so your body can fight illness on its own. A stronger immune system insulates you from pesky colds, infections and other bugs that keep you from functioning at your best. TAKE YOUR VITAMINSVitamins are most effective when they come from your diet. Before you fix a delicious Spanish omelet or blend a juicy smoothie, snag some vitamin C and other vitamins and nutrients from the lemon water.Lemons contain pectin fiber, citric acid, potassium, copper, and flavonoids. They are also a rich source of B-complex vitamins, which means it will help you stay energized all day. From yoga class to your big meeting with the boss, you wo not have to stifle any yawns.EASE HEARTBURNIf you wake up in the morning with a mild case of heartburn, the acid in lemon water can actually dispel your discomfort. Stomach issues like heartburn can indicate a spiritual discomfort. Maybe some aspect of your life has fallen out of whack and you are hoping to nudge things back in line.While lemon water eases your discomfort, you can focus on getting back in tune with your true self. Listen to your intuition and allow your spirit guides to help you get back into alignment. Maybe it's time to break a bad habit or to practice more positive self-talk.NOURISH THE SKINIf you've noticed a few extra wrinkles around your eyes or if your skin has become dry or irritated, lemon water will help you get back that healthy glow. In addition to fighting wrinkles, lemon water also helps rid the body of the free radicals and toxins that contribute to acne.Youth is very much a state of mind, so do not rely exclusively on the lemon water to come to grips with aging. Fine lines and wrinkles serve as signs of your experience and wisdom, so embrace them. However, lemon water can stop wrinkles from forming prematurely and support your skin's natural balance.ENCOURAGE WEIGHT LOSSIf you are carrying a few extra pounds, lemon water will help you shed them without fad diets or unhealthy supplements. Although lemons contain lots of acids, they metabolize to alkalinity. An alkaline environment in your digestive system promotes weight loss and suppresses hunger.Consider drinking your glass of lemon water for about half an hour before you eat breakfast. You wo not feel tempted to overindulge because the lemon will have taken the edge off your appetite. The water itself also eases hunger pains because the liquid fills your stomach.BATTLE MORNING BREATHLemon water creates a hostile environment for bacteria in your mouth. The initial hit of citric acid in your mouth can tackle the bacteria that cause bad breath, but then the water still keeps everything moist in there so that bacteria wo not come back and make your breath smell rough once again. This is particularly welcome if you share your bed with a special someone. You will remove self-consciousness and feel free to get close emotionally as well as physically, even if you've just woken up.PROTECT YOUR KIDNEYSIf you've ever had a kidney stone, you might want to add lemon water to your daily regimen. Lemons help dissolve kidney stones as well as other deposits that build up elsewhere in your bodies, such as in your pancreas and gallbladder. If you can avoid kidney stones and similar issues, you will definitely live a healthier, more comfortable life.Your kidneys are responsible for cleansing your body of toxins as fluids make their way through your digestive system. If you are holding on to spiritual or emotional toxins, now is the time to let them go. Purify your thoughts as well as your body so negativity does not drag you down.REMOVE JOINT AND MUSCLE PAINYesterday's workout might leave you stiff and sore today, but lemon water helps. It counteracts uric acid, which means it will remove the discomfort you experience after you push yourself a little too hard at the gym. Not only does this benefit you physically, but it also helps remove any barriers the pain might create the next time you work out.If you are sore without physical activity, you might consider other causes. For instance, joint pain might manifest if you are too critical of yourself. Maybe you are practicing negative self-talk or putting yourself down in front of others. To ease your emotional and physical discomfort, practice treating yourself with compassion and empathy. GET THE MOST FROM LEMON WATERWhile lemons offer plenty of health benefits, you definitely do not want to drink the juice without diluting it. The straight acid can dissolve the enamel on your teeth and irritate your esophagus. Instead, draw an 8-ounce glass of water. You can drink the water at room temperature or warm it slightly on the stove, depending on how you are feeling that morning. Squeeze juice from half a lemon (if you are under 150 pounds) or a whole lemon and add it to the water. Mix it with a spoon, then sip it while you meditate, read, journal or simply sit in comfortable silence.Ditch the coffee habit. Lemon water offers far more health benefits, but you will still feel great and enjoy the tremendous energy. For more guidance on living an intentional and inspired life, take advantage of the expansive video library here on Gaia.How does lemon water wake you up in the morning?

2. Why does my AC unit make the floor in the next room cold?

Do you like spiders and field mice? You do? Great, you are gonna love this. There are some pipes running underneath the trailer, between the air conditioning unit (ironically called the condenser) outside, and the air handler or mini-split inside your trailer (ironically called the evaporator even though it condenses water). Those pipes are supposed to be wrapped with insulation. I am betting they are not anymore, as it has degraded or a mentally ill rodent made a meal of it. (clearly not the rat from Ratatouille.) You would need to go on down there and have a looksy, and replace it with insulation from the building supply if so

3. Why did you answer that liquid water is required to split Hydrogen in electrolysis? That contradicts the following link:

No, it does not contradict.The article you are referring to forces the steam through a seive that only allows one molecule of water between the electrodes. The oxygen is pulled through one side, the hydrogen through the other side. The steam enters in between.At that size, there is no difference between liquid water and steam.

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3. gasoline (specifically octane contained with in the gasoline) 7. phenolphaline 11. any Salt (NaCl) 16. salt 17. rubbing alcohol (eveporates) 12. Sand 13. a 9volt battery 19. anything that floats in water has a density below that # ex. wood 22. water 18. any soap 25. any over the counter antacid (peptobismal. ...the pink stuff) 42. a Rolaid or Tums they are just calciumbicarbonate 49. Ice1. is it safe to spray diluted clorox and water solution on dishes to sanitize them? our?The proper way to wash dishes for commercial use is to wash them thoroughly with dishwashing liquid. Then dip them in a bath of about half a sinkful of water with a capful or two of bleach, no more. Important tip: the water MUST be warm for it to sanitize properly.2. What is your dog food/water solution?We keep our dog/cat food bowls in the basement3. Will a vinegar and water solution hurt the paint job on my car?You need a good car "polish" first. Then wax.4. explain the difference between the boiling points of pure water and a water solution?Ok the best way to think of this is to pretend to be a molecule of water. When you "evaporate" what you are really doing is gaining enough energy so that you can overcome atmospheric pressure, which weighs you down. Now what is the fastest way to do this? Well, if you are in "pure" water, you have few things standing (or moving around) in your way. But say you are in unpure water, like salt water. There are many ions (Na and Cl-) that also shift around, and what they do is just hamper you, like buggy bumpers. So the boiling point goes up when water is not pure because you need "that" much more energy just to overcome these pesky impurities. This is a very simple way to understand this difference5. How do you tell if something is a salt?A salt is an ionic compound. Most ionic compounds contain metallic ions. The only compound listed above that contains a metal is d. KC2H3O2. This is the formula for potassium acetate, an ionic compound. The rest of the compounds are molecular compounds (a. methanol, b. glucose, c. oxalic acid). Only oxalic acid does ionize in water solution, but without water it is made up of molecules, not ions6. Is a mild vinegar-water solution safe for hard wood floors?I only damp mop with cold water and my hardwood floors are still shining after two yrs7. Small gold flakes are removed from a water solution by filtering the solution. This is an example of a:?D. Physical change change of form is like... well... same as physical change. chemical change is like one chemical/element reacting with another change of state is like a drop of water freezing or evaporating. physical change is like hitting a piece of wood with a hammer and putting a dent in it.8. How do you make the salt water solution to clean belly ring?1/4 tsp of non iodized sea salt, per cup of water. If you want to use a shot glass or a dixie cup, only use a tiny pinch of salt. The solution should be about as salty as tears.9. Specific Heat of Water SolutionFrom this website:It would mean that a solute in water would change the specific heat from plain water.My guess is that if the density is greater than water, then the specific heat would be greater (because you are heating the water and the solute). To be certain, you would need to determine it for yourself.10. pH of a salt and water solution??Highly basic! pH is a measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. Because of its mathematical formulation, low pH values are associated with solutions with high concentrations of hydrogen ions, while high pH values occur for solutions with low concentrations of hydrogen ions. Pure water has a pH of 7.0, and other solutions are usually described with reference to this value. Acids are defined as those solutions that have a pH less than 7 (i.e. more hydrogen ions than water); while bases are defined as those solutions that have a pH greater than 7 (i.e. less hydrogen ions than water). The definitions of weak and strong acids, and weak and strong bases do not refer to pH, but instead describe whether an acid or base ionizes in solution.
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