What Is the Proper Way to Maintain a Hot Water Heater?

If it is electric, I would bet money the bottom element needs to be replaced. Anyway, depending on the mineral contents of your water, bleeding off the drain valve at the bottom of the tank monthly or once a quarter. Probably only a couple gallons, just until it runs clear. Every three years check your anode rod, if you have an easy to remove one.

1. Hot water heater has three water lines?

it is a drain nothing more. no it could not have caused the leak. old age did. this is an "old school" thing. a need to cover all possible openings. not even allowed by today's codes. ignore the 3rd line it is just a drain, nothing more

2. How to replace home water heater thermostat?

Home Depot Water Heater Thermostat

3. Is there a way to control water level in water heater?

There is no way to adjust the amount in your water heater. The way a hot water heater works is> It is full and as you turn the water on the cold water that sup lies the heater pushes the water out. It is pressurized. That is why there is a safety pressure valve on it. You should get plenty of hot water with a 75 gal tank. What your problem may be is the water may not be getting hot enough. Three things that it can be if it is an electric one. It is not turned up high enough. It has one of the two heating elements burned out. The heating elements are covered with calcium build up, acting as a insulator

4. Rig hot water heater vent to heat room?

You would be REALLY stupid to do that! The carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can settle into a confined space for long periods. If this is in an underground room, then it will stay there until a suction hose and blower removes it. Anybody entering the room can be overcome by these toxic gases and quickly die. The toxic gas can flow under doors slowly. If the home furnace is in the same room, it will pick up the gas and pump it into the rest of the home that way. I foresee reading about a family that died from stupidity if you do it.

5. whats wrong with my hot water heater?

I would replace the PRV pressure relief valve They are not that expensive, and easy to replace.

6. How do I take care of a turtle?

Buy De Vosjoli's book on aquatic turtles at the pet store. Then buy a larger tank and water heater, at the minimum

7. Who has a tankless (demand) water heater?

we have one of these and i have installed 12 others, they are great! i charge $150.00 plus parts if it's just a simple change-out

8. Whats's wrong with my hot water heater?

the tank itself is probably full of debris, or crud, and has no volume any more. You may have to replace it, if that is the case. they get deposits in them. Get a tankless heater, they heat the water as it is used, and dont have to store it. It is actualy cheaper in the long run. It could be leaking too, as the first person said. It might be leaking out faster than it can heat the water. If so, that water is going somewhere where you dont want it to. You might have a broken pipe somewhere, too, Thats not good either

9. (Water Heater) Changed element, STILL COLD?

Dip tube, check it, replace. It matters. Under the cold water inlet pipe into tank.

10. save energy by turning water heater off?

That's actually a good tip. I am sure it will save on energy costs

11. My hot water heater has no flame?

Your question states "I cannot get it to light", not, it wo not stay lit. First, if it were not urgent, it would be best to call your gas supplier and ask them to come out and light your pilot. They will do it for free and (usually) check the heater for any "issues". Assuming you have not gotten it to light. First, look for a knob labeled "off pilot on". Turn it until "pilot" lines up with a mark on the gas valve, then push it in (about 3/8") You should hear gas flowing to the pilot light. Turn it off, give it a minute for the gas to clear, then, with a flame at the pilot, turn it on. If the pilot does not light, call your gas supplier, or a plumber. Assuming it does light, hold it for about a minute. When you release the knob, it should stay lit, unless your thermocouple or valve is bad. If it goes out, replace the thermocouple. The 21 year old water heater I worked on today just needed a new one, it took me twenty minutes. If you do it yourself, it may take half a day (nothing personal, My first one did). If it's the gas valve (doubtful), check prices and think about whether it's worth a new heater. Good Luck A few notes on whether or not to replace a water heater- If the tank is leaking, which it will eventually do, especially if the anode rod is not replaced periodically, replace the heater. If the tank is not leaking, then, many factors come into play. The local labor rate, the damage which will be caused when it leaks, the inconvenience to all concerned, and, of course, whether or not there is cash available for replacement.

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Fooling around with 220 V you get one chance.. My advice call a pro1. Will a hot water heater work as a volume reserve?you need a pressure tank2. Hot water heater wont spark?sounds like your outa propane , maybe. close all your valves and turn the heater off and wait 20 minutes.Then get yourself a lighter that will reach the pilot light and turn it on and hold down the red button after it lights for a minute or so and then after it goes turn the heater to the on position. All this info should be on the heater3. Gas water heater cycling but no hot water!?Ao Smith Gpsh 50 1004. What is the best type of water heater to use?These are questions best answered by a pro at a store that deals specifically with plumbing in your area5. save energy by turning water heater off?i would not bother with this during the summer. in the winter it can save you money though6. Which one of these Electric appliances would be best to upgrade Frig, Range, Water Heater, Clothes Dryer?Most newer models of refrigerators have an energy star logo. Look for this when buying a new appliance. This will help you save on your electric bills. Water heater would be next to buy. More than likely you have 18 years of sediment in your tank, unless you have drained it periodically. buying a new water heater will shave off some electricity needed to run it. Your elements probably have a lot of deposits burnt on them. Newer models you can get self cleaning that way you do not have to drain them out as frequent. As for the dryer and range, replace them on an as needed basis they will not help you save on electric. If you were to get a new appliance and could get a washer get a front load. they use about 75% less water than typical washers and have Higher spin speeds which gets out a lot more water so you you would use the dryer a lot less. Hope this helps7. Cockroaches in electric hot water heater tank?Very unlikely as roaches go where the food is,no food no roaches.If there did happen to be any you would notice it while moving and hooking up the heater,then you could spray them with a roach spray8. Would this be a good tankless water heater for me?There is more to consider than you think. What size flue do you have? 125K BTU will most likely require a 6 Inch vent. If you have a 6" vent and a gas furnace connected to this flue, you can not add another 125K BTU to this flue. The flue can not go through a wall, it must go out through the roof and be type "B" vent. Also, what size gas line do you have? It might be too small to support another 125K BTU and the current load. This will need to be addressed too. Then comes combustion air to support the heater, another issue. You will get a lot of "oh how great" on this board, but I bet none of them have ever seen a copy of the National Fuel Gas Code. You can bet your insurance company has many copies in their library. If it's not to code and something happens, your insurance is not worth the envelope they send their bill in.9. Outside and hallway light connected to my meter, neighbor using my water?This is a situation that only the landlord can fix. Turning off the breaker to a passageway light could result in injury to someone, and you would not want to be the one taking the blame for that. Have a talk with the landlord. The remedy for this would not cost very much. As for the water issue, the pressure drop is normal. The washing machine would be connected to their (your neighbors) water heater. Unless they wash clothes constantly, this should be a tolerable situation.10. why hot water heater keeps going on and off?What brand ? It should be under warrintee11. If the water supply to the water heater is off, will this cause a problem?The pressure release valve "has" to be replaced? Then you can not safely use that heater, What happens if the thermostat gets stuck on? It happens.
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