What Is the Point of the Neutron Bomb?

Well if I had a bunch of them

1. What's the difference between an Atomic bomb and a Nuclear Bomb.?

An atom bomb I think is still nuclear? I am not exactly sure but a nuclear explosion is the atoms multiplying at a massive rate causing a huge explosion. (Thats a very basic answer though sorry lol) I am no science wizz


well you need a fire so u need fireood matches and gasoline mabe. Also, get marshmallows and beer if ur old enuff.

3. Was Obama's " speech " another campaign bomb ?

Its the same lame insults, because you Republicans... Keep on making it so easy...... You Republicans are running scared... Every talking point, you've come up with, has gone south... All you can do now, is cry foul.. Saying, "you can not use that issue, it leaves us defenseless"....

4. What is the difference between an atom bomb and a hydrogen bomb?

atom bomb purely uses nuclear fission reactions wheras hydrogen bomb uses a combination of both fusion and fission reactions

5. what is the differences between the nuclear bomb,atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb?

Atomic and Hydrogen bombs are both Nuclear. The Atom bomb is the FISSION of Uranium 235. The Hydrogen bomb (more powerful than the atom bomb), is the FUSION of Atoms of Deuterium (Heavy Hydrogen), into Atoms of Helium.

6. why did the british bomb the city dresden?

It was a war and they could not find Berlin on a map. Always study your geography. You never know when you will need it

7. Will a third nuclear bomb be detonated during our lifetime?

Iran, would you like to take this question? Or, perhaps Israel?

8. Is a molotov cocktail a drink or a bomb?

Bomb. But it can also be a drink: Ingredients: * 1 1/2 oz Vodka * Float 1 splash 151 proof rum Mixing instructions: Pour a shot of vokda (preferably Russian), float the 151, light, blow out, and take the shot down.

9. before and after using a flea bomb?

Flee Bombs

10. What's the current bomb scientists are working on?

They are working on getting Political Votes. Scientists do not make bombs...

11. Can fleas live through a bug bomb?

sure. solid success, i am itching in simple terms thinking approximately flea bites!

12. how much bigger is the hydrogen bomb compared to the atom bomb?

I assume you are talking about the explosive yield rather than the size of the unexploded bomb? Atom bomb and Hydrogen bomb are generally synonymous with fission bomb and fusion bomb. Note, however, that fusion bombs use a fission bomb for a trigger. Explosive yield is measured in equivalent tons of TNT. For example, a bomb yield might be described as 100 kilotons, meaning it's equivalent to an explosion of 100,000 tons of TNT. The upper limit on pure-fission bombs is about 500 kilotons. The largest fusion bomb ever tested was about 50 megatons. There is no known upper limit on the size of fusion bombs. For what it's worth, most of the research on nuclear bomb design has been to figure out how to make them smaller rather than larger.

13. Nuclear bomb question.?

All i have that hasnt been mentioned here is that one of the tests in the ocean went wrong and was like, double the size it should have been, nearby islands had the inhabitants burned severely and the radiation still makes the waters uninhabitable, and the radiation has destroyed the birth rate of healthy babies

14. What are some facts about hydrogen bomb?

The biggest H-Bomb ever detonated on the surface of Earth was the infamous Tsar Bomba which remains to this day responsible for the most powerful human-made explosion in history.It is so powerful, it would wipe out entirely an area of 35 km of diameter (with a 2.3 km diameter fireball)

15. Do you think that we should bomb Israel?

Yes and after that we can go after Califorinia and the Northeastern U.S.

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